Monday, April 27, 2009

I wanna color too!

A part of the reason I love having kids, is getting a taste of being a kid again myself. :)
I get to play in the playhouse, eat pretend cookies that Shiloh made and drink blue for imaginary missing hamsters, color in princess books, blow bubbles, and eat animal crackers (not too bad with a cup of tea!) ;-)

While searching through crayons and markers at Target, I discovered these window crayons. Shiloh is still a bit too young for them...but her mother?
heehee. :D

A small sampling of my artwork...yes, I highly recommend them for the kid in you.

Love them! So much fun, and I'm not even artistic but I still enjoy them. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm sew done...and so punny!

Yay! I finally finished the porch curtains!
Twelve windows, but I managed to average 2-3 curtains every day so it didn't take too long at all.
The before and after pictures....

I love the sheerness of the curtain material, they are a dark color so it doesn't show as much from the outside, but inside they let a lot of light thru while also giving us some privacy.
I'm thinking of making a curtain for the front porch door as well, I was careful with my use of the fabric so I have a decent amount left over.
This way when the summer warmth and sun starts in the early morning, I could still open up the front porch and we can enjoy it in our pj's if we want, without feeling like the whole neighborhood is watching us.
Makes it feel much more cozy too. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Better than HBO

1 down 11 to go... Update: make that 4 down, 8 to go!
I am working on sewing up some curtains for our front porch windows. Hopefully they'll help keep the porch cooler in the summer sun and also offer us a little more privacy.
Yesterday I only managed to get one window finished...but today I made three more! yay!
It took me a while to do the measurements, then I had to load the bobbin and thread the machine, adjust the tension of the thread etc. all the prep work.
But I got a lot done while Shiloh napped and Vivi played in her exersaucer.
Then when Shiloh woke up, she wanted to sit down right next to me and watch (actually she wanted to sit in my lap, but was content to sit next to me instead). She then brought over her coloring book and crayon and started coloring next to me.
But her crayon was venturing on the table and almost on my material with the vibration of the sewing machine so I decided it was an ideal time for a break instead!

I realize that I didn't post about Easter. The girls had a wonderful time, of course.
Shiloh rode her new bike around my parents house a bit (only her 2nd time riding). We're still trying to teach her about the pedals but she'd much prefer to be pushed around.
Vivian has just figured out how to ride her little sit-on toy by pushing it with her feet. I know this is much earlier than Shi did because Shiloh just wanted to walk at this stage...she had no patience to sit on a toy!
In fact she used the toy as a step stool and to daringly stand on and balance but very rarely ever *rode* it. ;-) So this might translate to her lack of interest in pedals and such now....

Vivian had a pretty sociable first Easter, reaching the other side of her anxiety stages now and her teeth weren't bothering her so she was actually smiley and happy. :)
She didn't eat as much as I expected her to, but timing is everything.
Today she was busy talking on her toy phones...she's even trying to say "hello"! I said "hello" to her and she didn't have her phone so she grabbed her ear instead and was babbling away.
She growls too and loves to do that. ;-D
Vivi has also settled into a combo rolling/half-crawling maneuvers to get herself around...and lets not forget her ride-on toy.
She's rarely in one spot anymore, she even managed to get stuck between the piano and piano bench today, she couldn't roll her way out and couldn't figure out how to back herself up either. ;-)

Shiloh is still my helper most of the time. Takes me twice as long to do the laundry with re-folding after her "help" but she is learning new skills and so proud of herself, that it is worth it. :)

I just love watching her use her imagination playing with her toys. I heard her banging on the window earlier, so I told her to stop and asked what she was doing. "i washin' winnow!"
She had found a teether shaped like a paintbrush and was brushing it up and down the glass...washing. ;-)
There are a couple small stuffed bears that Shiloh's been playing with recently, she joins their paws together and they dance around....then she had them walk but told them they had to hold hands, or sometimes she helps them walk like they are still learning how to, the same way we help Vivian. ;-)
She loves to line up her toys to the little door of her dollhouse, then has them shout "Dada! open door!" lol
And the newest thing is to put some toys in the baby's musical fishbowl toy, and then she makes them shout for help and has a dramatic rescue.
She's so entertaining!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Remembering a home

It's done!
The sale of our old house closed yesterday!
After less than 4 months on the market, we received the offer, and with the economy....and the housing market in particular in a slump, we are very thankful and amazed at this quick sale.
God is a good real estate agent too...add that to his resume. :)

We didn't end up going to the actual closing or meeting the new owner since it was being held in an office a good hour away. We did our part ahead of time and that made it much easier all around for us.

