Friday, October 26, 2007

Up on the housetop...(to the tune)

....there's roofers 'cause, the roof needs repairing with their saws.
They make lots of noise, and they smoke too much...and man, how long does it take to eat lunch?
Oh, oh, oh...fix it fast!
Oh, oh, oh...and make it last!
Up on the housetop...nail guns too! But they'll be gone before it's time to say "Boo!"

I had a little time, I can't really do anything upstairs because it is too noisy.
Shiloh is okay with the noise, as long as I stay near her...which means she's a bit clingy so I can't do much downstairs either.
The contractor is very taken with Shiloh, and she just beams at him...which is really funny because he is a large, gruff looking person, and Shi doesn't usually take to men very quickly.
They are supposed to be done with the roof today, they said they would be done today, I hope they are done today, because tomorrow it is just supposed to pour the whole day.

Shi has been napping good downstairs on blankets. It's actually nicer than her crib because she wakes up and there little/no crying, and she just runs over to me happy. I think she hates the confinement of her crib...she also can roll around freely (she moves a lot in her sleep) without getting a leg caught or banging the sides.
Makes me consider switching her to a toddler bed or even a low mattress on the floor. Except I'm not sure she wouldn't just get into mischief if she woke early, or if she would sleep-walk and might hurt herself walking into something.
But it's something for me to think about a few months down the line.

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