Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mommy Grinch

Mommy Grinch, I've been feeling like that....

Example A. Shiloh loves to play with paper...loves it!
She goes to hand a piece of paper to Vivian, Vivian reaches for it....with her MOUTH!
They both giggle...and Mommy Grinch has to swoop in a ruin the fun.

Example B. Shiloh taps out a beat on the exersaucer with her toy wand, they laugh hysterically while Mommy Grinch's eyes are glued to how close the wand is coming to Vivian's head and eyes. Once again she has to break up their fun.

Mommy Grinch fell down the stairs this least the last 3-4 steps.
It was stupid. I was carrying Shiloh too and mother's instinct maneuvered her to land on top of me and my back landed on the nice sharp wooden edge of the railing post. Owie.
It has me thinking Shiloh will not be climbing the staircase alone for quite some time yet. That staircase railing hurts!
Yep...much safer to be carried by a clumsy Mommy!
I was always so careful on our old staircase because they were steep and hardwood. But the new staircase is wide and carpeted so I've been running up and down them freely.
I was right though, the steps hardly hurt at all to fall down...bump, bump, bump...just being caught by the newel post in my back was the painful part I didn't anticipate.

Shiloh had so much fun with play-doh today.
Vivi was upset at being kept away from the neon pink globs, but she settled for banging her hands loudly on the table and trying to do the magic trick of ripping the tablecloth off without disturbing anything...unsuccessfully, I might add.
I didn't want her near the play-doh for obvious reasons.
Reading the label, I saw there is a warning on the container that play-doh contains wheat. Interesting.
I can just picture myself explaining to the Doctors..."No she hasn't tried wheat yet....oh, wait! She did eat some neon pink play-doh...does that count?"
Shiloh played for quite awhile...I used little cutters to make animals shapes and she was so excited she had to keep kissing each dough (doh?) animal. ;)
Her hands are soo hot though! Wow, I almost thought the play-doh would start melting!! ;)
Despite her frequent kisses of the play-doh, she didn't care for the smell. She kept holding it to her nose and saying "ew, yucky!" then would make me smell it also so I could agree.

vivi just woke so i'll go now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year....Happy Chinese New Year, that is!
Today marks the start of the Year of the Ox!
Apparently Obama is born in the year of the Ox...just another tidbit of fact.