No more stress of owning & paying for two properties. This sale has really helped it to feel like home here, more settled.
We're now decorating and displaying finishing pieces....and actually letting DH put a nail or two in the wall.

A little bittersweet of course, I brought both of my babies home to that house and it served us well. But children have so many milestones they've already started having some in the new house in the short time we've lived here.
Shiloh took her first steps there...but first rode a bike here (well, still working on that...rather she was first pushed on a bike here. ;)
First crawled there...but potty trained here.
Vivian has already had so many milestones here and many more to come too.

I love this new house, and my family is here with me and that makes it home. :)

But...on to the memories. I was going to post a few pics, but then ended caught up looking at Vivian's newborn pictures etc. and you know how that goes...
So I thought it was better/easier to just link to posts I had made that reminded me of the old house.

Of course the
neighbors, can't forget smoking-in-pajama's lady, and her husband who was so nice and mowed for us all the time!
But can't forget the
rock musician either! We are next door to a police officer now, and so far I'm much preferring this long as I don't watch that scary movie my brother is *so kind* as to tell me about.

Like I've mentioned before we've left behind our Rambo
groundhog and moved into squirrel territory...

...and remember the
hailstones ??

Another thing that stands out to me??
and more
bugs and yet even more bugs....(yeah...don't miss those one iota!!)

And I'm actually surprised I didn't have many more posts on the
house repairs

So it is sold now, and we're on to making more memories...and hopefully less buggy ones, here. :)
Yay for closing!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Girls

The other day was quite busy with running around, errands and shopping.
After taking Shiloh to the public restrooms 4-5x, she finally accomplished another stage of potty training. Yay!
She was soo proud too, we had to tell Daddy as soon as we came out so he could praise our "big girl" as well. :)

One of our shopping goals was to pick up a bicycle helmet and knee pads for Shi.
We had bought a helmet earlier (when we bought her bike) but had to return it because the buckle for the chin-strap was missing.
We found a nice helmet and when we got home DH took Shi out for her first bicycle ride.
She has a nice little two-wheeler, with training wheels. I didn't even know they made them small enough for a 2 yr. old but it fits her perfectly so we skipped a tricycle and went right to the two-wheeler.
Seems so weird to see my "baby" on a bike like that!
She didn't figure out the pedals, I think partly because it was so much fun to have her Daddy pushing her up and down the driveway.
Wore him out!!!
As soon as they came back inside, he passed right out. ;-)
I took Vivi out and we watched Shiloh riding and I took pictures but I couldn't stay out too long because it was quite windy and Vivi has a runny nose, so I didn't want her in the wind too much.

Vivi has discovered her voice....the operatic quality, the highs and lows, the volume control...or rather how loud she can be!
One of our stops was a big chain construction store, and I was carrying Vivian while Shiloh rode in the truck-shaped shopping cart.
I had to remove Vivi because she kept trying to lick the toy steering wheel on the cart and was quite stubborn about it too.
So I'm carrying her around all these burly construction guys, and usually she's quite shy.
But she decided that she couldn't let that deter her one bit from the experience of listening to her voice loudly echoing through a warehouse. After all...a singer sings!
Must have amazed her too, she kept looking at the ceiling....Wow, was that beautiful sound really me?? ;-)

Today Vivi wants to stand up and even take a few steps pushing toys around. She won't even let me sit her down, she just stiffens until I let her stand.
She's also learned to wave, and does it all the time now and also is figuring out how to move in her little ride-on car.
She keeps bouncing on it so whether or not it goes forward or backwards changes but she's getting it worked out. ;-)
My time is getting very limited before she's going to be all over the place! I'm not sure that I'm ready, lol.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Picture Post

Just sharing a few photos...
Not a great photo of our apparently edible trashcan...see where the handle used to be? Now it has become a squirrel portal to Grouchville.
We left our Rambo groundhog behind just to move onto Rambo squirrel turf.
There are also bite marks all around the edge of the can where they tried to get in.

This is our Owl statue...DH moved him to face the trash cans and I guess to scare off the squirrels better?

But you know what I noticed?? If you look very closely at the the corner. See it? Squirrel poop. Bold little punks...

Making their photo debut...One, Two, and Bob...aka: Da Bish.

Not a great pic, they aren't the best models and wouldn't hold a pose...or smile for that matter! girls. :)

I love how grumpy Vivi looks in this picture, she just didn't like the sun in her face.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This April is squirrelly

When your toddler is sobbing because they can't find their "dapa hoecake" or begging you for "Abootah", it makes you wish you had one of those Star Trek universal translators.
Yeah, that would be cool.
I did wonder though, how they could use the translator to understand so many various alien species but never Data's cat??

