Friday, February 27, 2009

Princess Butterflies and other girly stuff

I found this video today while searching for some make-up tips. I'm turning another year older in a couple days, so I figured my make-up needs to grow-up with me and a video would be most helpful.
I thought it was pretty cute...though not really helpful. :)

It was funny, because it being such a rainy, dreary day today, that I decided to be a little girly with Shiloh and painted both of our fingers and toes.
I know she would find it hilarious and be very interested in doing her Mama's make-up but frankly I am not that brave...and Shi is a bit younger than the girl in the video too.

I also finally decorated Shiloh's bedroom with the fairy decals that we had bought for her, or as she calls them "princess butterflies". How cute is that! :)
Shi is pretty excited to see them on her walls.

Vivi is definitely getting another bottom tooth.
I was finally able to get a good look, and it's swollen and white so it may be popping through soon.
Well, actually who knows with my girls...they teethe weird.
She's been trying lots of new foods and seems to enjoy most, though she never eats a lot.
Today, she tried cornbread and is currently enjoying a tasty treat of an animal cracker....I barely can believe the mess that one tiny cracker can make in the hands of a baby!
She also has a new goofy face that she likes to practice. She sets her teeth, like in a toothy fake grin and shudders, like she's really stressed out or something.
It's so funny and she does it often too, then giggles. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mimi and the Oompa Loompa

The past two or three days have been so nice and sunny...even though we woke up to another +1" of snow this morning.
Our front porch has actually been warm enough to open up and let the girls play out there (it's enclosed).
We used to enjoy time in our back porch at the old house so it's really nice to be able to continue that here.
I'm also loving the feature of a key-only deadbolt on the front porch door. I can also lock the doorknob but it's so nice to have the added security of knowing even if Shi happened to unlock the doorknob, the deadbolt is secure.

The first day only Vivi and I got a chance to go enjoy it. Shiloh was napping and by the time she woke, the sun had dropped enough to chill off the porch.
Vivian had fun practicing her standing while holding on to the playhouse...and taking a few steps while I held her arms.
She also chatters a lot when she's by herself. :)

Yesterday and today, we were able to all play out there.
The girls playhouse set up in there and I lugged out Shiloh's shopping cart and baskets of play food and dishes.
So we had tea parties...well, actually coffee and hamburgers were served, and then Shiloh ordered out for pizza so yeah, it was that kind of party. ;-)
Shi also has to make sure that Vivi has a cup and plate and play food too.
...sometimes that's not a good thing, like yesterday when I was doing laundry while Shiloh played in the playroom and Vivi was in the jumper.
I go to check on them and Shiloh had given Vivi a playfood item with a paper wrapper...part of which Vivi had drooled off/chewed off.
Shi was quite grossed out and wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole then! lol

Anyways we played with putting mail in the mail slot, and I got to practice my "flipping-plastic-burgers-in-a-pan" skills (to much enthusiastic 2yr. old applause), and talking on the play phone.
I suggested she call Grama/Mimi.
"Hi Mimi, Hi Oompa!" then she's jabbering away to "Oompa" (Grandpa).
A lot of "Oompas" going on...which cracked me up because it sounds so much like "Oompa Loompa's" from Willy Wonka. ;-)
Then she called her Daddy, I asked her to tell him what she wanted him to bring home...
"Hi Dada, un pizza! un i-ceem! un candy! un Gabba Gabba!"
She talks so much more on a play phone than a real one!
Vivi also gets a turn with the phone, but she is mystified with the fact that we are holding a toy to her ear....when it is clearly meant for eating!

