Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!


"30 days has September, April, June, and November...
All the rest have 31, save for February alone...
Which has 28, rain or shine, and on Leap year, 29..."

That's one of Shiloh's nursery rhyme songs which is stuck in my head!

Turns out, now Shiloh is getting tooth #10 AND #11!
I guess she's making up for getting a late start teething, by getting them all at once?
Yesterday, she was a bit fussy and had as many fingers as she could fit in her mouth.
I asked her if she wanted some Tylenol and the poor little thing flew right to where I keep it!
I discovered tooth #11 this morning, it's her first upper molar. She's getting quite a set of chompers now.

This morning we made a quick outing. Had to pick up Shi's new prescription vitamins...these are nice fruity flavored chewables.
It's great to be rid of the horrible drop type...which stains everything it touches!
Shiloh seemed to like the vitamin as well.

Had another attack of the pregnant mind today.
As I was getting Shiloh ready to leave the house, I put both of her socks on one foot...then spent about 10 minutes searching for the "missing" sock.
Argh! Ugh, you just have to laugh.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Heeeeere's Shiloh!


I walked two miles today!! Yay me! ;-)
We set up the treadmill in the piano/sewing/exercise/playroom (that's what happens to rooms when you don't live in a mansion.) lol.
We blocked off the machine so Shiloh can't get to it when I am using it, and with all her toys in the same room it really worked great.
She told me jokes while I was walking, at least I think they were jokes....She did a lot of shouting and gesturing, and then she'd laugh hysterically. ;-)
Then she sung songs for me using one of her toy doll-house horses as a microphone....then did a little cooking making a plastic eggplant & lemon medley.
She's a real little entertainer. :-)

Shiloh's still teething the molar. Tooth #10!
A little of it has broken through so there is some progress. She's gotten picky about her food which usually happens when she teeths.
Shi's also started wanting her hands to be clean, I gave her half a pb&j for lunch and she wasn't too thrilled with sticky mess it made on her hands, so that didn't go over so well.
I let her play with a small pot and lid, a whisk, and an ice cream scoop as kitchen toys to keep her entertained when I am baking.
Yesterday, I gave her some Cheerios for a snack and she grabbed the ice cream scoop and started eating the Cheerios off it like a spoon. :-D
Guess I need to provide her with utensils for her snacks as well!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Doctor visit

21 weeks

Shiloh had her first appt. with a new Pediatrician this morning.
We had a l-o-n-g wait, I appreciate the fact that they had a TV with cartoons playing in the waiting made the time go much faster for me as well.
I also checked out the restroom while I was there, and was so happy to see a changing table there!
With Shi's first ever Dr. appt. as a newborn (at previous Dr.) she had a huge blowout and they had no place to change your baby...and she often needed a diaper change at the Dr's during those first appts!

We finally get into the exam room, Shiloh's nurse was super-sweet...Shi didn't agree and the first tears started to fall.
She's gained 15lbs since birth and grown a foot! :-)
Shiloh was happy again, trying to put her shoes back on (c'mon Mom, get a hint, I want to get out of here! ;-)
Then the Dr. arrives....very nice Doctor, who apologized profusely for the long wait. But when he tries to actually check out Shiloh she's hysterical shuddering, gasping, sobs....actually I don't think she's ever been that upset before.
Shi also had to receive one vaccine booster, which I didn't know about so I quickly gave her Tylenol before we left the exam room but Shiloh was already beyond consoling.

She's taken a brief nap and eaten but she's still not too happy. Oh well, teething her molar hasn't put her in the greatest mood these past few days it didn't take much to put her in grouchville.
I'm glad to get a chance to check out the new Doctor's office well in advance of the new baby arriving.
Made me nervous to switch, it's more so with your children than with yourself.
But he said that she is doing great, speaking much better than he would expect which was one thing that I was wondering about....though recently she's added a lot more words and her two word combos "thank you", "bless you" really impressed him how polite she is. ;-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mini Me


Shiloh is so much Mommy's helper, I guess I don't realize how much she is watching me until I see her imitating me.
She loves to *help* unload groceries, I just never know if she's going to take a box of pasta to HER kitchen or ours! ;-)
The other day I was handing her all the plastic bags (trying to distract her) while I put away the groceries.
Shiloh ran over to our coat tree with her arms full of bags and was stretching on her tip toes grunting, then whining because she couldn't reach.
I have a plastic bag holder that I hang on the coat tree and store all the plastic bags in....and she knew that!!!!

We also had a problem when doing her laundry we kept coming up with single socks with no matches. It was getting really frustrating because every single load would have one or two socks without a match...and we'd end up running down to the basement to check the machine again and retracing our steps and shaking out all her clothing searching for these socks. (BTW, I use a laundry bag so there shouldn't be any lost socks).
Turns out Shiloh is *helping* with laundry and grabbing socks from her room and tossing them in her laundry basket!

