Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
We pretty much celebrated Wed. Thurs. and Sat...and you thought *you* were stuffed! ;-)
Visited with my Mom, sister, SIL, and Gram on Wed.
Sampled freshly made apple pies, and watched holiday movies.
It was snowing when I left but the roads weren't bad and I was mostly stuck behind people going 20-25 mph less than the posted limit.
But then about half-way home, I notice people coming from the other direction are all clumped together and are flashing their lights or have their hazard lights on.
Not such a good sign.
I get to the edge of a steep hill and there is a logging truck stopped in the road along with other vehicles. The top of the hill is black ice, they called for a plow and everyone is waiting for it to come.
I plan to wait at the top of the hill until an SUV almost slides into the back of the logging truck...then a second later a car almost slides into me (these are the ones attempting to go down the hill before the plow arrives).
So I turned around and parked in a parking lot instead. Fed the baby, Shiloh is sound asleep.
And 40 min. later...(the police make it before the plow does!), the plow truck finally comes and heavily salts the hill and we're able to venture down.
Welcome winter weather! ...well, not so welcome but it comes anyways!

It got me thinking about the song lyrics "Praise the Saviour, ye who know him. Who can tell how much we owe Him..."
A lot of "what ifs" in that type of situation...and we don't even know more than half of time when God has helped us out, we just go on naively.

Mom made a feast for Thanksgiving and we had a really enjoyable time. Everyone was able to be there for a least part of the day, and the day was nice weather-wise too.
Shiloh's favorite food had to be the Hawaiian sweet rolls. She loves those!
Vivi won't get to enjoy a real Thanksgiving meal until next year. She was a bit upset that her Mama was paying more attention to her plate and not to Vivi! She also gets terribly frustrated with the cornucopia tablecloth....she can't figure out why she can't grab the fruit when she can see it! So she screamed at it a few times...that should teach it! ;)

December starts tomorrow. If the weather keeps up the way it's been going we'll have a white Christmas for sure. It's been snowing most of the day and we have about 1/2" now. It'll melt but there's more in the forecast!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exotic Edibles

Once in awhile I like to check out a few blogs that are written by Americans that are living in other countries, namely Asia.
I find their first posts, and first reactions to the new things they face are the most interesting....and they got me thinking about some more unusual foods that I've eaten.
Most of them have been Asian foods that aren't as common here.
So I thought when everyone's thoughts are turning to our super traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and of course all the pies (anyone hungry yet? ;-) that I would look at some of the more unusual things I've enjoyed or at least...let touch my tongue for a second or two.

One of my favorites is Daifuku or Daifukumochi. Shiloh likes this as well.
It's a small round mochi (glutinous rice) filled with a sweetened red bean paste.
(Thank you wikipedia!)
Apparently there are different variations of as well. But since these are hard enough to find, I've always stuck to my favorite.
I really enjoy eating them with a cup of tea.

Another favorite of mine is yokan.
It is a sweet jellied square made of red beans, some have beans in them like the picture and some are nice and smooth.
Shiloh really likes this and takes such gigantic bites!
I also enjoy eating this with tea but Shiloh is usually clamoring so much for another bite that I only get to savor it peacefully when she is napping.

Another one that is pretty good is lychee which are often found in Chinese buffets here or in cans in the ethnic food aisles, so I don't consider this all that rare.
Whenever I get them at a buffet they always tends to roll into my pudding.
I'm not sure why...some sort of laws of physics at work.
So my lychee are often eaten with pudding...not that I would recommend that flavor combination.
I've also seen them used in some pretty cool Halloween decorations.

And Mooncakes, they're mostly available in Sept. for the Mid-Autumn festival.
They are very rich so I usually only eat a tiny piece.
I think most of the people I know, have tried them. They have a thick sweet filling and usually an egg yolk.
There are many variations too...which I know I haven't started on.

Then there is the Durian.
I couldn't remember the name so I searched under "stinky fruit" and Ta Da!
Okay, need I say more?
They stink, the insides are very gooey and I don't think they would taste terrible if you could get past the smell.
Oh, but it's hard to get past the smell.
I know there's probably more unusual foods that I've tried, but Vivi is on my lap and soaking a spot on my leg with her drool! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Houses on the brain

We're having a relaxing day today. Just a break from all the cleaning and related house things.
So we're playing with toys and letting Vivi nap on me likes she enjoys, and watching "Wall.E" at the moment.
It's a really cute movie and I enjoy it much more than I anticipated.

We had our first real showing of the house. We had a different one scheduled last week but they canceled at the last minute.
I took the girls out and we watched a Wonderpets movie and snacked on "Mike 'n Ikes" while the house was being shown.
It was such a cold day though and unfortunately it was right at nap time. Just before we left Shi-Shi was telling me "I sleepy" but once we went out, the cold air woke her right up.
So she had the first *ever* day where she didn't get a nap. :(
When we came back, I gave the girls their baths very early and Shi fell asleep right after and except for waking once she slept nearly 12hrs!

