Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful *tasty* holiday tomorrow!

My brother was married this past weekend.
It really was a beautiful wedding. I was afraid that Charith was going to cry during the ceremony....which then would have started me crying, and both of us without waterproof mascara, it wouldn't have been pretty!
But then Jon unknowingly promised to " and charith" her, which was funny and lightened the mood considerably. ;-)

We also went to the Harvest dinner at the church on Sunday which was crowded but nice. Still having a problem getting Shiloh to eat "outside" food, whenever we go to a restaurant or the wedding reception or harvest dinner....she'll only eat foods that I bring for her, besides a few tastes here and there.
I hope she decides to eat more for Thanksgiving!

I put away Shiloh's crib yesterday and set up the toddler bed. But then she was fussy last night, so she didn't end up spending much time in there at all.
She seems to be doing okay with it though. I'm just working on making sure she knows how to get out of bed makes her Daddy extremely nervous, especially since she plays it up and knows how to pull on his heartstrings.
She seems to have a goal to never be put down at all when Daddy is around. ;-)

I took a bunch of pics of the taking down of the crib, and setting up of the new bed. I'll have to put them up soon, too much computer time recently though has been giving me a headache, which then leads to morning sickness so I've not been online too much.
Working on my crafting projects instead.
But my morning sickness seems to be improving, so that is really wonderful....especially since I've been counting down the weeks of the 1st trimester until I could anticipate relief, so to feel even slightly better now is wonderful.
I'm still avoiding everything that might upset my stomach....and I still can't watch the Food Network channel but it's better. :)

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