Vivian has more teeth coming in, I think it's more bottom ones but it's hard to tell. There's sooo much drool it's like searching underwater!
Shi's two bottom molars are still working their way through as well, they were bothering her today so between the two we've got a lot of teething going on!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bath

I decided a nice hot bath was just what I needed.
I herded both girls into the bathroom, filled the tub steamy hot...(not the normal tepid toddler water) and even added some nice bubbles.
The girls were being good, Vivi in her rocker buried in a mound of toys and Shiloh sorting through my clothes and trying on my slippers.
So I though I'll take a couple extra relaxing minutes and really enjoy myself.
Shiloh comes to the edge of the tub "Hi Mama" (do you see where I'm going here, Heath?) ;-)
Me: Hi
Shi: Hot?
Me: yes
Shi: bubbos?
Me: yes, bubbles
Shi: Hot?
Me: yes, it's very hot
Shi: bubbos?
Me: yes (if anything Shi has taught me patience ;-)
Shi: hot?
Me: yes
Shi: jabba gabba dooku!!! Hahahaha!
She laughs hysterically and looks for my response, my face apparently does not reflect the hilarity of her sense of humor...
Shi repeats: jabba gabba dooku!!! Hahahaha! .....I funny! hahahaha! I funny!
Well, I can't help laughing at that. :)

After the water has cooled some, I pulled her into the tub.
She used to love to play in the bath until her fingers were pruny, but the new house bathtub has very high sides so she does not want to be in there alone at all.
I make her a pile of new bubbles from shampooing her hair and she's happy.
Vivi doesn't like any tubs or water, so I mostly sponge bathe her and every few baths I try her in a tub again.
Tonight I decided I'd pull her in with us since she was in a good mood.
She grunted a lot but no crying/whimpering/grabbing-Mama-for-dear-life type it's a step ahead!

Shiloh promptly grabbed a washcloth and started washing the baby's belly with it, then wanted to wash Vivi's hair but I stopped her quickly as water dripped on Vivi's face and she made her scrunched-up, unhappy look. lol.
Every time a drop of water hit her face, she'd scrunch it all up. ;-)
So I got her all washed up, Shi shared one of her little water scoops with Vivian and Vivi was quite fascinated with how it floated on the water.
She smacked her hands in the water and splashed herself and Shiloh pretty good just once, she didn't realize that was going to happen and that was it really.
She didn't fuss, but she was done playing...that splashing stuff wasn't cool!
Then everybody wants out at the same time as Shiloh doesn't want to be in the tub by herself and starts crying "up! help! up! help!" immediately.
So it's on to toweling off, and diapers, powdering, and moisturizing, and dressing, combing hair, and brushing teeth. Whew!

I seem to recall baths being much more relaxing...maybe I need to get some Calgon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Secret is the Door...

The Secret is the Door...

Now if I could just find the secret to keep Shiloh sleeping the WHOLE night through, I'd be golden!
She actually slept 7 1/2hrs straight without waking last night, so not too bad...

Anyways, just like her oldest cousin, it seems that Shiloh doesn't like her bedroom door closed.
The past few nights I've put her to bed with her door opened (the first night she told me that the door closed was scary) while I putter around upstairs so she knows I am there....if you know Shiloh at all, then you know that the second I walk down the stairs she is assuming that I have huge slice of chocolate cake and ice cream and throw a party with balloons and tons of fun that she is missing out on....
It's a work in progress, she does fake cry, then when that doesn't work, announces "Mama, I cryin. Mama? MAMA! I cry!!!"
Then asks for a tissue for her "nooossee"
Lol, she's such a drama queen. ;-)

Yesterday, I decided to work on her naptime.
I planned to put her down at 3:30 but it wasn't quite 3 yet when I noticed her looking a little droopy. So I put her in bed and kissed her and told her it was naptime, gated her doorway and not a peep out of her! I stayed upstairs for maybe 5 min. before going downstairs. She was still fidgeting a little in her bed but still stayed quiet.
AND slept for 1 1/2hrs AND woke up happy!
So that went way better than expected, I still can't believe naptime is easier than bedtime!
After she woke she was just standing by her gate calling me, and she had already put her shoes on and had her stuffed "Ming-Ming" tucked under her arm. :)
Today she has been up there for 15min. so far quietly in her bed playing with her stuffed animals...she is sleepy so I'm sure she'll fall asleep soon enough.
I'm hopeful the following days and nights will go as smoothly. Another step in full adjustment to the new house.

