Sunday, August 31, 2008

He Rocks, and if she trips me...I'll Roll

I do love our house, it has a lot of pluses to it. next to a rock musician is not one of them.
Especially because Shiloh is nervous when he is practicing, and is stuck to my leg like cling wrap, and also when the practicing starts at 9:30am on a Sunday morning!
We don't really want to complain though because there are times when my husband has to snow blow at 11/11:30pm because of his work hours and I know that is pretty loud also.
And at least he's not too bad and it's not heavy metal or rap. :-P

Depending on where you are in the house you hear anything from just the bass to catching a few lyrics,but you can't really get away from the music. So I end up needing to have the television on in order for Shiloh to be distracted enough to release my leg so I can actually walk around unencumbered.
We're watching "Dennis the Menace" right now and Mrs. Wilson just told Mr. Wilson "Don't start, Dear" and Shiloh looks at me and says "Dada!".
I'm pretty sure it was because of the "dear" part, though the tone of her voice saying it was certainly familiar too. ;-)

I brought out toys for Vivian, but as it turns out...Shiloh plays with the toys and Vivian watches her. ;-)
Vivi is still young anyways and can't grasp the toys yet so she mostly looks at them...but prefers to watch Shiloh if she has the choice.
Shiloh likes to watch the baby as well, oftentimes she'll drag her stool or a box over to the pack 'n play just to look at Vivi.
They're both pretty interested in each other, and the baby will often pause in her fussing if she sees Shiloh (before I can get to her).
I have to remember these days while they are here, before we get into the complaining "MOM...she's LOOKING at me!" stage. ;-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Successful Shopping

Yesterday was our usual chaotic errand day since DH had off from work. We've really gotten our trips much more organized now with two little ones. We make our shopping list during the week and rarely stray from it, so then if one or both kids are fussy and distracting...we still have the list so we're not without something important because our shopping trip was too long as we remember the list! ;-)

We managed to stop at Wal-Mart, the grocery store, and pick up some take-out in just an hour!
(with taking both kids into the stores!)
So we even decided to tack on an extra trip to the Dollar Store. Vivi wasn't doing well in the sling though....she wanted to be held on my shoulder instead and look around.
When she fell asleep I could put her back into the sling but otherwise it was a little difficult.
At one point I had her in the sling crying away while I held two loaves of bread and two jars of peanut butter and was trying to find my husband who had the shopping cart.

But at the Dollar Store I found the learning posters that I mentioned before that I wanted to get for Shiloh. Wal-Mart had nothing, but the Dollar Store had exactly what I was looking for so I picked her up the Alphabet and Numbers...they also had addition ones, multiplication tables, and learning words and colors.
They are really nice laminated posters too, and Shiloh started counting the numbers as soon as she saw the one poster. ;-)

I needed a new diaper bag and found one that I absolutely love yesterday.
I don't know if the picture shows it very well but it is chocolate brown with pale pink accents. I really love it, and it feels like such a splurge to find something necessary...but also so cute and stylish!
It will go with the girls and their adorable high-tops and hairbows, ringlets and matching outfits....and maybe it will distract people from looking at their Mommy with her under-eye circles and fuzzy slippers that she forgot to change. ;-D

I found a small rubber ball and Shiloh loves, loves, loves it! She was bouncing it all around the house yesterday with her Daddy. He was running around the waxed floor with his socks on chasing the was quite hilarious!
Vivi is smiling and laughing a lot these days. She was sleeping last night and I rubbed her ears to see if they needed cream (she's had a little eczema on her ears) and she would giggle in her sleep everytime I touched her ears. It was so cute. :-)
We watched "Penelope" last night. I thought it was pretty good, I wasn't really sure I wanted to watch it when I saw the previews but it was a nice "real-life" fairy tale. I think I would have liked a little more depth and detail in the story but it was more depth might have lost me, with as many times as we had to pause the movie for diaper changes and crying baby and snack breaks etc. ;-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vaccines and Vacationing

