Monday, October 29, 2007

The grass IS greener!!!

With the heat turned on now (boy, last night was bitter!), we need to have more doors open in the house.
So gone is my completely childproofed two the entire downstairs is opened to Shiloh, except the bathroom that is.
I can't keep the door closed because I don't want to worry about the pipes freezing, but I was able to get the child gate secured in the doorway.
Of course, you can't *close* the bathroom door now....But I won't think about that now, I'll think about it tomorrow.
At least the baby (and my socks) are safe! Sooo priorities first...

We have a center to our house where the staircases are, which normally is blocked at one or two points from Shi.
So opening the doors...Shi ran around the center of the house so many times, she thought it was just wonderful!
Then I was washing dishes, and she'd run around one side and make her "gasp" sound...when I looked at her she'd put her hands over her face playing pee-a-boo, then I'd make my whole surprised/shocked show....and she'd giggle hysterically and then run around to the other side to do the same thing all over again. :)
So she was pretty happy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Up on the housetop...(to the tune)

....there's roofers 'cause, the roof needs repairing with their saws.
They make lots of noise, and they smoke too much...and man, how long does it take to eat lunch?
Oh, oh, oh...fix it fast!
Oh, oh, oh...and make it last!
Up on the housetop...nail guns too! But they'll be gone before it's time to say "Boo!"

I had a little time, I can't really do anything upstairs because it is too noisy.
Shiloh is okay with the noise, as long as I stay near her...which means she's a bit clingy so I can't do much downstairs either.
The contractor is very taken with Shiloh, and she just beams at him...which is really funny because he is a large, gruff looking person, and Shi doesn't usually take to men very quickly.
They are supposed to be done with the roof today, they said they would be done today, I hope they are done today, because tomorrow it is just supposed to pour the whole day.

Shi has been napping good downstairs on blankets. It's actually nicer than her crib because she wakes up and there little/no crying, and she just runs over to me happy. I think she hates the confinement of her crib...she also can roll around freely (she moves a lot in her sleep) without getting a leg caught or banging the sides.
Makes me consider switching her to a toddler bed or even a low mattress on the floor. Except I'm not sure she wouldn't just get into mischief if she woke early, or if she would sleep-walk and might hurt herself walking into something.
But it's something for me to think about a few months down the line.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Imitation is...

Shiloh took her morning nap downstairs today.
We have roofers coming, and I was afraid they would be going onto the roof right during her nap...and that noise would probably be quite scary to her.
Sometimes I can only get her to go down easily in her dark bedroom...especially when she's teething, but I hope that won't be the case these next few days.

The roofers have set up their plan this morning, dropped off a trailer (for debris), and also set up plywood to protect my roses when they toss stuff off the roof. I am grateful for that. They are supposed to drop off another trailer or bin for the back of the house as well. Then I don't know if they will start work today or tomorrow.
Even though my husband said not to worry about it, I brought our owl statue in. I know he's not very valuable, but....the main thing is that Shiloh just loves it so I want to protect it for her.
It's just so cute that every trip into the yard, she has to pat the owl on the head. :)

Shiloh has been eating better, she's just at a picky stage. But nodding her head if she wants something is so very helpful. It means a lot less fussing and also a lot less applesauce in her hair, because she whips her head away from the spoon when she doesn't want it.
I made some pumpkin mini muffins, hoping she would feed herself those as a healthy snack. She will eat them, but only if I feed her. But they are scrumptious anyways so they won't go to waste! ;)

She's still not talking much...well, I should say she's not saying words that we know much. "Ba" is her main word, and she'll talk non-stop conversations just saying "ba" with different inflections, tones, and "bop" or "da" mixed in.
She's much more into imitation of actions than words. She'll watch me pick up toys and she helps...I started clapping when she would put a toy into its bin or bucket, so now she pick up everything. But when she's done, she dumps it all out again so she can "play pick-up" again. (it's a work in progress ;)
She'll comb her hair, pretend to use a phone, play peek-a-boo, gives me "5", read a magazine, even point the remote at the television. I'm trying to teach her to blow a kiss, but it's too similar to her "peek-a-boo" so it confuses her.
Last night after I had bathed her in the tub, I always let her have some time to play with her duckies and bath toys...and she picked up the washcloth and started washing her head and face. :)

Okay, I can see that we need to play a game of pick-up, right now! Shiloh is trying to rearrange the living room, and also wanted to sit in her rocking chair with her basket full of play food...but she tripped so now there is toy food everywhere. Yep, clean-up on aisle 5!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is love, baby don't hurt me...