Thursday morning, I took Vivian in for her Flu booster.
Not kidding you that every child in that waiting room was sick!! The nurse got us in and out pretty quickly and said she didn't want to expose the baby any more than necessary. Soooo glad I didn't bring Shiloh with me!
Vivi was a trooper, she cried at the injection and that was it. I picked her up and she promptly stopped crying and just kept an eagle eye on the nurse to make sure she didn't try to come near her again! ;)
When I got home I handed the baby to my husband, scrubbed my hands, and took a can of Lysol and sprayed everything!
The doorknobs, the car handles, steering wheel, gear shift, etc. etc.
Seems like everywhere we go, someone is sick though, so I'm not sure we'll be able to escape but I certainly will try my best to keep the germs at bay!
**Vivi had a bit of runny nose this morning, but I can't tell if it's just the sudden drop in temperatures or her teething, hopefully just one of those two....
I made a cake earlier this week. Shiloh has been asking for cake for over a finally I complied.
I've been working on colors with her but never sure what has clicked.
So I showed her the cake and she was all excited and I asked her what color the cake was.
"Color?" She looked and thought about it a minute, "Blue!" and pointed at the cake.
She was rewarded, and now keeps dragging me into the kitchen asking for "Blue Cake". :)
It was funny, all I could think was she is like the "Kung Fu Panda" and I can teach her with food. ;-)
BTW: I also made Tuna Casserole, in which I usually put a 6oz can of tuna....I pull out the same can I always buy, but now it is 5oz!!
Saturday was a busy, busy day!
The girls had me up at 7:30am...and I wouldn't go to bed again until 1:30 the next morning...
I also woke up with dreams during that night too, One dream was just a short one where I went to a Jonas brothers concert with my Mom and the girls (yeah, realistic dream! lol) was not as exciting as one might think and apparently we were related to them or something.
Kinda nice to have a dream like that though, because now I feel like I've actually been to a music concert...and it wasn't that great, and I didn't have to battle crowds or pay whatever it costs for Jonas bros. tickets either! :).
No clue where that dream came from though!
So... back to Saturday.
Vivian rolled over for the first time from back to belly! She's been rolling over consistently from belly to back for over a month now, but the reversal was trickier for her. When she'd get almost around, she'd giggle and grab her toes instead. :)
But on Saturday, she did it and she was sooo proud of herself!
She looked at me, and she was beaming and giggling and just so proud. She knew she hadn't done it before.
It was adorable and I cheered and applauded for her. Just seeing that expression on her face was too precious!
Oh, I just want to etch those memories...all these little, big, moments of motherhood. :)
Later, we attended my nephew's 7th Birthday party.
Shiloh was so excited watching me wrap Noah's gifts...she climbed up to the table and patted it and kept asking to open it.
She especially had fun playing with his light saber at the party, and also following "Cat" around once he made his appearance.
Even later still, we went to meet DH for a Chinese New Year celebration.
It was 10pm, and -5 degrees out so I wasn't planning on being out long....just make a quick appearance with the girls and get back home for the night.
But, the best laid plans....
Vivi slept basically the entire time in either DH's or my arms, then if someone laughed too loud she would startle but focus on our faces and fall right back asleep. I fed Shiloh before we left and that worked well because nearly as soon as we walked through the door she was handed cookies and sweets. She took one or two bites of a cookie but mostly drank water so I was happy about that, and she was just too tired to eat much anyways.
She didn't even wake when I changed her into her pajamas or tucked her in that night.
I ate a little of a variety of foods...which could count towards my list of unusual things that I have eaten....if I had a clue what I ate!
Sometimes it's better not to know though.
I tried to keep to the more familiar soups, and dishes my husband made, but still be polite enough to try others. There was a dish tasting like spicy cartilage...I choose to believe that was squid. ;)
Fortunately I had fed the baby ahead of time also, and nothing seemed to bother her in her stomach was another matter, it rumbled for quite awhile that night!
I think it was the spicy ears dish, lol, that's what it reminded me of! Or just eating spicy foods soo late at night...I'm not as young as I once was, after all. ;-)
Happy New Year...again! ;-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Imagination Flu

Tomorrow Vivian has an appt. to get her Flu shot booster.
Should be pretty quick and simple, I don't even think she'll get weighed.
I'll still give her Tylenol beforehand if I get a need for her to feel any more pain than necessary from the needle.
I finally talked DH into staying home with Shiloh for the appt. Yay!
With all the Flu, Stomach bugs, colds, RSV, and just germs that will be in a Pediatricians' office, I just feel much better about keeping Shiloh away as long as it's an option.
It's also much easier to keep a 7 month old from touching anything germy, compared to an active 2 yr. old!

I've been thinking of getting my hair cut again, but it's been just too cold.
And I mean, seriously cold!
It warms up for a day and then the temps drop right off again.
My hair is starting to grow back in (finally) after all the post-partum hair loss, so I now I have some weird spiky bangs of new hair.
At least it's winter so I just end up plopping a hat on my head to go anywhere, that kinda flattens and tames the unruliness.

Shiloh has been helping a lot now that Vivian is in the dropping toys phase, with picking them up and handing them back to her.
It's a constant thing so every bit of assistance helps.

Playing this morning...
Me: "Achoo!" (fake sneeze)
Vivian: Giggles and coos...Mama is hilarious!
Shiloh: (seriously) "Bless you!"
Me: "Thank you"
Shiloh: exaggerating fake cough "*cough *cough!"
Me: "Bless you"
Shiloh: "I fine"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Shopping Psychiatry

Hmm, say that title several times fast! ;-)

I have heard that there is a book out, based on people's grocery shopping lists.
I haven't even seen the book, so much as to open the cover and glimpse what is it about, but considering I haven't been to a library since....
Well, in November I went to the library to vote on the election, but that doesn't count for book-reading purposes, does it?
Anyways I remember seeing a woman on a talk show, mentioning how much you could tell about a person from their shopping lists.
I don't really see it, I guess it's all in the wondering what they might be buying the items for? Though I have heard the book is more for humorous purposes than anything else.
Personally, I have found discarded receipts generally to be more useful in the quick glance I might cast their way.
Hmm, that movie was only $5...Mayo is on sale, maybe I should pick up some...etc.

But anyways, on a whim I searched my coat pockets, diaper bag, and countertop and found a couple old shopping lists.
Discern what you may, and I have the true translation.