Vivian had her 2 month Dr's Appt. on Thursday.
She is now nearly 10lbs and 22" long, a rough 4lb and 4" gain since her birth, so she's growing great. :)
Vivian received a clean bill of health from the Dr. and he even apologized for all that he put us through at her last appt! I made sure that he noted down her Mongolian spots since they are commonly mistaken for bruises from people who are not familiar with them (which around here, is most everyone)....but if necessary, a quick call to the pediatrician would straighten them out, and even though Vivi's are pretty mild, it's a simple precaution.
Vivian also received her first vaccines...three of them, she understandably wasn't too happy about that. The nurse gave her crayon bandages on both of her little chubby thighs, and I nursed her right afterwards so she quieted very quickly...though her cries did wake up Shiloh who had fallen asleep on her Daddy's shoulder.
That evening though, Vivian ran a temperature up to 100.8 degrees. I gave her Tylenol through the night but it didn't seem to help a great deal, and she just wanted to be held by her Mom most of the night so it was a bit rough.
I crashed on the couch the next morning, when Vivi was feeling better and would let me put her down.
Shiloh climbed onto my back and fell asleep at the same time too so actually it worked out and I could really rest instead of sleeping with one eye open watching her.

We (Me and the girls) spent the weekend at my parents' camp aka: summer home. Went to dinner at a nice buffet, it was the first time I've been to a buffet where I didn't even get up once! I was busy nursing and holding Vivian, and Mom and Dad pampered me by bringing me my plates of food! ;-) They spoil me!
Shiloh actually ate really well there also, she loved the rice pilaf.
The next day we went boating and fishing. I saw some fish in the water, just didn't actually get to see any *in* the boat.
Vivian slept most of the day, lulled by the rocking of the waves and the sound of the boat motor I think...she only woke to eat a few times.
Shiloh took a nap as well, she's funny in that she loved the "Spiderman" life vest and fussed when I started to take it off! Most kids hate to have those things on!
I teased her and told her I was going to toss her in the water and she started counting for me "1...2...whee!" Not an ounce of fear in her. She was practically trying to climb out of the boat into the water. ;-)

I pulled out Shiloh's old tummy-time mat/playcenter for Vivian and Vivi just loves it! She laid there looking at all the toys for quite awhile, happily kicking her legs. I have a few more baby toys I need to pull out for her now.
Soon enough it will be time to bring out the exersaucer and jumper, then it will really look like Toys 'R Us around here.
I thought it was bad already, tripping on Shi's cars and sitting on her dolls. I don't think I've seen anything yet!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I shall call him Squishy

I took Shiloh outside for a bit of sunshine while the baby was napping, we didn't stay out too long since the baby monitor hadn't been charged and started to die on me, plus it was really hot out and we were both wearing jeans!
Shiloh picked tiny yellow flowers (aka: weeds) from the yard...after I showed her how to pick them from the stems and not the petals! ;-)
I let her bring one tiny sprig inside so we could put it into a tiny cup of water. That was the plan anyways!
I put water into a little cup and she dunked the entire flower in...blossom first, then carried around happily, her little wad of soggy vegetation.
She then generous shared with me a few crumpled, damp, leaves that she pulled from it.
So much fun and entertainment from a tiny plant!

Vivian is smiling so much, Shiloh wasn't smiling that much at this age. She was very serious and would frown studying your face so much.
But Vivi is just beaming and starting to coo and laugh a bit.
She even woke up really early this morning....apparently just to smile at me. She was fed, diapered, and didn't want to be put down, she just wanted to smile. :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The chosen one

Well, apparently Shiloh knows more numbers than I thought!
Suddenly she's doing most of the numbers through 13! It still depends on her mood but she knows them, so if I make it fun for her she recites them easily.
She's always surprising me. :)
...and Vivian surprises her, you just had to see her face when she kissed the baby and Vivi licked her! It was priceless! :D

Kind of a rough day today. Shi went to bed about 1/2 hour later than normal last night...yet woke up this morning more than an hour early!
And she was wide-awake too, climbed onto our bed and was bouncing on me...then she crashed into over-tired toddler mode. :p
Vivi was pretty much her normal self, but between the two girls not much got done because you couldn't really start anything that took more than a few minutes without someone crying...or both crying.
Then I feel bad, like I should be able to keep at least one child happy at a time...but sometimes I think they fuel each other.
Shi will definitely be going to bed early tonight, I can tell you! ;-)
*Just put her down now...almost an hour earlier than normal, hopefully that will help tomorrow to be an easier day.

