Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wearing my daughter...on the catwalk..

I've been pretty busy lately, and not had much time for posting.
We had Shiloh's 1yr. photos taken on Monday. She did very well, and the lady was pretty good at getting a smile from her.
I had wanted a photo taken of her standing but though we didn't get that, we did get photos taken with the number "1" which I really wanted.
Then we went out to a late lunch, and my husband noticed that Shi had two new bottom teeth that had just cut through!
That means she has 6 now!!!

Yesterday, Shiloh was pretty miserable....and only took micro-naps. I'm not sure if it's the two new teeth? Those are already cut through, so I'm thinking there may be more on the way....and her lingering cold didn't help her mood any either.
She just wanted to be held or carried...even though she was fidgety, and really she just wanted to nurse 24/7.

She was so clingy and whiny...which then rather frazzled me.
So I ended up badly bruising my knee trying to climb over her child gate, and later *twice* burning my hand trying to remove a pan out of the oven while trying to keep Shiloh away from the hot stove.
At least I found another use for those frozen teethers! They work great on burns!

Then last night, after Motrin, a frozen teething ring, teething tablets, and Anbesol....It was still 2am. before I was able to get her to finally sleep.
It's Shi's typical teething regime so I need to try and check if any more may be on the way.

This morning, she's slightly happier so I'm hopeful I'll get the floors mopped like I need to. Maybe if she takes a good nap, because it will be awful difficult to mop which a one-year old velcroed to my leg. Hmm, now that's Attachment parenting! :-D

Hard to believe she'll be one in just a few days. Time flew!
She was just so incredibly tiny when she was born, and now she's just doing so much. I found her teeny-tiny hospital bracelet and that got me misty eyed.
It's just sooo small!

Okay, she needs a nap now...


Anonymous said...

Mom and I love to read your's and Heather's blogs. Keeps us up to date on your families and they defintily give us some smiles :-) Love ya and say hi to all for me and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHI!!!

your cousin debbie doo :-)

MoppetMama said...

I'm glad you both enjoy our blogs so much!
Thank you!!! :-)