Saturday, May 30, 2009

Iron, Toddlers

My blog saved me some sleep the other night.
I had put Shi down for the night and was nursing the baby and so I started browsing through some of my past posts.
I was reading about how I was woken up at 2am because I had forgotten Shiloh's night diaper....and started banging my head on the table realizing I had forgotten it again!
Fortunately, I had a moment of awesome Mom skills (fueled by the fact that I did not-no-how, not-no-way want to hear a screaming child)....which helped me put the diaper on her without waking her up!

I received the results of the girls' bloodwork the other day.
Their lead tests came back fine...yippee!
They are both a bit anemic however. Shiloh is only mildly so and we were advised to cut down on her milk consumption....that's all.
But we went out a bought her some juice, vitamins, and foods that are iron-fortified and hopefully her fussy toddler tastebuds will enjoy also.
I even bought grits, which hopefully taste better than its name.
I mean...grit is in dirt, it's in my cleaning powders, not sure about having it on my plate or bowl, um... I not sure which yet.
Lol, you can tell it's not a popular item around here, very difficult to find and the entire grocery store only had two varieties, and about 6 containers total! ;)

Vivi is more anemic than her sister and was prescribed iron drops.
I expected that though since she's been refusing all but a spoonful or two of solids when her teeth are bothering her.
I had even asked the Doctor for vitamins for her a few weeks ago because of her eating habits...or lack thereof.
But the ones he prescribed didn't have iron in them...ugh!

I keep trying various foods with her but it's a slow process.
She's refused a mixed veggies with cheese, canned pumpkin, all meats...she's even started rejecting cereals like Cheerios which she was eating before her teeth started coming in more.
But I got her to eat some bites of peeled grapes, a bite or two of PBJ, applesauces, and rice cereal, and even a bit of sweet potato.
So I just have to keep trying...
She absolutely hates the iron drops though so that is a fun part of our day.
I can't say I blame her either, they taste horrible!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Giggles from my girl

Pretty quiet day here, a normal Monday except for Vivi waking up at 5:50 this morning. She did play happily in her crib for about 10 minutes though so that was nice of her.
She's been out of sorts today...crabby....teething.

The girls were sitting on the front porch step together and looked so adorable.
Shiloh asked me what I was doing and I told her "Just looking at you two, you're so cute together."
She said "you go get camera" :D

This morning she asked what I was doing and I said I need to get my coffee. My mug was sitting, nice, full, properly sugared and hot on the countertop waiting for me while I tended to the girls.
Quick as a wink she brings me a small plastic teacup.
"Here go, Mama! Coffee, bery hot!"
She watched carefully as I sipped from the teacup,
"Good? Hot?" she asks
I nod, very good.
She nods and smiles, pleased and continues to watch me.
I glance at my cup of steaming joe that is mocking me from the countertop as I sip non-caffeinated air...
"Shi, could I have an apple?" I ask, in hopes that she will run to her playhouse and let me grab a quick swig of real coffee.
"You drinka coffee" she points to my teacup.
yes ma' was really too early to argue with the coffee nazi.

Today she was kicking a ball around the house (yes, in the house)and every time she kicked it, she'd run over and hug the ball and say "You okay??"
Then she'd kick it again. ;-)
She's such a character.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No hiving in the pool

On Thursday evening Daddy and Grandpa went to the store and picked up a new kiddie pool for the girls.
Thursday was also the day of the girls' blood draw and it was very hot and muggy, but by the time the pool was set up and filled, it was late and the water hadn't had time to warm up to a comfortable temperature yet.

So Friday after naps, I took both girls out to try out the pool.
It has a little plastic slide molded into it and I lost count of how many times I helped the girls slide down it.
Shiloh loved it, though next time I'll bring some bath toys or a ball to give them more to play with.

