Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is love, baby don't hurt me...

I bought Shiloh a pair of shoes. I had found them at one store and fell in love with them but they didn't have her size...then this weekend I found them in her size so I had to grab them.
I gushed over them so much that my husband told Shiloh that "Mommy really wants those shoes for herself". It's true, I really like them so much! :)
I have her wearing them today, but I bought a slightly larger size for her to grow into so one shoe keeps coming off, then Shi tries to eat it.

Yesterday, Shiloh was getting into things....pretty much like everyday. ;-)
She found the cord that charges the baby monitor, then brought it across the room to the area where I always charge the monitor (the outlet is way above her head) and she was holding the cord up wanting me to plug it in.
I thought it was pretty smart of her to know where it goes...probably because she's always trying to reach it and grab it when it's plugged in!

She's starting to communicate better as well. I was taking my vitamins (ha ha! I remembered!!!) and Shi came up to me, grabbed my leg and opened her mouth like a little bird because she wanted what I was having.
Lol, of course she'd only do that when it was something she couldn't have!

The other day, Shi-Shi began nodding her head when I asked her if she wanted something. I'm working with her now so that she'll nod more often when she wants things and understands it better.
I guess nodding is not that easy of a muscle control, when she started she looked like an extra from "Night at the Roxbury" but she's getting better. :)
It's soo nice to know what she wants!

Now Shi is playing peek-a-boo with herself. :-) She has a little toy mirror that she looks at herself in, then she pats her face (which is her version of peek-a-boo), It's just too cute. :)

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