Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I definitely did not spend part of the wee morning hours sleeping on the floor of my daughter's bedroom because it was the only way to get her back to sleep and I didn't want her to wake the baby by bringing her into my own comfortable bed.

I certainly did not adamantly tell DH that Shiloh didn't tromp on his pumpkin plants....only to find the video evidence of exactly that, on my camera later...

I certainly did not laugh hysterically at my daughters' ice cream moustaches and goatees, then forgot to wipe off their faces until I caught one of them drying their face on my couch cover....No, Not Me!

I also did not just catch myself uttering the ultra-annoying "Dora" phrase "yum, yum, Delicioso", Not me! No matter how good the fudge pop was.

And I have I never wished that I could get put into Time Out, because a minute for each year of age would equal a good half-hour of quiet time for Mommy.

I also never just add the word "Princess" in front of whatever I want Shiloh to eat/go/do etc. Let's eat some "Princess Peas" or "Princess potatoes" or sit on the "Princess potty".

No, that's wacky...Not Me!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Gallery showing

I am finally starting to feel better! whew!
This blocked duct was awful though, I was so worried it was going to turn into mastitis...and on a weekend too, of course!
Still sore, but not nearly as bad as it has been.

Friday morning was cooler than its been in awhile so I made banana muffins & mini muffins....then decided as long as the oven was already on that I'd make brownies too, and while those were baking I had a craving for pancakes (from scratch) with the nice fresh strawberries I had on hand.
After all that baking I was feeling sore so I looked online for some tips on dealing with the blocked duct.
1. Rest
Guess maybe that's why it took so long to clear this time?
Saturday went better in the way of resting. It was a dreary, stormy day and when I put Shiloh down for her nap she stayed asleep for nearly 3 1/2 hrs!!!
So I was able to catnap with the baby on the couch for awhile during that time.
I did check on Shiloh twice though since she never naps that long!

I was trying to explain to Shiloh about the thunder since it was making her nervous and she kept asking what it was.
She can't say thunder, it's more like "nunner" but she knows that's not right so she keeps trying and changing her pronunciation.
Shi was looking out the window for the thunder so I told her that the thunder was in the clouds.
She looked at the clouds, then looked at me and frowned, "it's growling"
Lol, thunder is the clouds growling. It was just too cute. :)

Today Shiloh painted for the first time!
The Artist is so excited to pick up a brush... and as you can see, Vivi was a bit nervous about the outcome!
Shiloh's masterpiece

Also Vivian took a couple of slow....but the key word is "unassisted" steps today!
She's just very cautious about it. Distracting her helps, she catches sight of something and she forgets that she's standing without holding on.
Distraction is also helping with getting her to eat too.
Watching Shiloh or (like Today) a Barbie movie and I was able to feed her quite a bit. I'm hoping that continues!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I can't believe it's not bitter!

Both girls have a bit of a cough this morning, but yesterday I was able to pick them up some cough medicine and that seems to have taken care of it.
Shiloh slept pretty well, but still woke up with dark circles under her eyes.

She's napping now, so I hope she is much better rested afterwards.
Vivian spent most of another night in her crib, she also nursed less during the night...

So I woke up in a lot of pain this morning. :( I think it's a clogged duct.
I've been trying to feed Vivi a lot and applying hot washcloths...I'm heading for the Tylenol in a moment.
It's the side that I usually carry the girls on too, which I forgot and picked up Shiloh, then winced and quickly held her away from me.
She kept asking "i heavy? i very heavy?" lol

Then Shiloh dropped her toy squirt gun on my foot, not the already bruised one but the other one.
Must have both feet evenly "tan" right?
It wasn't a little $1, brightly-colored squirt gun either....nope, it was a Super soaker, for more super pain! eek!

Yesterday, I caught Vivian chewing away on a DVD case that I had put "no bite" stuff on.
We used nail-biter stuff a lot for our little beaver, Shiloh, after she started splintering the child gate, eating her crib, and leaving teeth marks in my piano bench and it worked great.
But here Vivi was chewing away on the case that I knew had been treated, and acting like nothing was out of the normal.

Soooo being the (ahem!) "inquisitive" Mommy that I am, I thought maybe the nail-biter solution had lost its potency and I....tasted the DVD case.

ACK!!! It was horrible!
So then DH, sees the awful expression on my face and must have thought I was over-reacting or something, so he tastes the case as well!
That cracked me up so bad!!! :-D!
Then we both look mystified at Vivian, who is just trying to get the DVD case back from us and continue her snack.
Apparently she is immune to nail-biter solution?
I should put her baby food on the cases, she won't touch that stuff with a 10ft. pole! haha!