I bought Shiloh a pair of shoes. I had found them at one store and fell in love with them but they didn't have her size...then this weekend I found them in her size so I had to grab them.
I gushed over them so much that my husband told Shiloh that "Mommy really wants those shoes for herself". It's true, I really like them so much! :)
I have her wearing them today, but I bought a slightly larger size for her to grow into so one shoe keeps coming off, then Shi tries to eat it.

Yesterday, Shiloh was getting into things....pretty much like everyday. ;-)
She found the cord that charges the baby monitor, then brought it across the room to the area where I always charge the monitor (the outlet is way above her head) and she was holding the cord up wanting me to plug it in.
I thought it was pretty smart of her to know where it goes...probably because she's always trying to reach it and grab it when it's plugged in!

She's starting to communicate better as well. I was taking my vitamins (ha ha! I remembered!!!) and Shi came up to me, grabbed my leg and opened her mouth like a little bird because she wanted what I was having.
Lol, of course she'd only do that when it was something she couldn't have!

The other day, Shi-Shi began nodding her head when I asked her if she wanted something. I'm working with her now so that she'll nod more often when she wants things and understands it better.
I guess nodding is not that easy of a muscle control, when she started she looked like an extra from "Night at the Roxbury" but she's getting better. :)
It's soo nice to know what she wants!

Now Shi is playing peek-a-boo with herself. :-) She has a little toy mirror that she looks at herself in, then she pats her face (which is her version of peek-a-boo), It's just too cute. :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shiloh's Shower ;-)

I am pretty sure that my daughter thought that Uncle Jon & Charith's wedding shower was a party for her. ;-)
After her initial fears (and being glued to Mommy for about 15 minutes) she warmed up to the party.

She enjoyed the party favor immensely ( a scented candle wrapped in tulle, with charms attached) at least until she thought the scent of it was tasty.
It *almost* kept her quiet through the speech & prayer, just almost. :)
Heather brought a artichoke/spinach dip that I think was the food hit of the party. I should have let Shi try some but she was loving Glorified Rice and a little pasta salad and fruit salad.
I didn't end up bringing "baby food" like I mentioned but I did bring the fruit so that way I was positive there would be something for Shiloh to eat while we were there. I needn't have worried though...the rice was a hit with her. :)

Shi happened to nap extremely early that day, so I knew she was due for a nap right at party time. I was able to get her to close her eyes for about 2 seconds (seriously! not two minutes, two seconds!) then she was up and full of energy again. After all she didn't want to miss too much of her party!

Mom did a wonderful job with the cake, it was beautiful double rings...and tasty too!
Charith didn't really want to be in the limelight, she'd freely admit it, but Shiloh was more than happy to take it....after all it was her party! ;)
I really wasn't sure how Shiloh would be, the last party that was attended by more than immediate family was probably the Christmas party when she was just 3 mos. old.
The shower had people from our side of the family, Charith's side of the family, and church people. So there were a few that even I didn't the annoying 4yr. old that kept following poor Autumn and Autumn kept trying to escape by saying she had to find her Mom and help her Mom.
It still makes me smile though, because it was so unlike Autumn and she had such a deer-in-the-headlights look trying to escape this kid. :)

Mom took Shiloh to the front to watch Charith open her gifts. I think Shi "watched" for a few minutes, before she wanted to help especially with pulling off all those colorful bows and curling ribbon cascades!
Then she had to give beaming toothy grins and giggles because everyone was looking at her and laughing....! ;)

She was exhausted by the end though, and fell deep asleep before we had even left the parking lot.

