Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Windy days, sweeping up...trash our way

It's a very windy day here.
There is currently a high wind warning, but that should be ending soon.
This morning we were looking out of Shiloh's bedroom, and today happens to be trash pick-up day and there were bags, and cans, and lids strew all over the place from the high winds.
So DH and I were discussing whether a trash lid in the middle of the intersection was ours or not (not), when a trash bag went flying through the intersection!
I do mean flying too....not a slow roll, it didn't tumbleweed its way through, it was trying out for the Blue Angels!
The roads really picked up a lot of wind and it was just crazy out.
Shiloh was so excited by the flying trash bags that we could barely pull her away from the window..."wook! wook! window, trash, wook!" ;-)

Vivian has decided that since bananas were so horrible, she should boycott all foods. Lots of faces and gagging, and she even figured out if she doesn't close her mouth and just leaves it open...then she won't taste the food as much and eventually her excess drool will just wash the food right back out of her mouth!
I need to take some pictures, it's really too funny. A bit frustrating too, but mostly funny...I told my husband that I probably should be flattered that both my girls prefer/preferred Mama's milk so much over any other foods.

Um, teaching Shiloh to share is back-firing somewhat. She likes Vivian's toys and has caught on to the concept, if she takes Vivian's toy from her...she should hand her a replacement.
But often she'll take the baby's chewable book from her and hand her a piece of paper or one of her own books. I haven't found paper in Vivi's diaper yet so I think I am catching it quickly but....ugh! (yeah, Vivi gags on food...but she'll eat a book, brain food, right? ;-)
I've already taken stickers away from Shi after she decided to decorate the exersaucer with them...all paper products are more difficult.
Especially when Shiloh loves her books and loves paper.
She also hands her toys to the baby when she is fussing to try and calm her down, so it is pretty sweet...just really glad that they're not farther apart in age so most of Shi's stuff isn't too small etc. for Vivi.
Kinda funny actually when Shiloh realizes what Vivi intends to do with her doll or toy pony etc. She pulls it quickly from the baby and comes to me complaining "Mama, baby...ew, yucky!" and holding out her now damp toy.
Mama, there's something wrong with your other child...she tried to eat my doll!!

Shiloh and I gave Vivi a bath in her baby tub last night. Vivi wasn't too thrilled. She had an iron grip on the sides of the tub, a pouty lip and was making nervous sounds. Shi kept telling her it was okay "ok baby, ok" and was a pretty good distraction actually...though of course, Shi had to splash in the tub herself and ended up almost as wet as her sister!

ETA: It's freezing out! I just ran out to catch our trash cans as they flew down the street and it was like an instant ice cream headache going out there! Eek!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking ahead...because the fruitcake went to my behind

I never thought I would ever be walking through Wal*Mart pushing a giant stuffed guinea pig through the aisles.
There is apparently a lot of things that you can do with a guinea pig. A stuffed guinea pig anyways.
It has found its way into my bed. Tucked under my arm while I put boots on Shiloh. Snuck into my favorite rocking chair. Ridden a pink pony. Taken rides in both a toy and real shopping cart. Sat in a swing and highchair....and been thoroughly hugged/squished/kissed and loved by a 2 yr. old.
AND....all this in less than 48 hours!
My parents got Shiloh the stuffed "Linny" which is a guinea pig, from her favorite show "WonderPets".
She instantly dubbed it "Ming-Ming" which is the name of the duckling on the same show...and she adores it.

This morning we had to run to Wal*Mart and we were really surprised how empty the store was, I was even able to find parking right near the door which is usually an impossibility. There was a freezing rain advisory going on, though it didn't amount to much maybe it was enough to keep the store quieter.
There weren't a ton of sales going on either, so many people were at better discounting stores, but anyways it was really nice to be in a quiet store after the chaotic holiday crowds!

