Friday, November 30, 2007

Socks and Dolls

My daughter is having a grand time....playing with my socks!
I just opened a new pair of super soft, very fuzzy socks for myself tonight, and Shiloh has completely stolen them!!
She's petting them and stroking them against her face, putting them on her head and wrapping them like a scarf around her neck....she's completely involved in playing with a pair of socks.
Hmm...Who'd have guessed? :-)

I saw some Cabbage Patch dolls the other day, and I was just remembering how much I loved my own CP dolls when I was younger.
I had a pony-tailed doll named "Jennifer", I had a lot of dolls named Jennifer actually. ;-)
My sister had a red-haired one named "Pamela". They were great, but I really remember when we got the CP babies. Mine was "Brian Fernando" (I wonder where CP comes up with these names) he was bald and had a nice white suit and hat...and I was totally in love.
I still feel something when I see those dolls today, really the love that a child has for their toys shouldn't be can be really strong.
Anyways, the dolls had grand adventures with us, riding in the flowered wicker baskets on our bicycles...riding on pretend wagon trains while my brother (with a cowboy hat on his head, toy rifle in one arm, and baby doll tucked under the other) shot at the bad guys that would be chasing us.

Not sure exactly when my brother's CP doll "Hanky" had his head crack. But I remember a great deal of our time playing with him, that he had a large white bandage on his head, and he wasn't allowed to go on too daring adventures again.

Eventually when Shi gets more into dolls, she'll get her own CP doll.
She's a bit young yet, I think a lot of dolls are for ages 3 and up and really she's not been too interested yet.
She likes her Glo-Worm doll but mostly to push the button on its belly and see its face light up and she claps to the music.
Not really for cuddling or acting like it is a, she'll save that for my fuzzy socks! lol.
We did get her a simple baby doll for Christmas, mostly so I can show her how to be gentle with a baby and just demonstrate how to treat a baby etc. etc.

Shiloh has been doing wonderful this week with her naps. It's been such a relief to my mind!
She's been letting me know when she's tired, and today I was actually able to just lay her down in her little bed, cover her with blankets and basically she was out.
It was soo amazing, I really hope it continues. I was a little nervous that she was too young for a toddler bed, but she was really hating her crib and it does seem to be the best thing. It is very low to the ground and I have the floor very padded, so even when she doesn't quite land on her feet, she just gets up giggling....she meant to that...Tada! :)
As long as I can keep her from getting into mischief when she wakes up!
That's a different story.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mother's helper

Shiloh and I had to take a quick shopping trip today. We're both recovering from colds, so we haven't been out much...but we needed some household staples.
I had Shi really bundled up, it's pretty cold and the snow from last night never even melted today.
So because she was so bundled she could hardly move in the seat of the cart, But she was just the happiest thing! (she's really been so happy, even through this cold)
All through the store, she just looked around and then would burst into giggles over who-knows-what that caught her eye.

Then we ran to another store, then home again.
Only problem is that I usually try to limit my shopping bags, so that I can carry them and my diaper bag or purse, and have Shiloh on my hip and keys in hand.
I barely managed it this time.
Just got to the porch and I had to set everything down, including Shiloh because my arm muscles were screaming and I needed hands to get the door open.
Shiloh *loves* to help me with the groceries. So she promptly picked up a lighter bag and after I helped her over the threshold she carried it into the kitchen and tried to help unload. She's such a helper! :)

She's been eating really well also. (thus the need for a trip to the grocery store! lol!) Sometimes even finishing an entire sandwich, but always at least half. She also ate an entire banana yesterday, I was amazed because I still remember the effort of getting her to eat even one bite of banana before!
If I ask her if she's hungry now, she will nod and scratch her belly. :-)

She still doesn't eat well when we're out, I think there is just too much to see and do when we are out for her to really take the time to eat or nap.