Vivi wanted to drink the pool.
Either by dipping her hands in the water and sucking on them or diving in face first.
I ended up having to stand with one foot between her legs so she couldn't lean forward and I could still have a hand or two to help Shiloh on the slide.
The girls always like to put Mommy's multi-tasking skills to the test!
They played for about 30min. then we came back inside.
Vivi was bored since I wouldn't let her drink the pool, Shiloh had to use the potty, and they both were getting chilled.

I wrapped Vivian in a towel and quickly changed Shiloh so she could use the bathroom, I finished helping her there and reached for Vivi and around her left eye was suddenly all pink and puffy!
Shiloh started saying "Mama, baby. Mama, baby. Vivi, you bonk-a head?"
I quickly grabbed the thankful I took the time the other day to write the dosages down!
Gave her a dose, changed her into dry clothes and I could see now her nose and mouth were a little pink on the left side as well.
It didn't take too long to subside, thankfully, and also hasn't reoccurred.
Oh these kiddos like to keep me on my toes!

There is/was no apparent bug bite of any sort, so my best guess is that (even though I never sat her directly on the lawn) she grabbed a piece of grass and rubbed in on her face when she was rubbing her eyes.

But that's only a guess!
Even though DH saw her later when she was completely fine, he was shocked at the picture and then had to look her over closely.
It was such a freaky thing!
Here are some pictures from our pool day...

Vivi insisted on sitting like this...made it much easier for her to lean face first into the water to try to drink it!

The allergic reaction...just after I gave her Benadryl.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blood-sucking day

Did the title get your attention? :-D
We took both girls in for their bloodwork today.
Routine bloodwork per the Doctor but certainly not routine for us!
I received Shiloh's paperwork back in October and Vivi's in April, so we weren't exactly leaping and skipping off to the lab. lol.
When I called to register for the bloodwork, I asked for the time when the person most experienced with blood draws on children would be there.
Of course...nap time!

We ran a few errands before our appt. and both girls fell fast asleep in their carseats.
DH still said, "we're here, let's do it" so we carried them in...still sleeping, waited/dreaded in the waiting room...still sleeping.
They were called in and Shiloh didn't wake up until they tied her arm!
Yeah then she kinda freaked to wake up in a hospital with a stranger touching her arm.
A few cuddles from Daddy (who was holding her) and the tech was able to get the sample pretty quickly.
Thankfully we were able to get the lab tech that I was hoping for, he was the best when Vivi had to keep having her jaundice levels checked as a newborn.
He was always fast and seemed the most experienced.
Vivian woke up when she heard Shiloh crying, but she didn't fuss at all.
DH and I switched kids then and I comforted Shiloh and the tech's assistant handed her a couple "Dora" stickers.

With Vivi's turn I was so glad we had an experienced tech. He strapped her one arm and you couldn't see even a hint of a vein with her baby rolls and chub. He didn't poke her at all to find the vein but instead moved to the other arm.
Then Vivi cried a little, which made Shiloh start crying again.
Vivi started with some silent gasping your eardrums began to shudder in anticipation of the ear-piercing screams to follow.
But then the tech was done and it was like Vivi was so shocked, she just looked at him and she was all done with the tears.
Brave baby. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Play with me!

The girls have been able to play together much more now that Vivi is so mobile and active, though Shiloh is having a little trouble realizing Vivi's limitations...and also containing her enthusiasm at having a full-time playmate. She has waited a long time for her baby sister to be big enough to play with after all! ;-)

Vivian is cruising all along the furniture and so Shi tries to "help" her stand up. (mind you there's only about 7lbs. difference between the girls, give or take)
Then when Vivi is standing, Shiloh grabs one of her hands and says "c'mon, lets go" and starts pulling her.
Shiloh also frequently wants to hug Vivi, and the baby starts to protest after the first dozen or so hugs of the day.
Vivi is always in motion now, rarely stays in one spot. Tonight she was crawling on her hands and feet, instead of her knees...pretty funny.
She also walked across the kitchen only holding one of my hands so she's really going now.