I can't believe 2009 is almost here. 2008 was kind of crazy and crazy busy for us...I hope 2009 is a bit calmer.
Though I think with having children, every year is a new adventure, new things they learn and discover and can do.
The actual year 2009 is amazing. I remember when New Year 2000 was such a big hype...Y2K and all that.
Maybe now the hype is end of February when the big television switch occurs?
But anyways there is always something to look forward to.
I'd like to plant a garden here, but I'm not sure how feasible that is going to be...both due to the amount of time I have available to work on the garden and also because it seems we have at least one constant rabbit visitor here.
Not quite as scary as my Rambo groundhog from the old house though, but he'll probably require me to have a fence first before planting any veggies.
There also is a funky looking tree/bush right smack in the middle of our backyard.
I don't know what it is, but I'm assuming (or rather hoping) it does something worthwhile for them to leave it there....so that is something to be seen in the upcoming spring/summer also.

I'm loving that Shiloh can talk to me more...each day it seems. Yesterday she told Mom and I "Dora, snow, bear" which was the Dora movie with polar bears. She asks for help now and wants me to "look", and can tell me what she wants to eat or watch or do.
Vivi is sitting so well and has reached the age were it's sometimes difficult to hold her while you do anything because she's constantly grabbing everything....and then putting it in her mouth, or at very least licking it.
She's been quite fascinated with the fact that she has a tongue, since birth!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We had a very nice one, there really is nothing like Christmas with children, and both girls were really into it! :)
Vivi tried to eat the bows...and the bags...and the wrapping paper...and the presents. You get the idea.
She actually did pretty well opening some gifts since she'd grab the paper and I'd just pull the present away from her...Ta Da! opened gift!
Both girls still took good naps despite all the excitement, and in fact on morning we were all up and waiting for Shiloh to wake so we could dig into breakfast and presents!
Then at Mom & Dad's, everyone finished eating dinner and had to wait for Shi to get up from her nap too....seems like that is becoming a yearly tradition too! ;-) 3 years now and counting!
We had our traditional blueberry pancakes and Shi didn't like the blueberries, she likes plain and Choc. chip pancakes though. So she ate a few pieces that I gave her without blueberries in them....then settled for a nice bowl of cereal.
So nice that I can ask her now if she wants a bowl of cereal or toast etc. and she can tell me. A lot less frustration on both of our parts.

Some of Shi's gifts included a Doctor bag, a shopping cart, and a small pink rocking pony. So she scooted herself across the floor sitting on the pony, the Doctor bag on her shoulder, while she pushed the shopping cart....and she stopped every few minutes to add new things to the shopping cart....a nativity person, a chocolate from Mommy & Daddy's gifts, Vivi's chew book, basically anything that caught her eye.
The funniest is that she would open a gift, give a little gasp and announce "A box!!" then on to the next gift. :D
So it was entirely new excitement when the actual boxes were opened!
Vivi loved all her chewable gifts, soft books and teethers and her toy cellphones are enjoyed by both girls. She also received a variety of baby foods to tempt her palate.
It was a really wonderful Christmas all around. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Counting down to Christmas

12/21 - 4 days to Christmas...Eek!
More snow today, we've gotten so much lately!
My DH said ever since we've moved...and actually a bit before too, but he's been just non-stop shoveling!

I made Christmas cookies today, rather nice to do in a snowstorm.
It was also my first attempt at figuring out the new oven, oh these new fangled things! Every time I tried to shut off the timer, I'd shut off the oven! So I pulled out the manual, but then Vivi started screaming and Shiloh asking for milk and I just don't have the extra time. I finally just started using the timer on the microwave instead and all was peace again. :)
Only one batch got a little too brown on the bottom with my figuring out the oven, but I really needed an excuse to eat some anyways. ;) Most of the cookies are going to friends/family and it's awful to have them sitting there so tempting!
My husband watched the girls a little before he left for work and it gave me just enough time to make two batches of dough and get them in the refrigerator....it was helpful of him, despite the fact that every few minutes he'd ask for something.

12/22 - 3 days to Christmas...can I ask for an extension?
Up early with Miss Vivian this morning...she's just wide awake and eating the tablecloth as I type. We had more snow last night, but it's very windy and blowing today so I'm not sure how much we received.

