Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning, Shiloh!

This morning, after nursing Vivian and laying her back down, she started bawling. So I scooped her up and sat in the rocking chair with her.
Turns out she had 3 giant burps and after those were out she was fine...and actually fell back asleep until 11:30 this morning!
But my dream of catching a few more minutes of sleep was not to be.
I heard the little jingling of Shiloh's anklet, signaling the start of the day more effectively than any alarm clock.

I can hear her climbing out of her bed and stumbling across the floor.
"Where Dada? Where Dada?" DH sits up in bed and we look at her door.
It bounces a few times.
Shiloh's not awake enough to realize that the door needs to be pulled, not pushed, to open. ;-)
She finally opens the door and heads for our bed, then sees me and the baby still in the rocking chair.
"hi", she beams and holds her hand up in a half-wave and heads for me.
She climbs onto the remaining corner of the rocking chair with me.
"baby" she points at Vivian.
"toes" she holds up her own foot
"toes" she points to Vivian's feet.
"Yes, baby toes" I am not super-conversational when I'm tired but Shi doesn't care.
She launches into a whole spiel of chatter, which try as I might, I am unable to pick even one English word from, rather like listening to Elmo actually...
She punctuates with random giggles and many hand-gestures.
I make little responses like "really?" and "wow" and that seems to be appropriate, judging by her nods and continued chatter.

Last night I made DH a cheese sandwich and I added an extra slice of bread with butter because he likes that, plus Shiloh is always nibbling on whatever food we eat.
Well, he had to take a phone call and Shiloh kept pointing to the sandwich and saying "Dada? Dada?" so I told her yes, it was Dada's sandwich but she could eat the slice of bread on top...thinking that she'd just eat a few bites and run off to play.
She ate the entire slice of bread and then half of the sandwich! (she did ask again) Honestly, I do feed her! Actually she had just eaten a little before he came home which is why I didn't think she'd eat much.

Today she was shaking the baby's hand and saying "Hi, hah ah you?" (how are you) It was too cute.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't blame the blogger if the song is stuck in your head!

Shiloh has loved the latest bag of Evelyn's outgrown outfits.
Her favorites have to be the Elmo Christmas pajamas...which she's wearing now, (never mind the fact that we are still quite a ways from Christmas!) she keeps pointing and saying "Elmo, Elmo"

Another favorite are the "daygo deekers" yes, she was quite thrilled to discover those.
She came running to me, so excited, saying "deekers! deekers!" over and over.
"Sneakers? Sneakers?" (how does she even know sneakers? I think I say shoes, don't I? well, I guess she knows.)
"deekers!" okay...sneakers, I got it.
She runs and grabs the sneakers and points to the picture on the side of Diego.
Ohh...Diego Sneakers!
"daygo deekers!"

I'm not sure why she is so excited about the "daygo deekers" since we don't even watch the show, and actually she's shown no interest in it. I must say the show's theme song is annoyingly addictive...especially since it's only two words "Go Diego" repeated.
In the two seconds it takes for you to lunge for the remote to change the channel or push the power button...the song has embedded itself in your head.
Then it creeps into your daily life. Paying bills, (go diego, go!) while shopping, taking a shower, humming it in the car...oh crud, the bank tellers can hear you in the drive-thru, can't they...

Shi and I were playing with a combo of her toys today. Her dollhouse with its people, the Wonderpets playsets, and her blocks.
We evacuated the people on block bridges to the dollhouse, because of flooding...Shi-Shi didn't quite understand this but was very excited when I made her toy horses climb to the rooftop of her dollhouse.
The plan was for the Wonderpets to save the day...but Hurricane Shiloh changed the plan and locked the Wonderpets in the secret attic compartment of her dollhouse...leaving all the stranded flood victims to wait for FEMA to help them instead. They're still waiting...