Vivian is much more cautious than her sister at this age. She got mad at me the other day for trying to make her take a step unassisted.
"Without my safety net? What are you trying to do to me?!"
Shiloh loves playing with play-doh, she'll play so quietly and happily.
She shreds it into small bits and stacks those bits into a mound, I asked her what she was making and she said "I makin' play doh!"
Okay...I did wonder how it was made...

So while she was happy and occupied I decided to organize my cupboards.
We took a big shopping trip a couple weeks ago and I still needed to sort out the groceries better.
I'm crouched on the floor sorting out a lower cupboard when Vivian joins me.
Apparently her pile of toys is less appealing than Mama in the midst of groceries.
She pulled herself to standing using my shoulder, tries to climb onto my back, then settles for beating/patting me before attacking a bag of brown sugar, while I quickly attempt to shove stuff back in the cupboard with a semblance of neatness and keep a grip on her onesie so she doesn't topple over.
She also stubbornly resists my attempts to make her sit. It took her a long time to learn to stand up, so don't be bringing HER down! ;-D

I put our hummingbird feeder out today. After the other night's cold chill it really seems early, but yesterday a hummingbird was actually looking in my dining room window at me...
So I took the hint, lol.
I didn't put too much nectar in it though in case we get another cold snap, I don't want the feeder to crack.
There also were a pair of cardinals attacking the garage window, they were quite aggressive to their reflections.
I took my window crayons out and did a little artwork on the window so that should hopefully keep them away and from injuring themselves.
I keep hearing them singing away in the backyard....then Shiloh repeatedly asking "wat's dat?" when she hears them. ;-)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

11 months

It was a rough time getting the girls to sleep last night.
Shiloh was maybe too warm?
She goofed off, then cried and didn't fall asleep for an hour after I put her to bed!
Vivi was worse....took THREE hours (hearing her sister fussing probably didn't help...).
She was happy and giggling one second, then hysterical screaming the next, which means...(cue scary music) TEETH!
Gave her Tylenol, two hours later she was still the same. Teething tablets and anbesol with non-stop pacing the house and I got her calmed down. She has six teeth now but two of those are still pushing their way completely out.

I took the girls outside yesterday afternoon since it was so nice out.
Sunny but a nice cooling breeze.
Shiloh really enjoyed it all. Well, except for the bees....and the wind...and the lilacs...and the grass part but the rest she loved! lol
I brought out some sidewalk chalk that we had picked up while shopping yesterday but she wasn't interested, and it was really too breezy for blowing bubbles.
So instead we kicked a ball around the backyard a bit.
Vivi thought that was funny so she was happy and cheerful to sit in the stroller with her abundant supply of teethers and watch us.

We have a gorgeous purple lilac bush growing in the midst of our backyard. Makes the whole yard smell of lilacs....which Shiloh said "phew, yucky" to.
There were a few bees hovering around and Shiloh flung me like a shield between her and the bees.
Not a fan of insects, that girl!
She picked a dandelion so I told her that we'd go inside and give her flower a drink.
I gave her a little cup of water and put the weed/flower into it.
"Look! Look! he's drinking! Look! he's hungry!" Shi giggled and chattered on and on about the hungry flower and I had a hard time keeping her from carrying the cup of water and flower all through the house.
She even had to have sitting next to her while she ate her dinner. :)

Vivian is 11 months today!
I wanted to take some pictures but it's stormy and overcast so that doesn't make for the best photo-taking environment...add teething and lack of sleep to that mix and well another day sounds better.
Vivian is learning and doing so much. Pulling up and cruising everywhere, and was trying to cluck her tongue this morning which is very cute.
Nearly everything she sees deserves applause, it seems. ;-)
She even crawled into the playhouse and stood up inside all by herself. She's proud as a peacock about her achievements too, I've never seen a baby so proud of each new thing she learns. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

...Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Tulips tell me..

