Monday, March 31, 2008

On the catwalk...with my raisins

26w4d - 94 days to due date!

Yesterday we had one of our big shopping trips. I was so thrilled to find a couple pacifiers for the new baby that I've been searching for.
I've lost count of how many stores didn't carry them or were out of them or only had the larger size.
I wanted newborn size because Shiloh only used a pacifier for the first 3 months and I wanted this type because Shi had a problem with the seals breaking on hers and these are all one piece (no seals to break).
After all of my searching, I will probably have a child who completely refuses a pacifier...but at least I have another thing checked off of my nesting list.

On the other hand, maybe this will be a peaceful baby who is content to wait quietly for me while I pull Shiloh out of the diaper bag where she is sampling her first taste of bubblicious gum, or stop her from tossing her sippy cup in the trash.
Yeah, its been an adventurous few day around here with Shiloh exploring how much she can reach and climb and do!
Mommy could use a nap.

Shiloh is now refusing raisins for some reason, I thought maybe it was just a temporary thing...and maybe that is still the case.
But while we were shopping, Shi and I shared a granola bar which I didn't notice had raisins in it until I had to rush to find a tissue to catch the raisins that she was trying to spit out.
Kinda one of those Mommy moments that no one told you day you might be walking through a store holding a tissue full of spit out raisins! ;-)

We ended up grabbing lunch from McD's...not our first choice.
We were pulling out of the store's parking lot and just deciding to have a nice sit-down lunch, when I noticed that Shiloh had already fallen fast asleep in her carseat. So we let her sleep was a perfect day for an iced coffee in a sunny parking lot anyways.
I had to run back into McD's to throw out the trash and use the restroom, (Shiloh was still sound asleep) when I came back to the truck, I heard a loud wolf whistle.
Then I noticed a car full of college guys at the intersection but didn't really pay attention.
My husband did though. :-D

Our conversation:

DH (dear husband): Those guys whistled at you!

Me: You heard that? I don't think it was directed at me... (looking at giant preggo belly)

DH: Yeah, they whistled at you. I looked everywhere and there were no other women around, just you.

Me: You looked for other women? You didn't think they would whistle at me? I didn't think guys whistled anymore.

DH: You have a big belly and they still whistled at you, sick guys!

Me (teasing): So I am huge??

DH (muttering under breath): My pregnant wife can't even walk across a parking lot and gets whistled at by guys.....(last comment is repeated through-out the rest of the day.) lol.

I have a feeling the guy definitely didn't notice my belly, and probably received quite a bit of ribbing after from the other people in his vehicle.
I find it amusing that (being the Mom of a toddler), earlier in the day I was carrying around a wad of chewed-up raisins! Ooh, Hot Mama! :-D!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A dozen sleepless least...

26wks. The countdown begins...98 days to my due date!

It's been 10 months since Shi's very first tooth broke through, now tooth #12 is making its appearance. (yes, molar #4 finally broke through)
It's rough, she woke up screaming at 2 am. this morning. :(

I barely functioned today. When I was changing her diaper this morning, I became nervous because there was a gooey, sticky, sweet substance on her upper lip.
Was I so exhausted last night that I didn't hear her and she managed to get into something? No, she can't reach the diaper cream or anything in her room, and the bathroom cabinet is locked....
Then I realized that I had given her Tylenol at the dark, and must have missed her mouth a little.
She ate much better today, which is a good sign.

Yesterday, Shiloh put on my pink ballet-style slippers and somehow actually managed to walk around with them on. She was shuffling around in my slippers, serving me tea with her kitchen set. Too cute!

Baby #2 is kicking/punching/moving a lot, but it's all in the same spot. Then today, the baby had hiccups and its head is in the same spot as well!
So it seems like baby is head-down with feet next to its face, I don't think that would be too comfortable, but baby has been like that for at least a few days!
And I definitely was getting mooned by the little one today! ;-)

(ETA: I just felt a kick on the other side, so maybe stretching of the legs is going on now...definitely an active baby!)

Seems to prefer being head-down which is much nicer, more comfortable for me, (especially when sleeping) than Shiloh's constant side-laying position that was so awkward!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and the Tooth Fairy


This Easter was a toothy one!
Shiloh with the pain of getting one in, Noah in the process of losing some of his, and Jon dealing with a problem tooth that made him have a swollen chipmunk cheek.
Not quite the photogenic, picturesque Easter....or maybe it is when you throw the stereotypical buck-toothed bunny in the mix. ;-)

Despite it lasting longer than normal and not feeling so great, Shi did really well through out the whole church service...and even received a little stuffed lamb from one of the church ladies.
Mom put out a lavish dinner spread, and I can tell you that baby#2 enjoyed it immensely based on the amount of kicks I received while eating! This one is as active...if not more so than Shiloh was!

Shi is getting in her missing 4th molar, she fussed when I was brushing her teeth last night on that side and when I checked I could feel the bumps of the molar....though not broken through yet.
Not sure about her canine teeth, I thought maybe I could feel one coming but it's hard to tell.
She's barely eating the past few days, so whatever we can get into her is good.
This morning she refused everything so I couldn't give her any Motrin til she had something in her stomach.
She finally ate just 1/2 a pudding cup, and as soon as the Motrin kicked in she fell asleep again.