I still felt bad about the melon cake disappointing Shiloh so much. So I decided to make some cupcakes.
(BTW: It's only because Vivian is such a good baby and is napping well due to a growth spurt, that I'm able to get these things done with two kids!).
I decided on strawberry cake with chocolate frosting (because strawberry cake with regular frosting is the same to me as cake with melon to there has to be chocolate somewhere!)
I did add almond extract instead of vanilla to the frosting to give it that cherry/chocolate flavor.
The cake batter is supposed to make 24 cupcakes though and I only have one 12-cup pan, so I made 12 cupcakes and one 8" round cake.
It worked well though.
Shi enjoyed them immensely too, she kept saying "yum!" :-)

Vivi started trying to stand a bit in her exersaucer today! It really was the first time she wasn't just propped in there sucking her fist.
She was pretty excited about it, jabbering away. I tried to catch it on camera but she has a "deer-in-the-headlights" reaction to seeing a camera and is just mesmerized by it. She also stops when I get close to her, because she's trying to focus on me instead.
She's not trying to roll yet, but she doesn't get a whole lot of "tummy time" because it becomes "nose to nose with Shiloh" time instead.
Shi is just as fascinated with Vivian as she was the first day we brought her home.

Me too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hi! Hah ah you?

Shiloh is such a character!

The other day I was scooping up a small dish of ice cream, so Shiloh was all excited about it and kept saying "Good Girl! Good Girl" over and over. I'm just not sure if she was calling me a good girl for getting ice cream out or just letting me know that she was a good girl and deserved ice cream. :-)
Today she kept coming over to me and asking how I was...but she says it "Hi! Hah ah you?" it's too cute.

Then Shiloh was looking at her Daddy and with her fingers she kept moving her chin and bottom lip...then she'd laugh like it was the most hysterical thing in the world. It took me a second to realize that she was copying me when I jiggle Vivian's chin to make her smile.

DH brought us back some birthday cake from work, the other day. As soon as I saw it I knew Shi probably wouldn't like it. It was a pretty and fancy cake, decorated with white frosting, even fruit in between the layers but the clincher to Shiloh not liking it was the melon decorating the top and mixed in with the fruit.
Nice honeydew and cantaloupe melon balls, so pretty on the top.
But just like her Dad, she dislikes melon.
After a taste, she wouldn't even touch the cake, I felt a little bad because she was so excited when she first saw it and kept asking "cake? cake?" every time we opened the fridge.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Fall!

So...a math question for you.
If you take two kids, who are each up 4 times separately during the much sleep does that equal for their Mother?

Not quite sure what was going on last night...
Vivian likes her sleep...she's been sleeping in during the mornings, so last night I put her down as early as she would let me, she cluster feeds before bed and kept waking as soon as I would lay her down because she wasn't "full" enough yet. Still I managed to get her down about 1 1/2hrs before Shi goes to bed, so not too bad.
Despite waking during the night more times than normal to eat, she's still sleeping and it's going on 13 1/2hrs now!
Hmm, a girl after my own heart! Probably a growth spurt actually...
Now if I could just follow the recommendation to sleep when the baby sleeps, I'd be all set!

I just discovered the times that "Sesame Street" is on this week, so I've been letting Shiloh watch that, because I remember learning so much from it as a child. Shi is interested as long as "Elmo" is on, or a similar looking monster (I don't know all their names yet).
Otherwise she's off playing somewhere...or worse chanting "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo" impatiently through one of their other skits.
I bought her a toothbrush with a picture Elmo on it...helps so much with a toddler who isn't crazy about having her teeth brushed!

I have been giving Shiloh the job of throwing diapers away. She likes our trash can because it's a low one that you step on a lever and the lid she gets excited when I ask her to throw anything away.
I thought maybe it would make her feel important to have her own little job and way to help me. She always has to say "good girl" after she does her job, and I lavish her with praise too.
I don't stop her if she's playing or something to toss out the baby's diaper, so yesterday I was walking to throw out one of Vivi's diapers and Shi came flying into the room and had to take it from me to throw it away herself!
She does like her job, I guess we have an official diaper tosser here!