Okay, Shi's up from her second nap....almost 1 1/2 hrs! yay!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I rushed Shiloh & myself through our bathing tonight, there are so many holiday movies playing!
There are about 5 that I would like to watch, but of course they're all playing around the same times.
Right now I've settled on "White Christmas", I love it soo much! I can (and have) watched at all times during the year. :) Still trying to figure out why I cannot get my toes to tap like that, still getting misty-eyed each time the General does...loving that it mentions liverwurst. ;)
But I am also flipping on commercial breaks to catch bits of "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage. I just love his facial expressions in that movie, he conveys a lot with just his expressions.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and tasty!
Mom outdoes herself every year, it was so good! I was a little queasy in the a.m. but it was long gone by dinnertime so I was able to really, really, enjoy my meal. :) Shiloh even tried a few things, and turns out she's a fan of pumpkin pie as well.
It's a vegetable after all....and apple pie is fruit...It's all a good part of a balanced holiday diet! ;-) Not a big gathering but it was so nice.
So much to be thankful for this year...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful *tasty* holiday tomorrow!

My brother was married this past weekend.
It really was a beautiful wedding. I was afraid that Charith was going to cry during the ceremony....which then would have started me crying, and both of us without waterproof mascara, it wouldn't have been pretty!
But then Jon unknowingly promised to " and charith" her, which was funny and lightened the mood considerably. ;-)

We also went to the Harvest dinner at the church on Sunday which was crowded but nice. Still having a problem getting Shiloh to eat "outside" food, whenever we go to a restaurant or the wedding reception or harvest dinner....she'll only eat foods that I bring for her, besides a few tastes here and there.
I hope she decides to eat more for Thanksgiving!

I put away Shiloh's crib yesterday and set up the toddler bed. But then she was fussy last night, so she didn't end up spending much time in there at all.
She seems to be doing okay with it though. I'm just working on making sure she knows how to get out of bed makes her Daddy extremely nervous, especially since she plays it up and knows how to pull on his heartstrings.
She seems to have a goal to never be put down at all when Daddy is around. ;-)

I took a bunch of pics of the taking down of the crib, and setting up of the new bed. I'll have to put them up soon, too much computer time recently though has been giving me a headache, which then leads to morning sickness so I've not been online too much.
Working on my crafting projects instead.
But my morning sickness seems to be improving, so that is really wonderful....especially since I've been counting down the weeks of the 1st trimester until I could anticipate relief, so to feel even slightly better now is wonderful.
I'm still avoiding everything that might upset my stomach....and I still can't watch the Food Network channel but it's better. :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

1st comes love, then comes marriage

Let's see, to catch up on my blog from my last post...
On Saturday, Shiloh ran a fever after her morning nap, she was also very lethargic and it made me pretty nervous.
But I gave her a dose of Motrin and within half an hour it had kicked it and her fever was gone and she was running around like normal. She's been fine since, though I am still keeping an eye on her because they said she could have a fever & rash from her vaccines even a week or two later.

On Monday, I had my 1st Doctor's appt. for my pregnancy. I decided to try a new OB/GYN, and they even had an u/s machine right in the exam room so it was a pleasant surprise.
Baby was hiding out, so the idiot doctors start their speech on how I'll need to come back in a week because they aren't sure this is a "viable pregnancy".
Don't you love that!
I was actually really calm, because we had a minor scare with Shi's 1st u/s as well....and I was pretty sure I had seen the baby in the very 1st part of the scan.
Sure enough, they look around and there is the baby! Pretty big least in comparison to what I am used to.
Shiloh *always* measured small on all of her scans...and she was just a petite thing anyways.
But this baby actually moved my due date up! To the 3rd instead of the 5th!

Well, they say every pregnancy is different...and this baby is certainly proving that true so far. I am sooo ill!
Yesterday, I found that one of my triggers is cold water, yep....
Also Shiloh hasn't been sleeping well at all this week, I'm not sure if it's her teeth or what really.
I told DH that my kids are really beating me up here. ;-)

Tonight is my brother's rehearsal and tomorrow morning...the wedding!
It's really been such a long wait, and yet seemed to come so quickly.
Hopefully my babies will let me enjoy this weekend, the best man is a little nervous but I think he'll do fine. I just might have a problem keeping his daughter from wanting to join "Dada" on the stage!

