Thursday, May 29, 2008

Uber, Goober, Raisinettes

35 weeks!! Only 35 days to due date!

I was reading a blog written by a teenager the other day, and everything was "uber cool" and "uber exciting" which I found amusing. :-)
But then (being pregnant...yeah, that will be my excuse...) ;-) my mind went wandered to Hmm.."uber" sounds like "goober" , like the movie snack!
Yum, now "goober cool" I could understand...but actually if I'm at the movies I'd prefer Raisinettes or Sno-caps. yeah...and buttered popcorn, yum.
Where was I???

Oh, I have a pumpkin temporary tattoo on my hand...well, it's supposed to be temporary! But I'm having trouble getting it off, I think I need to use baby oil or something.
I'm glad I didn't put it on Shi, but it said it might irritate sensitive skin so I put it on my hand instead so she could still see it...and she likes it a lot.
But now I keep thinking if I can't get it off soon and I go into labor and they want to put the IV in my, how do I explain that? :-D
It's not even an "uber cool" one (sorry...couldn't resist!! ;-) just a goofy looking pumpkin!

My poor husband is getting to that nervous stage...asking if I am in labor a lot. Usually it's just a foot in my ribs or a painless contraction....or I'm just having a lot of trouble getting out of bed which makes for the involuntary "oof" noise.
Today I had to call him about a bill problem that I wanted to handle quickly, and he thought I was calling about being in labor.
I'm trying to be considerate when I call people though, and check the time of day and sound upbeat right away so I calm any "'s labor!" thoughts, quickly. :-)
Shiloh is also working on another canine tooth, she's been chewing on everything today and was up a few times last night.
Her Daddy tried to settle her down one time, but she wanted Mommy. I really hope she is not teething when I go into labor, it's going to be hard enough to spend a night or two away from her, without worrying that she doesn't feel well and wants me...and also it will make it 10x harder on her and her Daddy. :(
Ah, well we're trying to be as prepared as possible for all those things.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Phoebes and Shiloh

34w3d Only 39 days to due date!

We have Phoebes building a nest in our 2nd porch. Our porch roof has these perfect corners for birds to build their nests. It's actually in a nice spot for me to watch them as well...and since it's a porch we don't use I'm actually rather happy to get to watch them have their babies this spring. This is a photo I found online of a Phoebe.

I thought it was a bit late for them to be just building their nest, but I found that in colder climates their nesting goes to mid-May which is where we are.

It's starting to warm up here. In fact today was a really beautiful day! Shiloh actually got to wear a shorts outfit for the first time this year! But being this far along pregnant, I can appreciate that it hasn't been *too* warm. Last time, being due in September, I had swelling in my legs because it was a heat-wave in late July! I am glad I kept track of my first pregnancy, it's really nice to look back on and compare now. :-) Even though both have been so very different from each other.

Shiloh has been "talking" like crazy. I love when she starts talking first thing in the morning, before she's even fully awake she's talking all about her dreams or what she wants to do that day, I guess. ;-) One of the funniest things is that I am constantly telling her to "calm down" as she gets too hyper...running ahead of her feet and screaming etc. Now I've caught her a few times after she's been wild, brushing her hair out of her eyes and saying "down-down, down-down" Lol, telling herself to "calm-down". :-D

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our day of appointments

34w2d Only 40 days to due date

Thursday, Shiloh and I had our Doctor's appointments. I preferred shots!
Her Daddy was able to come along and meet her new Pediatrician for the first time, which was nice that he was able to check out the new Doctor now instead of the first time being in the hospital with the new baby.
Shiloh did well, just a quivering lip and tears welling in her eyes for the exam.
She also didn't want to take off her shoes, because that meant she couldn't leave! ;-)
She kept saying "shoes, shoes, walk" and pointing to the door....and she very happily waved and said "bye" whenever the nurse and Doctor left the room.
I don't think Daddies are built to be around when their children are getting vaccines....but he did okay for her two boosters. :-)
Shiloh now weighs 22lbs. 32" long...still my petite princess, but she gained 1 1/2lbs in 3 mos. and grew 1 1/2" taller!
That's amazing to me, since it been quite awhile since I gained any height!
But the weight on the other hand....I've got her beat in gaining! ;-)