Shi has started bringing diapers once in awhile and wanting me to change her, she still says "no" when I mention the potty but with all the upheaval in our lives I'm not planning to push it right away anyways.
Vivi is such a roly poly thing. She's only rolled completely over once from belly to back, but she twists and turns herself every which way, already making diaper changes an adventure.
Sometimes I see her grunting trying to make that last lurch to get herself completely over, then she kicks her feet and giggles and starts untying her shoes instead.
I think perhaps she is a little chubby....shhh! ;)

The girls are still getting along so well. Vivi thinks Shi is pretty entertaining, in fact how well Vivi sits directly depends on how active Shiloh is at the moment...if Shiloh is dancing around Vivi will keep toppling as she tries to watch her. But if Shi is doing a puzzle or something then Vivian will sit very, very well....of course that is until she lunges for Shiloh's hair.
She's really quite fascinated by Shi's hair.
And Shi has been great, she just freezes until I can untangle the chubby, damp, baby fingers from her curls.
I used to put a blanket behind Vivian when she was in the exersaucer to help stabilize her. She doesn't need it any more but I caught Shiloh the other day...
She ran into the playroom and grabbed Vivian's blanket and brought it back into the living room and carefully tucked it all behind Vivi in the exersaucer, she took her time too and made sure it was all tucked in neatly.
Just very sweet.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two days in one

The girls had their Doctor appt. yesterday.
Shiloh just received a quick Flu shot, she's already had two colds this season that she shared with her sister.
She was pretty excited in the waiting room because she saw a wall-hanging they have there of Rapunzel and she was excitedly pointing and jabbering "Pinsess! Pinsess!" (princess) :)

Vivi received the full check-up and vaccs.
The first nurse seemed very surprised that Vivi doesn't like any solids including cereal...guess she didn't think those cheeks came just from milk?
Then when the next nurse came in to give her the actual shots....she remarked that Vivian certainly had ample thighs! ;)
15lbs 9 1/2oz. and she's not too long so she is a solid, chubby, baby. :) (not too shabby for a 5lb 12oz peanut at birth!)
She's been slightly warm and crabby today so I've not been able to get much done, but since I was up twice during the night with her and twice more with her sister...I don't mind a slow day.

I've actually been so tired today that I could barely put two thoughts together, so if this blog doesn't make much sense at some point...be forgiving.
I bought bananas this week and Shi's been asking for one every single day. I guess it's a banana stage because she's never been really crazy for them.
I didn't even get a chance to see if Vivi liked them because today I didn't even try solids with her, she's already not too happy....no need to stir that hornets' nest! ;-)
I did pair a banana with some chocolate ice cream, Shiloh did not like that at all. She spit all the banana out and then refused to even try the ice cream again....not that I'm complaining since it's my favorite flavor!

My girls have some of the slowest teeth around. Poor Vivi has those same two teeth that cut through, and then the gum swells up and you can't feel either of them.
Then you feel one, then the next day the other....then both, and repeat. The Doctor felt her mouth (I think that was Vivi's favorite part of the exam, chomping on his finger) and said she has several teeth that are "right there".
But that really means nothing here...could be this week, could be next year...

Shiloh loves, loves, loves to take her socks and shoes off and put them back on, and loves zipping and unzipping things (this keeps her quite entertained) This week she even figured out how to take off those full-zipper footed sleepers! But she couldn't get it back on herself fully again....I put it back on her twice and the third time I refused to zip her back up.
She got upset, but hasn't taken off her pajamas since! So hopefully she'll keep her pj's on from here on out.

We're having tons of snow here. A lot fell yesterday and this morning it's snowing those huge fluffy flakes that are so pretty.
DH brought out the snowblower for the first time and it's certainly getting a workout....and with another storm in the forecast, and now having a considerable driveway, I am thankful it's working well.
We still need to go to our old house and he has to shovel that out as well, someone is supposed to be looking at it this morning though I expect a phone call to cancel once the realty place opens.
There's just so much snow, I can't imagine they'd still want to see it today...either way it needs to be cleared though.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moving Day & 6 months already?

My baby girl is 6 months old today! Wow, does time fly!
She's such a blessing, Happy 1/2 Birthday, Vivi!!!

