Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chats with a toddler

Vivian is 6 wks now!

Vivian was last for a bath, last night. When I went to get her from her bassinet it was soaked! I thought Shi might have dropped something in there, and even checked the glass of water next to the bed...I didn't automatically realize that her diaper had leaked because she's never done that before.
Huggies newborns are still too big! The diaper wasn't even soaked, she peed right out the leg hole it seems.We may have to buy more diapers of a different brand until the Huggies fit!
When I am bathing Vivian, Shiloh tries to be very helpful. :-)
She throws out the baby's diaper for me, and rubs the baby's head when she cries. So I finish bathing and diapering and lotioning the baby and her shirt has disappeared...which I know is courtesy of m
y helper, Shiloh.

"Shiloh! I need the baby's shirt! The shirt! For the baby!" Shiloh is looking at me blankly, and Vivian is fed-up with her bath and screaming.
"Shiloh! Get the baby's shirt! Where is the baby's shirt?" I'm trying to think of what words Shiloh definitely knows and how I can get her to understand what I need.
"Mama needs, I need, the Baby's shirt...that was sitting Right Here! (with appropriate hand gestures...of course)
Shiloh runs to the laundry basket and brings me back a pair of dirty underwear...
"No, the shirt that was sitting right here! The baby's shirt!" I gesture again to the place the baby's shirt was, and Shiloh runs and brings me back the missing shirt. Yay!
The baby is dressed and nursing and all is quiet again.
I then put away all the bath things, stripped the bassinet, cleaned the mattress, put down a pad and fresh while nursing Vivi!

It's something that comes with motherhood, I think...whether or not you breastfeed, the times come when you have to learn to do things one-handed.
Then you have another child and need to learn to do more things with's like mother training.
Can you get yourself dressed, teeth brushed, make your toddler a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich (starting with a can of tuna), fill a sippy with milk without spilling, put her bib on, and get the sandwich cut to appropriate sizes?
And here's your newborn to cradle in one hand....3-2-1-GO! uh, what? Can I have a practice baby first?...and a practice toddler? preferably both programmed without sound??? ;-D

Shi's new phrase is "good girl" which comes out rather like "goo goo".
She threw some papers out for me and I said "good girl, thank you". Then she threw out some more and kept saying '"goo-goo, goo-goo" while trying to get my attention until I called her a good girl and thanked her. :)
Then she was waving at me and saying "pie!" "pie!" It took me a minute to realize that she was trying to say "five" and wanted me "give her five". lol.

I mopped the kitchen floors today and Shiloh knows not to walk on them without shoes until they dry. I also knew that none of her shoes were around, but the next thing I see her little head walking around the other side of the dining room table...she was beaming at her own brilliance and had her Daddy's black house-slippers barely on her feet. ;-)
Then later she salted the freshly mopped floor, by knocking the shaker off the table and it rolled....and rolled....and rolled.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's potty time I think...maybe...nope!

*Warning: This blog contains a lot of "potty" language. ;-)

I did some "potty readiness assessment" today.
I don't think I should call it "potty training" since that seems to imply that the potty was actually used. This was more the step *before* that. ;-)

The good news...

  1. Shiloh tried to put her diaper back on twice. I think that's good news because she realizes there is a need for a diaper.

  2. Shiloh pointed to her belly and said "pee" a few minutes before she peed!

  3. It will all come out in the wash.

The bad news...
  1. It was super-difficult to do any assessing/training of a toddler when my newborn is being fussy.

