Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Dada...duh!


I haven't posted in awhile, because I don't want to whine or complain.
I almost feel like to whine about pregnancy side-effects is like whining that your Hummer won't fit into the garage or whining that you keep stubbing your toe tripping over the bars of gold bullion that you have just laying around your house.

That being said.....Sciatica is a pain!
I've been having trouble with it for a few weeks, picking up things off the floor or leaning back while holding Shi aggravates it.
We did a lot of walking on Sunday and then I ended up on the couch with back pain that shot down my right leg to my foot!
I am never good at those pain charts the doctors give you to rate your pain, 0-10 on their chart.
I mean, I watched those Birthing/Birth Day shows and have seen the women in labor actually say that their pain is a 10 on the chart.
I am thinking "really?"
To me...10 on the pain chart is like James Bond in the naked chair torture scene!
Then the woman pushes out a 11 pound baby....okay, lady, you get a 10 on the pain chart.

Today is a windy, chilly, day! The temperature dropped dramatically this morning and it was snowing and blowing.
I planned to do some grocery shopping this week, but I don't feel ready to brave the elements just for a box of Cocoa Krispies or Teddy Grahams!

Shiloh gives me my highlight for each day. :-)
There is a Pampers/Cheerios commercial that I can't stand...where the Dad is trying to get this kid (who is supposed to be a baby but looks like he is 2 1/2-3!) to say "Dada" and the kid keeps saying "Mama" instead.
Shiloh was watching it, and right at the point where the Dad is trying to get the kid to say "Dada", she turns to me with such a disgusted look on her face and says "Dada" (which she doesn't even say, since she calls her Daddy "Ahh-Da").
She just acted like the kid was sooo dumb and it was funny because the kid looked twice her age!

She's still super lovey of my belly. Hugs and kisses and pat-pat (my belly gets more kisses than I do!)...and if I ask her where Mommy's baby is she shows me my belly. ;-)
Since the baby has started really flipping and kicking and punching, and even had hiccups last week, I can't wait for Shiloh to be able to feel those movements too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

She thinks she can!


Shiloh's molar is almost all the way through, Wow, they take a long time!
It's still bothering her on occasion as well, but I expect that to continue until it is completely through...then on to the next one!
She's such a fearless daredevil, she keeps trying to figure out a way to climb over the side of the living room chair so she can climb onto the end table...and reach her ultimate goal, the basket holding all the power....the remote controls!!! ;-) I turned the chair around, but she's smart enough (and strong enough!) to move it so I'll probably have to do something else.

Tonight after my shower, Shiloh tried to hand me a towel. I was pretty impressed that she put the two together and knew I needed it!
My little helper. :-)
I say "tried" because it was stuck on the towel rack and she wasn't strong enough to pull it down...but she sure tried!

Shiloh just has the personality of being a "do-er" and not an "asker". So if she knows where something is then she prefers to just try to get it herself than ask for it...even if it takes grand, super 1 year-old effort!
Which explains how she gets her head stuck under the couch trying to reach a toy....
And now I've caught her trying to climb up the dining room chairs because she her cup was on the table and she couldn't quite reach...not a sound for help from her either.
Can't have too much preggo mind and sleepiness with her around!

Speaking of preggo mind. I seriously may have to make a signs...maybe red and blue to symbolize hot and cold and write on them "microwave" and "refrigerator" and paste them boldly to the appliances.
If I catch myself putting my cup of tea in the fridge and Shiloh's sippy of milk in the microwave one more time, I will scream!
It's just so ridiculous and funny.

I had a good appt. yesterday at the Dr's.
Got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time. Yay! :-) Baby is measuring right on track, which actually is different for me since Shiloh always measured small at all of her appointments.
I've also gained weight, and I'm over the point of my morning sickness weight loss so that is great.

I'm still working on the baby's stocking and it's going so slowly that I am really glad I started now. Not sure if I'll have much time for any other projects for the baby before the birth though.
Oh well, this time it's coming down to playtime with Shiloh vs. craft project...and I know which is more important to me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Does "achoo" count as a word?