I remember being nervous as my wedding approached, but on the actual day...I felt pretty calm. Which for me is a big deal, because standing in front of crowds of people, as the center of attention is the last place I want to be on any given day. It's like the day flies by, rushing through the morning preparations...then it slows when you say your vows....then is another blur of activity the rest of the day.
But most of life is like slow down for certain parts, but it does fly by.

I hope Jon and Charith are able to slow down and enjoy their day, also hoping the weather cooperates...not sure if they were planning on a white wedding or not, but with the snow in the forecast they might get it!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Vaccine Day

So I started out lovely vaccine bowing at the porcelain throne.
My sweet daughter, who absolutely positively insisted on being in the bathroom with me...smiled at me and patted my back. ;)

I managed to eat 1/2 piece of toast and drink some tea, and Shi ate the rest of my toast. Then I adjusted my sea bands, popped a stick of cinnamon gum in my mouth and we were off.
I was not about to cancel the appt. after all the hassles of rescheduling from before!
I load Shi into her seat (it's freezing this morning!!), turn the key in the ignition and the stupid tire pressure light comes on again!!!!!!!!

So we go to Shi's Dr. appt. She really behaves excellent! Fascinated by the other kids and babies in the waiting room, but she doesn't try to get down at all...she's content to watch them from Mommy's lap.
When the waiting room is empty she gets a bit noisy, just babbling away.
Then we get in and get her weighed and measured. She's gained 2.4lbs. and grown more than 2" in height since July, which the Dr. said is excellent and she's right on track.
She didn't like being laid down to measure her tiny tear.
Then she sobbed in my arms as the Dr. checked her heart/ears etc.
I think she actually cried less when she got her vaccines....all FOUR of them.
The poor little thing!

I got paperwork to get her lead level tested. I didn't do it. She had enough.

She was sound asleep as soon as she was in her carseat.
But the tire pressure light still mocked me. I looked at all 4 tires and they looked fine.
I decided to run it right over to the dealership and not mess around, I'm soo tired of messing with the tires.
If it was the tire that they just replaced then they needed to fix it. Otherwise, I know all four of the tires were *just* filled with air and something isn't right.

I carried Shiloh (sound asleep) in and saw the same guy, who was very nice about replacing the tire last time. He said he could probably tell me without looking at it what was wrong, but to have a seat and he'd check it out to be sure.
Turns out there is a tire pressure sensor.....on the spare tire!!!!
I'm so glad I took it in, that would have drove me nuts, knowing all the tires were filled with air but still having the warning light on. So they filled the spare for me.
The repair guy said it's really a design flaw of the vehicle to have that sensor, but that even the new ones...and other models have the same thing.
He said they're having about 10 vehicles a week coming in with the same problem, especially with the weather getting colder.

Well, I'm relieved to get it taken care of so quickly. Otherwise it would always be in the back of my mind....this annoying little warning light.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh Baby!

Shiloh has her Dr.'s appt. tomorrow.
This is the big one, even though its been rescheduled so many times and she'll be 14mos. next week....I am still dreading it.
Mostly I'm dreading the blood draw, especially since poor Evie had such a hard time with it when it was her turn.

Also, I really realize how fortunate I was to feel sooo well during my 1st pregnancy. I was working full-time and besides feeling a little "off" some mornings...especially when my co-workers were burning conflicting Yankee candle scents at the same time, I didn't feel too bad.
Fast forward to this pregnancy, which I assumed would be the same.
Nope...since about Tuesday, I've been queasy or just not feeling well all-day.

