Monday, June 30, 2008

A girl on each arm!

Vivian is 2 weeks old today.
I just took some pictures and I really noticed how she is filling out now and her face is changing. :)
Vivian is a bit of a Mama's girl too, so her Daddy really only gets to hold her when she is already sleeping.
Otherwise if she is wanting to be held or hungry or has hiccups etc. etc. she wants Mommy.
Makes me feel special when she calms down just hearing my voice...though sometimes just hearing my voice signals "dinnertime" to her as well! :-D
Shi has always been fine with either of us, which really was the best for a first child and helping us as new parents adjust to our roles.

Shiloh has been really very good and helpful, even though she is still having some teething trouble and pain...she'll bring me things that I ask for and also toys so that I can still play with her while also nursing the baby.
I think one of the cutest things is that she'll cuddle next to me if I am busy with the baby, and will tug at my arm and put it around herself. Not fussing, just letting me know she needs some cuddles and some Mommy time too. :-) I often have both girls falling asleep now, one in each precious, even if difficult to extract myself from to put them in their beds.
Shiloh is also fascinated with Vivian's feet, and keeps touching their feet together as if she's comparing the size. ;-)

Can I say how excited I am that my daughter is sitting in her highchair eating 1/2 a PB&J *without* dismantling it first and getting herself impossibly sticky?! Yay! ;-D

We (whole family) took a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday. I put Vivian in a baby sling and that worked really great. She slept the entire trip in the sling without fuss...and I didn't have to stop every few steps for people wanting to see her or have people bursting into tears (like the weird people did when we took Shi on her first shopping trip).

I was able to watch about 80-90% of "Nanny McPhee" the other day. I think watching 100% of a movie is pretty difficult now, but I was surprised with how much I got to see...even if it was divided into two showing times. Anyways...what I watched, I liked. :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Growing and Gaining

Vivian had her check-up today, and the Dr. said she looks perfect! :-)
She weighs 5lbs. 8oz today, she had dropped to 5lbs. 5.5oz. so she is now the Pediatrician agreed that she would gain weight now that she is off of the bili light.
Vivian also grew in length, which I found surprising. Shiloh actually lost some length in her early measurements due to head molding.
Vivian didn't really have time to have any head molding, since she rocketed herself out so quickly, but to actually be gaining in length already? I know the measurements of a scrunched-up newborn aren't exact science but it was substantial enough growth to leave some room for error, and still say she is growing.
She has long fingers and toes, so she may quite possibly be a taller child...or at least a pianist? ;-)

Shiloh woke up after we had gone to the appt. and DH said that she ran right to the bassinet looking for the baby. Then kept asking him "where baby?" ........then afterwards she asked for Mama. ;-)
She's also been trying to say a lot more words now, repeating just about everything. She also talks quite a bit, though I'm not always sure what the conversation is about...she doesn't seem to mind. :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My yellow princess

Vivian is 10 days old.
Hard to believe, it goes by so quickly!
I am sooo glad to be over the drama of Vivian's jaundice, and I know she has to be happy not to have her heels pricked any more.
We are all so tired of seeing that hospital! They all recognize us there because we've been there so much!
She had been on the bili light (at home, not the hospital at my insistence) since yesterday was the first day off of that and she got to wear clothes again.
Such a tiny peanut she is, that her preemie dress was falling off her shoulders.
They still haven't picked up the light yet, and DH and I discussed using it a little longer for her because she still has a slight yellowish-cast to her skin...I've been calling her my Yellow Princess. ;-)
But I decided against it because I notice her appetite picked up as soon as she was off it. I think the light kept her a bit too sleepy and she needs to gain I think that is the more important thing at this time especially since frequent eating will *also* help clear out the jaundice.

Vivian has been a pretty quiet and content baby which has been such a blessing.
She doesn't like her diaper changed, but otherwise is mostly in the eating and sleeping stage.
Shiloh has been very good with the baby, she did have to have some Tylenol last night for her teeth, so we are not yet over that hump and also the new baby makes for a lot of adjustments but she's been doing great in that regard.
We're still not sure who is doing her bedtimes. Her Daddy did a few, but each time I put her down then Vivian decides that she is absolutely starving.
Last night I managed to get her to sleep with Vivi latched on me at the same time.
Go Me! I felt like a lactating Wonder Woman. :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

She is here!

