Monday, March 30, 2009

Lessons from a fish tank

So I am well aware that Shiloh is only two, but being of the homeschool mindset...I figure as long as the fish are already here, I'll try to make them as educational as possible.

I'm pointing out everything from the fact that their color is "orange" ...that's another new color to learn, to their anatomy so she can learn what fins and gills are, to the fact that they swim in water.

Shiloh is pretty interested in the water (fortunately the tank has a lid so she's not touching the water. ick!).
She's really good about not tapping the tank already, and even told Vivian (who was trying to grab a fish, but was foiled by the tank)..."No Baby, don't touch! don't touch fish!"
Yep, such a older sister already!

Anyways, all that educating and the one thing that seems to have stuck in her mind...which she disgustedly announced to me this morning....

"Mama...bish eat poop! Mama...bish eat poop!"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

One, Two, and Bob?

This morning we had to run out to the store. I really needed more Tylenol/Motrin for the girls, with teething and also for Vivi's Dr. appt. this week since she'll receive vaccines then.

Some how, along with my necessities, three goldfish came home with us too.
They caught Shiloh's eye while we were shopping and she was just so excited. "bish! bish! Mama look, bish!"
Her Daddy decided to get her a Beta, but they were not a lively bunch and Shi didn't give them a second glance.
So we went with the goldfish instead.
I was less than thrilled with the idea of getting *any* fish, but Shiloh was acting like those fish tanks were Disneyland!
DH actually hand-picked the fish.
I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that...but he took the net out of the guy's hand and caught the fish himself while the guy just held the bag.
Sounds like him, right? ;-)

Anyways, the fish are set up in their new home and both girls think they are pretty fascinating....Vivian smiles but also looks pretty confused when she's watching them.
I'm not sure if she's more interested in the actual fish or the bubbles from the tank's aerator. ;)

As for names, Shiloh is mostly calling them "da bish" sounds like a cool band name right?
I'm listening to "da bish"...they rock!
But when she counts the fish, she says "One, Two, Bob"...every time.
I just asked her "Where's Bob?" and she went running to the fish tank.

I guess, Bob it is! ;-D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Teething is not a highlight

Vivi is cranky and Shiloh is actually telling me today that her teeth hurt, and Tylenol doesn't seem to be doing much for either of them. :(
Vivian woke from her nap super-duper-cranky. I laid her down just to change her diaper and she actually went instantly into the scream that has no sound at first, but when it comes it's theater-worthy, hair blowing, ear drum popping quality.
Yep. That has been my day. Basically.

There were some high points.
We went out on the back porch (59 degrees it was a heat wave!) and blew bubbles...well, I blew bubbles.
Shiloh blew a couple but was too nervous about the drips of bubble soap getting on her, to get very close to the wand.
Vivian just sat in her stroller and could have cared less, she kinda zoned out.
I think she was tired, since teething affects her sleeping and naps.
Shiloh and I also colored a bit, Vivian tried to eat a coloring book and screamed when I took it away.
She has a very short fuse in teething mode...thankfully, her toes are always a ready distraction.
Pull off those socks, and instant toys!

I have gotten into a habit of talking with Shiloh about her day, when I tuck her in at night.
It started as a way to distract her when she woke up crying in the middle of the night, and then I thought it might help her fall asleep to be thinking about the highlights of her day.
So I just remind her "Remember how we went on the front porch and ordered pizza on the phone? That was fun...and we colored princess pictures, didn't we?" and I chat about it for a couple minutes.
Tonight I was thinking to skip it because Vivi was fussing...but as I started to move from her bed, Shiloh said "I member went front porch" :)
She started telling me her highlights of the day, so cute. I'm glad she enjoys that part of our routine.
Just don't mention that she watched "Baby Bach" or she'll want to watch it right then! ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coffee. Grande. Make that very Grande.

