Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

13 weeks! (Start of the 2nd Trimester!!)

Last night, or rather early, early, way too early, this morning wasn't nice.
Shiloh was up and miserable with gas, it took a lot of comforting and two doses of infant gas drops to get her to fall back asleep.
I wracked my brain to think of what might have been the cause, and the only thing different was green beans.
So those will be off the menu for quite awhile!
On top of that, she's getting molar or two in as well.

She slept in about an hour later than usual this morning. About 1:30, I tried to lay her down for a nap...but after all of her resisting, she only fell asleep for about 30 seconds then popped up again.
Her nap schedule and routine were soo good, and then she caught that cold and couldn't breathe well when she laid down, so I let her fall asleep on my lap...and the cold lingered for a couple weeks so it has been awhile since I got her to fall asleep in her bed.
Now I am desperately trying to get back to what it was.

At 2:30, I knew she was tired and tried again. I was exhausted after all...she had to be tired, right? Shi fought it for about a minute, and then fell soundly asleep. Yay, right?!
It doesn't stop there....she slept for FOUR SOLID HOURS!!!

It was just so good, because I was feeling like such a bad Mommy forcing her nap, and starting to get so frustrated.
I was able to nap myself, and get so much done around the house as well. I did have to check on her though, because I really was just expecting her to nap for 1 hour at the most! :-)

Shiloh was so cheerful after her nap as well. She was hungry (of course) and happily ate her grilled cheese and babbled at me while I did some baking for breakfast tomorrow. Yay!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after...


We had a wonderful Christmas! :-)

Shiloh got into the opening of presents and enjoyed the entire experience immensely.
She also enjoyed our breakfast of blueberry pancakes, she almost ate an entire one!
We went to my parents and after our wonderful Ham dinner, Shi couldn't wait any longer and fell asleep just before the gift opening....with my full stomach, I wanted to join her! ;-)
She woke up just as the other kids had finished opening their gifts, and the expression on her face was so cute because everyone had piled her gifts around the chair where she was sleeping in my arms.
So when she woke, she was just surrounded by gifts! :-)

Today she's been playing away, mixing old toys with new. I bought her a dolls diaper bag and she's been filling and emptying that all day.

Shiloh got several bathtoys and I also bought her some bubblebath now that her skin has cleared so well. I've had to give her plain water and special soaps for sooo long now!
So tonight she had her first bubblebath! She wasn't too thrilled with the bubbles at first though, but then I scooped up a handful and blew them around and she was okay. Shiloh liked all of her new water toys, a spinning bug that moved around in the water from Uncle Jon, and various squirt toys from Aunt Heather that were soooo tricky!!
I was picking them up and squeezing them, showing them to Shi and there was one with holes all over it and I didn't know and soaked myself!
Then I examined the next one carefully, but I couldn't find the holes so I gingerly squeezed it and the water shoots out of it's ears!!! So sneaky!!

Yeah, if you couldn't tell....I'm having fun with Shi's toys too. ;-)

Even baby #2 received some gifts, I love my Mom and sister! They are so thoughtful to think of everyone...born or not. :)
This pregnancy seems to be flying...I can't believe there's just 6 months left.
I spent each day of my 1st pregnancy just in amazement, amazed that I was actually pregnant. Finding things that were the size of the baby and looking at them in awe as they gradually got bigger...sitting quietly waiting for the slightest hint of a kick, poring over tidbit of pregnancy info I could find!
It seemed to go so slowly though.

Shiloh doesn't give me too much time for over-thinking. She needs her milk spill cleaned up, and her toys picked up, and her head pulled out when she gets it stuck under the couch....she's kinda nosy! ;-)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

No more shopping til after Christmas!


2 days til Christmas!

The weekend just before Christmas isn't a good time to go out...much less go shopping. Whether or not you are actually "Christmas shopping" or just need a 1/2 gallon of milk is irrelevant.
Not that I am likely to remember this next year!

We had a lot of running around to do today, Church services and delivering cookies and presents to a couple of stops.
Then to the store to replace the "bop bag" we bought for Shiloh, that was missing the stopper. From there we were off to another store to pick up a stocking kit for the new baby (while they are still available), sewing one with Shiloh around was hard'll be next to impossible if I wait until the new baby arrives to start on its stocking.
Then Wal-Mart, where DH had a specific purchase he wanted to make but was unable to find one of good quality.
Of course, Wal-Mart was insane...but you realize that before you even walk in the door or spend an hour finding a parking spot that is still within visual distance of the building.

Then the clerk so nicely rings up our little container of milk....THREE times!
So we had the nice holiday joy of standing in the line at customer service.
They must hire the people from the DMV to work holidays for them....S-L-O-W!
Anyways, then to grab a quick bite to take home for a late lunch, and DH had to run back inside because they completely forgot to give us Shi's food.

For the day, 4 store/restaurant stops and we had three errors/mistakes in checking out.
I do feel sorry for the clerks though, it's a rough time...rough weekend for them.
But it hardly makes it worth going out, battling the crowds and then dealing with the mistakes.

