Friday, November 09, 2007

Vaccine Day

So I started out lovely vaccine bowing at the porcelain throne.
My sweet daughter, who absolutely positively insisted on being in the bathroom with me...smiled at me and patted my back. ;)

I managed to eat 1/2 piece of toast and drink some tea, and Shi ate the rest of my toast. Then I adjusted my sea bands, popped a stick of cinnamon gum in my mouth and we were off.
I was not about to cancel the appt. after all the hassles of rescheduling from before!
I load Shi into her seat (it's freezing this morning!!), turn the key in the ignition and the stupid tire pressure light comes on again!!!!!!!!

So we go to Shi's Dr. appt. She really behaves excellent! Fascinated by the other kids and babies in the waiting room, but she doesn't try to get down at all...she's content to watch them from Mommy's lap.
When the waiting room is empty she gets a bit noisy, just babbling away.
Then we get in and get her weighed and measured. She's gained 2.4lbs. and grown more than 2" in height since July, which the Dr. said is excellent and she's right on track.
She didn't like being laid down to measure her tiny tear.
Then she sobbed in my arms as the Dr. checked her heart/ears etc.
I think she actually cried less when she got her vaccines....all FOUR of them.
The poor little thing!

I got paperwork to get her lead level tested. I didn't do it. She had enough.

She was sound asleep as soon as she was in her carseat.
But the tire pressure light still mocked me. I looked at all 4 tires and they looked fine.
I decided to run it right over to the dealership and not mess around, I'm soo tired of messing with the tires.
If it was the tire that they just replaced then they needed to fix it. Otherwise, I know all four of the tires were *just* filled with air and something isn't right.

I carried Shiloh (sound asleep) in and saw the same guy, who was very nice about replacing the tire last time. He said he could probably tell me without looking at it what was wrong, but to have a seat and he'd check it out to be sure.
Turns out there is a tire pressure sensor.....on the spare tire!!!!
I'm so glad I took it in, that would have drove me nuts, knowing all the tires were filled with air but still having the warning light on. So they filled the spare for me.
The repair guy said it's really a design flaw of the vehicle to have that sensor, but that even the new ones...and other models have the same thing.
He said they're having about 10 vehicles a week coming in with the same problem, especially with the weather getting colder.

Well, I'm relieved to get it taken care of so quickly. Otherwise it would always be in the back of my mind....this annoying little warning light.

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