List #1
Juice/Ground turkey/Fish sticks/Frozen veggies/Eggnog/
Sour Cream (cookies), Choc. rice crispies, Food (underlined twice!), cereal bars, fruit - canned or cups
Back-side of list: Allen key/Pliers/screwdriver/Phillips - Shi house (though I think the word "house" is barely legible by someone who doesn't know my writing)
I realize that my lists are only a guideline and I rarely buy a whole meal at a time, I buy a lot of ingredients.
I didn't buy fish sticks or cereal bars or fruit. I think I bought the other stuff though.
The list on the backside were tools that I had to find and pick-up from one house and bring to the I know this list is older, written sometime between our closing date and our actual moving-in date. I even noted that I needed, specifically a Phillips head screwdriver, to take apart Shiloh's play house for the move. :)

List #2
Bread/Milk/Splenda *crossed out/Whipped Topping/Tea/Tuna x2/Tomato sauce x3 (out!)
Pasta/Taco Shells/Bananas (Shiloh + Vivi), Juice (Almost out!), cheese sticks *crossed out, New Year's Day (underlined twice)
cheese + crackers, Yogurt or drinkable yogurt, Breakfast - Fruit/Veggies
Digiorno 12" 2 for $10
(Btw: this is written on a sheet of paper with a picture of a cute Yorkie pup wearing a hat, sitting in the corner)
Splenda was crossed out because I thought I had a hidden box somewhere. Whipped Topping was just because I like to have it on hand. I didn't buy pasta. I bought soft tortilla instead of taco shells.
I think it is funny that I wrote the girls' names next to Bananas on my list, that was just so I would buy them!
I don't like bananas so my instant reaction would be...(what was I thinking writing that on my list!) and ignore it....unless I noted that they were for the girls! ;)
I also note when things are almost out, and that is in case I don't like the price, I will know it is a necessity and buy it regardless then...and also explains why I would buy more than one of those items.
New Year's Day was written because I hadn't decided what to make for that day yet, so I would know I needed to buy some things for that also.

So perhaps you actually could get a whole book out of shopping lists...after all I have made a blog posting just about two of mine! ;)

Hmm, I just realized, *pretty* ;) Shiloh looks at the moment.
She is wearing purple sweatpants which don't match the rest of her outfit, they were just a replacement after a potty accident, a faux pearl necklace, chipped hot pink nailpolish on her fingernails (a reward for sitting on the potty), a hairband around her wrist which is the reason her hair is in dis-array, and the crowning touch....a pink glow necklace around her waist like a belt.
I can just imagine trying to explain a picture of herself to her, years from now. lol.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold snap

Brr! It's bitter cold today...and last night also.
No plans to go outside today for me!
We did have some errands to run yesterday and it was pretty cold then, so we mostly kept the girls in the car.
We only brought them into the grocery store since I had a list of items I needed. I pushed one cart containing the girls and DH pushed another to hold our shopping items...though I kept losing him, so Vivi would end up with stuff piled around her until I caught up with him and unloaded.
One manager came over to admire Shiloh while I waited for DH to check out, I haven't been to the store in months (I tend to just send my husband in when I have a small list) but she remembered us.
She was admiring Shiloh's princess hat, and we chatted for a few minutes about her Grand-daughter and the fun of the princess stage.
Shi would point to the baby (she wouldn't talk) and try to get her to look at Vivian instead....when that didn't work, she glued her eyes to me and refused to look at the strange lady trying to talk to her.

I have been enjoying Shiloh's interest in all things "Pincess".
We played dress-up the other day, with tutus and tutus on our heads (our "pincess" crowns).
Shiloh insisted that Vivian, sitting in her exersaucer, needed to dress up also. So I put a tiny pink tutu on her head and she was just so adorable.
I left the room for a second to make a cup of tea, after all I was playing "pincess" so I needed my tea! ;)
And suddenly I hear Shiloh saying "oh no, Bibian! oh no, Bibian!" (Shi varies between calling her sister "Bibian" and "Babyian")
So I run in and Vivian has pulled her tutu down around her neck, looks rather like an Elizabethan collar now...and is happily chewing on it.
Definitely not appropriate princess behavior! ;-)
So Vivi was relieved of her princess attire, and I distracted Shiloh with dressing her Wonderpet up instead of her sister.