Moving Day went pretty smoothly I think...thanks to my brother and sister-in-law and my parents. :)
Mom did a great job of keeping Shiloh entertained and not underfoot, and even though Vivian is going through the separation anxiety stage...she was really good on moving day. :)
Mom made beef stew and I think that was the best moving day gift for me over these past few days.
Seems like I keep getting busy with unpacking and the kids and suddenly I am starving! So it's been a real treat to have the stew right there just needing to be warmed up, instead of trying to find my pots and pans and spoons etc.

Shi seems pretty comfortable in the house. She's still nervous about the washing machine when it's running, but otherwise she's not so bothered by it.
Just seems to be more bumps, and trips as she figures out running from carpet to wood floor and where things are placed, and since she runs everywhere full-speed...that doesn't leave much room for errors when she's not as familiar with the floor plan!
She was nervous about the new tub, but once I added bubbles and her favorite bath toys she was fine.

Poor Vivi is teething and maybe a growth spurt too. She wants to eat a lot, but still isn't crazy about solids...and actually now she's started clenching her lips shut. I've figured a way to get to kinda slurp food off the spoon but it takes quite awhile to get anything into her that way.
I even let her put her hands in the bowl, thinking maybe she would suck them off and get the idea...but she thought it was grand to bang her hands into the bowl, then fling them in the air!
I'm lucky I'm not cleaning cereal off the ceiling!

The neighbors seem pretty nice here.
It's early to tell really, but the older gentleman next door snowblowed our driveway out for us, before we were actually moved in but were bringing a carload over each day.
Another neighbor across the street just sent us a Christmas card welcoming us to the neighborhood, which I thought was pretty sweet.
Since they don't know our name, they sent it to "Hi Neighbors!"
How cute is that? :)
I wish I could be a person to think to do a little kind gesture like that, DH always tells me I don't have the time...which is true but sometimes that little extra gesture is worth the effort of pulling some time out of my hat (or wherever one finds it!).
It's a bit weird too knowing that we are the ones under the microscope right now as the new people here.
But we're pretty quiet (read: boring) so I don't expect to hold their attention for long. ;-)

Friday, December 12, 2008


My DH's day's off the past couple weeks have been sooo crazy!
We have a lot of places to go and things to do...and most everything has a timeline it needs to be done by too!
We needed to have our vehicle's oil changed, so we took it to a nearby Wal-Mart service center, but we didn't know this particular Wal-Mart was all torn up because it's being renovated into a Supercenter.
What a mess!

They had one lane traffic to the service center, and then your choice of parking next to a backhoe or a dumptruck. Inside was no better, trying to shop and eat there (we were starving!) with the sound of hammers and drills and open heating ducts overhead.
Plus factor in the snow/ice storm we were getting, and holiday crowds....and just fun times.
After a couple hours (yes, that's how long they told us it would take) DH went to check on our vehicle. The person in front of him tried paying for some $2 item with several debit cards and I'm not sure the entire problem...because I was in a different section of the store with both girls and a cart that weighed as much as house (probably because it contained things for our house), not that I've tried to push a house but I am certain it would have moved about as much as I could push this cart!
But anyways, the debit cards jammed the computer and there was a 10min. wait for a manager to come and straighten it out.
Then DH gets up to the counter and pays, and.....they've lost our keys!
About 20min. later, they finally find the keys and the parking lot is just a slushy mess, they're redrawn the parking lot lines and made about half of the front ones handicapped...and with the snow, no one can figure it out until they're in the spot already, so there is tons of confusion in the parking lot.
It was bedlam.

I should add that I often check out sites like FamilyWatchdog, which lists offenders in your area who should not be anywhere near your children. Well, while I was stuck there with my 2-ton cart and both my girls and myself....
I recognized one!
He walked by us, not once but *four* times and each time making eye contact with me. This person vaguely knows my DH from his job so I don't if he saw us all together and that was why, but it creeped me out.