I saw on the news that it is Tulip Festival time in the big city.
My first thoughts are "It's that time of year again, so that makes it...six years ago now."
Each Tulip Festival reminds me of the time that my husband was in the a coma.
Kinda funny that the Tulips are what really reminds me each year.
I guess because when I was in his ICU room, I was looking down on all the traffic that was caused by the festival.
Many of the nurses that came in to check his vitals would mention it as a way to make idle chatter, probably trying to take my mind off of the situation at hand.
His uncle drove a bunch of us around and we saw the many multi-colored tulips. They were beautiful.
A pretty big celebration there...especially comparing it to my small-town Violet Festival.
Bigger flowers get a bigger party, I guess? ;-)
DH rarely seems to think about it, but sometimes God pops it into my mind...usually when I'm furious with DH.
"...remember when he was in the coma?"
Oh now, that's just playing dirty. I was really, really, mad at him and can I be that mad still? ;-)

We have a random Tulip in our backyard. Beautiful and totally out of place. I think it must have been transplanted there by one of many squirrels running around...and I'm pretty sure it came from the neighbors' flower bed too!
There's also a scattering of crocuses across the yard. They were nice to see this spring.
I had thought about moving them to a more organized place, but it's a lot of work and time that I don't have and since they bloom before mowing season, I think I'll let them be.

Vivi has two more teeth cutting through, these make a total of six teeth now. These don't bother her as bad or she's just handling it better. Biting is her worst vice with teething, but otherwise she hasn't been terribly fussy. (yay! )
Shiloh is cutting a molar, I think, hope, pray that it is her last one too. She was a bit irrationally emotional last night, then fussing and waking off and on all night. Teeth are not kind to her...or me. ;-p

We just tried "Nutella" here and it was a big hit!
My husband has had it before but it was new to the rest of us.
Shi was so cute when I was calling her to the table.
"chawchet toast?" (chocolate toast) she was asking me, then she saw the bread
"Ooh! Ooh!! chawchet toast! yum!"
She really enjoyed it too. :)
(ETA: Mom says I tried Nutella as a kid and didn't like it...*shock*)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Polar Bear Adventures

Shiloh loves her polar bears. She has two small stuffed ones that she plays with daily.
She also points out every polar bear that she sees, which I've noticed is surprisingly a lot.
It seems most everything trying to teach "B - Bear" shows a picture of a polar bear.
Is there something that makes them more kid-friendly as compared to a grizzly bear or black bear?
I'm not really seeing it...

I had a black bear run out in front of me once when I was driving home from work.
Little unnerving since I wasn't too far from home (parents' home), and it made me nervous to be in my garden after that...
B - Bear was actually more like "EEK! BEAR!!"
Is that an educational fact? ;-)

Anyways, Shiloh's polar bears are constantly doing something new, and having adventures galore.
One day they washed my windows, using a teether shaped like a paintbrush. They walk and dance around my house holding paws, that are actually gel-filled teethers.
This morning they were swimming in Vivian's toy fishbowl...kinda using it like a hot tub.
Then Shiloh dumped the three little plastic fish out of the bowl and staged a dramatic rescue by the polar bears.
The fish screamed for help and the polar bears swooped in, using their paws to scoop the fish up and into the bowl again. Those paws are not just for teething anymore. ;-)

Shiloh also loves to play with them in the doll house...she does have a very difficult time getting them to fit through the door though!

And for your viewing pleasure, I found the bears yesterday morning posed like this...

"Bear Cassidy and the Polardance Kid"

They just need little stetsons to complete the picture....