Shiloh's chin is healing well, it has a bit of scabbing now so I am trying to keep it moisturized especially since I have caught Shi scratching at it a little.
I'm very glad it's closed well now, I've been so afraid Shi would open it again.
Her newest thing has been sitting on the couch and reaching for something on the floor. I managed to catch her mid-air, seconds from face-planting while trying to do this....twice in just one week.
I have to try to make sure she's occupied quietly...on the floor, or belted in somewhere if I just have to go to the bathroom!

Vivian is sitting really well, she said "Mama" the other day and reached for me. So sweet.
And that makes "Mama" the first word for both of my girls. She is 7 months old today too! (Hmm, an excuse to make a cake?) ;-)
She's in the Mama stage, watching my face at all times, just beaming smiles if I just glance at her, and bursting into tears if I go out of sight.
Vivi is calmer, and not as daring as Shiloh which actually is really nice! ;-)
I'll enjoy it while I can!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Can I request a faster Guardian angel, please?

Been so busy around here.
I started potty training and it is/was going good, as expected, hits and misses.
The hardest part, really has been, going between the two kids.

Trying to watch for Shi's cues which seem to often occur right when I'm feeding Vivian or I'd have Shi in the bathroom and then the baby would have a poop explosion and if you don't catch either of those the second they happen....well lets just say I've been doing a lot of laundry.
I just have to keep the goal in mind. :)

Makes me really appreciate my new washing machine and having a main-level laundry room rocks!
Shiloh loves to help me with laundry also, and hands me clothes or hangers...or sometimes dances a jig on them, you never quite know what you'll get with a toddler's assistance. ;-)

Potty training is on hold at the moment though because on Tuesday, Shiloh fell and cut her chin and bit her tongue. :(
Giving her a break/rest while it heals.
And oh it scared me! My hands were shaking so badly I could barely get a bandage on her.
It didn't slow her down at all either, and she didn't want a cloth held to her chin so it took awhile to stop the bleeding.
I did call the Pediatrician's office and the nurse said it was probably still bleeding because of the location.
Thankfully my sister stopped over for a visit and ran out for butterfly band-aids and liquid skin and helped me with applying those.

Her tongue injury was awful too, she bit it again that night while trying to eat.
What a mess.
The next day, her chin seemed to be healing well, I wasn't going to mess with the bandages unless I had to.
But she would not leave her tongue alone, it bothered her so she kept chewing on it and moving it all around her mouth.
Finally I gave her some baby Oragel to numb it, and fortunately that helped and she let it be and heal.
Last night I changed her bandage and her chin looks soo good! Amazed me really, kids are so resiliant and heal so fast...while their mothers are scarred for life from the experience!
And also today she's eating up a storm, making up for not eating as much when her tongue was sore. :)

I bought Shiloh a box of Carebear bandaids at the store yesterday, she has played non-stop with them ever since. Taking them out of the box, putting them back, counting them, rolling them up. etc. Such fun with unexpected things!

Today Vivian decided that teething is not as easy as she thought.
She went from happily chewing on a teether to screaming for an hour, refusing to nurse, shrieking if I dared to put her down.
Tylenol, Oragel, and a lot pacing while softly crooning Elvis tunes and she fell asleep for hours.
I'm having Shiloh teething flash-backs!
At least I've been there, have the meds, have the teethers...
She's awake and thankfully happy now, and wanting to help me type so I'll go. ;-)

Just wanted to add, Welcome to Shelby Moriah who did decide to arrive on the 1st after all and is a cutie-pie. :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday & Happy New Year 2009!

Happy Birthday to my dear Husband and also to my brother...and also to Shelby (when she makes her arrival) ;-)

My DH has a big birthday today and I was thinking to write a nice posting about him, but he also has the day off so that means he doesn't leave me much time on the computer.
Plus I find it easier to think of the nice things to write about him, when he is not around and scaring Shiloh with the vacuum cleaner...yeah, writing this one-handed while holding her and her stuffed Ming-Ming is not that easy!
She has no problem with me vacuuming but her Daddy...and quite possibly his added growling sound-effects has something to do with it, brings her to tears.

Anyways Happy Birthday to the birthday boys, and I hope Shelby makes an easy arrival for her Mama!

**Of course, he never reads my blog until I write this...then he's hanging over my shoulder with his own suggestions of nice things about himself, none of which are appropriate for posting!! ;-)