I took the girls out to play in the kiddie pool again yesterday.
Shiloh is giving me quite a complex about my new bathing suit though.
For some reason, every time I put it on she keeps asking "it hurt? it hurt?" lol.
She keeps me humble. ;-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cribby baby

Vivi slept in her crib!
Now we do the dance of happiness...remember Perfect Strangers?

Not the whole night but a good part of it, she rolled all over but stayed asleep!
BIG step for her since she is practically glued to me at night.
I started coughing last night from my cold and I think that was disturbing her, for the first time she rolled completely away from me so I put her in the crib.
And this morning, Vivian woke up and just stood watching me and looking around this amazing new contraption that I had put her in. lol.
So I got an extra 10 minutes of sleep....well, extra, considering that she initially woke up at 5:50 this morning.

She seems pretty much over her cold this morning, so one bad night and some runny nose days aren't too bad.
Now she has fallen back asleep and I am the only one awake...lovely.

We spent another afternoon in the kiddie pool. I think I am slightly pinked from the sun. The girls don't look like they got too much sun though, but they have darker coloring and Shiloh was so good about wearing her sun hat the entire time.
Vivi just dunked her hat under the water, so I let her spend less time in the pool before I put her in the shade with some toys (aka: my camera/keys/cellphone).

Family is stirring now...well except sleeping Vivian. lol.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's still hot, even though we have colds.

Whew! It's hot! Already 84 degrees out.
Yesterday was steamy also so I took the girls out to splash in our kiddie pool.
Even though it's right in the back yard, I can't leave either of the girls for a second with the pool there so I have to pack and lug bags out there just like we're going to the beach. ;-)
Sunscreen and towels, bottled drinks, and sunhats, cellphone, and water toys etc.
We went out after naps so it was mid-afternoon and the pool water was just like bath temperature....not exactly as refreshing as I would like but it was perfect for the girls.
It was a lot of fun, and we stayed out for about an hour.
Shiloh played pretty quietly with the toys....she likes to pretend to give all the animal toys a drink of water.
Vivi loved the little slide and kept trying to climb up the slippery side, then kept standing up so she kept my hands full.

I tried to sun my lily-white legs...found several mysterious bruises on my legs and a rather large one on my foot that really must have hurt when it happened.
I vaguely remember Shiloh dropping something on my foot, but I guess I never checked again for a bruise.
It's least that part of my foot looks tan. lol.

We all have colds too. Well, except DH that is.
I gave both girls some cold medicine and Vicks last night before bed. Shiloh slept the whole night through, I think playing in the pool wore her out pretty good.
Vivi just really got hit by the cold at bedtime and it was awful.
She couldn't breathe and nurse at the same time, and when she did fall asleep she'd wake up coughing.
We slept sitting up in bed, and sometime during the night I brought her downstairs and got her to fall back asleep while we sat on the couch.
Then DH woke me up to go back upstairs, because he couldn't sleep without me around 3am.
But after that she slept pretty well and better than I expected.
Except I woke up this morning pretty sore, because she hadn't nursed through the night like she normally does.

When I was making dinner last night, I had several other things going at once so it was taking me a little longer than normal.
Shiloh was coloring while she waited, and started to get a little impatient...but she was still so polite it was funny.
Shi: "um kewpie (excuse me) um, kewpie. Mama! Mama!"
Me: "yes, Shiloh?"
Shi: "um, i wanna hotdog peeeeeeeeese. i like hotdogs!"
Me: "okay, Shiloh...just a second. Mama is doing x, y, z" (I didn't say x,y,z but it's easier to write than remembering what I was doing then)
A few moments later...
Shi: "um, kewpie. um, kewpie Mama."
Me: "yes, Shiloh"
Shi: "um, i want ketchup. i like ketchup"
Me: "I'm putting it on now."
Shi: "oh, thank you"

This morning she put a teething ring on her ankle, they do make rather stylish anklets you know.
But then she started whining because she couldn't get it back off.
It was pretty funny, she was walking around with a big blue teething ring stuck around her ankle. ;-)

Her nose is runny so I keep giving her tissues and she holds them to her nose and very dramatically **says** "Achooooooo! Aaaaaah-Chooooo!"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not bipolar, it's bicuspid

Vivian has tooth #8 cutting through...actually it's not a bicuspid, but a lateral incisor.
She's super cranky, super screamy....and super heavy!
She also doesn't want to eat anything, even junk food.
Desperate times right?
But no, she's even turning up her nose at Oreos and ice cream. :(
So I'm sitting in high 70 degree temps, eating bowls of oatmeal to make sure my supply of milk meets her demands.

