Friday, October 05, 2007

Tires & A Toddler

Shiloh and I just returned from getting a tire replaced on the truck.

We had found a screw w/washer stuck in the tire about a month ago, and two repairs later we thought it was fixed. So I was pretty bummed when the low tire-pressure light came on once again when I was running errands yesterday.
So then I had to make arrangements to get the tire ordered...Yep, (of course) it's an expensive, odd-shaped, specialty, has-to-be-ordered tire.
Fortunately, the tire could be delivered and put on the very next!

Very nice people there though, and having Shiloh with me made people very talkative. I now know that Dave who heads up the repairs has a 2yr. old son who was visiting the pumpkin patch for the 1st time today and that one of the salesmen has a 4yr. old son..... ;-)
Shiloh was really good, I had a diaper bag full for her.
She...oddly enough, preferred to chew on the plastic bag containing her cookies. She didn't *want* the cookies, just to chew on them through the bag, so now I have a bag of cookie crumbs....and a mangled bag...
Towards the end of our wait, she kept wanting down so I walked around with her, she tugged on my shirt a few times. Hint, hint! then laid her head on my shoulder, we were there a good hour and it was cutting into her nap time.

When I finally got my freshly washed and newly shod truck back, I think she was asleep 2 seconds after I put her in her carseat!
Now I am driving so gingerly looking at every stone or debris that looks like it might puncture a tire. It makes me wish that around here they washed the streets on a weekly basis like up at my parents' camp!

Now Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh....
While I was soooo busy on the phone arranging the ordering of the tire and my appointment and running everything by my husband.
Shiloh was fussing around me, then I saw her heading to the bathroom. My daughter had taken one of my socks from out of my sneaker, which was in the shoe rack and was very happily swirling it in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ew!! She'd never even bothered with the toilet before!

Shiloh is starting to learn to use her cuteness. Later that day she tipped a chair over and scared me so bad. I picked it up then picked her up...she was just standing next to the chair with both a surprised and very guilty look on her face.
I sternly asked her what she had done, and she very quickly gave me a kiss, lol.

Earlier today I told her not to touch the window...she likes to play with the blinds and caulking. Shiloh walked back to the window, then looked to see if I was watching then started shaking her head "no", then she looked at the window again and shook her head again before walking away.
She had to keep telling herself "no". :-)

I've also had to resort to applying nail biter solution to a few things around the house that Shi was just obsessed with teething on. One was her wooden childgate, after I found she had splintered the wood I knew I had to put a stop to that.
I did try some tape, but that turned into a snack that I had to pull from her mouth.
I also applied some of the solution to the entire edge of the remote control because even though we try to keep it away from her...well, where there's a will there's a way and she kept chewing on it.
So I caught her with it and she's holding it at an odd angle trying to chew on the buttons without letting her mouth touch the edges.
It was funny and just unbelievable how determined she is!

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