I had a package of diapers for the baby, and while I needed them out and available...I didn't really want them in an obvious spot for the showing so I just quickly shoved the whole package under the couch.
Well, Shiloh saw me do that and was completely stumped.
She's down on her hands and knees looking under the couch "Mama...deepoo(diapers)?" "Mama, baby deepoo. Where go?"
"I put them under the couch, come put your coat on."
"deepoo? ew, yucky?"
lol, she was really confused at why I would put diapers under the couch.

Hopefully this whole showing the house, and moving to a new house won't stress her out too much. She really has been very good with it all and it is a stressful thing.
The other night I dreamt that my sister was looking at houses and the "house" was actually a Pizza Hut that someone had turned into a house....and not very well either.
Then we were showing our house to a realtor (but it wasn't our current house) and we had odd pieces of furniture that we used for other things.
Like I opened up the piano and we using it to store our clothes! Lets play Beethoven in the key of sock....
So I was embarrassed that we were so odd, and thinking that no one would want to buy my house with a piano-dresser. you see any hidden stresses coming out in my dreams?? ;-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

I highly recommend the limited edition "Candy-Cane Oreos"! :)
I've been wanting to try them so I finally picked up a package and brought them to my Mom's today since she is a well-know Oreo lover.
They are soo good...of course we were thinking of ways to improve them but they can hold their ground as is.
Their flavor is a bit like a combo of an Oreo and Girl scout Thin Mints.
Ah, yummy. :)

I hate when they make tasty things "limited" Cranberry Sierra Mist. I'd be a much bigger person if they weren't though. :d

Other favorite products of mine.
For cleaning: The Swiffer...especially in a house with high ceilings and wooden staircases!
Also Dawn dish soap is probably a close second or maybe "The Works" cleaning's all good. ;-)

My favorite baby products change based on the needs of the baby...
With Shiloh my #1 item was Mylicon gas drops (they recently had a recall of some drops sold in Oct/Nov'08 just FYI) they were such a necessity and I'm so thankful to my sister for turning me onto to those.

For Vivian, she is an easy-going baby who requires little. But the Angelcare (apnea) monitor would have to be my favorite for her.
She gagged/choked/coughed up stuff as a newborn which was scary and I know I would have been a nervous wreck about sleeping at night without waking every few minutes to check on her.
The monitor gave me some peace of mind and I was able to rest much better with it.
I still use it for her and it's only gone off once so far. I've heard this monitor often has false alarms (especially when the babies get more mobile) but so far it's worked great.

We had a nice visit at my parents house today, and my brother stopped by too. Vivi was quite fascinated with her Uncle Jon which was pretty cute. She was cooing and chatting away to him. :)
He even held her a few times, despite the imminent danger of baby drool contact! lol.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tues-Thurs wrap up

So we had the Realtors walk-thru on Tuesday.
There were way more people than I expected...totally. Shiloh ran to the door when I opened it, then when she saw the amount of people she quickly hid behind the door.

They were still peeking around the door at her so she ran and grabbed my leg for dear life. They must have made Vivian nervous also because she promptly started hiccuping.
I counted at least 13 people...and I might have missed a few. It was crazy! I opened the door and stepped back and it was like a clown car in reverse...they just kept coming and coming!

We ran out to McD's for breakfast yesterday. (because there was supposed to be a showing of the house that cancelled last minute)
Note to myself: Don't let toddler sit on Daddy's lap while eating pancakes!
Though pancake syrup does hold a hairstyle extremely well...a side-burn plastered to her cheek and a little punky mohawk in the front wasn't really the hairdo I would choose to see on my little girl! ;-)
But I had my hands full with Vivian who was wiggly and a little fussy and wanted to touch everything and then put her hands in her mouth. Ick!
Yet another time when it would help to be an octopus mom and have many more arms.
Shi loves pancakes though, and McD's were no different. It was pretty cute because she kept saying "yum, yum" between bites.

Vivian is doing so well with her hand-eye coordination. She is slow and deliberate with her movements...really concentrating on grabbing/spinning/sliding/hitting a toy, or grabbing my finger or a clump of my hair. ;-)
She even keeps untying her shoes!
Last evening Vivian was nursing but she kept pulling off every few seconds to suck and chew on her fingers, then back to nursing and repeat.
I said "hey, what are you doing? you need to make up your mind"
(because it's making me sore!) Vivi just beams at me.
Her Daddy says "Oh, she just wants a buffet, Mama" :D

They are bringing out tons of toys and Christmas items at the stores these days.
We're trying to be cautious about which ones Shiloh sees because some are a bit scary to her. There is a life-sized stuffed dog at our local Wal-Mart that barks, moves etc. and she looked quite nervous so we walked away quickly.
Then yesterday there were some Christmas know the type that start moving and lights and tinny music plays when they sense movement.
Well, they make me jump anyways but Shiloh jumped a foot (not easy considering she was strapped in the cart) and grabbed her Daddy's arm.
So we didn't hang around there.
She's just starting to have bad dreams sometimes, I think, so I definitely don't want to add to that with the terror of a dancing Santa!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 5 months, Vivian!