I took the girls outside yesterday since it was beautiful sunny but a bit breezy.
It was a good distraction for Vivian from the annoyance of her teeth.
She's still happy to sit in her stroller with some toys and watch Shiloh and I play.
I keep waiting for her to start rejecting the stroller, which would be so much more difficult for me since she's not walking un-assisted yet.
But she hates the feel of grass...(it's very humorous actually to watch her maneuvers as she tries to hold her legs as high and far as possible from the grass! ;-D ) so she doesn't seem to mind the stroller.
I let her sit in the sun a bit for Vitamin D, then pulled her into the shade of our lilac bush.
Shiloh and I kicked a ball around a bit, then picked clover blossoms.

Vivi shredded her clover blossom, then tried to eat the stem.
Shortly after we put the blossoms in a cup of water, I caught Shiloh trying to take a drink from the same cup.

Today was rainy so I couldn't take the girls out.
Shi took a long nap, once I made her stay in her bed instead of playing with her toys.
Vivi was a challenge, even after giving her pain reliever.
We were pushing a toy truck back and forth between us, and she's happy and giggling.
Next second she flings the truck behind her, screams at the top of her lungs and begins constant shrieking.
Days of this is very wearying...

Tonight, I told Shiloh after she finished her milk, it was time for bed.
Shiloh: "No bed, Mama."
Me (rubbing my eyes): "Are you sure you have enough energy to stay awake?"
Shiloh tilts her head and gives me a huge cheesy grin
"Energy, see?" she replies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Vivian!

Happy 1st Birthday Vivian!

One year ago today she came into the world.
All of 5lbs 12oz. Lots of dark hair...and more than 2 weeks before my due date.
We've had a busy year!
Newborn jaundice, and wallaby blanket.
ER visit and all that drama at 3 weeks old.
Her first boat outing and visit to my parents' camp at a month old.
Then house hunting and house showing starting when she was about 4 months old.
Moving to our new house at almost 6 months old.

She's lost all her hair and gained it back plus much more....thick, thick, black hair...that looks to have some wave to it. ;-)
Vivian lost some weight after birth (like most newborns) but she's now tipping our scales at 21-22lbs.
She's gained 6 teeth with two more on the way.
Learned to sit and roll, crawl and cruise. Clap her hands and pretend to answer a phone, cluck her tongue and blow kisses.
Open the cupboards and empty them of peanut butter and bags of chocolate chips (yeah, what else would you expect in my cupboards? lol) ;-)
Learned to use a sippy cup and regular cup and to fling them gleefully from her highchair.
Went from being terrified of water and the tub, to soaking everything in sight with her splashing and enjoying her first time in the kiddie pool.
Scared me by climbing the staircase, trying to eat Shiloh's barrette, and removing the batteries from the remotes...

Vivi is a sweet personality. Quick to smile and claps at everything.
She's a cuddler who loves playing peek-a-boo and also grunts her opinion about everything.
Still makes me laugh remember her startling a lady at the store with her grunting.
Vivian also still loves...since she was very young, when I bounce her and sing the Cheetah girls "Dance Me", it still works to calm her down when she's upset. :)
She's simply a joy.

Happy Birthday Princess!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zombie Ant Invasion

Tiny little sugar ants discovered our house.
After all my scrubbing of the house top to bottom for the party too...perhaps it was the allure of cupcakes that called to them.
Last time I discovered a few random ants in our front porch, DH went out to spray for them and found out one bush planted near the porch was just covered in ants so he dug that out and solved that problem.
So (once I finally got DH out the door...) I asked DH to spray the foundation again but also pull out any weeds or whatever might be against the house.
Tada! Trashcans near the back relocated far away.

I scrubbed the kitchen again, put an ant trap out, (very far from the girls' reach) and hopefully that will be that.

But I just hate how you can squish an ant and a few seconds later, they just come back to life.
Very creepy.
Zombie Ants.
I used to love zombie movies, I watched tons!
Then I had I just barely made it 10 minutes through the last zombie movie I tried to watch since having children.
I just knew I couldn't watch it any more.
I even had a zombie dream, but I was pregnant in the dream and spent the whole dream worried about the baby.
Zombie dreams aren't too bad, a little thrilling...but zombie dreams with kids or pregnancy....not cool.
Yep, the end of my zombie watching days.
Well, except for watching zombie ants.
Look an ant!
Aw, poor ant....
Quivering of the tiny black antenna, shuddering of its insect body...
Scream! It's alive!
Yep, that's enough excitement for me...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Party like you're One

We had Vivian's birthday party this week.
Her actual birthday is this upcoming Tuesday, but this week worked better for her party.
Vivi did fall asleep during it though, but that seems to be customary for my kids at parties or holidays...