  2. The potty-chair wasn't used, and I had to clean-up two places on the carpet...oh yeah, and the fan...

We did have fun playing "Ring around the Potty", I was trying to think of a way to keep her near the potty-chair. Since Vivian was being so fussy, I had her in the sling and I sat on whatever chair was nearby when we got to the "all fall down" part. Shi loved it and would grab my arm to help me up, saying "pees" and "tank you" when I got up...she's very polite! :)

I think Vivi is being so fussy today because she needs to poop. She pushes and it's just air, but her belly isn't bloated even a little...which is such a relief to me as she wants to nurse a lot. So I had her laying on my lap and I was massaging her belly and rotating her legs trying help things along...and I was just singing mindless little football cheers "C'mon Vivi, poop now" and "push it out-way out!" "Go-ooo Vivi!" kind of stuff. Shi was playing in the middle of the room and was cracking up at my songs....and then Vivian was watching my face and gave the biggest toothless grin I think I have *ever* seen on baby before! Such a huge smile! :-D I don't mind being so goofy when there are such rewards for my efforts!

Shiloh is still obsessed with saying "I'm sorry" well actually "i dawee". She heard someone say it on a television show today and that refueled her "i dawee" chant. ;-)

Seems like I keep getting letters that say "give us a call" ...even from the Pediatrician, and it's just so impossible to have both kids quiet *and* both of my hands free in their set time of "between the hours of..." not to mention the fact that I have to actually remember to call them as well. Maybe it would be actually easier to jot a note, I know I have napkins and crayons available to write with. It would certainly help to be ambidextrous, but I think I could get something legible down and have my husband get it into the mail for me.

Yeah, I think that would be easier...maybe.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Anniversary Vacation

Late Friday night...make that very late Friday night, we drove to my parent's camp for a little vacation.
I nursed the baby just before we left and she slept the entire car ride! :-)

Saturday was our 5th Anniversary! How does that happen so fast? Seems like yesterday I was dating him!..and where did these kids come from? ;-)
Mom made us a nice breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausage, and after our lunch we went for a boat ride and did some fishing.
Didn't catch anything but it was really nice and relaxing...Shiloh thought the boat rocking under her feet was so funny, but I think she's a child to keep a life-preserver on at all times...she's fearless! (except the life-preserver made her so sweaty!)
I also took a little video of the boat ride and waves and watch when we're buried under 3ft of snow and I'm feeling too housebound. ;-)
We also took a trip to the mall, Vivi's first mall trip actually!
Mom and I got our hair cut, and lo and behold when my hair was cut it went from straight to having quite a lot of body.
I like it so much, I think I'm giving Shiloh all of my hair ties and keeping my hair shorter.
We had such a good time and Vivian got to spend a lot of time in her Grammy's arms, I think they both enjoyed that equally! :)

You ever notice how when you are back from vacation, the vacation ends abruptly? :-P
At 4:30am Shi woke up crying because she is wet and her bed is soaked.
I was so tired I had forgotten to put a nighttime diaper on her, so I had to change everything...clothes, diapers, sheets.
Then I couldn't figure out why Vivi was fussy, but not gassy, I think it must be a growth spurt...she was wide-awake for so long yesterday and between both kids I didn't get to eat my lunch til 3:30 (and some people say this isn't a job...they're right they have lunch breaks! ;-)
I kept letting Vivian nurse for a certain amount of time, then burping her and I increased the amount of time she'd eat but she was still getting upset and frustrated that I would stop her while she was eating.
Finally I just let her nurse as long as she wanted and burped her afterwards and she did great, was happy, and.....she didn't fill up with gas!
It's been almost 2 weeks since her hospital visit and my starting my nursing changes and dietary changes, so they may be kicking in and now she can eat more with less belly issues. :)

Yesterday, Shi bumped Vivi in the was nothing really and Vivi didn't even so much as open her eyes. But I told Shiloh that she had to be more careful and she should say "I'm sorry" to Vivian.
She kissed Vivi on the head and said "I dawee, I dawee"
Now that is her new favorite saying...and she doesn't know what it means.
Shiloh was sitting in her beanbag watching TV and saying "I dawee".
She woke up this morning and came into our room announcing "I dawee, I dawee".
She kisses the baby and says "I dawee".