Vivian's Birth Story
(what I and her father remember - this is just copied from what I wrote for her baby book)
06/16/08 Monday Morning 10:11am. at 37weeks 4days.
5lbs. 12oz. 18 1/4" long
My 36wk appt was last Monday (06/09) and the midwife checked me and I was just a fingertip dilated and not thinned out at all.
Monday, June 16th, a little after 5am. I woke up when Shiloh came into our room, I felt some menstrual-like cramping. I put Shiloh back into her bed and started walking around trying to decide if something was happening or not.
I started timing the contractions and they were every 2-3 minutes but not too strong or lasting very long.
So I laid down on my side and the contractions were 7, 5, and 3 minutes apart but they were very strong and accompanied by pelvic pressure.
I walked, rocked on my exercise ball, and the contractions kept coming.
At 6am I decided to eat a piece of toast with peanut butter, I was hungry and if this was labor I was going to need something to keep me going.
At 6:30, I called my Mom (so she would have time to make it), my sister (so she was prepared to watch Shiloh), and the hospital.
At 7am We still hadn't heard back from the hospital and we decided we had waited long enough. We got Shiloh ready to go, she happened to wake up just as we were heading for her room.
We dropped off Shiloh at Heather's and arrived at the hospital the same time as my Mom and Dad. It was about 8am then...the midwife returned my call just as we were walking in the hospital entrance. She hadn't received my message until 7:30am. but had the hospital ready for me.
They hooked me up to the monitors and checked me and I was already 6cm and 80% effaced. They were surprised that I was still smiling in between contractions, but to me they were mild compared to the same point in my labor with Shiloh.
They moved me to a delivery room, finished admittance papers, and around 9:30am my water broke.
As soon as that happened the contractions picked up in intensity...they checked me and I was 6-7cm.
Soon after I felt the baby's head and body rotating into position. They checked and I was 9cm.
So they called the midwife.
Next thing the bearing down urge was irresistible, I could feel her coming so fast!
The nurses were yelling for the midwife, I heard one say that in one more contraction the baby would be here.
My husband said when the midwife was rushing in, Vivian's head was already crowning.
She was barely in her gown when Vivian fully entered the world, the cord was on her shoulder but it certainly didn't slow her arrival any.
I never even really pushed like I did with my first, Vivian just rocketed her way out.
Apgars were 8/9 and she's been nursing wonderfully from the beginning. :-)
The hospital said it broke the record as their fastest, easiest, birth and we got a lot of visitors of various nurses and staff that wanted to meet her after hearing about her quick arrival.

(Things have been crazy since getting home. Two children now, and DH being home for the week.
Also dealing with Vivian's jaundice and having those levels checked often.
Shiloh is doing well in regards to her new sister, she says "uh oh" and has to rush over to check the baby any time she cries. :-)
Seems I am always in demand by someone... :-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Save your drama for your Mama

37w3d Only 18 days to my due date!

My poor girl :(
My husband had to reassure me today that Shiloh is normally a very sweet, fun-loving, little personality....teething just wrecks it.
He hasn't really seen it the past couple days since she's either been sleeping or just clinging to me when he's been home.
It's only 7pm and she's already on her 2nd nap of the day, I can't really remember when the last time was that she took two naps in a day....probably when her last tooth came in.

We had a nice break today, going out to lunch with Mom and Dad, and Shiloh got a balloon from the restaurant which thrilled her to pieces! She adores balloons! :-)
As soon as we walked back in the door she was on me like Velcro and fast asleep within 5 minutes.
Her carseat is now sitting in the kitchen, and when she woke up she had a blast playing with it for quite a long time...except at the same time, teething poopies hit and blasted out of her diaper.
Ick! So I had to wash her carseat cover.
Shiloh went back to playing with her carseat, except now her teeth must have been bothering her.
She tried to buckle the straps for a minute, couldn't do it, and just plopped on the floor next to her seat and burst into sobbing gigantic alligator tears....just completely devastated.
That's how fast her emotions change.
It's a bit frustrating because it's just ridiculous and there's no warning...happy giggles one second and sobbing the next.
But mostly I just feel so bad for her.
She is such a rough and tumble girl, and rarely says more than "uh oh" when she falls and you don't even think she got hurt until the bruise how badly does teething hurt her that she is this upset?

Also: Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.
Shiloh is sooo much like her father, it's seriously like she's a mini female version of him. It's rather funny...even down to her hand gestures when she's talking, though I am not sure if that's a personality trait or just something she's picked up from watching him.
She's been very big on imitating us these days, the sincerest form of flattery, right? ;-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Tooth Fairy makes her an Ogre

37wk2d Only 19 days to due date!

