Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bouncing baby girl

We had a pretty busy day yesterday.
First we had to wake up early and get the girls ready and fed, so we could meet our Realtor and DH's Aunt for another walk-thru at the house we are in the process of buying.
I feel nervous even mentioning it, like everything will fall through if I talk about it or think about it too much before every "t" is crossed and "i" dotted.
There are so many new and modern features in the house and I don't know, I feel like I'm not deserving or wealthy or modern enough to really have them.
There is just so much paperwork too and then getting into a process of selling this house, too much to think about really.
A lot different than the last time(s) I moved too, moving one room's contents to an entire house is much different than moving an entire household with two babies.

The Realtor loves the girls though, she's a nice lady in her 60's. Shiloh warmed up to her surprisingly fast, and she offered to hold Vivian while I went around the rooms yesterday. Vivi was fine for quite awhile, until she saw me come back downstairs....then apparently it hit her that Mama was not holding her and she was quite upset. Took me a little while to calm her down but as soon as she did she was sound asleep.

Then we had to run to the grocery store and everyone was hungry but since it was only about 10:30am at that time we just picked up some McD's breakfast and brought that home.
I gave Shiloh half of an Egg McMuffin, then remembered that she doesn't like eggs at all...but it's McD's right? So maybe....

She took a big bite and made a horrible face and spit out every little piece!
What a kid!

DH and I also did more cleaning and tossing out junk which took quite awhile. I remember reading that some cleaning guides (How to clean your house in 10 days or something? lol) tell you it's good to clean your house once in awhile like you were preparing to move.
Yeah, not happening.
Especially with children around, it's taking me days just to toss things room by room, and it's not exactly garage sale season either.

My real highlight yesterday was when Vivian figured out how to bounce in the doorway jumper! Shiloh was busy coloring so Vivi didn't have her "help" and figured it out on her own.
Just seeing the proud and delighted expression on her face as she practiced her new found skill was priceless and everything else fades in comparison. :D

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second Tooth!!

Yes, Vivian's 2nd tooth has already broken through!
She's dealing with it pretty well, the diapers are extremely messy, but she's only needing Tylenol once a day on average.
Usually my first sign that she needs Tylenol is when she starts refusing to nurse and I can tell she really wants to eat, but as soon as she bites down, she starts fussing and crying.
Vivi is also talking, yelling, cooing up a storm! So noisy! Lol, just ask anyone who has tried to have a phone conversation with me in the past few days!

Shiloh is learning and talking so much more. She now recognizes numbers and will start counting them on her far as I can tell she recognizes at least 1-5.
She tells me "care-full" (emphasis on each word) each time I need to climb the step ladder.
Yesterday she was playing with the shower curtain, pulling it closed and asking "where shower? where go?" then she opens the curtain "there it is! Ta da!".
Then Vivi had a very noisy poop. Shiloh heard her and told me "Uh Oh! Baby Poop-Ted! Baby Poop-Ted! Ew! Yucky!"
I am loving this new communicating stage. :)
Last night she grabbed a bottle of cough syrup that DH was throwing away, it had a child-proof cap so she brought it to me saying "doose? doose?" (juice)
I told her no, it's not juice it's very yucky.
So she's walking around with the bottle going "doose yucky, doose yucky" lol.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Tooth!!

Vivian is getting her first tooth!

I totally wasn't expecting her to get one this early. Shiloh didn't get her first tooth until she was 8 months old....and Shiloh is still working on those last molars.
Yes, I have two children who are teething now.
scary, scary, scary...
Vivi's diapers from teething are scary on their own. She went through 5? outfits in just a couple days.
Yesterday she was feeling quite bad and I had to keep the Tylenol flowing and she was even refusing to nurse (I've never had that happen before).
But she slept well last night and hasn't needed Tylenol today and has only gone through one outfit, so far.
She does still have everything in a 2 ft. radius completely soaked with drool and is chomping away on her hands like they're pretty delicious.
Looks like both bottom teeth are making their way out.

I'm a bit sad to lose the gummy grin so quickly, even though little toothers are very cute. She's already been biting down hard while nursing but hopefully she'll learn not to do that quickly...not that I haven't nursed through teeth before.

Had a great weekend visiting with my family, able to have the helpful mothering hands of my sister and Mom to help with comforting, a teething Vivian.
We enjoyed great pots of homemade chowder and Shiloh chased her cousins everywhere...I couldn't ask for a better way to spend a rainy day or two. ;-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One can never have too many hats

Out of necessity, due to the rapidly dropping temperatures here and equally rapid hair loss on baby Vivian's head, she's been wearing hats a lot.