Today I'm still trying to catch up from being sick most of last week. Still not 100% better, it's just lingering. I tried taking cold meds but for some reason exactly 4 hrs after I take it I am wide-awake! It's really annoying, especially since the baby will be waking me anyways...but I thought I needed it since I kept waking up coughing.
I probably should just remember to take vitamins instead. Hmmm......that's the problem with being a MOM, even your mind nags you with Mom sense.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday night fever

So I was REALLY sick!

I am a basically cool person (temp wise....not necessarily personality wise! ;-)
My temps normally never even reach 98 degrees, usually more like 97.5, last night before the Tylenol Cold kicked in my temp was 100.5

I was so dizzy, that when I took the baby upstairs to change her diaper I decided that wasn't the safest thing to go up and down the stairs, so I used the diapers from her diaper bag instead, and hoped that they would last until DH got home from work.
I can't remember the last time I had a fever like that. My face felt like I had a bad sunburn, almost like it was swollen because my cheeks actually hurt.
My muscles hurt...everything hurt.

I woke up around 4-5am drenched in sweat, but feeling much better since my fever had broken. My temp is 97.7 this a.m. so I think I'm back to just a regular cold. I just feel much better not having a fever, even with the other cold symptoms.
Needless to say, DH called and canceled Shiloh's appt. and I'll reschedule when I get my voice back.

Shiloh was very good for me when I was feeling bad. I had just brought out some toys that she hadn't played with in awhile so she was entertained with those. The living room was a wreck of toys everywhere but she was happy and content. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it hot in here...or is it just me?

Yay! My laptop is back up!
On Monday, I lost the wireless connection and spent hours trying to get it back up...with a restless baby at my knee.
Thanking God that we were able to get it back up, especially so that I could put up Shi's new videos and photos that had just been downloaded to the laptop shortly before the loss of connection.

Today though....I am sick. yuck!
Yesterday the baby had a little runny nose and a cough, but I couldn't really tell if the cough was fake since she loves to do that, so I was concerned.
Then last night my throat felt funny.
I woke up at 4am, wide-awake with a very sore throat! I laid awake for about an hour, so that I could fall asleep just in time for Shi to wake me up at 5:30. :(
Now I my throat is so sore I am barely talking and I'm clammy and feverish. Using a lot of stomping my feet and snapping my fingers to get Shiloh's attention. lol.
Shiloh seems fine though today, no runny nose, no nothing...yay!!
I am hoping there is a benefit to all this nursing that she does and she'll have protection from this cold/flu thing from nursing.
Stinks though that I can't really take any meds because of it...well that and the fact that I need to be as alert as possible watching my active girl!

I'm hopeful it's just a 24hr. flu since I rarely get a fever with a cold.
I have a busy week, and...(like the old commercials) "I haven't got time for the pain." Shi has an appt. but it's going to depend on how I feel and how she feels whether or not I postpone it. They canceled on me just an hour before her appt. earlier this week, so I figure if I have to cancel last minute then it's not a biggie, and I am not going in if I can't even talk to the doctors.
I also want to be 100% especially when Shi won't feel great after her vaccines, and I want to be observant and attentive to her.

Also I want to feel good (and Shiloh to feel fine) for my brother's wedding shower this weekend, and all the preparations before that.
Yep, see I haven't got the time...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Tires & A Toddler

Shiloh and I just returned from getting a tire replaced on the truck.

We had found a screw w/washer stuck in the tire about a month ago, and two repairs later we thought it was fixed. So I was pretty bummed when the low tire-pressure light came on once again when I was running errands yesterday.
So then I had to make arrangements to get the tire ordered...Yep, (of course) it's an expensive, odd-shaped, specialty, has-to-be-ordered tire.
Fortunately, the tire could be delivered and put on the very next!