Shiloh also will eagerly throw out diapers in other areas of the house also...even though those trash cans are boring. ;-)
Hard to believe that the first day of Fall was yesterday.
Where did my summer go?
I've been drinking hot apple cider, and made an apple pie...but I'm still not feeling it. Maybe I need something pumpkin?
Actually I don't think it counts until the leaves start changing anyways. ;-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

New things for Vivi

Yesterday was our usual crazy errand day, and even though it was a little crazier than usual...we still managed to make some space in our bedroom, clean out the space, clean the crib, buy a mattress, set up the crib and bedding so that Vivian could sleep in the crib and stop squishing herself at the top of her bassinet.
It was a very chilly night, but she still slept really well!
The Angelcare monitor did go off during the night, but I had told myself that it might now that she was in the crib and could move away from the sensor.
I checked on her, of course, and she was sleeping peacefully even through the blare of the alarm.
Actually everyone except for me slept through it...I think my husband just thought that I had forgot to turn off the monitor when I picked up Vivi (its happened before)
I went to check on Shiloh and make sure she was covered and warm, as long as I was awake. She was all cuddled up sleeping *on* her pillow. Her mattress was a little too cold for her I guess (plastic crib mattress)...but she was just as hot as could be on her pillow.
I covered her up and she instantly kicked the blanket off.
Just soo Shiloh! ;-)
I put a nice comforter on the mattress for her to lay on tonight, so hopefully she'll be a little more comfortable.
I also pulled out the exersaucer and scrubbed that up for Vivian. She's still young for it, and not as busy a child as Shiloh. She did managed to get one toy spinning repeatedly and was pretty interested in that.
But mostly she watches Shiloh play and run around or watches me.
Vivian started to get fussy in the cradle hold of the sling while we were shopping yesterday.
So she's just barely old enough to try a couple of other holds, which would depend on her head strength. I put her tummy to tummy and she did great...looked around for a bit and fell right asleep! yay!
I'm so glad I can still use the sling with her, and I'm going to keep making an effort to because it makes things so much easier with two children...apparently a lot of moms and grandmas think so also because I seem to get a lot of comments to that effect when we are out and about.
I had Shiloh helping me with Thank-you cards today. Putting her personal touch on them...mostly only blue and purple crayon, those are her favorites as the pictures I have hanging around the kitchen will attest.
She drew a lot for Grama and Granpa...then she became like a celebrity and would just sign a quick autograph and hand it back.
"Is that all? This is for Aunt Heather..." she took it back and added a couple more marks.
"All done?"
Thank you, the exit is to the left.... ;-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A 3 month old and a 2 year old

3 months already?!
Yes, Vivian is 3 months old today.
She's such a happy, contented baby...and growing so fast!
We're just using up the last of the size 1 diapers and then she'll be going into size 2's...
I can't believe how talkative she is, whenever I am chatting with her she's always responding with smiles and coos and even little laughs...I think she'll be talking early if she continues like this.
Not so grunty anymore either. ;-)

Vivi didn't sleep so well last night, her newly-found talent of being able to scoot forward kept waking her up (and then she'd wake me up) because she'd be squished at the top of the bassinet again.
So I'd have to move her back down, but even though she wasn't fully awake she decided as long as I was....well why not have an early breakfast? or late dinner? I'm not sure, it was the wee, wee, hours of the night anyways.
I guess it's time for her to be moving into the crib.
Man, these babies are growing up too fast on me!

Shiloh (and I ) have been having a fun time playing with her new toys. DH and I bought her a block set, so we've been making houses and bridges and towers....then putting her Wonderpets figurines in and on them. Shi cheers every time she gets some blocks stacked up. :)
Today, Shiloh is not interested in knowing the names of the Wonderpets...they are all "Ming Ming".
Both girls were fake coughing for my the same time, they hear each other so that keeps them going.
Then Shi-Shi is smelling Vivian's feet and going "phew! phew!" we were tickling Vivi's stinky toes and she's giggling away. lol.

Monday, September 15, 2008

And the flag was still there...

Last night was so windy here. We had the windows open because it was also pretty warm, and the wind made it very noisy!
I think I was the only one really woken by it though...I kept hearing sirens along with all the wind noise.
I didn't realize that we were receiving the remnant winds from Hurricane Ike!
I'm glad I brought my throw rug in that I had hanging on the line last night....if I had left it overnight it wouldn't have been there this morning.
The next door neighbors lost the cover off of their bbq grill, but that wasn't the worst wind we've received. They once had their big Adirondack chairs tossed into our yard.
I kept looking out my bedroom window at the neighbor's flag on their porch to see how windy it was and to see if there was debris blowing in the street.

The girls slept great though, tired from all of the excitement of Shiloh's birthday. Vivian even slept in while we went down for breakfast, an extra 2 hours!
When I went to get her, she was upset though, she had scooted forward for the first time in her bassinet and was all scrunched at the top, and not very happy about it!