But it's a fun necessity.
Hats can be so stylish and accessorize so much, I've been enjoying dressing Vivi up.
I've already bought her two new hats in just one week, and I have plans to make her some more...if I can find the free time.
(I've already been using my spare time doing some deep cleaning of the house, room by room whenever Vivi is napping.)

"With the right hat, nothing else matters." ~ LaPaloma Hats
"Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special." ~ Margo Nickel

"When my Mother first dressed me in a hat as if I were a Lady, I owned the title."
"We just know inside that we're queens, and these are the crowns we wear." ~Felecia McMillan

"When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, With a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me... " ~ Jenny Joseph
Of course, Shiloh likes to put her own spin on hat wearing trends...the cap has been worn forwards...then backwards...then sideways.
Now...Ta da! The over-the-face look! ;-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The teddy bear hates me...

...but on the other hand, Vivian is probably pretty happy.
Vivi was having a rough day, yesterday.
She had a lingering runny nose from her cold, and was warm and fussy from her vaccines. She just wanted her Mama to be holding her at all times...even when she was sleeping.
So I decided to bring out the doorway jumper to distract her a bit. Vivian is still a little tiny for it, one of her feet barely brushes the floor even on the lowest there no actual jumping or moving herself going to happen soon.

That's where the big sister comes in. So Shi gently pushed the jumper and bounced it a little for Vivian (I had a hand on it the whole time to control it).
Then she began walking in circles turning it...after several rotations, even though they were slow, I decided to remove Vivi from the jumper so she wouldn't woof her cookies.
Shiloh burst into tears when I took the baby out, so I quickly grabbed a teddy bear and placed him in the bouncer instead.
Then I could really see how gentle Shi was being with the baby, because teddy didn't get the same treatment.
He quickly became dizzy and fell out the leg hole onto the floor.
His ride wasn't over though, and he was unceremoniously put back into the bouncer....head first.
After several minutes he was fighting to keep his fiberfil down, thankfully he was successful in that endeavor. Soon enough (or perhaps not?) Shi became bored and left teddy shooting death glares at me from his black stitched-on eyes.
Yep, teddy's not too fond of me today....just wait until he goes on the wonderful water park ride of the washing machine!

Shiloh loves her baby sister so much! It was such a Hallmark moment the other day, when out of the blue she came over to Vivian and said "Hi Baby, I wuv you" and gave her a kiss.
Oh, I melted!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Girls' Dr. Appt. today...

Just a quick update...

The girls had their Doctors appt. this morning.
Shiloh didn't need any vaccines except her Flu shot (if we wanted)...but then they checked and the vaccine hadn't come in yet, so she can get that in December when Vivian gets hers.

Shiloh weighs 24.4lbs and is 32 1/2" tall.

Vivian received boosters of last times vaccines, which since she ran a fever then, means she is likely to run one again. :(
The Dr. took the time to answer my many questions (mostly regarding Shi) and Vivi received her three shots.

Vivi weighs 13lbs 1oz. and is 23 1/2" long...actually almost identical to Shiloh at the same age.

Gotta go!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life is like a song

Unfortunately, Vivi caught the cold as well. She woke up yesterday morning with a very runny nose.
She seems to be doing okay as long as she doesn't lay on her tummy, which is her preferred sleeping position. So last night she slept inclined in the baby rocking chair and that worked well, we'll probably do the same tonight since she couldn't sleep on her belly for her naps today either.
Shiloh also put me through the wringer yesterday.
When DH came home, he asked "Did you check her teeth?"
dun-Dun-DUN!! (cue scary music)

I checked her mouth when I brushed her teeth last night, and I can see and feel the start of one of her 2 year old molars coming in.
It won't be arriving soon, that's for sure, but it's working its way out.
So teething, on top of a cold, equals a 2yr. old that freaks out in the bathtub because she pulled her bandaid off of her toe and can't put it back on.
Seriously....her whole world came crashing down at that moment.
I was washing Vivian and I ended up having to just wrap the baby in a towel so I could get Shiloh out of the tub and properly bandage her toe again.