First of all, Good luck to the Rose! :-) Yay!
Her recital is right now, and it stinks to miss it because she is soo good!
But I doubt Shi could sit that long...though she'd probably love the first hour, also I know I can't sit that long these days either.
It was definitely the right choice to stay home though because Shi is already sound asleep...2 1/2 hours earlier than normal and that after she took a 2 hour nap today.
When I bathed her tonight though, I checked her teeth and ALL THREE of her remaining canine teeth are coming in at the same time.
The top two can be seen and felt, and I can see a little white bump for the bottom one.
Yesterday, she was an emotional wreck, giggling one second and sobbing the next and refusing to go to her Daddy. At least the top two teeth have broken through now, since that usually seems to be the worst of it...and then we must be done for awhile.
I'm locking the Tooth Fairy out, using anti-fairy spray or something, and no clapping...ever. Whatever it takes!!! ;-)

I can't believe there are less than 20 days to my due date! I keep looking at my calendar and remembering when June and July looked sooo far away!
Now they are here already!
Things are starting to progress, but every book and every web page and every reference will tell you for any signs that it could "possibly" mean that you are going into labor soon or "possibly" mean that you have a couple more weeks to go....covering themselves against overly-emotional pregnant women.
I was woken up by a couple of contractions last night, but only a couple.
Today I felt crummy. Exhausted and crampy with occasional contractions, but not any real labor signs so....we wait.
My next Dr. appt is Thursday when I will be 38wks along.
Tomorrow is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day guys! :-)
I think it would be neat if the baby decided to arrive on Father's Day, but since it's one of those floating holidays the date wouldn't stay the same each year...but it does make a nice story and note in the baby book. ;-)

(Editor's Note: Shiloh woke up briefly and I just got her back down...her room was too warm. But now I've lost my train of thought, so easy to do these days! So I will close. )

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Showers

37 weeks (Officially Full Term!!!) Only 21 days to due date!

Green Light! I have officially reached the safety zone and the baby can come now whenever it likes! yahoo! :-)
A big relief on my mind, for sure.

Shiloh has started taking showers now! I'll still give her baths as well, but with the hot weather I wanted a faster way to cool her down and also with another little one coming our bath routine needed to be simplified....otherwise I can see myself spending a great deal of our evenings just getting everyone bathed!
We got a hand-held sprayer and it has an adjustable holder so I can attach it to the sides of the tub at a level that is perfect for Shi.
She doesn't like me rinsing her hair with it, but hasn't fussed much at all....and it's so fast that it's over before she knows it anyways.

We set up the baby swing today, DH wanted to wait til after the baby was born. But I think it's one of those things that you tend to use pretty quickly with a newborn, and I like to give Shi some time to lose her fascination with these new items. I'm not really sure where I am going to use the swing the most, and with Shiloh's toys etc. I'm running out of space.
So I've just tucked it in the corner at the moment and will see where the necessity is.
We also went out to lunch at a nice restaurant.
Shiloh enjoys spaghetti so much! That and coloring on the placemats...well maybe that's not a sign of a super-nice restaurant? But I supplied the crayons so...we make our own amusement. ;-)

Monday, June 09, 2008

What's funnier than a frog?

36w4d Only 24 days to due date!

I had my 36wk. appt. today. It went well, pretty basic. I am glad it was scheduled for early in the day since the heat wave is continuing and today there are warnings out. :-P

All the usual checks, plus the GBS test and exam. Baby is still head-down and low and my body is just starting to prepare for the birth....well, except for the contractions which have been on-going. ;-)
Now I am on weekly appts. until the due date.

Shiloh has developed such a belly laugh, I really noticed it the other day when I was kissing her ticklish belly and she was laughing.
Last night she was hopping like a frog....I don't know why, but it's typical Shiloh antics. :-)
So her Daddy was playing with her and started imitating her, and she just thought it was the most hysterical thing in the world.
She couldn't even stand up, she was laughing sooo hard! Every time she tried to talk or hop again, she'd just break into giggles. :-D

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tropical Heat Wave

36wk2d Only 26 days to due date!

I was rather hoping the baby would be born before we went through a Summer heat wave. But one has arrived already! Ick! Hot, humid, and so muggy!
We don't have the downstairs AC in yet either...maybe tomorrow. I hope DH can put it in without my limited-capabilities assistance....and hopefully before Shiloh wakes up in the morning to offer hers. ;-) She's good for taking the exact part or piece that you need next and running off with it...
I know I am more hot because of the pregnancy. Especially when Shiloh and DH are the warm ones in the family and I am usually cold...but last night I was sweaty and restless while they snuggled under blankets!

Shi and I took it easy today, snacking on fruit and drinking tons of water...trying to keep swelling away.
I've been letting Shiloh drink water out of a regular cup, messier than a sippy but when it's just water and a heat wave....what better time to practice? ;-)
She does really well until she gets too excited and shakes the cup, though the expression on her face when she splashes water on it, is priceless!
I gave her a cup with her meal today, I thought it was a good idea because she was contained in her high chair, but instead she used it to wash her utensils in between bites of food! lol.

I've been dressing Shi in light little sundresses since they seem to be the coolest item of clothing for her to wear.
But the other day she slid off the couch and apparently the Velcro of her diaper caught on the couch and one side came un-done.
She came looking for me, waddling, trying to hold her diaper in place while she walked.
It was just too funny. :-)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hellooo Yellow!