My appt. went well also. Still gaining weight which is good. I found my calendar from when I was pregnant with Shiloh and about this time they did an U/S because I was measuring small and also my weight gain had slowed.
I am about 5lbs. less than when I was at this same point in my first pg. but because I am still gaining and now they know that I just have small babies the Doctors seem relaxed...finally.
My belly is measuring small, but that is the same as last time. I am not shocked to find out there is not an 7 or 8 pounder in there! ;-)
Everything else looked good as well, and the midwife just assured me that I had done the right things, when I had the bad contractions last Sunday, so that was good. Another appt. in 2wks. then every week after that....getting down to the end now.

Shiloh has started loving to play with my hair, and pretends to style it etc.
I think it's cute, but the other day I found a small part of my hair was sticky and smelled like maple syrup!
Okay, I don't mind her playing with my hair, but her choice of styling products..... :-P

We also finished up some more last minute preparations for the baby. Rearranging our bedroom to accommodate the bassinet to be next to me...but also not trip Shiloh when she comes running to me half-asleep in the middle of the night.
I also put the baby's carseat in the truck and moved Shiloh's seat over. Shi seems to like her seat where it is now since she can see out the side window, though I now have no room to change her diaper in the backseat...somehow we worked it out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Contractions update

33w4d Only 45 days to due date!

Comparing these pics, I think my belly looks lower and slightly smaller now. Seems the contractions are doing something, maybe....

Last night, contractions started up again just as I was trying to fall asleep.
10 minutes apart, so I drank even more water and started walking around. (btw: if any reservoirs are running low, I am sure I am drinking them dry! ;-)
The contractions stopped, but started up again any time I sat down or laid down, and this time they were 5 minutes apart.
I think this would be an ideal time for me to learn to sleepwalk!
Anyways, they finally subsided enough that I managed to fall asleep around 2:30am....then Shiloh and the call of the bathroom woke me at 3:30am!

So I am pretty tired, and sore today. But the baby is happily bouncing around, kicking, hiccuping. :-) I've only had a couple of painless Braxton-hicks today....ahh, painless ones, those I don't mind. :-)
Trying to take it easy today, Shiloh and I went through the Sunday newspaper. It's amazing how much amusement she finds in playing peek-a-boo behind the newspaper! ;-D
She had half a tuna sandwich and some yogurt and strawberries for lunch...but she would dip her sandwich into her yogurt and then eat it.
ugh, yuck!!
DH and I kept teasing each other about that and which of us, she must have gotten her weird flavor-combo tongue from. (of course, it's not me!) ;-)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Impatient baby

33w3d Only 46 days to go

Baby is getting impatient.
I've been having a bad episode of contractions, once a week, for the past few weeks.
Today was another one.
I hadn't noticed the baby making any major movements today, but the feet moved a few times so I wasn't concerned.
Shiloh and I were cuddling on my bed while she napped...and I attempted to nap also.
But then the baby decided to start jumping around, and I get hit with a major contraction. It eased up and I tried to relax, when another one hit.
So I looked at the clock, two minutes later...another major contraction, then another almost three minutes after that!
So much for our nap.

We get up (Shi woke when I got up) and I try walking around, drink two huge glasses of water, lay down on one side....then on the other side.
The contractions space out but are still very strong.
Now I am starting to get nervous because I can't get them to stop as easily as they have done before, and it's still too early.
Of course it's a weekend, and an odd weekend because my husband is working when he would normally have off.
I know he's super-busy because it's the weekend *and* it's raining...and for some reason that causes people to not want to cook.

I think I remember reading about a warm bath helping with contractions, and I figure at least it will help with my backache.
It's my last resort before I start making phone calls....(Lol, of course I wash the dishes in the sink first and get Shiloh fed, just in case.)
A 1/2 hour of soaking in the tub seems to have done the trick though...hopefully!