The other night was a bit rough.
After I laid Shiloh down, she kept crying and fussing which went beyond anything of her normal routine.
I asked if her teeth were bothering her and she said "teeth" a couple of times but she's in the repeating stage so she also repeated me when I asked if she had a belly ache, ear ache, etc. etc.
I brought her back downstairs and she kept putting her hands in her mouth so I gave her some Motrin and time for it to work before I put her back to bed....about 1 1/2 hrs. later than her normal bedtime.
Also Vivi must be going through a growth spurt, and she wanted to eat all night long!
On top of that, they woke me up early, so I stumble to the coffee pot and turn it on.
A minute later it beeps at me...telling me that the imaginary coffee that I had put into it the night before is done!
Yep, I was so distracted with Shiloh's teething and sleeplessness that I never prepared the coffee the night before! So I had to get my brain functioning enough to put water in, put grounds in...uh, oh yeah filter first...then grounds. Okay. it's set. uh, which button turns it on again? Maybe just banging my forehead on it helps??
Finally, precious drops of brown java goodness start dripping through.
Hey, is that the sun shining? ;-)

Last night Shiloh woke up around 1am, but after some Motrin she slept pretty well through the night. But that was the last bottle of Motrin, I still have Tylenol so that will get us through, but the Motrin seems to work a little better for her.

I rearranged her bedroom this morning, I'm hoping that moving her bed to a darker, quieter spot will help her sleep better at night (when her teeth aren't bothering her).
She was pretty excited about it, she kept saying she was sleepy so she could lay on the bed.

Vivian is getting so much personality.
She's figured out peek-a-boo so much that she'll hold a toy in front of her face, pull it down, and yell "Ahh". She also will peek around corners at you.
She loves that game...she just waits for you to ask "Where's Vivian?" :)
When we're out and about, she's a very quiet baby but at home she's pretty vocal. Yelling at her toys or trying to imitate her sister's tones or just voicing her frustration that her legs won't cooperate like she wants.

Vivian is a bit of a brute and a butterfly. ;-) She saw a design on Shiloh's shirt that she liked and she just lunged for her and tried to rip it off her shirt! Right now, there is only a 5lb. difference in the girls so pretty soon I'm going to have to tell Vivian to be gentle with Shiloh! .
Vivi also went from crying in the bathtub to splashing like crazy! Shiloh has *never* liked splashing so she ends up huddling in the corner trying to cover her face while Typhoon Vivian rages. I think I'm going to have to put them at opposite ends of the tub for a bit.

Last night, both girls were sitting on the couch with me and Vivi looked at Shiloh so adoringly and kept baby hugging her (where they put their head down and tilted to side and lean against you). Then she'd look at her again, and hug her again.
I thought it was soo precious. Shiloh didn't agree.
She kept looking at her suspiciously...yeah, I remember you tried to rip my shirt Sumo? NOW you want to hug me? this is just a trick to get drool on me, isn't it!?
But this morning I was helping Vivian walk and Shiloh was in front of us, and Shi was so sweet calling to the baby "You're doing it, big girl! You're doing it, big girl!" :)
Such is the sibling relationship!

Both girls are napping now. I am hoping that today warms up enough to take them to the back yard or at least the back porch. It just looks like a day for bubbles to me! :)
And with rain and even snow in the forecast, I want to soak up enough sun to get me through!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Do

I went and had my hair cut today!! Woohoo!
I got bangs which I haven't had in years, and now it's a little below my ears in length, with a bunch of layers...
(I know I need to take pictures...but believe me, it's a big ordeal on this old laptop!)
As excited as I was about getting my hair done, I still kept trying to talk my DH out of letting me...
He's been working a lot so it just didn't seem right to me, to go and have a little "me" time...know what I mean?
Also Vivi's separation anxiety, and the timing of her nap, and nursing, and Shiloh using the potty, and they've been crabby with teething...and on and on...
DH was excited about spending time with the girls though, and I got everything prepared for him to make it as easy as possible...sippy cups filled, and certain snacks pulled out etc.