"Cowboys like us sure do have fun.... Racin’ the wind, chasin’ the sun....Take the long way around, back to square one.... Today we’re just outlaws, out on the run.... There’ll be no regrets, no worries and such. For cowboys like us..." George Strait

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hardwood floors and ice cream on the walls

I don't think we'll be buying mint chip ice cream again, anytime soon.
Shiloh has never had it before and the brand we bought has both chocolate bits and minty bits in it.
She pulls a mint chip out of her mouth...
Frowning she asked "what's that? what's that?"
(inward groan,I know where this is going...)
Me: "A mint it"
Shi: "what's that? what's that?"
Me: "mint candy, eat it" (maybe the word "candy" will prod her into just eating it?)
Shiloh inspects the little white bit in her hand..."Here you go" she generously plops the sucked-on bit into my bowl.
"peese, ice cream? peese, ice cream?" she opens her mouth for another spoonful.
Seconds later...."what's that? what's that?"
Yep, one bowl and one afternoon later....that was fun.

Vivian wanted to make sure she wasn't forgotten and got her share of ice cream too, mint chips and all!
So she grabbed my arm and pulled herself to standing next to me.
Pulling up is something she's been working on but not always successfully yet....I guess ice cream is a good motivator! ;-)

Shiloh broke out in hives the other day, rather randomly.
We had eaten tacos for dinner about an hour earlier, but she had really just picked the cheese off and ate that, with maybe a few bites of the meat and tortilla.
Vivi just snacked on shredded cheese and cheerios since she's mostly on a puree kick with her top teeth coming in...and I was going to feed her those a little closer to bedtime.
I cleaned everything up, we played a little, then I herded the girls upstairs for baths.
Shiloh started scratching her ankle on the way up the stairs, but nothing unusual.
But once upstairs, her face, arms, and legs were starting to break out in hives.
Since I already had the tub filled, I gave her a quick wash down then some Benadryl...which worked fast!
Within 30min. her hives were gone.
Vivi was not happy to be bathed in the big tub without her sister, so her bath was pretty quick too.
Shiloh's hives also came back the next day, but milder and thankfully, today she's hive-free. :)

I had a pretty good idea of the dose of Benadryl to give Shiloh but I was peeved at myself for not writing it down on the bottle. I like to have things done properly.
So I took all the kids medicines and popped on to Dr. Sears webpage and wrote down the dosages for both girls for their weights now and the next size up in marker on the bottles.

I hate being sleep-deprived...or at least I wish I functioned better in sleep-deprivation mode.
This morning, Shiloh actually woke up with a dry diaper....I wish she could have done that last week when I forgot to put her night diaper on her! It's the only diaper she gets these days, so I knew it was inevitable that I would eventually forget it.
2am she wakes up completely soaked!
Fortunately she fell right back asleep as soon as I had her all clean and dry...and diapered!
But that also meant that my sleep was more interrupted than normal.
The next day was shopping day and I totally forgot the main things I went to the store for...but toss in the distractions of a teething baby, hungry toddler, and hubby being, well hubby....
I am happy though, that I drove this home, and not to our old house. Yep, good day!

Occasionally waking up so early is really productive though.
Early Monday morning, I straightened things out with a credit company.
Hand-washed the kitchen floor, did laundry, swept and mopped the laundry and bathrooms, and made THREE phone calls to our health insurance company....because their "24-hr, 7 days-a-week" phone number, doesn't open until 8:30am!
They have an answering service before that time which was useless, the first girl actually disconnected me!
But once they finally opened, I made the necessary requests and changes to my Insurance and the girls...they never let me do *anything* for DH's though.
Which is such a pain since I'm usually speaking to a heavily-accented person whose first language is not English...and that is also not DH's first language so there tends to be a lot of confusion between the two.
So I asked if I could tell them all the numbers and details and then have DH get on the phone and just say he agrees or whatever they wanted since English isn't his first language.
But instead the man asked me what language DH spoke..
I told him mandarin and he said he could speak with DH in mandarin.
So that was pretty cool actually, though I know my husband would have preferred me just doing it all instead. ;-)

But anyways I got that all done before DH left for work that day....and even saw the sun rise! :)
I wish I could say the rest of my day was equally productive, but I don't remember...I just know I was tired.

Gotta go, Vivi is licking our tasty, tasty, walls. (maybe they look like ice cream?)