Two...oh Two.
Such an age!
This morning after I changed Vivian into her outfit for the day...(or at least until her next outfit change!) I called Shiloh to come so I could get her dressed.
Instead she went and sat on her bed and told me "I thinking"
Apparently my face clearly told her what I thought of her "thinking" and she scurried over so fast it was funny. I still told her that this is not a negotiation....when Mama says come you better come!

Also her constant calling of me "Mommmm! Where are you? Mommm! Helloooo! Where go?"
When her Daddy is home...then we become "people"
"Peepo! Where are you? Hellooooo! Peepo!"
Where do they come up with these things???

*Just checked on Shi and she's fast asleep...yay! Having the door open really works!
The girls are enjoying each other a lot as Vivi becomes more active and playful.
Vivian has figured out "peek-a-boo" and holds a toy over her head and then brings it down in front of her...that's her version. :)
Then Shiloh started playing peek-a-boo from behind a chair and Vivi thought it was the greatest thing that Shiloh knew her game. lol
Vivi has also discovered her feet and pulling off her socks....and what do I catch her putting on her feet? The ring toys, just like she watched her big sister do!
She also loves Shiloh's sippy cup, so I often give it to her when it's empty or Shi's not using it and I need to keep Vivian when I'm making dinner.
The other day she was playing with it and Shiloh took it away from her, but instead of carrying it off with her like I thought she would.
She just opened it, took a couple sips, closed it and handed it back to Vivi.
Shiloh is very good with Vivian that way, and I'm very thankful!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Independence

We had a ton of running around to do yesterday.
First stopping off at our old house so my DH could do some shoveling while I sat in the car with the girls...constantly adjusting Vivian's hat and canopy which she kept pulling down, and feeding Shiloh cereal snacks (from my Mom...thanks Mom!) because she had missed our early breakfast and then we were rushing out the door.
She loved the cereal snacks though, especially because they had little Hershey kiss-type things in it (I'm not sure exactly what they were because Shi definitely wasn't sharing!)...she kept saying "Yummmm, chaw-chet melk!"
Yes, all chocolate is now called "chocolate milk" or rather "chawchet melk".

Then we went and had our vehicle inspected and ate breakfast at DD's while we waited since it's right next door to the auto shop. No one came rushing up to us offering us a taxi ride either, we are still so paranoid about that every time we take our vehicle to be inspected!
Since Vivi slept that entire time, our next stop was the grocery store so I could feed her in the parking lot while DH took Shiloh inside with my grocery list and picked up what we needed, that worked well though Vivian was very distracted and wanting to talk to me...and honk the horn!

Then off to do some paperwork on the old house. The girls were really good, though Vivi started to eat their table without my noticing. I was so intent on the details of the paperwork and asking questions until I heard this odd little clinking noise of her teeth against the glass of their table.
She was cooing away too, and was pretty excited to see herself in the huge mirror they had covering most of one interesting to look at my writing on those papers with the way she was bouncing around in my arms. lol.
We made another stop or two, then home.

I was nursing Vivian and my husband was busy, Shiloh brought me her cup and asked for juice. I told her I would get it in a minute....but typical Shiloh, she has no patience!
She runs into the kitchen, and I'm listening in case she goes to the fridge then I'll yell for her not to try and open it. I don't hear anything at first, then I hear grunting and she comes in to the living room carrying the brand-new huge jug of juice that I had just bought that day and put in the cupboard.
She carried it into the living room and set it next to her sippy cup...there Mom, now all you have to do is pour.
What a kid!
She's a petite little thing too, only weighing 24lbs. herself!

I don't know what to do with her sometimes.
I'm on her like a hawk not to stand on the furniture, but the other day she stood up in my rocking chair and tipped it over soooo fast!
She backed away from it pretty quickly and wasn't hurt at all, so I'm hoping she's learned her lesson because I just can't be everywhere, every second.