I did have to sneak out the door though because once Shi saw that I was getting my shoes, she wanted her coat and said "let's go!" ;)
I called home as soon as my hair was done (at DH's request) and the girls were happy and giggling to the dance part of one of Shi's favorite cartoons. :)
So I ran to the grocery store to grab a couple items...didn't even need a cart!
Then home again...little more than an hour total so not long at all!

Shiloh-kitty greeted me, meowing, and then wanted me to carry her. Shiloh pretending to be a cat is becoming a daily thing...each morning she wakes us by climbing on top of us, meowing.
I think it's her way of getting more cuddling, where some kids might start acting more baby-ish...she pretends to be a kitty that wants to be carried and cuddled a lot, probably especially a reaction to the "big girl" change of using the potty.

Vivi was falling asleep when I got home, so she didn't notice my hair until she woke a little later.
Out came the bottom lip once she saw it though!
I expected that she wouldn't be too thrilled with Mommy getting a haircut...I mean, she starts crying when I have a towel on my hair after a, of course!
I started to nurse her and she was pretending, but wouldn't really drink until I had talked to her and stroked her head the way she likes and she was sure it was me. lol.

This morning the girls woke me up pretty early, so they were playing with their toys while I blearily waited for the coffee to brew. I noticed that Shiloh was lining up a bunch of her toys and all her doll house people, and she had them talking in high-pitched voices saying "oh nooo, oh nooo!" so I asked Shiloh what her toys were doing "they pee potty" she said...
So...while other kids are lining their toys up playing Noah's Ark, Shiloh is lining them up playing "long-wait-for-the-bathroom"?
She cracks me up!!

Also it was funny because Vivian was playing with her toys separately but she was trying to copy Shiloh's high-pitched "oh noo" while she was playing. ;)

Vivian suddenly has a diaper rash. :(
It hit her so fast too, she was having a poopy day...changed one messy diaper and her skin was clear. Next messy diaper and everywhere the mess touched was bright red! That made me think it was a reaction to a food but she hasn't had anything new...just larger amounts of the same things.
So I'm leaning towards it being from teething because she's been drooling more the past couple days too.
I had to look around for diaper ointment because I need them so rarely, but I found I have some A&D and a little Balmex too.
Hopefully it will clear up soon, it's sore and she doesn't want me wiping it! :(

She was trying out cruising yesterday....not too successfully either! She saw Shiloh's cup and she really, really, wanted it...just couldn't get those feet cooperating! We were all playing in the girls' play house and Shiloh was serving coffee that was "...bery, bery hot!" as she cautioned.
She also pretended to make us cookies from the little microwave molded into the wall of her house...and Shiloh and I played that the cactus decoration (what were the designers thinking?) was sharp and poked us each time we touched it and we were very dramatic with our reactions which
Vivi thought was hilarious. :D

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to make the doo-dahs!

Shiloh often surprises me with the little things she picks up/ learns.
She's always asking me what I'm doing or what's that...usually asking me those thing repeatedly...and she's still in the (oh so enjoyable!) echoing stage too!

Last night, she was asking me about what I was doing when I was cleaning her potty that she had just used, so I told her
"First I need to clean your potty, then Mama has to put away all the laundry"
I had clothes air-drying in the laundry room, so Shiloh starts walking around feeling the clothes and telling me "that's dry...that's dry" with each one.
Shocked me that she knew to do that, but she is my little helper.

But, she also still just Two...
I was getting ready for bed the other night and both girls were in Shiloh's room, I had already changed them into their pj's and they were just playing.
Vivi was lunging for a pack of Pull-Ups, so I just asked Shi to take it away from her.
Shi went running to the baby and I went back to doing my stuff.
I can hear them happy and playing, I go to check on them...yeah, they're quite happy in the midst of a large pile of Pull-Ups!
Vivi is waving one around and squealing in delight and Shiloh is diving into the pile of Pull-Ups like they are leaves and both of them are just having a blast!
I really wanted to grab my camera, except I was already exhausted...and now had a large pile of diapers to pick up.
They must really, really, compress those Pull-ups in the packages....because one tiny pack made quite a pile!