Shiloh had a wonderful birthday party. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it.
She received a lot of "Wonderpets" toys, books, and coloring book...I think Shiloh alone might keep that show on the air from having so much of their merchandise!
Heather did a wonderful job making the WP cake...I certainly am not talented enough to even attempt to recreate guinea pig fur with frosting! :)
Shiloh is totally enjoying playing with her WP figurines today, she even made her Daddy kiss them goodbye this morning when he kissed her.
Fortunately he always adds a few minutes to say goodbye to his morning routine because she tends to drag it out and never is just one kiss enough.
...and that includes kisses for her toys!

I've certainly had an amazing and wonderful two years of motherhood...not counting the 9mos of pregnancy which pushes it closer to 3yrs. actually.
Shiloh is so sweet, daring, adventurous, loving, helpful...and she continually amazes me at how much of a good big sister she can be at her tender age.
She really enriches my life just by being in it. :)
We've had our bumps, and bruises, fingers getting stuck in various items (repeatedly) and...hairbands up the nose!
Gone from gassy newborn stage to independent toddler stage....tummy time to painting toenails, and there's never been a dull moment around my girl! ;-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Shiloh!!

A few pictures from Shiloh's birthday party today!

Birthday sign that she colored....

The "Wonderpets" Cake that Aunt Heather made, she's soo talented! (that's Tuck, Linny, and Ming-Ming for those who aren't familiar with WP's) ;-)
Enjoying her cake and ice cream (all chocolate of course!) ;-)
Diving into the presents!! Some of the opened gifts...everyone spoiled her! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The nose is not a pocket

So Shiloh had her Dr's appt. early this morning for her runny/stuffy nose.
Thankfully they got us in pretty quickly and her Daddy was only slightly late for work.
The problem with her nose...............a tiny yellow hairband!

At least that's what I think it was when the Dr. removed it. They thought it was a piece of paper, but said it's hard to tell after it's been in the nose for awhile.
She doesn't need any antibiotics since it was a soft item, and said her nose might still be runny for a couple of days but otherwise it should be fine.

I kept doing research and yesterday I decided that there *had* to be something in there that I just couldn't see. I even used a bulb syringe but couldn't get anything. She really rarely puts anything in her nose, she went through about a week or so of putting paper, & tissues in there (probably when this occurred) but since then, hasn't bothered with her nose at all....but I guess that's all it took...
The Dr. said as soon as I told him her symptoms that he knew there had to be something in there as well. (Then I wish he had listened better to my message last week!)
I kept telling DH that I thought her nose was stinky and he said it wasn't, so okay...maybe I'm overly sensitive, lingering pregnancy nose or something. Yeah...don't think I'll be asking him if the milk smells okay anymore!!!!

Anyways, Shiloh behaved sooooo well! She kept kissing Vivian in the waiting room, and Vivi was all smiles, just so sweet!
Her Daddy held Shiloh while the Dr. examined her and she looked at me nervously so I made a funny face and she smiled and giggled at me.
Then we had to hold her down for the extraction, DH held her arms and I held her head and she didn't so much as whine or even shed a tear! Don't know what happened to my feisty girl but she was an angel! The Dr. kept saying over and over how good she was.

BTW: The Dr. said this is the age and yesterday he had to remove a bead from a toddler's ear.

Shiloh's new expression is "Oh, Man!" copying her Daddy. Kind of funny, but she rarely uses it in context. She'll just be reading a book and saying "Oh, Man!" over and over...but she does say with the same tone and expression as her Daddy so it's pretty funny. :-D
Vivian laughed last night...really laughed.
After I put Shiloh to bed, Vivi was wide awake and happy so I was talking to her and showing her Daddy how she thinks it's funny if I wave her hands and pretend that she's bopping my face.
She was beaming and cooing at me. Then I put her fist to her mouth (she likes to suck on her fist) and pulled it away quickly and she started laughing!
Sooo incredibly sweet!
I always get emotional at this age when the just start smiling and laughing at you...probably confuses them terribly when they are so happy and Mommy is getting all emotional!
Ugh...hormones! ;-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is 9/11
It's hard to believe that it's been 7 years since the terrorist attacks, it's still so fresh in my memory...
We need to buy a new flag for our porch, ours has been through several summers and a hailstorm and they've taken their toll. We just get so much wind here though during a storm that it's already bent our flagpole quite a bit...
The temperatures have been really dropping, won't be long before the leaves start turning color here.

