Saturday, September 15, 2007

Superheroes have birthdays too

This morning, the three of us ran some errands getting ready for Shiloh's party tomorrow.
We picked up her birthday cake this cute, but I think I went overboard with the candles & decorations and now I'm not sure they will all fit! lol!
The past few times I've taken Shiloh grocery shopping she's been fascinated with the conveyor belt at the checkout!
She loves it and watched very closely as I put each of my items on the belt and they move down the line.
Next thing I car keys are going down the line and she has one hand shoving my wallet on next and the other is reaching into my purse for more things! I didn't think she could even reach!!
Yes, she's very helpful. lol.

We also bought her some helium balloons since she loves those. She was so happy in her carseat watching those balloons bounce around. If only I could see better driving while they were in there, they would make a great baby soother on a car ride! Also have to add how cute it is when a wobbly one-year old is trying to walk AND look up at the helium balloons on the ceiling at the same time!!! :D

When we got back, I wrapped presents. Mostly decorative bags go a long way...but I really wanted her to have some to rip the paper off so I did wrap a few.
Then Shi played happily with the empty cardboard wrapping paper roll. ;)
With her favorite Cool-Whip container hat, and her trade-mark one sock look, and her cardboard sword...she's a pretty stylish super hero! ;-D

I decorated too, my husband wanted to get those long balloons that you can make into shapes.
So I made some dogs & swans & a sword...that looks rather inappropriate, truth be told.
That is the limit of my creativity, though I got tired of the rest of the balloons falling off things and floating everywhere so I just twisted them together....looks like a giant pink spider, or maybe some type of anemone.
Ta Da! :)

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