It's hard to believe time flies so fast with kids, but Vivian turned 5 months today!
She is just such a sweetheart and everyone loves her so much.

I think she looks a lot like me in these pics. I may have to dig out some photos to compare though.

November is such a busy month too. Tomorrow is Jon & Charith's 1st Anniversary. Congratulations guys! Also my Dad's b-i-g birthday is Tues...maybe he'll call that an un-birthday like mine? ;-) Tuesday is also the day a group of realtors is coming to my house to look it over. I've been trying to take a step back in each room of my house and look at it from the view of a potential buyer. It's not that easy of a thing to do!

Thanksgiving is also next week, the realtor keeps saying that closing before then is the goal. I guess we shall see...
We checked on the new house with my parents today and I think they did a really good job on the additional work that we requested. There are only a few things that we need the realtor to check up for us.

Yesterday I visited my parents house for the day. It was so nice to have most of a day without any cleaning! Mom didn't even let me pick up the toys scattered around after Shiloh played there. How sweet is she?! ;-)

Soon enough Christmas will be here...or perhaps too soon, since I know we'll be in a bit of holiday time-crunch with the move. The girls were so fascinated by the decorated Christmas trees at the stores though that I can't wait until they see our own. :) Vivian's very first Christmas!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Realtors and Real life

Happy Birthday Charith!!
Hope Jon treats you like a Queen today! :-)

I've been lax in posting because every spare minute these days has been spent cleaning and preparing the house for sale.
It's been rough on the hands...and if you're a bit klutzy like apparently I have been, then it's rough all over.
I was cleaning the baseboards and banged my forehead on the window molding, three days later and it still hurts even though it didn't bruise. I also have a gigantic bruise on my leg and I don't know what I did there.
I'm usually in a hurry cleaning because a little one is crying or begging for "doose" (juice), so that's probably a major contributing factor....yeah, that's it, not my total lack of coordination or anything. ;-)

We did buy the first Christmas present for Shiloh yesterday. We were planning to wait and shop after our move so we're not lugging Christmas presents through the move. But last year they were totally out of toy shopping carts when I wanted to get her one so when I saw they had them in stock we grabbed one.
She's still at the age where she was more interested in eating her fruit snacks than what I was putting in the cart it's just a box so not quite as interesting as the actual toy.

I finally found her missing magnet to her playset. I'm glad I was searching diligently because it was behind and stuck to a metal cabinet that will be staying with the house. They are all now packed up ready for the move.

Vivian is really enjoying her jumper now, and getting some real bouncing going on now. Still going through a lot of bibs and diapers as her two little teeth push themselves farther out....yes, it is incredibly slow, but she hasn't really been acting like they bother her much.
If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you must realize how thankful and amazed I am at that! ;D

Yesterday the realtor lady stopped over and had me reading some paperwork while Vivi was in the exersaucer, when just audibly in the background you could hear Vivi pooping.
I don't want to make a big deal or draw more attention to it but I know it's urgent so I debate it in my mind for just a second.
Then I put the paperwork down and said "I'm sorry, I have to change her fast."
The realtor looked surprised. "Really? That fast?"
"Uh, yeah"
It was two seconds from needing a hazmat crew, I tried to conceal the messy diaper as I put it in the trash but she caught a glimpse.
"Ohh, you were right."
Sooo you wanna sell my house? ;-)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

The leaves are off the trees so it must be my sister's birthday today!
Happy Birthday!
Shiloh says "Apiday to you" (she combines "happy birthday" into one word)
The fun time I had growing up with my sister is really what made me so happy when I found out Vivian was going to be a girl and Shiloh would be getting a sister to love forever.

We used to ice skate on our frozen driveway and I seriously thought I was doing a triple lutz when in actuality, my skates would barely leave the ice! ;-)
Playing outside *all* day, we would pick and eat berries so we weren't hungry and could play outside longer. Wild blackberries and raspberries warmed from the sun and poor Gram still thinks deer were the cause of her blueberry bushes being picked clean.
We climbed a lot of trees and caught lightning bugs and let them loose in the house (sorry, Mom!)...and even went out late at night with a flash light and bucket to catch night crawlers which was pretty hysterical.