Just three days until Shiloh's 2nd birthday!
We practiced blowing out candles the other day and she did great, so I think she's prepared. ;-) We've also been singing "Happy Birthday" but we sing that all the time anyways, she likes it.
Tomorrow morning she has a Dr. appt. to check on why her nose has been stuffy/runny for going on 6wks now.
Hopefully the Dr. will be able to give us something to clear it up quickly and everything goes smoothly. I know she going to hate the appt. but she's not getting better so it's time to get it checked out.

Vivian has been going through a growth spurt, I think.
She wants to be nursing 24/7!
It was actually funny yesterday evening, because she fell asleep while nursing so I unlatched her and instantly her face crumpled and she was just devastated and burst into tears.
I let her latch on again and a couple of gulps later she fell asleep again.
O-k-a-y, so sleeping does not mean "done". ;-)
Vivi's even been "talking" to me while nursing, she doesn't want to let go for anything!
She's already growing out of clothes like crazy...but on second thought her frequent feedings could help me to fit into mine...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Honey do

Shiloh turns TWO next Sunday.
It's hard to believe how fast time flies when you have children...It seems like I was just changing her diapers and cuddling her in bed.
Oh yeah, I just was! ;-)
She's always been such a tiny girl, I think it's just having Vivian around that makes her seem bigger.

I rearranged Shiloh's bed yesterday, hoping that turning it will help her sleep better and longer...less light shining on her from the windows. I also covered the windows more, she just doesn't want to spend much time sleeping when there is a whole new exciting day awaiting her. So hopefully covering her windows better will just help her day start a little later!
When I was moving her furniture, we found a cat book of Shiloh's that had fallen behind the changing table. She was so excited and kept saying "cat" and pointing to the cat on the cover of the book.
Yay, something to keep her busy and out of the way while I am moving furniture, right?
Next thing I know she is meowing loudly and keeps touching me with the book...giggling between her meows.
She was pretending that the cat on the book cover is attacking me...or wants petting or something. :)

We've had a lot of fun pretending with books, she loves to look at them but doesn't want them read to her. So we pretend to smell the flowers, pet the animals, and her favorite is to pretend to eat the pictures of food. :)

I took both girls outside this afternoon. Shiloh loved it and found a pine cone that she carried around the rest of the afternoon. :)
Vivian didn't enjoy it as much though, too bright for her.

I told my husband last night that I had made him a list of things to do before Shiloh's party next week. It was mostly just things that he had told me he wanted to do, so I wrote them down so he wouldn't forget.
I'm in the other room and I can hear him complaining "What? There's like a million things on here! I don't have any time to do all this!"
So I walk back into the kitchen, and I see the problem right away...
"Okay, calm down. You picked up the wrong list."
I hand him his list of 5 chores.
"This list is yours....that list is mine"

I think I have found the secret of getting the "Honey do" list to work...put it next to a list of things that you have to do! ;-)
Not that my husband usually complains though about anything I ask him to do, he's very helpful. :) ...just always strapped for time!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The munchkins are melting!

It's been so hot and humid the past couple days that the Dunkin Donuts Munchkins we bought had to be put into the fridge...or our bellies! ;-)
The glaze was melting right off them.
They're still tasty though! I gave Shiloh a blueberry one while I took a chocolate one and she just looked at me...then handed me her blueberry munchkin and stole my chocolate one right out of my hand and ate it.
Hmph! I'm used to having the chocolate ones all to myself since DH doesn't care for them.
This could be a serious problem! ;-)

Shiloh has had a runny/stuffy nose for roughly 4wks now.
I gave her Benadryl yesterday, but it just knocked her out and didn't help her nose at all. She acted like it was just making her miserable so I called her Pediatrician and he wants her taking Dimetapp this weekend and for me to call him if she's not improved.
I ran out this morning and picked up the Dimetapp when DH was home and could watch the kids. She's only had one dose so far but I hope it helps her.