Shiloh also keeps begging for "doo-dahs" in the morning...(donuts). Then she wants to chat all through breakfast about the doo-dahs.
Now my husband and I keep catching ourselves singing "Camptown Races" lol

Actually, I like the lyrics with her translation...

"The Camptown ladies sing this song....
Donuts, Donuts, (doo dah, doo dah)
The Camptown race track's five miles long...
Oh, the donut day..."

Makes me want a latte and a chocolate glazed! :-)

Vivi has started crawling....backwards.
She is not happy about this development because neither her crawling attempts, nor rolling, actually get her going forward like she wants!
I remember Shi backing herself under the couch a few times at this stage. :)
Vivi has also already managed to (somehow) put the speakers on demo had all these flashing lights that I have never seen before! lol.
I pushed a bunch of buttons and couldn't get it straightened out, but either her Daddy fixed it or restarted it...anyways it's okay now.

It's going to be a crazy summer...I can just tell. ;-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Miss Muffet

Potty training is going really well, I'm so proud of Shiloh!
Kinda proud of myself too for sticking to it, especially during those first rough days.

Looks like she has molar #3 just under the surface too! #1 and #2 aren't fully through but they seem to be past the point of bothering her.
Not looking forward to this next one cutting through...that seems to be the worst part.
Vivi just had her tooth #3 cut through...officially! Meaning it's been cut through for a least 2-3days in a row. Yeah, I have to come up with some type of rule for their teeth. I have all these notes in their baby books. Tooth first broke through (Dec) then Tooth fully broke through...really (Feb).
It's ridiculous! They must have super strong gums or something, because believe me those teeth are sharp. very sharp.
I need to check my teething supplies now...definitely don't want to run out of Tylenol or teething tablets at 1am or something...

Vivian just weighed in at 19lbs. on our home scale this morning! She turned 9 months yesterday too.
She's sooo solid, I guess rolling around doesn't burn many calories. She also likes bouncing, and sitting on the couch flinging herself backwards to she does that repeatedly and laughs like it is the greatest thing!
She likes walking and standing with my assistance, but thinks Mommy should be at her beck and call so that when Shiloh runs out of the room she can walk and follow her.
Vivian does most of her rolling when she's left by herself. I am discovering it's because she wants to roll to mischief!
Mad dashes for paper that Shiloh has dropped, unplugging speaker cables from Daddy's subwoofer, opening the tape deck, knocking over the trash can....those are the types of things that get her going, and fast too!
When there is nothing to get into then she'll just lay there playing with her toes. ;-)
She is starting to try and pull herself up, she's just so roly poly though!

I just picked her up some goldfish crackers. I had forgotten all about them until I saw them in the store and remembered that Shi enjoyed them.
Vivi is a fan as well! :)

She also just tried a sippy cup and did pretty well. Just a little surprised at first that there was milk in there, gave me quite a shocked look lol, but then she wanted more.

Shiloh has been pretending to be a puppy or a kitty...most often a kitty.
She crawls around meowing, and wants me to pick her up. Shiloh-kitty also talks in a high-pitched kitty voice "I go porch, Mama, c'mon".
If I'm not paying attention she uses her regular voice "Mama! MAMA!", then when I am looking at her...high-pitched voice "I kitty...pick up".
Yesterday when I was holding Shiloh-kitty, she said "see my paws?" then touched my face with her paw/hands and thought it was hysterical! ;-)

Shiloh is also impatient each day for our front porch to warm up enough that we can open the door and play out there.
Except it seems she has a bit of a bug phobia at the moment.
A big half-frozen stink bug was on one of the porch windows and once Shiloh noticed it, she refused to go into the porch.
Even though the bug was on the outside, she couldn't be convinced. Granted, they are not a nice looking insect.....

So it took me several attempts because A. the window didn't want to open and B. the bug didn't want to move its stupored self...which when I looked them up they're not supposed to be out until June, so it was definitely in a cold stupor.
But I finally shooed it away! yay me!

