Thursday, November 01, 2007

After all Homemade costumes are the best ;-)

Shiloh made her own costume for Halloween, lol.
We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas for a late lunch....and Shiloh took a HUGE handful of mashed potatoes and put it in her hair.

I just didn't know she wanted to be "Miss Potato Head" for Halloween! :-D
So she got an early bath and I called her Miss Potato Head the rest of the day...
She needed the bath anyways because she put sweet potatoes in her hair earlier in the day! She was REALLY a potato head! I don't know what it is, that she has to put her food in her hair....she gets plenty so it's not like she has to save some for later. lol.

When her Daddy came home, he wanted to do some caulking in the bathroom. Shiloh was trying to get his attention but he was it was "dada-dada" "dada-dada", "DaDa-DaDa!", "DADA-DADA! DADA"!!!!" ;-D!
She was just yelling it over and over, trying to get him to look at her!

I tried to catch it on video, but now she's learned about the camera and does this huge, cheesy grin when she sees it.
She thinks her cheesy smile is sooo funny too, that she keeps cracking up and falling over when she smiles.
Such a ham!

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