Friday, April 25, 2008

When the smoke cleared...

30w1d 69 days to due date!

The total of yesterdays damages seems to be 4 leather mills consumed, and 15 other buildings damaged.
The Fire Chief said that it was on the brink of being a total disaster because the fires were spreading so quickly...thankfully neighbors were helping neighbors to put out their attic and garage fires etc. and easing the burden of the firefighters a bit.
I'm also so thankful God was controlling the winds and kept it blowing away from our home, especially when people were evacuating as far as 2 blocks from the fire. The smoke actually showed up on weather radar, and the weather caster said it was the same radar pattern as a bad hailstorm!
I also have to say I admire our local Chief of Police. He has a very humble attitude about him, when Main Street flooded awhile back, he personally was up to his thighs in freezing water directing traffic...not a place anyone would want to be. So that's just my little kudos to him. :-) It seems not often these days that you can say anything nice about a person with any position.

I had my regular Dr. appt. today.
BP/weight/blood sugar all looks good.
My contractions made her nervous though, since my bad night last weekend I haven't had a good night's sleep due to them.
So I got all these checks/tests today and she sent me immediately for an U/S.
I was freaking a little because I hadn't planned on this and had a limited amount of time to get back home to Shiloh, so my husband could go to work.
But it was nice to get to see the baby, who was so incredibly adorable.
Playing with its hair and toes...made me emotional! :-)
Weighing in at 3lbs 2oz. and everything looks good. Yay!

You know how your kids are always listening to you?
Well, I had a good moment the other day in the car. Someone let me merge in traffic so I said "Thank you" out loud and waved.
Next thing I know...Shiloh is waving at everyone driving by and saying "tank u" "tank u" to them over and over. ;-)
It was so cute, and a good reminder that she's always listening whether someone has been polite on the road or cut me off.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

0.41 miles

30wks! 70 days to due date

0.41 miles
That's how far our home is from the big mill fire that was in town today.
Kinda scary!
Thankfully the wind kept the smoke away from us, though it was also a factor in the fire spreading to three factory buildings and damaging many houses.
A lot of news coverage....of course they always pick the person wearing multiple baseball caps at one time and has less teeth in his mouth than hats on his head to interview.
Welcome to Hicksville!
But all in all the community pulled together and neighbors helped neighbors with their roof and attic fires and the firefighters (from 15 departments!!) got it under control in 4 hours. Yay!
Other news around our house...Shiloh has been a real character.
Singing or playing her piano when I play piano (and politely applauding at the end, whether or not I totally blew the song).
Picking up new words here and there and chattering non-stop!
She made me practice some fancy footwork when she accidentally dropped her dollhouse carriage onto the treadmill while I was walking on it!
She's also been quite the daredevil...always thinking of some new adventure.
It's hard for a sleep-deprived, pregnant-minded, Mother to keep one step ahead of her feats of fantasy!
My sleep deprivation actually hasn't been due to Shiloh, she's been sleeping pretty well recently, but due to the baby's nightly activities and the resulting braxton-hicks that they cause.
I counted 7 last night, but also had a dream that I was having a really bad period (what a fun dream!) so I'm sure I had more.
Guess I'm just getting the preview for those sleepless newborn nights!
Shiloh actually did much more kicking than this baby does, but this baby is quite the tumbler and just when I pinpoint where the head and back etc. are....the baby rolls or turns again. Guess this little one will be moving itself from one side of the crib to the other a lot.
Shiloh is still just as loving towards my belly, kisses and hugs and pats it. Sometimes I have to drop everything because suddenly she wants to kiss my belly...and is chasing me through the house saying "baby! baby!" and puckering her lips! :-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our weekend

29w4d 73 days to due date

"What's gonna work? Teamwork!"
Well, Shiloh sings it "What?....Teeee-Teee!" ;-)
That is the logo/song from "Wonderpets" on NickJr, btw.