Getting home was nice. Nice to be able to relax. Gave Shiloh her bath and opened some new baby lotion, it doesn't smell like baby lotion smells so nice and girly! I think she smells a little like a "Strawberry Shortcake" character. :-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Countdown to Christmas


6 days til Christmas!

Today I am wrapping Christmas gifts. Yeah, I never got beyond the two done the other day but I made a lot more progress today.
Pretty sure I won't get it *all* done today, but I'm making a dent. ;-)
Now that Shiloh can reach the tabletop, it seems all tasks are more difficult and nothing is safe. She kept grabbing small presents or pieces of wrapping paper....really, whatever her inquisitive fingers could find.
Finally I gave her a small gift bag and she had a blast with that and it kept her occupied for a good 1/2 an hour anyways.

Since Shiloh slept completely through last Christmas...both opening presents at home and at my parents, I am pretty excited to watch her enjoy Christmas this year.
Judging by the way she shreds my magazines into itty-bitty pieces, she should have a blast ripping into the wrapping paper. In fact, the only problem might be that she's more fascinated by the paper than by the actual present!

On Monday, Shiloh climbed up the staircase unassisted until she reached the top step...then she needed a hand because there was nothing for her to hold onto. Yesterday, she climbed it totally unassisted!
She is not daring about it, which I am so thankful for, and repeatedly looks to make sure I am right behind her.
When her Daddy runs up the stairs and doesn't close the door, she'll stand at the bottom and yell for him until he comes back down. lol.

She's getting so big and having such milestones! This afternoon, she wants to practice shaking hands...last night she was trying to copy me and whistle.
It's just too cute. :-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Rush


Shiloh and I had a couple shopping stops to make today.
Rather disappointed though, with the amount of things the stores had run out of, and the mile-long checkout lines as well...made it not really worth venturing out.
Also so thankful for animal crackers, and their ability to quiet an impatient 1yr. old! ;-)

It really is funny....the power of suggestion, that is.
Shiloh was bored or something, so she leaned back in the cart seat and was looking at the ceiling while I was pushing her through the store.
You would not believe the amount of people I caught looking at the ceiling to see what was she was staring at!
It was almost like a Candid Camera set up or something! lol!

We had an older lady come over, comment on "my beautiful baby"....then ask if she was a boy or a girl.
Okay...soooo what part of the "beautiful baby" was she looking at?
Hmm, not the pink shirt....or the pink-trimmed hat with "Princess" written on her forehead in plain view??
Lol, If I had said she was a boy, I probably would have gotten such dirty looks too!

The worse street on our whole way, was our own. Such a slushy mess, I put the truck in 4-wheel drive just to get down the street without slipping everywhere...and really needed it to get over the snowbank into our driveway.
The fun remnants of our weekend snow & sleet storm.

Shiloh is starting to say a few more words here and there. She'll say "Bye Bye, Dada" and waves, when DH leaves for work in the morning.
One of her favorites is "Bless You" (she whispers it) when she sneezes or anyone sneezes, she also has to nod her head at the same time when she says it.
I could not figure out where she picked that up from, until I realized that I nod *my* head when I say it! It's so funny that she even picks up on my expressions and body language, but she's always observing and absorbing everything.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just in time for Christmas!


I finally finished Shiloh's Christmas stocking! Here is a photo of the completed stocking and also one of all the far!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow, snow, everywhere!


Today we're snowed in! My husband is out clearing the roofs, sidewalks, and driveway as I write this.
I'm not sure how many inches have fallen already, since I haven't been out in it...and it's still snowing pretty steadily, but it is a pretty good amount.
They've actually plowed our street twice since the storm began around midnight...each time the plow comes through it scares and wakes up Shiloh though. :(

Today was supposed to be my Grandmother's Christmas party, but that's been snowed out and wouldn't have been a fun trip to make today in this weather.
Yesterday though, Shi and I visited with Mom & Dad and enjoyed Mom's tasty holiday baking and cooking. :)
The past two days I've been feeling much better which has been wonderful!
It was great to really be able to really enjoy Mom's cooking....and try to gain back the pounds I've lost!
I guess it is a good time of year to actually *try* to put on pounds! ;-)

Okay, Shiloh's not really happy with me being online at the moment..........

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paper or Plastic?

I wrapped TWO presents today!!
Then I became tired. Yeah, this is going to be a l-o-n-g Christmas season if I am dragging each task out like this.
Even if I wrap two gifts a day, some people would still end up getting hefty bags instead of nicely colored paper. Hmmm...

I do have the excuse of having had virtually "no" sleep last night. Shiloh had a really bad night, not sure if she actually has a cold or it's teething, or even a result of her Flu vaccine she received on Monday...either way it was miserable.
She didn't even want to nap today.

It's cute the certain things that Shiloh picks up.
My husband caught her grabbing a napkin off the table and pretending to blow her nose. :-D
Sometimes when I chase her through the house, I do a fake evil laugh "muwahaha". Today, Shiloh was peeking at me trying to get me to chase her and started going "hahaha" in a low voice. It was too funny!
Then yesterday, for the first time, she picked up her Glo-Worm doll and cuddled it under her chin and started patting its back.
Yeah, that almost got those pregnancy hormones going! Not that it takes much! ;-)