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting back to normal

After the whole hospital drama, I thought my next blog should start with some fluff.
I like sorbet, especially since it's hot summertime and ice cream doesn't set so well with my stomach...and now I need to eliminate dairy from my diet anyways for the baby. Well I just tried a new one that I absolutely love.
Whole Fruit Sorbet I only was able to try the strawberry flavor so far since our grocery store had a very limited amount. There were huge chunks of frozen strawberries in it, oh so good!

Also I like ALDI's stores a lot. They've really started carrying a lot more than just food and we've been pretty impressed with the quality of most of the items...and we had no problem returning things that we weren't happy with either.
We've gotten everything from our kitchen island to Shiloh's inflatable pool there! :-)

Shiloh and I were doing our weekly coupon sorting today. I have to throw out the expired coupons and put into my holder the new ones from Sunday's newspaper. Shiloh loves to do this with me.
I hand her all of the expired coupons and she thanks me and arranges them and crumples them, and takes a million trips to the trash can to throw them out one by one. Sometimes it creates a lot of mess for me, like when she decided to stick every coupon in between the sofa cushions, but she loves to *help* me.

Early this morning, Vivi pooped for the first time since her GI X-ray on Friday. Yay! We were worried about it being delayed too long, so we were as excited about poop as you can get. ;-)

Her belly did start to swell up this afternoon which made me very nervous...but it turned out to be *more* poop.
I carried her around in the sling most of the day. I really don't know how I got anything done with Shiloh without one, it's been so wonderful!
I've been able to wash dishes, do laundry, feed Shiloh and tend to her all while Vivi is happily snuggled next to me...and Vivian seems to nap more contently so that gives me more free-time also.

I think Vivi might be an early roller too. She moves herself all over the place and when she's on her belly, her feet move her a lot! She's also very interested in faces and will turn her head to follow my face. I remember Shi would spend more time staring at patterns, lights, and shadows, not so much faces.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

ER and Hospital stay

Where do I begin? I am still emotional and exhausted, and though everything is okay was so scary and being that scared, I think it takes awhile for you to feel like you can breathe again, and let the world start turning again.

Thursday morning, Vivian had a regular Dr's appt. We were kind of rushed, because Shiloh was supposed to wear her sandals and she had been playing with them and now one was MIA. We got her some different shoes and rushed out the door.
Vivian both gained and grew wonderfully. Now up to 6lbs 12oz. and 19 3/4" long (DH says 20" because the nurse didn't stretch her well).
Before the Dr examined Vivi we discussed her gassiness. She gets hiccups a lot, and had a lot of burps and toots but her belly was still bloated despite my constantly burping her...and she spit out the Mylicon when I tried it.
I knew her belly was more bloated than I would like...or than Shiloh had when she was a gassy newborn.
I had even googled it and the answer I found was gas, so I had searched for more burping techniques.
I also knew that I was discussing her gassiness with her Dr first, to try and direct his thoughts when he saw her belly.
It didn't work.

He wanted us to head immediately to Albany Med's ER for an ultrasound and evaluation by a Pediatric Surgeon. He had called ahead for us and they were waiting. He asked if we had any questions, (if there is anything I have learned from my own Dr. appts. is not to find out what they "think" it might be...the worst case scenario will always permanently lodge itself it your head and you won't be able to think of anything else.)
Plus, I knew what he thought, I could see it on his face, I only asked if we should plan to spend the night...he said yes.

I knew of a baby girl online, just a few weeks older than Shiloh. When she was 3 mos. old, her belly was a cancerous tumor. It was treated for a long time and she was cured, then it came back more aggressively and she passed away this last December. I had followed her story the whole time and now it haunted me.