So Shiloh ventured out onto the porch and played for about 30min. before a fly started buzzing in the window.
She flew behind me asking "what's that? what's that?!"
I told her it was just a fly, but apparently that wasn't comforting at all and she ran into the house and peered at it nervously from the doorway.

Thankfully we just bought some flyswatters...but I have a feeling it's going to feel like a long fly season. I already had to kill three today.
She won't just ignore them or let me ignore them, she keeps calling me over to them and pointing them out from the doorway...yep, no way she's going any closer!
Guess maybe she's a bit of a girl after all. ;)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Potty Training 101

I did a lot of research on potty training...and there's just some things they don't tell you.
So I thought I would share my info/tips/musings, whatever you want to call them, in hopes that they might help out some other Mommy out there with potty training a child like mine...and maybe help my forgetful self with future potty training.

1. Potty training is messy...makes diapers not look so bad.

2. Don't overdo sitting on the potty time...Don't overdo anything about potty training, but don't under do either. It's about finding a happy medium.

3. Stay calm about it. (okay that probably is written in some book/reference somewhere...I'm just emphasising it!) :)

4. Stickers and Sticker charts as rewards don't work for all mine, who likes to rearrange her stickers often and use them to redecorate the house. She also doesn't find it "rewarding" to be shown an enticing sticker and then not be allowed to place it where she wants, even if that is a totally random her shoe.
Might I add, she has a baby sister who finds randomly placed stickers...delicious? ;-)

5. Hide diapers for younger children (if there are any). Makes it a lot easier to say "we're done with diapers!" if they can't bring you one...or try to put it on themselves...or watch with longing as you change their sibling.

6. Keep a bucket of soapy water on hand (on the counter or washing machine) to toss soiled clothes into immediately. Less odors all around and washing frequently means less chance of running out of necessary items of clothing.

7. Just putting pants alone on the child in the first days sometimes works better than pants and underwear, the child seems to notice accidents faster....and it means less laundry.

8. Rubber shoes...or other easy wash shoes. Need I say more? ;-)

9. Just because a child is sitting on a potty seat...doesn't always mean the pee is going "in" the potty. Check positioning and put newspapers under the seat for added protection to your floors!

10. Some pants were being held up by a diapered behind. Without a diaper, you may have to rethink some clothing bottoms unless you want your child to look like a plumber.

11. Commit to it and prepare: Towels on your furniture, papers under the potty, time to focus on training. pre-made foods and an already cleaned house to start helps...

12. Accidents happen...usually when you are washing dishes or using the restroom yourself.

13. Wool pants are not a good idea for training. You can't easily tell if they are wet from an accident, and when you wash them by hand after an accident...they are difficult to wring out and might end up dripping tons of water and flooding your laundry room. (um, yeah so avoid those)

14. If you use candies as a rewards...tiny packages of mini M&M's, or fruit snacks, or rolls of smarties worked the best here. The child can hold them but not open them, and it seems to make a big difference as a motivation aide compared to other treats.

15. Prunes! Prune juice, baby prunes...whatever! Just need to keep things to speak, so constipation doesn't become an issue and affect training.

16. If you do time-outs for discipline, make sure potty time doesn't seem like a time out.

17. Teaching the child to clap or give you a "high five" when they finish peeing helps a lot. Instead of constantly moving the child to check the potty, when you ask if they peed and you get a high five or a stony look...either way you have your answer.

18. Lysol and carpet/furniture cleaner

As I venture into new areas of training, I am sure I will come up with more things to add...and I know these things don't work with every child, actually I'll probably need a whole new system when it becomes the baby's turn! ;-)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thank you

Thank you Angela for sharing this award. I'm so glad others are enjoying my blog and my motherhood adventures....even around the globe. :)

The rules:1) Admit that ONE thing you feel awful about involving being a mom. Get it off your shoulders. Once you've written it down, you are NO LONGER allowed to feel bad. It's over with, it's in the past. Remember, you're a good mom!