Shiloh is a verb girl, nouns are boring.

Yesterday she was sitting quietly on the floor, browsing her favorite piece of Avon brochure, and softly practicing her sneeze.
"Ahhhh-choo, Ah-choo, Ahhhh-choo, Achoo...Baby!!!" she excitedly points out the child on the page of the catalog.

She loves the whole concept of the sneeze, real or fake, the reaction...the expected reply of "Bless you", the whole deal is just wonderful to her.
I've found her coming over to me and saying "Achoo" just to get the attention and have me say "Bless you"....then it's my turn to sneeze and she says "Bless you" then she gives me an approving nod, and runs off to play. :-)

This morning when Shiloh woke, her Daddy went to get her while I finished my breakfast. He brought her downstairs and asked "Since when did I become "AhhDa" ??" :-D
It's actually been awhile since she changed from saying "DaDa".
I guess everyone has a "DaDa" but it takes someone special to be an "AhhDa", she says it with lot of excitement as well "AhhhhhDa! AhhhhDa!"
Not sure why I get the monotone scolding of "MomMomMomMom" but his name is said so eagerly?? :-S

Shi is also now saying "Ring" and "Ashes" for the song "Ring around the Rosies", and says "Pat-Pat" when she is either patting something or sees something that she wishes she could a picture of a puppy etc.
She's started blowing kisses as well, I was trying to teach her that for so long and finally gave up....then the other day, just out of the blue she starts blowing kisses!
Yeah, she's going to do things when she's good and ready.

I am feeling okay, I have a bad food aversion to garlic though.
Fortunately it hasn't been too hard to avoid, since I can't stand the smell of it or to cook with it or taste it.

I was getting some flavored Triscuit crackers out for Shiloh, and the smell of them hit me just like morning sickness. I closed the bag and looked at the ingredients....garlic powder. Ick!

Last night I noticed that every time I reprimanded Shiloh, the baby would give me a good kick.
I'm in trouble, they're ganging up on me already!
Shiloh has been so precious, loving and hugging and kissing my belly....oh yes, and pat-patting it. ;-) I'm not sure that she gets the whole concept, but who am I to say...and this is a new thing for her to do, she's only done this in the past month or so.
And I've noticed several times when Shi's been fussing at night that the baby is kicking me when she cries.
I hope these are some early signs, (yeah I know, super-early) that they will be close siblings.
I'll take whatever signs to that effect that I can get. ;-)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bubbles in the forecast


Been a busy, sleep-deprived week around here.
Shiloh is not an easy teether.

Shiloh's molar is finally starting to poke through, for awhile her cheek was puffy on that side and she didn't want you to touch her face there either.
Once again I will sing the praises of Tylenol, Motrin, and Popsicles...without which I would not be sitting here with some remnants of my sanity still intact.

We've also had her sleep routine thrown out of whack, on top of the teething, so that has meant some long nights.

And we tried potty training, but she's not ready yet so we'll give it more time.
She did think it was pretty funny though, that Mama wanted her to sit her bare bottom on a seat with a hole in it! Mom's are so funny like that! :-D

I showed Shiloh a big handful of snow last week.
She kept blowing on the snow, I couldn't figure it out at first until I was washing dishes the other day and realized that snow looks a lot like bubbles, and her favorite part of a bubble bath is blowing on the bubbles. :-)
We're having a super-rainy day today, so most of our snow is melting very rapidly.
But since it is only January, you know it will be back. I'd like to take Shi-Shi out to play in the snow for a few minutes when it does.
I guess we'll see if she spends the whole time blowing on the snow or not, perhaps I should bring her bath toys out? :-D

I think maybe Shi has seen me trying to lug armloads of groceries, and her, and her diaper bag too many times.
She now keeps walking through the house lugging all three of these; a gift bag, my old red lunchbox, and her fully-loaded dolls' diaper bag (containing 3 bottles, a baby doll, at least 2-3 other tiny dolls, a cellphone, and a toy remote last count).
Then she just walks through out the house, occasionally stopping to play with some items from the diaper bag or remove or add things to her bags.
Eventually she comes to some place where the lunchbox comes in handy as a step I think she is just trying to be prepared for anything and always have with her what she needs.

