Friday, November 23, 2007


I rushed Shiloh & myself through our bathing tonight, there are so many holiday movies playing!
There are about 5 that I would like to watch, but of course they're all playing around the same times.
Right now I've settled on "White Christmas", I love it soo much! I can (and have) watched at all times during the year. :) Still trying to figure out why I cannot get my toes to tap like that, still getting misty-eyed each time the General does...loving that it mentions liverwurst. ;)
But I am also flipping on commercial breaks to catch bits of "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage. I just love his facial expressions in that movie, he conveys a lot with just his expressions.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and tasty!
Mom outdoes herself every year, it was so good! I was a little queasy in the a.m. but it was long gone by dinnertime so I was able to really, really, enjoy my meal. :) Shiloh even tried a few things, and turns out she's a fan of pumpkin pie as well.
It's a vegetable after all....and apple pie is fruit...It's all a good part of a balanced holiday diet! ;-) Not a big gathering but it was so nice.
So much to be thankful for this year...

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