We rushed home and grabbed a few things, and hit the thruway. I think it's only with God watching us that we made it without incident since I was driving a three-lane highway through my tears.
It didn't help that the last time we had been in this same hospital was 5 years ago when my husband was in a we were returning with our baby girl.
They got us a room in the ER fairly quickly, put an ID band and pulse oximeter on Vivi ankle...she still had a mark on this ankle from the band that had been placed on her at her birth.
Thankfully through it all, we never ever had even a moment where at least one of us was not with her...even through her tests, her Daddy was able to go into the rooms with her for her X-rays (they wouldn't let me go due to any chance of pregnancy).
She received her U/S, no tumor or mass! :-D
The ER Dr. came in and confirmed what I knew...both he and our Pediatrician (whom they were really good about keeping informed) were expecting to find a mass of some sort. So now they were rather stumped because Vivi had *no* other signs of anything other than the bloated belly.
She's not fussy, eats, poops, pees well, normal sleeping and awake times and her belly isn't sore to the touch.

They ordered an X-ray and this showed them that some of her large intestine was enlarged.
They wanted Vivian admitted, to stop all feedings and give her IV fluids so that the gas would pass and her bloating go down, then do a GI X-ray in the morning to see if she had a partial blockage or Hirschsprung's disease.
We resisted admitting her, it wasn't a decision to be made lightly, hours away from home having tests done on our newborn with our 1yr. old in tow.
We had already spent 7 hrs in a small, cramped, ER room. We called the Dr. in and he took the time to talk and answer our questions and let us know that this was a necessary step...they had never seen a baby's belly bloated like hers without cause.
They came and put an IV in Vivi while I helped hold her. I couldn't stop my tears, my husband was holding Shiloh and rubbing my back and Shi leaned over and started hugging and kissing my head...that even got to the nurses.

Vivian finally got a room and we spent a long sleepless night.
Nursing always comforts my children, and to have your baby be so upset and your main way of comforting them taken away was just heart-breaking. Vivian was crying a lot and she never cries, she's such a good baby.
She is a Mama's girl so often just hearing my voice or my picking her up would calm her...that made me feel better since I couldn't nurse her, and my body was just aching every time she cried.
She was comforted by sleeping belly to belly with me so I tried to position myself in those stiff hospital chairs in whatever way I could so she was comfortable on me while making sure her IV line didn't pull.
By morning she didn't even look like my baby, her eyes were red-rimmed and her face swollen from crying and the fluids...she was fussing and listless and dehydrated, I could feel her soft-spot, but her belly was smaller.
She received her GI X-Ray, and 6 hours later (yes, 6 HOURS) we heard the results were negative and she looked fine. They gave me the okay to feed her and they would check her belly later to see if it started bloating again, once Vivian was able to nurse she perked right up.
Another 3 hours and we were able to leave the hospital with a diagnosis of possible food sensitivities, so they recommended that I consider adjusting my diet to see if that helps.
Shiloh was so good through it all also, 7 hours stuck in a tiny ER exam room with nothing to do and she listened well and didn't run into the hallway or touch things she shouldn't...a rolling dr's stool kept her pretty entertained most of the time.

We're home now and soo incredibly thankful to be home with Vivi and no serious diagnosis!
We're getting back to normal. I found Shiloh's missing sandal last night...on the windowsill behind the curtain, why didn't I look there before? ;-)
Vivi's belly still looks good. She's fine, alert and back to grunting. :)
She even made some stepping motions, and is really starting to hold her head well....this afternoon she laughed in her sleep for the first time.
God makes kids so resilient...but I think, parents, not so much.

Monday, July 07, 2008

My big girls

Vivi is 3 weeks old today...already!
This morning, I went to put a preemie onesie on her and had a hard time with the snaps.
She eats all the time, but she doesn't really look like she's plumping up much...she has a milk belly but her arms and legs still look rather skinny.
So it appears that she's gaining in length instead! We'll find out more at her Dr's appt. on Thursday.
(ETA: I'm impatient so I just measured her with a yardstick to see for myself. I measured her at 20"....if that's correct she's grown another inch in 2 weeks! No wonder she's not looking too plump! She's putting it all in length.)