Rest of the day went better, until we were about to go get dinner and Shiloh sat on my lap so I could put her boots on and suddenly soaked through everything. I had just checked her diaper too, but she had discovered a love of raspberry tea while waiting at the store and suddenly the flood gates let go!
It was freezing out and she soaked through her tights and jeans that she wearing. I had her wearing both to keep warm!
We were at the new house, so I was trying to figure out what to do. Wrap her in a blanket and rush home first? But how to get her buckled in her carseat and keep her legs warm?
Then I remember that we had already brought over the clothes from Evelyn that she hadn't grown into yet, so I finally found a pair of size 3T jeans that were elasticized enough on the waist to stay up...and just folded the bottoms several times and we were good to go. yay!

DH is such a hard worker though, load after load, to and from the car several times...shoveling out both houses several times because it was snowing so heavily and he barely peeped a complaint. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hot Cocoa and Oatmeal

Been eating a lot of Oatmeal and drinking Hot Cocoa for a few reasons.
  1. The weather is pretty chilly, so it's nice to have something warming to eat and drink.
  2. The oatmeal boosts my milk supply which could use a boost now and then with a rapidly growing baby.
  3. And half of my stuff is packed or even put away in the other house. So I need food that requires very little to make, so I'm not missing ingredients, and yeah, probably that is the biggest reason... ;)

Shi doesn't like oatmeal though so I still have to come up with other things for her. Her newest word is "chawchet" as in "chawchet mel" (chocolate milk) ;-) She's been missing a lot of things in the house and saying "Oh no! Where go? Where is it?"

Me: "What? Where is what, Shi?"

Shi: "Books! Where go? Where go books?" she points to were the bookshelf was once.

Since she's been asking me on a daily basis, this morning I showed her purposefully the bookshelf in its new location in the new house. She didn't seem to care one iota there though, but we'll see if it stops the questions anyways. Shiloh seems to be growing more comfortable with the new place each day...she takes her coat right off now and grabs her sneakers so I can change her out of boots etc.

Last night the girls were playing together, so cute. I had Vivian laying on a blanket on the carpet and Shiloh sat down next to her. Vivi was kicking her legs all over the place and Shi stopped her and pushed her legs down. Then she let go and Vivi started kicking again and squealing. Shi said "hey, hey" and pushed her legs down again. They both thought it was the funniest thing and played like that for quite awhile with both of them giggling. :)

So Mama got her Christmas present early! :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

It's only Monday?

Today was very productive.
We had a washing machine delivered to our new house. I put away dishes and glasses, pots and pans. Put ornaments on the tree, stockings under it, window clings up, and set up the Christmas village.
Put doorknob locks in Shi's bedroom and clothes in her closet....and right now in the bitter cold, my Dad is putting up our mailbox for us.
Now that's love! :)
It was 0 degrees last night, but windchill of -15! Sooo cold!

Just this morning, the mailman handed my DH a few pieces of mail that he's been saving for us, waiting for the mailbox
It is a nice fact of a close community, the mailman knew my husband and was considering dropping our mail off at our old address or at DH's work!
I was starting to worry about having mail sent back as undeliverable too, until we could get the box up.

This is our first time having a main level laundry. Our current house has a basement laundry area, so Shiloh has rarely even seen, much less heard a washer.
She was coming over to me when I was trying to figure out how to turn off a light on the new washer and it started up and scared her and she burst into tears!
The rest of the day, she didn't even want to go near it.
I think she'll get used to it soon enough though...especially with all the laundry we do!

Last night I tried giving Vivian her first taste of a solid besides cereal. She's not crazy about cereal and spits most of it out and I've tried varying the textures but it hasn't helped.
So I thought a completely different taste might be appealing.
Shiloh was right next to me begging for a spoonful of the fruit, but I told her to wait until Vivi at least tried it first.
Well, such a gagging fit followed the micro spoonful that Vivi's eyes were all red and watery.
Yes, we are a family of drama queens.
So I said, Okay Shi you can have the rest now. She looked at Vivian's red face, looked at me and shook her head "No" and walked away.
It made me laugh so hard! :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Quickie update

After one very long, very crazy, very exhausting day...

We have the keys to our new home!!!

