Monday, October 22, 2007

Imitation is...

Shiloh took her morning nap downstairs today.
We have roofers coming, and I was afraid they would be going onto the roof right during her nap...and that noise would probably be quite scary to her.
Sometimes I can only get her to go down easily in her dark bedroom...especially when she's teething, but I hope that won't be the case these next few days.

The roofers have set up their plan this morning, dropped off a trailer (for debris), and also set up plywood to protect my roses when they toss stuff off the roof. I am grateful for that. They are supposed to drop off another trailer or bin for the back of the house as well. Then I don't know if they will start work today or tomorrow.
Even though my husband said not to worry about it, I brought our owl statue in. I know he's not very valuable, but....the main thing is that Shiloh just loves it so I want to protect it for her.
It's just so cute that every trip into the yard, she has to pat the owl on the head. :)

Shiloh has been eating better, she's just at a picky stage. But nodding her head if she wants something is so very helpful. It means a lot less fussing and also a lot less applesauce in her hair, because she whips her head away from the spoon when she doesn't want it.
I made some pumpkin mini muffins, hoping she would feed herself those as a healthy snack. She will eat them, but only if I feed her. But they are scrumptious anyways so they won't go to waste! ;)

She's still not talking much...well, I should say she's not saying words that we know much. "Ba" is her main word, and she'll talk non-stop conversations just saying "ba" with different inflections, tones, and "bop" or "da" mixed in.
She's much more into imitation of actions than words. She'll watch me pick up toys and she helps...I started clapping when she would put a toy into its bin or bucket, so now she pick up everything. But when she's done, she dumps it all out again so she can "play pick-up" again. (it's a work in progress ;)
She'll comb her hair, pretend to use a phone, play peek-a-boo, gives me "5", read a magazine, even point the remote at the television. I'm trying to teach her to blow a kiss, but it's too similar to her "peek-a-boo" so it confuses her.
Last night after I had bathed her in the tub, I always let her have some time to play with her duckies and bath toys...and she picked up the washcloth and started washing her head and face. :)

Okay, I can see that we need to play a game of pick-up, right now! Shiloh is trying to rearrange the living room, and also wanted to sit in her rocking chair with her basket full of play food...but she tripped so now there is toy food everywhere. Yep, clean-up on aisle 5!

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