Shi also surprises me how much she is like me....well, except her temper, of course! ;-)
She even has one dimple like I do, but it's on the opposite cheek!
Even her talking and giggling her sleep is something I did a lot as a child...right, Heath?? ;-)

I am feeling pretty good. The midwife was right about my sciatica pain, right around 20 weeks it gradually started getting better, as the baby grew enough and moved up off of my nerve.
She said it may come back around 38wks. but that still gives a good amount of time, now I finally feel like I am in that 2nd trimester "honeymoon" period. :-)
I'm still working on making the baby's Christmas stocking, I'm sooo glad I started it now. It's hard enough to do while caring for one child.
I have a few more baby projects lined up too, not so much knitting though since the baby will arrive in the summer and Shiloh has always been such a warm child.
If I do end up knitting I'll have to stick to larger sizes or loose-knit blankets etc.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big Day

20 weeks!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today I have reached the half-way point in my pregnancy....actually probably more than half-way.
Also today, Shiloh is 17 months old! I just think it's funny that its all on the same day.

I tried to take Valentine pictures of Shiloh today. She wasn't into it, didn't want to sit still or look at the camera. I managed to get some good photos of her looking out the window though....just not Valentine themed ones.

She's been teething much better this time around, her two top teeth came through without much drama.
The molar is still in the works, they take a long time. This is the only one causing problems, and we were all up early this morning because Shi was whiney and restless, she just couldn't fall back asleep.

Baby#2 is kicking away. But not so much *out*, instead preferring well-placed kicks to my organs or ones that send me running to the restroom.
So I am not really poking this little one, or other things you do to encourage your baby to move. lol.
Seems especially active when Shiloh is sound asleep on my lap and I'm rather pinned down....then it's "jump on Mommy's bladder" time!

Shiloh was getting frustrated with me this morning because I wasn't really paying attention and she was tugging on my shirt saying "baby baby" over and over. She had to pat and kiss my belly, I guess wishing "Happy Valentine's" to the baby? Anyways, she had just finished sharing a piece of chocolate cake with me and left a nice chocolate kiss mark on my belly. :-D

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here we go again!


I noticed that Shiloh was a little...more emotional than normal yesterday, and she kept sticking her fingers in her mouth. (groan!)
This morning I decided to brave a finger to check it out and see if I could feel any teeth working their way out.
And not just one either...Noooo. And not just two.....Noooo.
She has THREE coming in!!!!!!!! Poor baby! :-(((((
Two more top teeth, on either side of the middle two, and also another bottom molar.
The last molar took around 4 weeks, so I guess we'll see how long this one will take. *sob!* Okay, deep breath....take it one day at a time, one day at a time.

I think I am as well prepared as I can be, I just need to pull out my whole Teething survival kit before bedtime. There's nothing like searching for the Tylenol with an hysterical child on your hip at 3am.
Maybe I need to restock the popsicles too....I'll have to check.

She'll be eating like a pro when all those teeth come through!
Shiloh already is wanting to feed herself everything, a bit messy sometimes like yesterday's applesauce. Shiloh kept blowing on it...and applesauce tends to fly around a bit when there is wind!
Then she got a great deal of it *in* her nose, she was quite shocked about that. ;-)

She's also been obsessed with Mommy's homemade Chocolate chip cookies! or "Kiki's" as she calls them...non-stop...24/7.
I broke one into a little dish for her, and she got so excited that she ran, tripped, and knocked the dish to the floor....bits of cookie everywhere!
Well, her face just dropped, she was so upset.
There may be no use crying over spilled milk...but her precious spilled "kikis" is another matter entirely!

Friday, February 01, 2008

C is for Cookie


I think my daughter reads my blog?
After mentioning that I wasn't getting as many kisses as my belly, I've been receiving kisses non-stop today!
Actually even my knees got a great deal of kisses since I was busy in the kitchen, but every few minutes Shiloh would run in and hug my legs and kiss my knees.

She was pretending to go out on the Boardwalk today, I guess. She wrapped my fuzzy sock around her neck like a boa, then said "bye" to me and waved vigorously. Then pursed her lips in an incredible diva fish-face and gave me a kiss...then more waving and "byes" all with her "boa" securely held in place with one hand.
Then she was off....riding her toy side-saddle, in true diva fashion. ;-)

I made some cookies today and Shiloh knows where they are! She keeps pointing to the counter and making her Cookie Monster face and eating noises!
She was so good for me today, with baking.
Just quietly ate her dinner in her highchair while she watched me, and then colored a picture.
I asked her what she had colored, and she pointed to the page and said, clear as day..."right there". But I couldn't get her to say it again so I'm not positive it wasn't a fluke or something. ;-)
She always surprises me.