I have a few coffee mugs with cats printed on them, I have to be careful with them now though because Shiloh keeps trying to grab the mugs so she can kiss the pictures of the cats. It can get messy!

I had a lot of Braxton-Hicks late Saturday night...actually early Sunday morning. The 1st one was a real contraction on my scale, not painless, instant backache, I didn't feel well and had to breathe through it.
Then the rest were BH ones.
They probably would have stopped faster if I had done something about it, but it was after 1 am and I was sooo close to being asleep and sooo tired.
I kept arguing with myself....
"You need to drink water"....."I'm toooo tired to get a drink, and I don't want to have to go to the bathroom all night"
"You should get up and walk around"......"I am TIRED, I want to sleep!"
So I tossed and turned, my husband was watching a movie on the bed and he actually asked me if I was in labor.
"No, I am not in labor....I am tired, I want to sleep!"
I kind of have a one-track mind at 1 am. ;-)

I think my daily BH contractions are do to the baby movements, Shiloh was firmly settled on being side-laying at this point.
This baby is side-ways, then head down, then side-ways all in one day...thinks it's in a playground instead of a womb!

Sunday was a nice sunny day, we took a family walk on the trail across the creek behind our house. They've paved it and fenced part of it now so we wanted to check it out.
It really was nice, Shiloh walked most of the way....with stops every few steps for sips of "wawa" (water) that we had brought with us.
We saw a pond on the other side of the trail that had a definitely nesting Canadian I'm wondering if the goose on our side is the male being kicked out of the nursery?
There also were many small turtles so they were cute to see.

We also did a little shopping, enjoyed some tacos....Shiloh likes hers with ketchup, um yeah. I guess everything tastes better with ketchup to her.
She also has been asking for veggies!!
She fusses when I am making a salad until I give her a piece of lettuce, she's even eaten raw tomato. I'm still not crazy about raw tomatoes!
Last night she begged for bites of the Chinese veggies we were eating, not for anything else on the table but for the veggies.
I'm just enjoying it while it lasts. :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's a Zoo around here!

29w1d 76 days to due date

The weather has been truly gorgeous this week. :-)
Shiloh and I have been taking daily walks, though I've been cautious going down next to the creek because there has been a large Canadian goose hanging out down there along with the groundhog, these past 3 days.
I was afraid it might be nesting and aggressive at best we have to avoid stepping on goose doo.
So far the goose has been going into the water whenever it spots us, though my carrying a stick might be helping to convince him. ;-)

Then we usually walk around the house and neighborhood a little. The new neighbors across the street have recently acquired 2 or 3 barking mutts. They basically go nuts anytime they see their owners, or a stranger, or a dog, or a cat, or a squirrel, or a blowing get the idea.
Yesterday they started barking at Shiloh and I as we came down our driveway, and we were walking away from them.
Suddenly I hear what sounds like a chain dragging on the ground, and I am sure that one of the nutso dogs got so excited they managed to get off their chain.
I whipped Shiloh up into my arms so fast I surprised myself, and turned ready to kick at the dog.
No dog, just the dog owner's teenage son who was wearing those chains that are so popular...should have kicked him instead. ;-)
Instead, I rather sheepishly (and also kinda impressed on how fast I reacted) carry Shi to our lawn and we continue our walk.
I've had my share of interactions with strange dogs, so they make me cautious... and maybe a little paranoid, especially where my daughter is concerned.

Later, I was resting on the couch and I thought I heard a horse outside.
I think I am seriously losing it, need more sleep or something....but no, I look outside and there is an Amish horse-drawn buggy going down our street.
I didn't get to see where they went or maybe they just got lost because Shi woke from her nap and I needed to go get her.
So geese and groundhogs and now horses, I'm feeling less and less like I am in a city these days!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Personal Trainer

28w5d 79 days to due date

Yesterday, I tried walking on my treadmill while Shiloh was napping. It seemed to take forever!
She's such an entertainer and makes the time fly faster when I'm walking. :-)
Later, I pulled out my exercise ball and started my maternity exercises.
Shiloh helped with those too, she kept trying to grab the exercise ball so I was afraid I was either going to squish her or knock her down....she thought it was hysterical.
Then there are these type of stomach curls that you do, and Shi was right down on the floor with me doing them too.
Her favorite had to be the swaying/dancing moves, she grabbed onto my hips while I was moving like it was the greatest amusement park ride ever invented. lol!
I'm not sure if that is helping my exercise routine or not...there is the added weight of her but I also have to limit my movements so she doesn't get hurt.