Amazing how Moms can align the planets and get their child's world revolving again. I'm just glad she's at an age where a simple bandage works...even if only for a minute.
I always think it's funny that on difficult days I will catch myself humming/singing "Mama said there'd be days like this"......yesterday I caught myself humming "Precious Lord, take my hand".
Yeah, it was rough. ;-)

Shi is learning so much, she just absorbs it all in, then surprises me.
Tonight she counted "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11,13,14" she only missed a few!
She now says "why, why" after she eats, meaning she wants her hands washed or "wiped" off.
The other day she fell asleep while "reading" the Yellow pages, it was too cute.

Vivian turns 4 months tomorrow. She is just the happiest little person, always gives me a big smile.
Her hand/eye coordination is getting so good. She's spinning toys and moving them, and even purposefully grabbing my hand or arm...or even Shi's hair if she gets the chance! Tonight she got so excited by a little flashing blue light on the laptop...she was coooing away and had her arms and legs going! :)

The girls both have a Dr. appt. tomorrow. I think they're both supposed to get vaccines as well but we'll see how they're feeling.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bandaids and bruises

Yuck, Shiloh and I were feeling pretty cruddy today.
She didn't sleep too well last night, and spent part of it in our bed, then this morning her nose was runny and her eyes watery and she just looked...sick.
Poor little thing. :(
We had to run to the grocery store this morning, so I hung out in the car with the girls and the tissues, and Shiloh watched a movie while DH shopped.

When we got home I went to nurse Vivian and saw that her bottom lip is slightly bruised. Probably I am the only one that would notice it, but my poor baby! She spent a little time in the exersaucer this morning, and with her wanting to practice standing, I think she must have bumped it then despite being padded with a blanket.
She didn't fuss though.
So while I'm feeding Vivian, Shiloh climbs on the couch next to me and she fussing with her toes and says "uh oh" and she's pulling her big toenail and it's ripping off, not bleeding though.
I told her not to touch it and put a bandaid over her whole toe.
Shiloh was so fascinated by the bandage that she started walking backwards everywhere so that she could watch her bandaid toe while she walked!
Yep, it's still following me! ;-)

I made some chicken soup for Shiloh and I for dinner. DH had picked up a can with goldfish shaped noodles in them.
Once I pointed those out to Shiloh, she was very into eating the soup, she kept going "Yum, yum...Fish!"
She ate pretty good too, even considering how exhausting it is to eat when you can't breathe.
I didn't get a nap today since Vivi wanted to talk to me while she had me all to herself and Shiloh was napping.
She coos and has so much to say, I don't know how she has so much to talk about when she's only been around for a short while.
She also wanted to practice her sitting and standing, and she is just sooo proud of herself when she stands.
Like she's Queen of the mountain or something!
Then her legs quiver and shake, she's trying so hard! She'll sit for a second and wants to try again.
Don't grow too quickly, my baby.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sick day

Shiloh has now caught the cold as well. :(
I guess if there is one good thing to come from her sticking a hairband up her nose, it's that I now have Dimetapp in the house and know the appropriate dosage for her.
She's pretty happy despite the cold, though she didn't take much of a nap. Hopefully I can get her tucked in tonight a little earlier.
Shi-Shi's such a character.
I hand her tissues (to keep her from emptying the box) and while she wiping her nose, she makes a noise like she's blowing her nose...or what she thinks it sounds like anyways.
It's so funny.

We took a bunch of coloring books to our sunny back porch and spent awhile coloring. Kind of a good way to spend some time when you have a cold and don't want to think too hard.
Shi has now switched to liking the color red. So now that's all she'll use, and I have entirely red artwork on the fridge.

Vivi wanted to try standing today. She has a lot of power in those chunky thighs. ;-) Maybe I'll be pulling out the jumper for her soon...
She also got a lot of floor time while Shiloh was napping, and she was very torn between looking at a bright blue ball or rapidly deflating helium balloons.

I found this video, and thought it was cute...though I have to say, most of the women I know tend to be waiting on their men instead of vice versus!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay, who pushed the mute button?

Hand-clapping, foot stomping, fingers snapping.
No, I'm not enjoying music...
Somehow I've caught a cold and lost my voice, so I've had to find other ways to get my daughter's attention. ;-)
It hasn't been too difficult though, Shi has been very good.

Today is a gorgeous day so while Vivi was napping I took Shiloh out in the backyard to enjoy the sunshine and warmth.
She wanted bubbles, but it was a little too breezy to really enjoy them. They kept blowing right back in my face and I was just plastered with bubbles.
Even after I changed positions the wind would blow the bubbles way over Shiloh's head before she had a chance to touch them and then shift and I'd be covered in bubbles and bubble soap again. Kamikaze attack bubbles!
After the cold and rainy weather we've been having...and know is just around the corner again, it's just so refreshing to enjoy such a beautiful day and even open the windows.