Vivi has been sleeping a solid 4-4 1/2hrs. then wakes about every 2 hrs. after that so she's not been too bad really.
So I was really surprised when my husband was complaining that Vivian is more difficult than Shiloh was...?
Then he explained that he used to come home from work and watch Shi for me so I could take a nap (because I desperately needed it!) and Shiloh was generally pretty good for him but Vivi is not content and easy for all.
I didn't realize how much she is a Mama's girl until the other night when I asked him to hold her just so I could brush my teeth and take out my know, just the bare necessities! ;-)
Vivi fussed the entire time!!
He rocked her and walked and switched positions etc.
I took her back the second I was done, and less than two minutes of just holding her while I was talking to him, she was sound asleep!

Hmmm...she knows who changes her diapers. ;-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Shiloh's favorite part of the Olympics (so far) is the swimming. She thought it was pretty interesting and funny at the same time...I think because they did a close-up of the swimmers and their fish faces as they take a quick breath while swimming. She also applauded loudly for the women's diving. :)

She now counts 1, 2, 5, 9, and 13...I'm not sure what happened to the other numbers. I've been trying to teach her 3 for a long time...but she will say 3 by itself, but when it comes to counting, I usually get "One...Two...pie...Pie...PIE!" ("pie" is 5, in case you didn't guess) ;-) Sometimes we count like "The Count" from Sesame street also...she just loves that!
Tomorrow I am hoping to pick up a poster with the alphabet/numbers/colors etc. on it, if I can find one. They've brought out all the school supplies so I think it's a good time to find them.
Today she was holding her toy phone to Vivian's ear and saying "hello? Hello?" ;-)

Vivi is between 9-10lbs according to our scale!
Her Dr. appt. is next week so we'll find out her exact weight and height then.
It's also her 1st appt. since her whole Hospital drama...eek! Her belly isn't bloated but it still makes me nervous...
I guess it would anyone, since the last visit went from a normal check-up to...horrible, so quickly!

Vivian is not such a hot baby as Shiloh was, and these past few days have been cooler so I've actually been putting her in sleepers and sweaters. Her little feet tend to get cold so lately she's been wearing socks no matter what.
It's rather funny though because I'll have Vivi in a sleeper and blanket to sleep while Shi is in a T-shirt with the fan on! (her room is also a little warmer).
Maybe when they get older they can share a bed and will even out each other's body temperature! Well, it's a thought. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What can make me feel this girls

We've been really enjoying watching the Olympics, though it does tend to infringe on what precious little time I get to sleep!
It's been pretty exciting stuff, the Gymnastics last night was really breath-taking stuff and there were dramatic stunts I've never seen before!
Shi does get bored of it, though she was rooting for players in the basketball game....Soon she is pestering me for "teamwork" (wonderpets) or "we rock" (Disney channel). lol.

Last night while getting ready for her bath, Shi found my nursing breast-pads and started trying to shove them in her shirt! :D
I was surprised she even had an idea what they were, especially since she's not been too interested when I feed the baby.
Then while I was getting things ready to bathe the baby, Shiloh starts helping me and brings me a new diaper for the baby without even being asked!
Her usual job, that she is so proud of, is to throw away the baby's diaper during bath time.
I can't believe how helpful she can be and more importantly, is "trying" to be when she's not even two yet!

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so determined that she learn "please" though! She says it which such pleading and has such a "Puss in Boots" from the Shrek movies look, that she is VERY irresistible!!
"peese melk?" (please milk) "ku-ku, ku-ku, peese...peese...peese" (she's asking for a cookie, that's why she adds all the extra pleases!) ;-)
Shi has been coloring daily too. Now I have actual artwork on my refrigerator! She has a definite preference for her blue/green combo crayon. It's so worn down compared to the other crayons and every page has mostly blue/green colors on it.