I also found it's difficult to really concentrate on relaxing and deep breathing when a little person is trying to tickle you or blow raspberries on your belly!!!
She certainly has her own style of being a labor coach. ;-)
Maybe getting raspberries on your belly is some secret technique for dealing with labor contractions?
Hey, whatever works...though I think that's one the Doctors haven't seen!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I-ya I-ya! I know I know!

28w2d 82 days to due date

The baby had tons of hiccups (breathing exercises) yesterday, I started to feel sorry for the little one it was going on so long. Then I realized that the baby didn't seem to care much, a little shifting of position here and there....but Shiloh got so mad when she had hiccups and would kick me like crazy when she did.
So I'm hopeful that this is a little sign that this baby will be a little more easy going. ;-)
I'm having Braxton-Hicks occasionally, some strong. I don't remember feeling those with my 1st pregnancy but this baby is also in an entirely different position and lower than Shi was.
I've been noticing that the baby will move up a bit when I am sitting, then when I stand up it's like the baby is dropping or actually more like jumping down!
I've got to talk to Shiloh, I know she's making it sound like way too much fun out here and the baby is getting impatient to join her, but has to stay put for awhile yet. :-)

Shiloh is saying "I-ya, I-ya, I-ya" constantly.
I figured out it's her version of "I want" or "I do" etc. She says it while pointing at something on the counter that she wants or when she wants the fridge opened and something from there or even if I'm carrying her up the stairs and she wants to walk up instead. "I-ya, I-ya, I-ya"
She also says "ow" when she looks out the window, because she wants to see our owl statue that she loves.
Every day it seems she has a new word, she just put my fuzzy sock around her neck (the ones that she took to wear as a boa) and then pointed to herself and said "pretty, pretty" :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

3rd Trimester!

28wks (3rd Trimester!) 84 days to due date

Shiloh and I have been out walking every day this week, it's been such nice weather.
Today she even put her own boots on and ran to the back door, tugging on the knob and calling me "Mom, Mom, Mom, C'mon Mom" ;-)
She loves it outside.

Her new thing when I don't know what she wants, she'll go behind me and push me over to the item, then run in front of me and point to what she wants.
She's been talking on her toy phone a lot these days as well, usually multi-tasking by playing her toy xylophone at the same time.
She was on the phone the other day while we were searching for her missing shoes...some of the words I picked up were "Hello - Mama - Dada - *giggle*- shoes - Buh Bye!"
"Buh-Bye" is one of her new favorite words. ;-)

She wanted something to eat the other day, and I asked her to say the (food item) name, but instead she said "Pweeese".
Lol, politeness will get you everywhere!

I made my attempt at a couple of baby slings. I'm pretty happy with them, it's hard to tell exactly if they're going to be the perfect fit since I have this belly to fit them over and Shiloh's stuffed animals and a bag of sugar don't exactly fit the same. :-D

Okay, Shiloh is ready to put on her pajamas, time to close.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring cleaning continued...

27w4d - 87 days to due date

I noticed that my blog has the wrong date for my post this morning, so I figured I can continue with this one and maybe this will have the correct date.