We're pretty busy now and over these next few days/weeks moving and transitioning to the new house. The kids seem to be doing pretty well with all the changes...especially once more of their things and more things they are familiar with, were moved.

I still need to move the pack 'n play over there, though Vivi's been pretty good about napping in her carseat or stroller as needed. Definitely need to pull out my sling though for those times when she insists on being held and I have boxes of dishes to unload!

Other good news is that we put up our Christmas tree today! We only have lights and the angel on top so far...but it's up! ;-) Shi was excited, Vivi was napping when the lights were put on so I have to wait to see her reaction to the colorful lights. :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Outtakes and Out of here!

Had a photoshoot with the girls yesterday for Christmas pictures.
About 95 takes to get a few good pictures!
Really hard to find things that they both find amusing. Vivi always thinks Mama is the best comedian but then Shiloh will be looking at me like I lost my mind!
Or as in this picture...they both look at me like I am crazy.
(don't you wish you knew what put that expression on their faces?! ;-)

So then I pulled out my props. Both girls were really interested in reading the Christmas books.

Then a wrapped package. They both went crazy over this! Vivi lunged for it, she wanted to eat it....then watching Shiloh pick at the paper she started pulling at the paper too.
They had such a blast that I was afraid they (well, at least Shiloh) would be really disappointed that it was just a prop and nothing was inside.
No worries there...the paper was fun enough on its own!

The aftermath...
Now there's a prop I won't get to use again, and a precursor of t
he Christmas morning mess we can expect! ;-)

Now for the exciting news...
We close on our new house tomorrow!
It's my Mom's birthday, so a good day all around. :)
Vivian is so good with her hand-eye coordination. She was reaching out and grabbing my fork last night when I was trying to eat...and figured out how to push the button and turn on her crib toy.
It doesn't have a volume setting and is super-loud so I thought it would startle her but she looked like she knew what she was doing and knew what would happen too.
She just kept pushing those buttons! :)
I try to place her far away from that toy at night now...it's really loud, and would not be fun to wake up to at 2am!
Shiloh is totally in love with the chocolate advent calendar from Grammy.
I just bend back the corner of the opening for the day, and she'll pull it all the way open and take the chocolate.
So far each day (we're on day 3 now) she acts like it is the most amazing and grand thing she has ever seen!
She giggles and dances, and skips around carrying the precious bit of chocolate in both of her hands.
No worries though, she polishes off the bite long before there's a chance of it melting.
Then she comes back....pointing and asking "Mimi, Mimi, Open, Mmm" (I think she means Grama when she says "Mimi" because she knows it came from Grammy! :)
She doesn't get the idea that it's a once-a-day thing, much like her vitamins that she asks for several times per day.
So I've started breaking the bite of chocolate (it's small to begin with), into tiny micro pieces so I can spread it out a little longer for her.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Pick a box, any box

We're packing slowly...still waiting for our closing (yes, the one that was supposed to happen before Thanksgiving).
Now they're saying it will happen at the end of this week. I'm not holding my breath.
I am packing though, because once we get the keys I want to start moving.
I have so much to do before Christmas!
Shopping, wrapping, setting up the tree, taking pictures and mailing cards, decorating, baking....and moving!

Shiloh has caught a cold. She had a hard time falling asleep last night and I had to search through various boxes to find out where I had packed the Vicks.
Then she was up multiple times during the night crying about her nose.
This morning both girls were wide-awake 2 HOURS earlier than normal. ugh.
I was thinking of taking the girls Christmas picture this morning but a runny nose and bleary eyes doesn't really say "Happy Holidays" unless it's an ad for cold medicine or something!

Have you ever tried to pack china and crystal with a 2yr old's help??
Actually Shiloh has been pretty good about not touching things when I tell her.
She gets the idea of packing, so I keep finding her toys, a shoe, one of Vivian's rattles shoved into the boxes too.
Such a helper. :)
We're just trying to pack the extras and things we don't need day-to-day, but of course there's always something at the bottom of a box that someone requires.
I think that's just a fact of packing though.

Today it reached 70 degrees in my back porch, even with snow on the ground.
So nice!