I had Shiloh's toys picked up and organized so neatly yesterday, not that anyone would ever have a clue today!
I searched and found every missing toy...ugh all but one magnet that has been MIA for awhile now. I even removed the footplate of the fridge looking for it.
Hopefully it will turn up before the move, just annoys me to be missing this one little piece.
I was washing windows today while rocking Vivi's chair with one foot. She was pretty happy with that for quite awhile. I just kept pulling her along as I went from window to window, but she'd cry and fuss anytime I went out of sight even for a second.
I hope we're not entering that stage, especially with moving time looming, but I guess we shall see.

The Realtor is coming next week to look at putting our house on the market. I have more photos I need to pack up and remove from the walls, and trying to keep things neat while I have boxes packed in the hallways.
I'm torn between wanting to sell the house quickly, but also not wanting to be shooed out of the house with my girls on cold, rainy winter days so the realtor can show it.
I also need to take the girls' Christmas picture soon. I'd prefer to take it in the new home, but since I don't know the closing date yet I'll probably take one now and just keep it as backup in case we end up in a time crunch.

Shi was tickling me this afternoon. She said "tick-o, tick-o" and then held her shirt up so I could tickle her back...and when she was done being tickled, she put her shirt down and said thank you. She's so silly. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Voting and Banking

"And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you..."
I kept thinking last night that this election reminded me of the Israelites begging for a king, and finally receiving King Saul despite the warnings.
52% of voting Americans (at current count) it seems were begging for this President and ignoring everything else.

We had a busy day yesterday.
I ran out early in the morning to vote, while my husband watched the girls. There were only about three people in line when I got there, so really not much of a wait. yay!
This time I voted in a library, which I liked much more than voting at the schools or nursing homes I have voted at in the past.
When Shi was a newborn I took her along with me when I went to vote at the Nursing home, and we were basically mobbed and it took quite awhile to escape all the "Can you wait? Martha/Betty/Bertha just has to see this baby" people.
Soooo, wiser Mommy that I am, these days I leave my babies home with Daddy if possible! :)

Later that afternoon, DH took some time off work and we went to the bank to do more paperwork on purchasing the new house. We had to wake both girls from their naps, and it was supposed to take 45-60min. which I thought was a lot of time, but then toss in an rather inept person handling the paperwork...and it took more than TWO HOURS!
The girls were soooooo good. I had plenty of snacks and small toys for Shiloh...though she did run out of juice and the room was so hot! Vivi had a messy diaper but I managed to change that quickly when the lady was out of the room.
Another woman had to let us out of the bank because it was after hours by the time we were done and they had locked us in, and she said that she didn't even know the children were there because they were so quiet.
The door of our room was open too so I thought that was pretty good, especially since a 2yr. old is rather a wild card in the quietness area! :)

Shiloh has just started asking for help. She brought me a toy baby bottle that she wanted opened this morning. She simply handed it to me and said "help". ;)
Then we were watching a squirrel eating a pinecone today, Shiloh called it a "girl".
We were talking about the squirrel eating and I asked her what sound a squirrel makes, and she said "yum, yum!"
She's so funny. :-D
This morning Shiloh was in the bathroom with her Daddy and I called her to her bedroom so I could get her dressed and when she heard me, she turns to him and puts her finger to her lips and says "Shhhh". What a stinker!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Work attire

You need to dress appropriately for your job, for your day, for your life.
So when I worked in a Veterinary clinic, I wore scrubs. When I worked for a CPA, I wore suits and nice slacks etc.
The other day, I dressed "nice" for a day at a home...mostly meaning a pair of my nice jeans and new sweater.
Well, Vivian pooped on the jeans, the shoulder of my sweater was soaked with drool and tufts of the sweater fuzz was stuck to the baby's mouth....
Actually pooping on me, seems to be Vivi's new thing, it's going along with the increase in poo due to her recent teething spell.
She's gotten me twice already.
I will be sitting,(just so innocently) cuddling my sleeping infant on my lap. Then the smell will hit my nose, I lift up my precious napping girl to behold...another wet spot on my lap, and the dilemma of waking a sleeping baby or waiting.

I told my DH this morning that my days contains an awful lot of poo, more than I ever expected. There is a lot of cuddling babies, but there is a lot of poo too.
He just laughed and said "Oh, you love it!".
Hmpf, now I know why monkeys fling the stuff. ;-)

Shiloh has such funny tastebuds! (how's that for a change of subject?)
She doesn't like (currently) raisins, eggs, melon, things that are too crumbly, and also in crunchy peanut butter. Apparently she doesn't like the crunchy peanut butter so much that she will pick out each nut out of her evidenced by lunch at Grama's this weekend. ;-)
BUT she does like tofu, salad, snow peas, squash, pumpkin, and cheese to name a few.
I just made a baked acorn squash last night and she loved it!

Shi isn't adjusted to the time change yet, she's falling asleep before bedtime and waking up earlier too. Vivi adjusted easily, another hour of sleep...great! She takes after her Mama. ;-)

Remember to Vote tomorrow!