I had a productive day. :-) Managed to wash all the back porch windows and do a bit of organizing out there. My husband said he will vacuum out there for me, so that will be great...especially with Shi running around in bare feet.
I made an attempt with the sweeper but that tends to work better for maintenance cleaning that doing anything major.
Then Shiloh and I took a walk around. It takes us an insane amount of time just to get out the door though it seems.
First, Shiloh has removed her socks and shoes in various places around the house, so I have to find them. It's amazing how far apart and hidden they can be after only a few short hours!
When I find those four items, I grab her coat....but now Shiloh's asking for "doose" (juice) so I grab her sippy for her to have a drink before we go out.
Handing it to her, I catch a whiff of her diaper's fresh load.
So I change her diaper, wash my hands, give her the sippy of juice.
Put my coat on, grab my cell and keys.
Take off my house shoes...put on my sneakers...this can take a considerable amount of time on its own! ;-)
Chase Shiloh, catch her and put on her socks and boots and coat.
A quick wipe of her face (it can always use a wipe!), and we head out the door. When we get to the backyard, I remember that I wanted to grab my camera.
It took us that long just to get *out*, no way I'm heading back for it!

I decide to take the long staircase down to the creek, there is no way we'll be able to go down to the creek once the baby is born (or even once my belly gets too big to carry Shi down the staircase) unless Daddy comes along.
BTW: Today, I saw the ground hog for the first time this spring.
We took about 3 laps down there, it was a bit breezy next to the water so I was glad we had our winter coats and hoods.
Shiloh loved it, she thought the leaves were great! How they blew around and crunched under her feet. :-) There were quite a few people walking on the trail on the other side of the creek, enjoying the nice weather and a few teens were attempting to fish from the creek. The water is still a bit rough though, and I've never personally seen any fish there...though I've heard there are some.
Then I made the long climb back up, toting my 21lb. about exercise!
We walked around the house a bit as well, I have a couple roses that are already turning green and I can see some daffodil sprouts. :-) Glad to see that, especially since there is still some snow around.
Then we came back in, Shi didn't want to but it was her nap time.
While she napped, I was able to get a few more things done around the house, though a nap sounds nice...these sunny days have been so few and far between that I want to utilize and enjoy them fully while we have them!
Rainy days are for naps. ;-)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring cleaning

27w4d - 87 days until due date!

Sunny Days! Hopefully Shi and I can get out for a walk and enjoy it. :-)
We had some nice days last week for spring cleaning, and it looks like this week will be even better!
I was able to get a lot done last week and my husband was able to wash the truck.
Maybe I'll even get a chance to wash the curtains and air out the house this week if it's as warm as they are forecasting. I am also hoping to get our back porch ready for summer enjoyment, Shiloh loves to spend time out there and we tend to use the porch a lot when it's warmer.
Shiloh is my little helper...almost as much as she makes a mess behind me! ;-)
She's just as likely to wipe off something with a paper towel, as she is to shred it into micro pieces everywhere!

I picked up some preemie outfits the other day, I was looking at some of Shiloh's newborn pictures and she was just swallowed by her outfits.
But when I actually looked at the preemie clothes, it's so hard to believe that she was *that* tiny!
She doesn't believe it either, she spent quite a long time trying to fit her newborn fancy black dress shoes on her feet! :-D
I've found Shiloh likes her fancy shoes...and her winter boots. If she has a choice those are what she will pick to wear.
Not sure that those are the best choices for her actions though, but when you are going to stand on your Bounce and Spin Zebra's back....dress shoes certainly add dramatic effect!

My belly is getting quite big. I've really noticed it these past few days.
Poor Shiloh knows that I won't/can't carry her as long as she would like, so she's started clamping her legs around whoever is carrying her to make it very difficult to put her down.
She's now sitting right on my belly when I carry her, and last night we went out to dinner and Shiloh could not sit on my lap in the booth because there wasn't enough room between my belly and the table!

We watched "Enchanted" last night, it was really nice. Shiloh watched a little here and there, she liked the music the best and clapped and did her little tiptoe dance that she has.
It's been amazing how fast she's learning things and the new words that she picks up. Yesterday we were playing with her dollhouse, and she picked up the baby doll, put it in its cradle and was rocking it in her arms singing "Rock a bye baby"!
Just too cute!