Have I said yet, how happy I am that Vivi's not that mobile yet???? ;-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Storytime...or not!

Haven't had a chance to update in little while.
I've been busy working on our tax returns with a baby on my hip and a toddler clinging to my leg...
I had everything spread out on our counter so Shi couldn't reach the paperwork and I'm calculating and writing figures while standing there.
I did clip out a bunch of coupons and I'd hand one or two to Shi periodically.
Those keep her happy for a good 5-10min. then she comes back for more. ;)

Shiloh still loves coupons so I just picked her up a coupon holder from the Dollar Store and I'm going to fill it with useless or expired coupons and keep it for her to "use" when we go shopping. She loves to play with my coupon book when we're shopping but usually makes a grand mess of it.
So I think she'll be happy with her own coupons! :)

When she is play shopping at home, she pushes her baby doll in the cart and has to carry a purse, a toy cellphone, and a wad of papers that are her "coupons".
She wants to take after Mommy, though where she gets the fashion ideas I don't know. Backwards baseball cap, several strands of colored beads, and her sister's stacking rings on her feet. ;)

She's such a character!
The other morning I was pouring her milk and I asked if she was ready for it. She came running into the kitchen saying "I want coffee! I want coffee!"
Coffee has been her new fascination.
She brings me toy tea cups with a blue block in it. "Mama, coffee"
"Thank you!"
She points to the block "Blue! blue coffee!"
I'm so special, I get blue coffee. :)

Her new game is asking for and acting out "gimme 5" "gimme kiss" "big hug"....then repeat and she tries to keep them in the same order and thinks it's so hysterical if we mess up the order.

I've also been trying to read a thriller mystery novel. It's just not quite the same though.
"....he walked down the darkened hallway, his heart pounding in his chest, the hairs on his neck standing at attention. He reached the closed door and heard the noise again...."

"Vivi! Did you just poop?" she grins, drool dripping down her chin. "Can it wait just a minute? Mama wants to finish this page." she waves her toy book in the air and I take that as a signal to resume my reading.
"....blah, blah, hallway....blah, ah! back at the door....shivers went up his spine. His hand reached for the doorknob, almost of its own will, every instinct screamed at him to walk, no run, away from the door..."

Vivi giggles and kicks her legs, "Alright, I'm done! I'm done! No more!"
Not quite as thrilling when it takes the guy three days just to get through one door. By the time I get past that page, I don't care what the scary noise is or how creepy whatever is going on is...just get through the door already!
Perhaps Mommy's reading time will have to wait a little longer... ;-)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Just a Friday Funny

Just a little something to brighten your Friday.

I was just searching Youtube for a little cartoon for Shiloh to watch and found this. It's so funny...though Shiloh's gasps and giggles and interactive commentary made it more soo.

Her telling me "Mama, open door...Cat!" (I think she thought it was a game) ;)

I need to take a video of her watching it, it's just so funny. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Shiloh kept walking behind me this morning while I was making the bed, I was constantly bumping into her too because she was always right there!
She's so funny.
She kept saying "Oh, oh, kewpie...kewpie, oh kewpie".
I had to stop and listen to her closely, she was saying "excuse me" :-D
* I found a pic of a kewpie doll at to fit it in my post. ;)

Later on she was gabbing away and pointing everywhere, and I said "Shiloh, I don't understand have to speak English".
She points to her DVD's and says "Ingish! Ingish".
Now I think instead of "please" she's going to be saying "English" to get what she wants. lol.

Had a nice Superbowl party at my parents on Sunday.
Good food, as always. The girls and I didn't stay for the actual game though...just enjoyed the food and company beforehand.
Then nap time!

The groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter yesterday...when will he tell us something we don't know?

I got one of those fun calendars with totally odd holidays in it...It's rather fun. But some are so next Monday is "Toothache Day", I think I'll skip out on celebrating that one!