Hopefully rest will be the best solution, I know she didn't sleep too well last night and was fussing a lot in her sleep.
Otherwise I may have to make us some Velcro suits so she can be more easily attached to me like she wants. ;-)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Book of Mother 1:1


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I've eaten my corned beef and cabbage and I'm wearing green (well, technically teal...but I am in a limited maternity wardrobe so there has to be exceptions!

Don't touch the baby! I actually thought there was a biblical quote to this effect...somewhere along the lines of "Doth not even nature itself teach you that if a Mother is shooting death glares in your direction, it is best for your continued well-being to not touch her child."
But I googled it, and apparently I made it up, but it sounds good....and I'm sure there is a one-armed person somewhere who wishes they had followed that advice. (and no, I didn't maim anyone....though my brother said I looked pretty close :-D )

Anyways, Shi received a lot of attention the other day...she handles it pretty well in front of people. But it bothers her, so later that day she'd only nap if she was in my lap and I was holding her close the entire time.
She ended up going to bed early last night instead, because she wouldn't really nap well.

Shiloh now thinks all things fluffy or furry are cats.
We went to the store, and every stuffed animal that she saw, she waved her hands frantically wanting to pet them and now says "Mow, Mow" at every one.
Took me a little bit to figure out what she was saying, she used to say "Pat-pat" every time she saw something she wanted to touch.
I think this is because she really likes my sister's "Cat", a black and white, larger-than-life feline...she gets very excited when she sees him.
I don't think he returns the favor, but he doesn't seem to mind her. ;-)

I have to say, Nickjr. com and Youtube are great for keeping a 1yr. old entertained on your lap at times.
Her daddy was organizing his parts/tools etc. yesterday and you know how tempting a pile of screws or plumbers putty or a hammer is to a child.
So I found some little cartoons online and was playing them for her to keep her distracted...especially since everything "Ah Da" does must need her assistance!

Only thing was that my husband was a little distracted as we know, Grover is pretty entertaining to any age group! ;-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got Milk?


My slippers are in the wash.
My dearest daughter decided to wear them around the house, while drinking a sippy of chocolate milk.
She thought it was hilarious to wear Mama's slippers, and laughed....and her whole mouthful of milk poured into my slipppers.

Shiloh recently started showing an attachment to a large inexpensive stuffed bear...wearing him around her neck like a boa, hugging and kissing him.
So today I ran out and bought her two more.
We must have back-ups!
She started squealing with excitement as soon as she saw the teddy bears in the store, as my sister told me before....white somehow tends to be the color of the thing that they'll love most.
So is the teddy at home, so I picked her up another white one....and a carmel colored one, just because I liked it. ;-)
She's spent the afternoon playing with them and pushing them around the house in a stroller. :-)

Shiloh is now putting together THREE word sentences!!
She's saying "Where is it?", "Who is it?", "There it is!", and "What's that?" (which sometimes just gets shortened to "dat?" or "where dat?").
I noticed her starting just on Sunday when we lost the remote control, and I was asking her...since she's the person in the know, "where is it?" and she ran to the couch, looked underneath it and repeated me. :-)
Today especially, she's been playing with her toys and searching her toy house or play diaper bag and saying "Where is it?" over and over.
We did find the remote by the way, the couch ate it....hungry couch!
At the moment Shiloh is using the remote as a phone, and then trying to comb my hair with it. Gotta love those multi-functional items. ;-)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Welcome March!


Thanks to my Dad for fixing the sewing machine for me, I was able to complete (minus the name) the new baby's Christmas stocking!
I'm so excited to have it finished, though I am surprised at how eager I am to get to my next project.
But those will have to wait, I have a lot of yucky year-end paperwork to toss and file and organize....which should be especially delightful to weed through with the assistance of a one-year old.
I've been putting it off and putting it off....

Shiloh has been eating pretty good, despite having 4 teeth pushing their way through at the same time.
On Saturday she even ate some of my Mom's beef stew which I think is some of the first "beef" that she's ever actually eaten and not spit out.
Sunday, we took her to the "99 Steakhouse" and Shiloh is notorious for not eating when we go out...nothing except what I bring for her anyways.
But that was the first time she actually ate food that was served at a restaurant...not just a bite or two but really eating.
She even ate some fish and beef there....when she's been known to turn down Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream!

Even yesterday, she was hungry for her dinner and I was too busy to eat so I just made her plate up. She finished eating and even had left-overs, I cleaned her all up and got my own plate together (of the exact same food) and next thing I know she's eating even more off of my plate.
I'm so glad she's eating so well even while teething, usually that brings her appetite to a stand still.

Baby #2 is kicking and punching away, actually painful at times.
My belly looks so much different that when I was pregnant with Shiloh, I think maybe because Shiloh was transverse for such a long my belly an angular look.
This baby was head-down at my last scan and it gives me a rounder basketball belly...also nice on long car rides not to get that sudden kick to the bladder!
I'm running out of lap, so I am trying to get Shiloh to fall asleep in her bed instead of rocking her to sleep....because then I have the baby kicking away at Shiloh because it is squished, and Shi bumping my belly because she doesn't have room and is so fidgety.