I hear a lot of "dapa hoecake" (Strawberry shortcake), "tika boo" (Tinkerbell), and most stumping of all...
Vitamin...used to be "I-ya", now it is "Abootah"
Took me a little while to figure that one out.... ;-)

Shiloh is in love with the show "Dancing with the Stars".
I started watching it just out of curiosity, but Shiloh was instantly a fan.
She sits on the couch, gasping and oohing and ahhing
"Ooooh bee-a-full! Mama, look! bee-a-full!" and she claps enthusiastically when they are done dancing. It really is too cute, she thinks the girls are princesses.
Makes it so tempting to let her watch a little longer, but I need to keep to my "no TV, 1/2hr. before bed" rule otherwise it's very difficult to get her to sleep.

Vivi is learning a lot of little games and she knows "no" though she is not happy about it!
Usually a little shriek and she hides her head, then looks to see if I'm still watching her.
She loves to hug and cuddle and will even try to climb on you to cuddle, she also has a natural smile and a cheesy smile.
The cheesy one is starting to come out with the camera and also if she catches us watching her play. :)

Windy, snowy day here. It's supposed to be spring and April...doesn't feel like it today though!
I had to go out and chase our garbage can down twice, (it's trash pick-up day)hopefully I have it secured now. Hard to keep it at home, it wants to go visit all the neighbors.

I am becoming more and more apprehensive about the prospects for planting a garden here though.
There is at least one giant rabbit hopping around and yesterday squirrels, (another nuisance) chewed away seriously on our trashcan lid.
It was our new trashcan which seems to be made of a softer plastic...but seriously I'd almost think a dog went after it instead!
I have an owl statue/deterrent but just saw a squirrel sitting next to it like they were best buddies so it's back to the drawing board...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The early to bed bird catches...Zzzzz

On Thursday Vivian had her 9 month appt. at the Pediatrician's.
She weighs more than a pound over what Shiloh weighed at the same age!
Vivi did really well and only cried whenever I had to put her down, as long as I was holding her they could check her over and she was fine.
She even smiled when I tickled her chin. :)

I remember Shiloh cried as soon as they touched her at this age.

It was also Shiloh's first attempts at using public restrooms since potty-training.
Since she's been afraid of public bathrooms from a tiny baby, it's not surprising that she was not thrilled with the idea.
She took one look at those split toilet seats and quickly changed her tune and said she didn't have to go.
I took her to the bathroom at the store and also at the Dr's office.
The Dr's one almost put her into tears because when you turn on the light, a loud fan started up at the same time, and the toilet seat was very wobbly.
Needless to say, no success in passing that next stage of potty training.
Since we were local, I drove her home for a potty break.
She does fine at other houses and uses the adult toilet frequently in addition to her potty chair, but public restrooms are a different thing.
Not sure what I want to do when we take a long outing...

I've been very sleep deprived this past week and half to two weeks.
Both girls have been waking with teething or various other complaints...(it's mostly just been Vivi these past few days though)
I've learned it's wise to pick up ALL the kids toys as soon as they are asleep...because it's not really fun to trip on/step on one in the middle of the night, especially if it starts quacking/beeping/playing tinny music. Not what you want to hear at 2am.

Also any recipe requiring more than three ingredients is probably best left for a better rested day.
The eyes might read 3/4 cup...and the fog of a brain translates it to four 1/3 cups, at least you think that's what you were putting in, when you realize you're holding a third cup scoop in your hand, but forgot how many times you filled it.
Very tired.

Despite my efforts to sanitize our hands every outing, Shiloh and I have come down with colds. :(
At least she's able to tell me if she needs a tissue or wants chocolate milk etc. and hopefully, with as much as she nurses, Vivian will avoid catching this.
Shi's being a trooper so far. Her eyes are very watery so she just looks miserable.
We're cuddling on the couch watching cartoons. I even submitted myself to the oddity that is "Lambchop" because she wanted to watch it.
Vivi is our other entertainment. :-)
Playing peek-a-boo with us and and bouncing on the couch cushions, giggling when we tickle her toes and "talking" and copying us. She was even using the remote as a phone, she seems so young to pick that up though!
She's a lot of fun. :)

Our washing machine seems to have a problem with eating bows.
I've lost a few bows now, off the girls' various articles of clothing and they've yet to reappear.
I keep expecting them to show up on DH one of these days.
You know, the perfect accent to his camouflage pants is a tiny pink bow after all! ;)