Friday, November 16, 2007

1st comes love, then comes marriage

Let's see, to catch up on my blog from my last post...
On Saturday, Shiloh ran a fever after her morning nap, she was also very lethargic and it made me pretty nervous.
But I gave her a dose of Motrin and within half an hour it had kicked it and her fever was gone and she was running around like normal. She's been fine since, though I am still keeping an eye on her because they said she could have a fever & rash from her vaccines even a week or two later.

On Monday, I had my 1st Doctor's appt. for my pregnancy. I decided to try a new OB/GYN, and they even had an u/s machine right in the exam room so it was a pleasant surprise.
Baby was hiding out, so the idiot doctors start their speech on how I'll need to come back in a week because they aren't sure this is a "viable pregnancy".
Don't you love that!
I was actually really calm, because we had a minor scare with Shi's 1st u/s as well....and I was pretty sure I had seen the baby in the very 1st part of the scan.
Sure enough, they look around and there is the baby! Pretty big least in comparison to what I am used to.
Shiloh *always* measured small on all of her scans...and she was just a petite thing anyways.
But this baby actually moved my due date up! To the 3rd instead of the 5th!

Well, they say every pregnancy is different...and this baby is certainly proving that true so far. I am sooo ill!
Yesterday, I found that one of my triggers is cold water, yep....
Also Shiloh hasn't been sleeping well at all this week, I'm not sure if it's her teeth or what really.
I told DH that my kids are really beating me up here. ;-)

Tonight is my brother's rehearsal and tomorrow morning...the wedding!
It's really been such a long wait, and yet seemed to come so quickly.
Hopefully my babies will let me enjoy this weekend, the best man is a little nervous but I think he'll do fine. I just might have a problem keeping his daughter from wanting to join "Dada" on the stage!

I remember being nervous as my wedding approached, but on the actual day...I felt pretty calm. Which for me is a big deal, because standing in front of crowds of people, as the center of attention is the last place I want to be on any given day. It's like the day flies by, rushing through the morning preparations...then it slows when you say your vows....then is another blur of activity the rest of the day.
But most of life is like slow down for certain parts, but it does fly by.

I hope Jon and Charith are able to slow down and enjoy their day, also hoping the weather cooperates...not sure if they were planning on a white wedding or not, but with the snow in the forecast they might get it!

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