Yesterday's shopping trip was...not fun. In the morning I just had some tea and toast since I wasn't feeling great, then I was fine right until it came time to grocery shop.
Then it hits...I'm chanting "I don't want to shop, I don't want to shop" under my breath...breathing through my mouth, taking off my coat, chew on some gum...sip of water.
Okay, I'm doing okay...Insane place, the grocery store. What kind of person thinks of a place where you just line up and make piles of FOOD. Smelly food, and what's with putting pictures of the food on the boxes and containers anyways?? I mean if it "says" mac & cheese, I will trust that is what it is...I don't need a visual reminder right now!

DH was with us on our shopping trip.
He apologized later, because he has never been pregnant and doesn't know what to do when I don't feel well. ;-)
But actually we didn't go through this the 1st time, so he really doesn't know what not to say to a nauseous pregnant woman in the grocery store.
Definitely not "Do you think this sauce goes well over....?", "Do these look good?", "Which flavor is better?"
Lol, I thought it was funny when he wanted chips and he's asking me which ones, and I'm looking at the ceiling of the grocery store. Then I take a quick glance at the bag and say "Ugh, yuck...don't show me chips! But not those ones, I want the Sour Cream and Onion flavor!" ;-)
That's pregnancy for you!

He more than redeemed himself later though, he saw me laying down watching Shiloh from sleepy eyes and asked why I didn't take a nap. I told him this is how I nap, with an awake and active 1yr. have to nap with your eyes open! lol.
So he watched Shi until her nap and I got a wonderful hour-long rest! Heavenly!!! :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Encore

Just as I am debating the name of my blog...Such as it doesn't have to stand for being physically pregnant. It could mean that a mind that is just "pregnant" or full of musing and ideas and ponderings etc. etc....
Anyways, I find myself no longer have to debate it with myself. It can now stand for both, as I am expecting another little one in July!!!

My "Under Construction" Maternity shirt got a lot of use as my announcement, but really it was a little too subtle...(especially based on how long my brother stared blankly at the shirt before it dawned on him ;-)
I really needed one that just said it, plain and simple. "I AM PREGNANT!" with neon writing or glitter or perhaps if it flashed the message.

We had Heather's Birthday Party yesterday, which was great. Heather looks great, skinny with her edgy highlighted haircut!...I am going to be bringing her lots of donuts as I grow bigger to make myself feel better! ;-P!

The kids had a great time playing together.
Shiloh much prefers the army men to the dollhouse...which she thought was a chair and tried to sit on. :)
Unfortunately for her cousin Noah, who was trying to line the army men and Indian figures in perfect formations, Shiloh-zilla would often come stomping through grabbing the captain of the army and chewing on his gun....thus ending the battle in her own mediating way!

I am feeling pretty well so far. The worst day was when my husband cut up the pumpkin for me to cook and freeze that day....apparently the smell of raw pumpkin and pregnancy aren't a good combo for me.
I didn't get sick though...Yay me!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

After all Homemade costumes are the best ;-)

Shiloh made her own costume for Halloween, lol.
We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas for a late lunch....and Shiloh took a HUGE handful of mashed potatoes and put it in her hair.

I just didn't know she wanted to be "Miss Potato Head" for Halloween! :-D
So she got an early bath and I called her Miss Potato Head the rest of the day...
She needed the bath anyways because she put sweet potatoes in her hair earlier in the day! She was REALLY a potato head! I don't know what it is, that she has to put her food in her hair....she gets plenty so it's not like she has to save some for later. lol.

When her Daddy came home, he wanted to do some caulking in the bathroom. Shiloh was trying to get his attention but he was it was "dada-dada" "dada-dada", "DaDa-DaDa!", "DADA-DADA! DADA"!!!!" ;-D!
She was just yelling it over and over, trying to get him to look at her!

I tried to catch it on video, but now she's learned about the camera and does this huge, cheesy grin when she sees it.
She thinks her cheesy smile is sooo funny too, that she keeps cracking up and falling over when she smiles.
Such a ham!