Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Encore

Just as I am debating the name of my blog...Such as it doesn't have to stand for being physically pregnant. It could mean that a mind that is just "pregnant" or full of musing and ideas and ponderings etc. etc....
Anyways, I find myself no longer have to debate it with myself. It can now stand for both, as I am expecting another little one in July!!!

My "Under Construction" Maternity shirt got a lot of use as my announcement, but really it was a little too subtle...(especially based on how long my brother stared blankly at the shirt before it dawned on him ;-)
I really needed one that just said it, plain and simple. "I AM PREGNANT!" with neon writing or glitter or perhaps if it flashed the message.

We had Heather's Birthday Party yesterday, which was great. Heather looks great, skinny with her edgy highlighted haircut!...I am going to be bringing her lots of donuts as I grow bigger to make myself feel better! ;-P!

The kids had a great time playing together.
Shiloh much prefers the army men to the dollhouse...which she thought was a chair and tried to sit on. :)
Unfortunately for her cousin Noah, who was trying to line the army men and Indian figures in perfect formations, Shiloh-zilla would often come stomping through grabbing the captain of the army and chewing on his gun....thus ending the battle in her own mediating way!

I am feeling pretty well so far. The worst day was when my husband cut up the pumpkin for me to cook and freeze that day....apparently the smell of raw pumpkin and pregnancy aren't a good combo for me.
I didn't get sick though...Yay me!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Even more for me to read about and enjoy. Got a message from your mom today and she sounds as happy as you.
Love, Aunt Fran

MoppetMama said...

Thank you! We're all really excited about having another baby. :)