I put a 0-3 mos. outfit on Vivi and it fits, I mean really fits! There's only a little room for more growth. How did this happen that she can be out of preemie and not just fitting in newborn but fitting in 0-3mos?
I told my husband that since it was Shi's outfit it must, just has to have, shrunk in the laundry....right?
Shiloh fit into clothes for quite awhile...but Vivian just seems to be going through them like crazy!
She's just filling out so much now, and wow! Pink is definitely her color!
It just makes such a blush on her cheeks and rosebud lips!
She's a good baby too, when she fusses there is usually a her diaper being dirty.
Vivi even woke up early this morning and after I fed her she was still wide-awake, so I just laid her in her bassinet and she just watched her mobile (not even turned on)...grunting away at it until she fell asleep.
I checked on her and I was just amazed! A baby that falls asleep on her own, I didn't know God made these! ;-)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Watching Olympics

We've been watching some of the Olympics when we get a chance.
Saw a bit of the Opening Ceremonies...which was pretty impressive for the most part. I thought the torch was really neat, and people running/dancing side-ways around the globe...looked like there were some other spectacular things that I missed also. But I did see that it must have been pretty hot there in the "Bird's Nest" everyone was perspiring like crazy!

Today, I watched some Women's Handball. That was interesting!
The announcer said that Handball is not common in the USA, so she described it as a bit of Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey. Well, that's something I couldn't picture so I had to see what it really was...pretty accurate description too!

I also watched a bit of Woman's Soccer which was pretty good, there were so many injuries to one team though (Five, just that I saw!) that it almost felt like watching Football!
Except there's a big difference in watching 200-300lb. linebackers crashing into each other and watching women get kicked with cleats!

Shiloh's really learning more words and how to put them together.
She asked for "crayons, please" today...though her pronunciation of "crayons" is something only I would know what she wanted. ;-)
We took her in the wading pool the other day, she loves it so much!
I've started shopping for her birthday presents, it's been fun because there are certain things that she really loves and also there's a wider range of toys available at her age.

Vivian is awake for hours at a time now, she's pretty happy though she prefers to be held when she's awake. She's a cuddler!
She's also filling out and getting adorable chubby cheeks and chunky thighs! ;-)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Now you see it...

I realized today that Shiloh has put me on a "See Food" diet.
She's sees my food and she wants it! Always!
Even when she has just eaten the same thing or just had a full meal....the food looks yummier on Mommy's plate. Must be the whole "grass is always greener on the other side" thing. ;-)

Tonight, I was eating a ham sandwich and of course I hear..
Shiloh: "I-ya I-ya! peese! peese! (please)" pointing at my sandwich
Me: "You're *still* hungry? okay..." hand her 1/2 my sandwich
Shiloh: "tank you" dismantles sandwich immediately, eats the lettuce and says "Mmmm"
She holds the piece of ham out between two fingers "What's this? What's this?"
Me: "It's ham, eat's good!"
Shiloh: "Eeeeewwwwww!" (that's one of her new favorite words) She giggles, then she nibbles a corner of the ham, and says "good! good!"

She's starting to really carry on a conversation!
Shiloh usually says "ew" when I am changing the baby's diapers...apparently she doesn't have the same opinion about her own diapers though!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Bee See!

The other day my husband discovered a bee's nest under our back porch, right near where our water hose connects to the house...and right near the back door.
I'm glad I haven't taken Shi out recently, I can just picture myself trying to get both girls back into the house without getting stung or letting bees in!