I took lots of pictures and just tried to drink it all in before we're in the midst of winter.

We had to go buy Vivian some size 3 diapers the other day after I had to change her outfits and sheets twice in two days. She could not sleep too long through the night or even take a longer nap without soaking through.
They looked a little too big, but she went the whole night nice and dry.
Vivian also has a new thing where she cries and it sounds just like she's suddenly in pain, like she's pinched her finger or something is hurt.
I even rushed out of the shower, dripping wet, even though I was watching her because I thought there has to be something hurting her that I can't see.
But right when she gets to the loudest part, she stops abruptly and looks around to see if anyone is coming and whether she got the reaction she wanted. lol.
Like hey, I'm really upset here...did you hear me?
She did it again yesterday when her Daddy was around and he hadn't heard it before.
She was sitting in the exersaucer and he almost dropped a whole armful of dishes rushing over to her, so that Vivi could just stop abruptly and blink at him. "Yes Daddy, I'm glad I got your attention so quickly. I'm tired of being in the exersaucer now." :-D
Gotta love the drama!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A House vs. A Home

I recently saw a nice home decorated very much like a catalog!
It impressed me, though a lot of the decor wasn't my taste. I strongly dislike wicker and there was a giant mirror, bigger than me (though that's not saying much) just leaning against a wall which seemed both dangerous, a grand way to attract dust, and rather useless because of its location.
But I just admire people who can put an entire room, much less a house together where it's fully decorated.
Not an item mismatched, from the curtains to the light fixtures and even the knickknacks all go together.

I even looked up some professional decorating tips, on groupings of candles and colors. Arranging of flowers and drapery choices...until I read one sentence.
"The key is to make your house look like no one lives there."
Close webpage.
I guess that is true. Even in the catalogs where they put kids in the pictures, they are pretending to eat perfect artificial fruit or playing with just one toy, while the Mom makes some miracle dessert from scratch that only requires one bowl, one spoon, and a smile.

So I decided I will embrace the treasured crayon drawings held up by alphabet magnets on my fridge. Watch my daughter happily playing with every toy that she owns strewn across my living room, while the baby is in the exersaucer with the perfect matching cushions from my couch shoved under her feet (she's a bit tiny for it yet), and left-over birthday balloons drift like tumbleweeds through the rooms.
I think I will make myself some tea in a coffee mug, sit in Shiloh's hot pink beanbag, eating a cookie made by elves, next to my curtains that I bought just because I liked them and didn't even have a clue what room I would put them in until I came home...and read an article on potty-training instead. ;-)

Ah, home sweet home.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Who is that fuzzy creature?

Did you ever wonder, Who is Elmo? Really?

I found this video by asking my Google friend that question.
Shiloh and I both found it very amusing.

I also found out that the "Doodlebops" or just "bops" as Shiloh calls them, are a lot less scary without their costumes and make-up.
So how about they get rid of all that "doodle" and just call themselves the "bops"?
Ah yes, I am a great ponderer of the deeper things in life. :-D

When I was taking pictures of the girls the other day, I would give Shiloh a kiss thanking her for cooperating with me, and each time Vivi would lean in with her mouth she was waiting for her kiss. :)

My poor baby is losing her hair.
It's just normal baby hair loss, but she actually has these little bald patches appearing.
It's gotten bad enough that when I am bathing her, I have to wash her hair last because otherwise so much hair gets in the bath water and on the cloth and then she's just covered...looks like I dried her off with a cat.
It's starting to get colder too so she could use some more hair, but thankfully we do have a supply of cute baby hats to keep her head warm.
I even have another hat in mind that I just need to find a pattern and some time to do, but I'd really like to start crocheting.

I made scrambled eggs for dinner. I'm becoming a fan of breakfast for dinner.
Shiloh won't touch eggs though...even with ketchup.
She ate some toast and is working on an apple now and she'll probably have some cheese later.
I think my counting everything, all the time is starting to pay off. Shiloh was just counting the apple slices before she'd pick one to eat. She misses some numbers but still, yay!
Earlier Shi was in the back porch rocking chair, rocking and going "1-2-3- Whee! 1-2-3- Whee!" :)