An impatient baby, it seems. Just needs wait at least 3 1/2 weeks.
But I'm thinking, as soon as that green light appears all of this drama will cease and I'll be twiddling my thumbs for the last few weeks!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Thursday

33w1d Only 48 days to due date

We're not through teething yet. Shiloh fussed for 1/2 hour after waking from a nap yesterday...not really wanting to wake up but not sleeping either.
When she finally woke enough I gave her Tylenol, then sat her on my lap and I played with her dollhouse until she became interested enough to forget her woes and start playing with me.
She slept good last night though which was a relief.
Hmm, 48 days til my due date and three more teeth to go....Can we do it?

We stocked up on groceries yesterday, which is a big preparation thing that I wanted to do. I still would like to make and freeze some things. But now mostly I will just need to be replacing items as we use them and making sure my staples don't get too low.
We also rearranged the living room and set up the pack 'n play downstairs. I wanted to set it up early so Shiloh gets used to it and hopefully it loses its novelty by the time the baby arrives. ;-)

Then I settled down to refresh with my "What to Expect" book....Shiloh had to look through my other pregnancy book while I was reading too. Guess she's preparing as well? ;-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She's the "ah-po" of my eye ;-)

32w5d 51 days to due date

Now thru 6/4 - Red light
6/5 thru 6/11 - Yellow light
After 6/12 - Green light

Hopefully the baby is looking at this chart! ;-)
These are my dates for my calendar that I need to keep track, when it's okay for the baby to arrive.
I wanted to write it out for myself and my "support staff" so everyone is on the same page.
After some more contractions on Sunday, the baby's head is engaged. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything. The baby could still throw out a wild card and even be overdue....who knows.

Shiloh's tooth is visible!!
I am so excited it's coming now. She has been a beaver!! Seriously!
The other day she was just chewing on everything from her toys to her clothes to the diaper bag strap...and she even started eating a magazine! There are teeth marks on my doors!
It's such a hard tooth for her to reach (a canine) especially with all the other teeth around it, already popped through.
When I try to feel the tooth, she starts gnawing on my finger like it's a rawhide toy!
Hopefully the other three will follow quickly and we'll be through this teething round before the baby arrives.

She is talking so much! A lot of it is still jabber....though she's very serious about it and she waits for your response. :-)
She'll ask for milk or "ah-po" (apple) or cheese or "wawa" (water). I let her have some lemonade today, and now she keeps asking for tea. She means the lemonade but she also loves iced tea and thinks they are the lemonade is a bit out of reach for her vocabulary! ;-)
She also says "Oh No" each time she falls or drops something, but it comes out more like "mah-nah"....or "oh-mah-nah" not sure why, and it took me awhile to figure out what she was saying.
But then I asked her to say "oh no" and that's how she says it.
She also learned geese/birds/squirrels since we've been having those around a lot, and today she heard a car honk its horn and said "beep" ;-)

Like I told my Mom earlier this week, Shiloh enjoyed the "squirrel show". :-)
Our next door neighbor feeds squirrels and the other day there were 4-5 big fluffy gray squirrels outside her house, which is easily visible from our back porch.
So Shiloh and I were watching them, she still gets them confused with cats but either way she loves to watch them.
The squirrels were putting on a show too, waving their tails and attacking each other. When the last one ran out of site, she clapped enthusiastically...she really enjoyed the squirrel show. :-)
Now she keeps running to the door and asking me "where is it? where is it?" I told her they are sleeping and that seems to satisfy her for about 5 minutes before she's asking again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Uh Oh!

31w6d 57 days to due date

The word of the day is "uh oh!".
Shiloh and I did a little shopping today, mostly to enjoy the sunny weather.
She wore her favorite pink baseball cap, as I put her into her carseat her cap fell off "uh oh!" she announced.
We went to a local clothing store, Shi rode her little cap on her head, and her little silver purse full of trinkets clutched on her lap.
She was a "grandma" magnet and we were stopped every 5 steps by admirers of the "little lady with her purse" ;-)
Three times her hat fell off and she announced "uh oh!" each time, three times her purse fell off her lap and the little "uh oh's" clued me in.