It really was fortunate for my husband that the bees were very non-aggressive because when he was trying to get rid of the hive, it was in an awkward spot and he couldn't get away from them easily!
He called me to the backporch to look out the windows and watch his back as they kept swarming toward him...Mind you, he's only in shorts and a T-shirt!
I would tap frantically on the window when I saw the bees start to swarm toward him and he would jump and wave a box that he had flattened to swat them away. (he also had a can of wasp spray)

Well, Shiloh thought that was hysterical!
She soon figured out that when Mommy taps on the window, Daddy does a funny dance around the yard waving a box! So she started tapping on the glass of the door and she's practically rolling on the floor with laughter because she thinks it's so funny to watch Daddy jump around when she does that. ;-D

Then he called me to come outside to see where the bees were, he kept saying "There's no more bees, No more bees"
Of course just then he was dive-bombed! So he's swatting away at them shouting "A lot more bees! A lot more bees!!" :D LOL!!! It was too funny...

All in all, it was a hive of at least 30 bees. But amazingly my husband didn't get stung even once! We have soo many birds around here...everything from ducks, geese, cranes to crows and woodpeckers. Well, my husband swatted a bee with the cardboard and I watched it go up in the air....then a Phoebe bird swooped right down and caught it in mid-flight right near him!
That was pretty neat!

Unfortunately, the rose bushes nearest to the hive lost all...and I do mean ALL...of their leaves due to my husband's frantic swatting at the bees.

Now I have rose sticks.

Of course, thanks to many animated "Bee Story", "Ant Bully", "Antz" etc. etc. I felt rather bad. Poor bees.
But they could/would have stung my I'm over it! ;-)

Friday, August 01, 2008

How puzzling

I've found that I do crossword puzzles because "I" amuse me. It's like when someone says a word and you're supposed to reply with the first thing that comes to your mind.
Well, the first thing that often comes to my mind is so off-the-wall that I end up sitting and giggling while doing my puzzles. :)
For example, in my most recent puzzle:
(BTW: I get the Sunday paper and the crossword lasts me the whole week with the time I have available to work on it!)

1 across: Necessities - Crud, now I've got "The Bare Necessities" song running through my head!
52 across: Guy mowing lawns - Lawnmower man, of course!
30 down: Ice queen Henie - what? An Ice Queen's heinie?, skip that one...
54 down: Lunatics - my I said, it's just the first thing that comes to mind...
55 down: Male sib - ah, there we go! Brother! hee hee!
80 across: Polio conqueror Jonas: okay, I know the answer is "Salk" but really the only time I have ever needed to know that since school is in a crossword puzzle. I mean it never comes up in conversation...
"How cool was that Jonas guy?"
"You mean the Jonas brothers?"
"No the polio guy!"
"What?...What polo guy?"

We took the girls to a playground yesterday for the first time. Vivian slept the entire time, but Shiloh loved it! It was a little hard because they didn't have baby swings so we held her on our laps to swing, and there was no way that Shi could get to the slide herself and it was an adventure to bring her up there....they like to put obstacles to make it more fun for the kids to get from one place to another...but didn't consider the parents who might have to crawl through tunnels and across rope bridges just so their toddler can go down the slide!
Good thing we aren't too big people! ;-)
Actually I really enjoyed the whole are just an excuse to play on a playground without people looking at you strangely! :D

I went to the store yesterday and bought some carpet cleaner, so now I am "really" ready for potty training. ;-)
Speaking of which....guess who used the potty??
Can you guess?? Hmmm.... ;-)

Um, Vivian...yes, my 6wk old is the first to use a potty!
After a pooping hiatus, Vivian released the floodgates!
While I was changing her diaper, she started to go more...a whole lot more, so in a panic I rushed her into the bathroom, and she peed in the toilet!
Yay! ;-)

Today, Vivi was really smiling a ton while I was talking to her. Shiloh was sitting next to me and she turned my head to look at her and said "Mom" very seriously. She did it a couple of times, so I tried to get her to talk to the baby too and she just looked at me like I was nuts and kissed Vivi on the head.
Not sure if it's a little jealousy that I am actually "talking" to the baby or she just thinks that it's silly and babies are just for kissing and *not* for conversation!

I put away a bunch of preemie clothes today, Vivi is growing both in length and height. I put a sundress on her this morning and there was a gap at her belly between the dress and panties and it was snug on her chest. I know she's growing in weight as well, since I carried her a lot in the sling yesterday and I definitely could feel it!