Today, both girls were in the kitchen with me and I was washing up the dinner dishes when Vivian started crying from her little chair.
Shiloh said "uh oh, baby!" I told it was alright, the baby's okay, so she ran over to Vivian and gave her a kiss.
Then Vivian started crying louder, so Shi ran and hid behind my legs and said "Mama, baby" I told her it was okay, I would get the baby in a second.
Next thing I know Shi runs off into the living room, I'm get away from the noise of the baby crying.
I dried my hands and went to pick up Vivi and Shiloh comes running back into the room with one of her squeaky toys and she's squeaking it and trying to show it to the baby to comfort her.
Oh my, it was soo cute! :-D

Shiloh is being the big girl, any thoughts I had of her regressing once the baby was born were unfounded.
She's now walking up and down the staircase (with help)...she was nervous of walking down the stairs before and always wanted to be carried but as soon as the baby arrived, she wanted to try again and now prefers to walk down than be carried.
She also started wanting to sit on her Daddy's lap when we were eating breakfast instead of in her highchair. I was planning to transition her to a booster chair when the baby was old enough to start eating solids I just set it up now instead and she loves it. She really just wanted to be at the table with us. :)

Other good news is that my blood pressure is finally starting to get into the normal range after the baby's birth. yay!
Also I won a gas card from a contest the other day and I'm pretty thrilled about that...especially with the cost of gas these days!
Since I don't drive too much, it could last us awhile too which will be so nice. :-)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Independence Day Weekend

The girls and I had a pretty quiet holiday, as DH had to work and the girls are both too young to enjoy fireworks.
We couldn't see any fireworks from our house (they set them off at the local college) but we could hear them!
Shiloh kept running to me saying "oh no! oh no!" so I really doubt she would have enjoyed being any closer to them. ;-)
A couple of television stations were showing fireworks but she wasn't any more interested in seeing them than she was hearing them. So instead I searched and found a webcam so I could watch the fireworks where my parents were...though it was almost more fun watching the insane amount of traffic and pedestrians when the fireworks were over! :-)

We had to run a bunch of errands on the 3rd, and the traffic was just crazy then. Tons of people out, despite the fact that the gas price rose for the holiday weekend!
I wore Vivi in the sling again and it really has been working great with her.
So far, she sleeps the entire shopping trip and its been keeping strangers away from her.
The funny thing is that Vivian is a grunty/growly baby. It cracks me up because she's so tiny but makes these really loud grunts. (I need to catch it on video, it really is funny)
So I notice when I am shopping that most people aren't really paying attention to the fact that I am wearing a baby sling...and Vivian is completely concealed inside it.
Then Vivi lets out a loud growly grunt and people startle/jump and are looking at me oddly.
Lol, I think it's hysterical. :-D

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Vivian is 15 days old today.
I picked her up this morning and felt a small lump on her back and told feels like you've got a belly button on your back! I was right!
Her umbilical cord stump had fallen off. ;-)
I did her hand prints and footprints today, it actually went pretty smoothly. I was going to do Shiloh's as well then I realized that her feet have actually gotten bigger than the ink pad and she was running around with toddler energy...and

Okay, I seriously lost my train of thought and whole reason I was even posting...
Vivian *just* yooped on herself, and me, and her burp cloth, and blanket...thankfully the couch was spared.
Maybe it's just motherly love, but she just looked so cute after. The big eyes and gulping "what happened?" look.
Probably not often that you start snuggling and saying "I love you" to someone when you are covered in their spit up! ;-)

So I had to herd Shiloh upstairs to change and bathe Vivian and get her new blankets. Then I had to change my clothes, and I was so happy today to fit into a pair of my *regular* shorts (I actually found a pair that didn't have to join the "mean" shorts tossed in the corner because they didn't fit ;-) they are soaking in "Shout"....did I mention they are/were white too? :( Thankfully it's just breast-milk spit-up and a lot less staining than the alternative.
I changed Shi into her pajamas since we were already upstairs, and found she had a super-messy diaper waiting for, anything else?
So that is the excitement that happens when I am trying to post on here.Lol. ;-D