She also had an unusual amount of outfit changes...would've made Reba McIntire proud. ;-)
Outfit #1.Pajamas to
Outfit #2. Dressy romper which she soaked through while in her carseat, to
Outfit #3. Emergency sweatpants that I keep in the truck....which of course she is wearing when she first sees/meets two of DH's co-workers *and* a lady from church! to
Outfits #4 & #5. size 9mos. dresses that didn't fit well to
Outfit #6. size12mos. dress that was a bit too hot and she spit up on as we were coming down the stairs (and she never spits up!!!!), to
Outfit #7. The final outfit...which she promptly turned her head as I was giving her Motrin so that the sticky orange syrup dripped down her, but I quickly cleaned her off and nothing showed...and I was determined *not* to have to change her outfit yet again!

Vivian wasn't too happy with the dresses I was picking out since they hindered her crawling so much.
I finally had to tie the dress back so she could crawl, at least until the party, then she was carried around for the most part.
There's probably a small group of people with sore arms from carrying the chunky birthday girl around. ;-)

Vivian also loved that her cousin, Evelyn, picked up everything (and I do mean "everything") that she threw from her high that Vivi could squeal and giggle and throw it again.
She ate a bite or two of chocolate cake and a couple spoonfuls of ice cream and she was done. She's still not a big eater, which you would never know by looking at her....or carrying her! ;-)

Shiloh was a big ham. She was chattering away, and laughing with everyone, and even singing her "beautiful song"...which is a bunch of babble to a random little tune, followed by her saying "beautiful song". ;-)
Sign that Shiloh colored for her favorite colors; blue and green!

One of Vivian's cakes, she had a chocolate cake and a marble cake...and also chocolate cupcakes...

Loving her new outfits! That red shirt she's hugging has a picture of a cupcake on it and she kept trying to eat it. ;-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Princess potatoes...really?

Shiloh is learning so many new words and sentences, she amazes me.
She asked to watch "Princess and Pauper" which is one of her Barbie cartoons and she actually pronounced it really well!
She copies me a lot...which has its good and bad aspects, especially where Vivian is concerned.
Vivian is fine with her Mama mushing her chubby cheeks and kissing her. She even coos and giggles....Shiloh doing the same thing to her, not so much.
Mama tickling her is funny....Shiloh copying me, makes her whine and scream.
Not all the time but if her teeth are bothering her, watch out!

And...right now Vivi is getting tooth #7.

I've been busy preparing for Vivian's birthday party.
Always bittersweet for a Mom, I think.
Shiloh is so excited about it now, seeing the decorations and presents and she keeps singing "Happy Birthday".
Probably getting tired of hearing me say that we have to open the eat the eat the ice cream...until the party. :)
To help, Shiloh took a paper towel and washed off her toys and the baby's toys and the window....the piano....a wall.
Basically whatever caught her eye she washed, then every few minutes she'd bring me a tiny piece that had ripped off her paper towel.
Vivian played with my pots and a whisk, when she tired of that she started exploring the cupboards.
She cried when a jar of peanut butter leaped out at her, but then had a blast rolling that jar across the floor and crawling after it.
It was too funny.
So if anyone guessed that she wanted a jar of peanut butter for her're good. lol. ;-)

I made barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas for dinner tonight.
Shiloh and I were eating, and really the only thing on her plate that she likes is the chicken and bbq sauce...or Barbie-Q sauce, as Shi calls it.
So I told her that the Barbie princesses just love mashed potatoes and peas.
She stopped eating, tipped her head to look at me with a big frown....and said "Really?!?!?"
I laughed sooo hard....but she did eat her potatoes! ;-)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Make a joyful noise

I've been playing piano with two assistants recently.
Shiloh sits on the bench with me and makes "plink, plink" noises on the keyboard.
Vivi stands at the other end and plunks whatever key her baby fingers can reach...and I play somewhere in the middle.
Often Shi sings, even if she has no clue of the words...or it's a song with no words.

It doesn't really matter anyways since she makes-up new words as she goes...
It's fun and loud, and I'm sure the neighbors enjoy our impromptu concerts. ;-)

Shiloh has started calling one of her stuffed polar bears "Wo-wer" (Grover), the other is still "Mama/Mommy".
I heard her yesterday when she was playing with them and had "Grover" falling off the couch and "Mama" rescuing him.
Took me a bit of listening and talking with Shi to figure out what his name actually was. lol.

The girls are constant play companions now.
They both seem so bored if the other is napping or occupied.
Shiloh always needs to know where Vivian is and panics pretty quickly if she can't find her!
Then when she does find her, she gives Vivi a big bear hug...which causes Vivi to scream, and I have to intercede.
I do a lot of refereeing these days. I'm thinking I should get a whistle, yeah...that might make it more fun.

Whenever I say anything, like "No", Vivi will always look at me and pout.
Big watery brown eyes and man, she knows that pout has power!
Doesn't even matter if she's in the wrong and has her fingers tangled up in Shiloh's hair.
Blink! Blink! a little tear at the corner of my eye, put the lip out a little more...add a little quaver to it...then look at Mom. ;-)