Very nice people there though, and having Shiloh with me made people very talkative. I now know that Dave who heads up the repairs has a 2yr. old son who was visiting the pumpkin patch for the 1st time today and that one of the salesmen has a 4yr. old son..... ;-)
Shiloh was really good, I had a diaper bag full for her.
She...oddly enough, preferred to chew on the plastic bag containing her cookies. She didn't *want* the cookies, just to chew on them through the bag, so now I have a bag of cookie crumbs....and a mangled bag...
Towards the end of our wait, she kept wanting down so I walked around with her, she tugged on my shirt a few times. Hint, hint! then laid her head on my shoulder, we were there a good hour and it was cutting into her nap time.

When I finally got my freshly washed and newly shod truck back, I think she was asleep 2 seconds after I put her in her carseat!
Now I am driving so gingerly looking at every stone or debris that looks like it might puncture a tire. It makes me wish that around here they washed the streets on a weekly basis like up at my parents' camp!

Now Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh....
While I was soooo busy on the phone arranging the ordering of the tire and my appointment and running everything by my husband.
Shiloh was fussing around me, then I saw her heading to the bathroom. My daughter had taken one of my socks from out of my sneaker, which was in the shoe rack and was very happily swirling it in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ew!! She'd never even bothered with the toilet before!

Shiloh is starting to learn to use her cuteness. Later that day she tipped a chair over and scared me so bad. I picked it up then picked her up...she was just standing next to the chair with both a surprised and very guilty look on her face.
I sternly asked her what she had done, and she very quickly gave me a kiss, lol.

Earlier today I told her not to touch the window...she likes to play with the blinds and caulking. Shiloh walked back to the window, then looked to see if I was watching then started shaking her head "no", then she looked at the window again and shook her head again before walking away.
She had to keep telling herself "no". :-)

I've also had to resort to applying nail biter solution to a few things around the house that Shi was just obsessed with teething on. One was her wooden childgate, after I found she had splintered the wood I knew I had to put a stop to that.
I did try some tape, but that turned into a snack that I had to pull from her mouth.
I also applied some of the solution to the entire edge of the remote control because even though we try to keep it away from her...well, where there's a will there's a way and she kept chewing on it.
So I caught her with it and she's holding it at an odd angle trying to chew on the buttons without letting her mouth touch the edges.
It was funny and just unbelievable how determined she is!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Who doesn't like babyfood?

When you are expecting a read everything it seems you can get your hands on regarding childbirth and just everything baby. (Which is actually good because there will be no reading, whatsoever, after the baby arrives...I'm not sure for how long because I am still in that place)
But you will soon find out that there are about a million different opinions and ways to do just about everything!
One thing I remember reading was that a baby joins your life, you don't join a baby's life so basically it implied that life would go on normally but just with one extra person around.

It's more like saying a big brass Band, with a choir, and dancing chimpanzee act will join your life and you won't notice, lol!

Shiloh ate a little bit of beef stew for lunch today, with a bite of biscuit. Then she pounded the biscuit flat with her sippy cup.
I can't say there haven't been times when I've been to a potluck dinner where I didn't want to mash or hide...maybe even fling gleefully at the taste bud-less chef, some unappealing dish. Ah, to be one again! ;-)

Shi was excellent during the entire church service yesterday. Keeping her entertained usually requires about 3 diaper bags full and two professional parents...Instead she's stuck with just us and one diaper bag.
But there was a lot of singing that she was interested in, and she was just very content. She didn't even try to join in the choir special or add emphasis to Pastor's message or practice her lovely spray spitting.
I am sure that Uncle Jon and Charith, who were sitting in front of us, appreciated that! ;-)

I have been thinking of dishes to bring for the upcoming shower. It's funny, because I kept thinking of some things that Shiloh would like.
So if you are at the shower and there is a big bowl of applesauce, yogurt, diced peaches, or cheerios..... ;-)

I have my newest "Shiloh project". I bought a kit to cross-stitch her Christmas stocking. Since both, my husband and I have personalized cross-stitch ones, Shiloh needs one as well. Last year, she had a "Baby's 1st Christmas" one so she was going to need a new one. Hope I can get it completed in time!!