Hmm, Mommy guilt is such a big thing. I still feel awful about Shiloh falling and cutting her chin, and the fact that I don't even know how or what she banged into so I could possibly prevent it again.

2) To remind yourself that you ARE a good mom, list SEVEN things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself of EVERY DAY that you rock!

1. I love playing with the girls every day. Everything from tea parties to bowling, princesses to dancing crazy.

2. I think my children are fascinating little people, and I love getting to know them a little better each day.

3. The adoring looks that they give me...just because I am their Mom, make me emotional....a lot!

4. They both think I am pretty funny, and I'm a total goof around them. ;)

5. I have been confrontational on behalf of my children, and that's really not in my nature...Motherhood brings it out though!

6. I love that Shiloh is so polite with her please, thank you's, bless you's and excuse me's...(er, kewpies ;)

7. I am in awe that God decided to bless me with my beautiful girls, and that he feels I am the right Mother for them and what they need...even when I feel so lost with some of the challenges at times.

3)Send this to FIVE other Moms of the Year that deserve forgiveness and a reminder that they, too, are the best moms they can be!!! Remember to send them a note to let them know you've selected them, and add a link to the person who nominated you!"

Five mommy bloggers who deserve the mom of the year award:

Most of the mommy blogs I read have already received this award...
I do want to pass this on to Erica
and there are one or two private blogs that are very deserving of this award as well and I will pass it on. :)
Thanks again!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Does anyone else hear an Echo?

Some Coneheads with jelly, please.

I made cornbread muffins the other day, but when Shiloh says "cornbread" it sounds like "coh-head" or "cone head" which then had me thinking of the old SNL "Coneheads" and I thought it was funny...picturing them with marmalade on their heads. ;-)
Shiloh is in a big repeating stage. Repeating everything you say.
I know it's part of learning to talk and pronounce words better, but it gets frustrating!
Where I used to be able to ask her a question and have her answer, she's now only repeating me.
I can see the concentration on her face, and the fact that she is "only" focusing on the words that I am saying and trying to repeat them...and not registering that I am asking a question.
On the other hand, I have noticed that it seems to be helping her put sentences together since she started repeating me.
Great! But most of my day is:

Me: Shiloh, do you want juice?
Shiloh (concentrating only on my lips): you wan doose?
Me: Do YOU want juice?
Shiloh: Do YOU wan doose?
Me: No, I am asking you...Do you want juice?
Shiloh: No you wan doose?
Me (hopeful): How about some milk?
Shiloh: how melk?
Me: listen to me, I-am-talking-to-you
Shi: me talkin to you
Me: I'm not talking any more.
Shiloh: I talk more
Shiloh: i wan doose! i wan doose!
Me: you're driving me crazy
Shiloh: you cazee
Me: ACK!! (pounding head on fridge door)
Shiloh: haha! you funny! haha! you funny!

She also has a new word that we haven't figured out yet, "Abu-dah", I thought it was "apple pie" but she can actually say that perfectly (of course, it's a dessert!!).
I've tried saying it slowly and very fast and still haven't figured it out yet.
Everything I say to her trying to figure it out, just starts the repeating thing remains a mystery.

Vivian has become a S.W.A.T. baby. lol.
She's not really crawling but she's certainly not staying in one place! She scoots, twists, and rolls (((VERY FAST!))) and seriously it looks like some type of military sniper maneuvers but she gets herself where she wants to go!
We have about 1/2 the playroom is baby toys and 1/2 is Shiloh's "not baby" toys....books, puzzles, blocks etc.
This morning I put Vivian on her side of the playroom, surrounded by toys.
The second I walk away, she flings...and I do mean FLINGS herself backwards...think "Matrix".
Fortunately I have prepared for that and she has a soft landing.
Two, Three rolls and she's close enough to the door to use that as leverage for her feet and pushes herself forward off of that.
I can see she has a purpose in mind now.
A half turn of her body, another scoot forward and she has easy access to her goal...the basket of Shiloh's Princess clothes and jewelry!

I think I'm going to hear "oh no, Bibian! no bibian" a lot more in the future...