Also if I'm doing something she doesn't like...or taking a long time with something that she's waiting for. In this low monotone voice, she'll go "MomMomMomMom" like she's scolding me....her Daddy thinks it's hilarious.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

There's a monster at the end of this blog


It happened this morning.
I pulled on a pair of jeans....and they wouldn't close.
Despite my careful removal of all my "skinny" jeans and button-up slacks, I've mostly been wearing low-rise and jeans with stretch these days, but today it was a pair of my regular jeans.
You know it's coming but it's still shocking when they suddenly won't close and there's a good amount of space between the button and the hole where the button is supposed to be...and there's no way it's going to make it.

Fortunately, I have one of those maternity elastic things that helps you wear your non-maternity clothes a bit longer.
My husband was oddly ecstatic when I told him. He loves the baby belly and I think it makes it more real to him, the more I show.
After all he doesn't get to feel the little kicks yet or the many signs a woman gets that remind her that a little one is coming.

We've been looking to get this little dollhouse for Shiloh, but all the stores have been out of it since Christmastime.
Today, we went to our local Wal-Mart and they've never carried the dollhouse or any of its figurines and we couldn't find it there.
But we went over to their Christmas clearance dept. and picked up some lights etc. for next year.
And there they had the dollhouse, the exact one we wanted....just one (picture the beam of heavenly light and angel choir now)...and as a bonus, it was even marked way down!!
It was meant for Shi-Shi! :-)

Shiloh was very excited. We even had to set it up for her before we ate lunch, because *she* (no, not Mommy and Daddy) wanted to play with it. ;-)
I love that it is made for a 1yr. old, all heavy-duty...when she rips off the front steps you know that they'll go back on.

Plus so far, her favorite game is to pretend that she is a monster outside of the dollhouse and grabs the people when they come to answer the door (there's a little bell she rings).
Then I make all the people left inside the house scream hysterically which she thinks is soo funny (okay, even her Daddy was laughing).
Then, just like any properly cheesy, scary, movie....

The doorbell rings again....and you know....they will answer! Da dum!!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008! :-)


Happy New Year 2008!
We had a pretty mild New Year's Eve, watched the ball drop, clinked our glasses of sparkling cider (even Shi got a taste).
I found a local station that was showing some area fireworks and Shi was fascinated by them. :-)
No resolutions for me. My pregnant mind can barely remember what I am supposed to do for ONE day, much less an entire year!

Since last Friday, Shiloh has been teething a molar or molars! Poor baby, I'm not sure how long it is going to take for them to break through.
Her gums are swollen and actually make her cheeks look puffy, which keeps making me think that she put something in her mouth.
She won't chew on a teether though, she prefers my jeans, or her books, or the cotton-tail of her stuffed rabbit.

Thankfully, we live in a time of Tylenol and Motrin....and Popsicles! ;-)
Except for the fact that it's winter, and there's a good foot of snow outside. So I have to throw a heavy blanket over Shi and myself as she enjoys her popsicle...and I shiver a little.

I had my nurse appt. today. This is my first appt. switching back to the clinic that I used during my 1st pregnancy.
It was a pretty simple appt...mostly history talk, weight, u/a, and blood pressure.
I was mostly happy to find out that my midwife is still practicing there, though only 1 day a week seeing patients, she'll still be delivering at the hospital! So yay!
I have my next appt. set up with her already, and it's nice and early so my husband can watch Shi for me...
They both came with me today, but Shi was pretty bored with it all. Especially when everyone wanted to talk to Mommy instead of her and they didn't make any faces or were particularly entertaining.

Kinda hard to keep your focus on the nurse's questions when your daughter has just mashed a drooly, half-chewed, fig newton into your hand and is lunging for your cell phone....and that was *with* her Daddy there!