So weird though, to be driving and go to the store completely by myself. I can't remember the last time I was totally alone like that. It really was like some parts of me were missing! It was so sweet to see my husband cuddling Vivian as he opened the door for me at home.
It just reminded me that nothing compares with what I have at home. :)

Vivian has just started sleeping much better at night. The other night she slept through from 11:30-6:30am. 7 hours between feedings! :)
It amazed me because she just went from 3-4 1/2 hr. spacing every night to suddenly 7 hours! She did majorly cluster-feed before falling asleep but it was totally worth it!
Even last night, she went 6hrs. so still good. I really hope it continues!

I had an encounter with a centipede the other day, it was a house centipede. I'm not going to include a picture because I like to look at my blog and I don't want to be freaked out by seeing one on if you are curious and don't know what they are you'll have to look it up yourself.
Anyways, the kamikaze centipede dropped out of the cupboard and landed...ON ME!
Much screaming and stripping of clothes, I could feel its million legs on me for days after...the horror, oh the horror.
So I bought out the store of their sticky traps and bug spray...then spent a good part of yesterday clearing the shelves, stripping them of their 60's ruffled border that had concealed the centipede, scrubbing them and setting traps.
It bummed me out because I'm constantly cleaning and yet it's nearly impossible to be completely rid of pests like them in your house.
Today it's raining, which is weather that they like too. :(

I made tacos last night, with ground turkey meat and I added green peppers right into the meat. Shiloh didn't even notice them and ate them up!
She wouldn't eat the chopped tomatoes win some, you lose some.
I even found some multi-grain tortillas and they are so good!

PS: Good luck on your test, Mom! :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Compliments from a Chef

My compliments from the Chef.

Last night...
DH: I brought home some tofu.
Me: Okay.
DH: It's really fresh, so your skin.
Me: Like my skin? Are you saying, I have skin as soft as tofu? :D
DH: Yes, feel it! It feels like your skin. My skin feels more like broccoli...but yours is soft like Tofu!

Okay, I was laughing so hard. It was just so romantic!
My skin is soft as Tofu....can't you just feel the poetry that it inspires? ;-)

"Tomatoes are Red,
Berries are Blue,
I have some Tofu,
It feels like You!"
Anyways, Vivian started with the fake cough this morning. ;-)
She's 11wks old, so I guess it's the age!
She coughed this morning while I was holding her, so I said (rather well as my acting skills allow me) "Oh my! Are you alright?"
Vivi beamed at me, then started with the little fake cough to see if she could get a reaction.
It's so adorable when they learn to interact with you.
Last night she was talking/cooing away to me...she has a lot to say!

Shiloh likes to wear her hairbands around her wrist now...copying me.
I wish she would leave them in her hair instead, but it really is the next best thing because when I need to tie up her hair, I know where to find a tie.

I think it looks pretty cute too. :-)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!
Actually I consider it that I had my "Labor" day in June already, so today is more "enjoying-the-fruits-of-my-labor" day. ;-)

Vivian is such a happy and content baby. It's pretty easy to get a smile from her. :-) Even though she wants a very wet or messy diaper changed right away, she will wail if you just wash her face off....she hates that.
Though if the cloth is warm enough I've found she won't fuss. I just don't always have time to warm the cloth adequately! ;-)
Today I had her in a sleeper, while we were all in shorts and T-shirts...Shi was in a sleeveless dress. Even in a sleeper her hands will get cold, so I usually have her dressed warmer than very different from Shiloh who has always been just a walking oven!
Hopefully she will be easier to keep comfortable than her sister, who usually seems too hot.
And boy, I just love how she gives these little happy sighs and "Mmm" sounds while nursing. :) ....then back to her usual grunting. ;)

Vivi was just fussing so I was walking around with her and said to Shiloh "Shi, the baby is fussing". Shi said "uh oh" then puckered her lips to give Vivian a kiss.
So cute! But I had to tell her, she could kiss her after she finished eating so Vivi didn't get a buttery, cheese kiss. :)

This blog is taking me about three hours to write....maybe it is labor day after all because the bosses don't like me playing on the computer during working hours. ;-)

Vivian is 11wks today and holding her head really well. Now I can prop her on my legs and she can watch Shiloh dance around the living room...Shiloh is much more fascinating than any television program or toy around here!
Give Vivi her fist to suck, and she's as happy as a movie-goer with a bucket of popcorn! :)