36 weeks!! Only 28 days to due date!

I've reached the yellow zone, yay!
After 36wks. the midwife said that they would let the baby come and not try to stop labor, so it feels like I can relax a bit.
Instead of feeling nervous about the contractions, I can now feel excited that they might be progressing me and that the baby's birthday is coming soon.
Green light is at 37wks when the baby is officially considered full-term.

I am still having Braxton-hicks contractions daily and nightly. Baby is still moving a lot and hiccuping and giving me a wiggling jello belly with limbs and body parts poking out here and there.
Yeah, one of the reasons I refuse to watch any "Alien" movies while pregnant!

I've been practicing family members names with Shiloh, asking her to repeat after me and say "Grandma", "Dada", "Mama", "Heather" (she says "her" and nods her head ;-), etc.
Since we finally decided on the baby's name, I've been trying to teach that to Shi-Shi as well but it's hard for her. Yesterday when we were going through names, I asked her to say the name and instead she just pulled my shirt up and kissed my belly.
She's so smart, I definitely didn't think she would already associate the name with the baby!!

Today I taught her how to "lick" an ice cream cone. She kept sucking on the ice cream and it was dripping everywhere and so messy! So I showed her how to hold her tongue out like a puppy dog and then I swiped the cone on her tongue.
It was too cute and she was so proud and happy not to have it dripping down her chin. She really doesn't like to get too messy, otherwise you hear non-stop "uh-oh" until you get her cleaned up.

Last night she had a long conversation on her toy phone. I don't know who she was supposed to be talking to, but she curled up in her little rocking chair...tucked her phone on her shoulder.
With one hand she was gesturing away and with the other she was playing with her toes and just babbling non-stop.
I wanted to catch it on video, but she just clams up and gives me her "cheese" grin instead. ;-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Only 30!

35w5d Only 30 days to due date

Another long night, I was having inconsistent contractions all night long....with a backache.
I've been reading that Braxton-hicks are good for practicing how you'll deal with actual labor...yeah, good excuse. I did fine without them the first time so they can just go away now! ;-)
With the backache, I've been looking up tips on coping with back labor just so I can be prepared either for just dealing with these contractions I've been having or the actual labor...and also some exercises to help the baby's head be in the correct position which may help.

I actually thought my water broke last night, because I woke to a painful pop feeling on the inside of one hip...and when Shiloh's water broke, there was a "pop" feeling, but apparently it was just something with the baby's head and my hipbone.
I gingerly got up, afraid of a gush of water and knowing that I haven't put towels on the bed yet since I was waiting til Thursday and at least 36wks!
Maybe a good idea to put them on now, I know my nesting is crazy and wouldn't let me leave the house with soaked sheets left on the bed...and that doesn't sound fun being in labor and changing sheets on top of everything!

A couple of mosaic garden tables that I ordered, came in the mail yesterday.
They were pretty simple to put together, except for one thing....a 1 year old's assistance! ;-)
She was crumbling the pieces of Styrofoam everywhere, and ripping the invoices, and just being a million places at once as she "helped" me! She was pretty thrilled with it all.

This morning, Shiloh and I were looking at a catalog when something in it caught her Daddy's eye and he took it away from us.
Shiloh was pretty patient, then she started drumming her fingers on the table while she waited for him to hand it back to us. It was so funny, and she actually did it really well! :-D
I showed her how to do that a long time ago, but she didn't really pick up on it then and I hadn't done it recently.

I have some mending and sewing to do today, hopefully that will keep me from "nesting" too much. It has been kind of crazy. I find one cobweb and that means the entire house absolutely *HAS TO BE* swiffered right that second.
I don't remember it being this bad with Shiloh, but I think my body doesn't know what is going on with all these contractions and wants to be ready every second.
At least that's my theory. ;-)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

June is here!

35w3d Only 32 days to due date

It's finally June!
Exciting to know that likely some day this month the baby will decide to be born.
I think we're pretty prepared now, but there's always something that pops up that I can't believe I forgot to pack or do.
Shiloh has been really clingy to me this week, but most likely it's just her teething.
She has three canine teeth left to come in, and I know they are coming....just not sure which one because the gum is swollen in all three spots, but especially for the top two.
It seems she's rushing to push them out before the baby comes, which really would be great if she was done by that time since teething messes up her nap routine, her moods & emotions, even her eating and her diapers are affected. :(

Shi and I went outside and blew bubbles the other day. She's really liked that and did really well blowing bubbles herself. :-)
I was picking up sticks and pinecones etc. and tossing them out of our yard and over the then Shi-Shi had to rip off tiny pieces of grass and hand them to me to help. ;-)