Next stop was the dollar store. Shiloh rode in the shopping cap on her head, and she traded in her purse for a sippy cup.
She carefully inspected each item that I put into the cart...saying "uh oh!" about 5 times as she dropped things. Her sippy cup tipped over repeatedly requiring 3 more announcements of "uh oh!".
She started fussing so I pulled out some snacks for her....she dropped snacks onto the store floor twice "uh oh!" "uh oh!".

This evening I got her bath ready, I tossed her toys in the tub. Shiloh exclaimed "uh oh!" as each one splashed into the water. She knocked the shampoo bottle into the tub..."uh oh!".
She got water on her face...*gasp* "uh oh!"
After a long day, it was soo nice to soak in the bathtub....made it worth the effort of heating the bathroom up, drawing the bath, and cautiously lowering myself into it.
They never last as long as I would like though, and it hadn't been nearly long enough when I needed to awkwardly extract my pregnant body from the tub.
I was almost in a standing position and just reaching for my towel, when a little voice piped up behind me...."uh oh!"
Yeah, she's a real comedian...and How's that for timing? ;-D

Monday, May 05, 2008

Ahh, Tissues!

31w4d 59 days to due date

I miss medicine.
Lol, I've been dealing with a cold or allergy or something...and that has been the main thought on my mind.
I don't like to/can't take meds while pregnant or nursing, so it's been quite awhile since I felt the wonderful effects of Nyquil (for example).
I have to say that Puffs tissues with Vicks added right into the tissues are just one of the nicest new inventions, especially when you are really limited on your cold relief.
I probably started to look like someone with a weird tissue fetish though, since I was carrying them in my pocket and would bring them out at random just to hold to my nose so I could breathe easier for a few minutes. ;-)

Also a bit hard to try and keep my fluids up for the baby, when the last thing you want is to be sneezing and this far along pregnant.....and be full of water!
But I tried, and mostly kept the BH contractions at bay.
In fact it seemed like the baby finally stopped holding and playing with its toes....and decided to use its legs to try to push out as hard as it could!
In church! Pointy bumps sticking out of my belly painfully, and I'm trying to gently push them back....but this was something newly discovered that had to be tried over and over....and over again. ;-)

I'm feeling better today. I know our cold and rainy days didn't help...but today is supposed to be sunny and much warmer so I think that will go a long ways towards helping me kick this.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Too cold for May flowers!

31w1d 62 days to due date

Where did our nice, sunny, WARM weather go? It's been so cold!
I feel like I'm just dragging through these past few days, really tired. I think it's mostly due to the weather, though perhaps some of it could be attributed to how far along I am in my pregnancy.

Shiloh is teething her canines. Good days and bad days, but a bit more even keeled than she's been known to teethe.
She won't let me feel them, but I can make out the outlines of the new teeth in the sides of her gums.
She also is hating to brush her teeth, which normally she is fine that's a big sign that something is going on in the teething dept.
After her four canines come in (I have no clue how many are teething right now), she will have a total of 16 teeth.
I'm seriously hoping we will get a break then, before the 2yr. molars come in.
Her Daddy is a bit nervous that she will be teething when I am in the hospital, so I need to remember to write down her Tylenol dosage and have everything handy for him....actually I need to get an updated dosage for her when she has her Dr. appt. this month.
But I try to always keep popsicles on hand so they usually work well if he's not comfortable giving her meds.

Shiloh figured out the door stops the other day. Having an older home, we have a lot of doors that do their own thing....swing open/swing close etc. so we use a lot of those wedge-type door stops.
The stop on the bathroom door came loose and the door swung shut.
Shi went and grabbed the stop, pushed the door all the way open and actually wedged the stop under the door hard enough that it would stay open.
I was pretty impressed. :-)
Usually the door stops just become something she adds to her toy diaper bag or puts in odd places that I have to go searching this was really helpful!