Thursday, July 30, 2009

Did the cows come home?

I now recognize the clanging of a bell here.
It's like a loud, large cow bell.
That's the sound of the ice cream truck here. :-D
The ice cream truck is different though, plain...not decorated, and they only offer about 6 flavors of ice cream sandwich...that's it.
Bypassing flavors such as green tea and red bean, I opted for chocolate chip.
It wasn't what I would call vanilla ice cream though, likely had a soy base instead...and chocolate chips were instead, chocolate sprinkles.
It was a brick of ice cream put into a styrofoam cup with a thin wafer (think wafer cookie) on either side, and a small spoon for $1.
I thought it was okay, but the girls wouldn't eat much of it.

DH and one of his brothers took their Dad back to the hospital for a follow-up check.
The news isn't too good, the cancer has spread and the Doctors believe it is in his brain as well now.
FIL seems in much better spirits though, smiling and loves to touch Vivian's face or laugh at her antics, clapping when she takes more steps.

Shiloh often spins in circles when she dances so Vivian's version of that is to spin in circles while sitting down.
So the inlaws just love to watch her do this and encourage her at every opportunity. :-)

We have a ton of visitors here these days. I'm not sure how many are here to see my family and how many are here to see FIL...I think most are to see FIL, but some are just MIL's friends and neighbors so those I am not sure about.

I haven't heard the gecko in awhile, so hopefully he's gone.

We went to a large grocery store tonight, and in their International aisle....American Food!!
DH and I actually ran down the aisle to see what they had, a rather random grouping of foods.
Ragu, pancake mix, a big box of Sugar Smacks (or whatever the new name is...Honey Smacks, I think).
I picked up a Hunt's Snack pack of chocolate pudding for the girls since I had wanted to get them some pudding and my choices had been tropical fruit flavors like guava and mango or some type of chocolate *flavoring* pudding.
So Yay!

Monday, July 27, 2009

We're en-durian...

DH had to give his father, his daily abdominal injection today since his brothers were both out.
He wanted me to help him, but both girls decided to be a handful at that time so he managed with his father's help to get it done.

It's raining and storming here today. A slight break to the oppressive heat.
We took the girls to the grocery store and a little mall shopping, it was just sprinkling at that time and really it felt nice.
We passed a durian stand. The smell is just so pungent and tropical and I can't find the words really.
I am not a fan.
I find the taste really isn't long as you don't smell the fruit. The smell though is strong and turns my stomach a bit.
Since the fruit has a gooey, slimy texture, I don't find it worth enduring the smell for.

The grocery store has a little spring gate, you walk through it and it springs closed again.
I find Singaporeans are a little better since we have little ones with us, but generally everyone here looks out for themselves.
So when they walk through a door or gate, they rarely (if ever) look to see if anyone is behind them or would hold a door open for that next person.
DH was holding Shiloh's hand and talking to his Mom as he started through the gate....and you guessed it, the person ahead of him just let go of the gate and kept walking and it smacked Shiloh right in the forehead.
Fortunately there is a rubber bumper on the gate right where it hit her, so she only has a dime-sized lump at her eyebrow.

DH felt horrible, and of course she only wanted Mommy's comfort for a bit which made him feel worse.
He even bought her a container of Mini M&M's...and he hates for her to have candy so you know how bad he felt.

Still hearing the gecko. I looked it up and it's likely a "house gecko".
Do they think putting "house" in front of the name makes it any more likable?
"house centipede" ...
"house gecko"....
"house fire-breathing dragon"

I'm just not seeing it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Leapin' Lizards

So now, there is a lizard in our room.
It was "chirping" all night, sometimes loud enough to wake me up.
Also keeping me from sleeping well is picturing it and not knowing its size. I start thinking it's a small, maybe a couple of inches long gecko.
Then I realize it's too loud to be that small.
Before long I'm picturing iguanas under the bed.

DH told me not to worry, because there are lizard traps around.
Yes, there are many lizard traps...and he's not caught in one so must be he's bigger than the traps...right?

I do like nature...outside.
But I really prefer the indoors to be.....reptile-free!

Shopping, Siesta, and Safety

Siesta time.
Everyone is napping except DH who is looking at his coin collection, Vivian...who actually just woke from her nap, and Moi.
I'm typing this while trying to keep Vivian from "helping" Daddy with the coins.
She's being stubborn.

Earlier I was drinking a bag of coffee while I emailed my Mom. You can get cheap Kopi (coffee) here, but it comes in a bag with a straw.
That is what keeps it so cheap...$0.50.
But hard to put down, you have to hang it on a hook if you need to set it down for a bit. I drink it fast anyways because a bag doesn't keep the heat too long....not that you need it particularly hot here in the tropical humidity.

FIL went back to the Dr's last night, he received an injection to help rebuild his white blood cells and he'll receive those daily at home for a few more weeks.
I think he seems more perked up but still basically just eating and sleeping, sometimes watching TV from his bed.

We took the girls to "Fair Price" which is the grocery store chain here. Small shopping carts that take a bit to get used to because all four of the wheels rotate so you can push the whole cart sideways.
A lot of foods come in much smaller amounts than what I'm used to in the US.
You can't buy a loaf of bread, only 1/2 loaves. Canned foods are only small cans.
Even some of the containers of drinks would be laughable in the US....we'd have to buy maybe 4 of them to feel refreshed.
I really thought the drinks, at least, would be of a larger size here with the heat. But they don't seem to be quite as I am. :)

MIL took us shopping yesterday afternoon, it was super, super, hot too but we couldn't wait any later to go out because it would be running into the girls' bedtime.
Singaporeans will go to extents though to stay out of the sun during the peak hot hours, so MIL had a whole route she took us on through parking garages and under the MRT train to get to the market with minimal sun exposure.
I'm thankful for that. ;-)

Shiloh has had fun playing with her cousin, Enya. Enya looks up to Shiloh...even though they are practically the same height, but Shiloh is the older one.
Last night we had bought Shiloh some chicken nuggets, and Enya would dip the nugget in the sauce then hand-feed them to Shiloh.
Then she'd hold out the sippy cup for Shiloh to drink from, it was pretty funny.
But Enya is bitterly jealous of Vivian as the baby status. So we cannot leave Vivi's side for a second with Enya around. :(

FIL has three fish here that both girls are fascinated with. One is called "Oscar" so Shiloh calls him "Shark Tale" because that's the name of the fish on the show. :)
A lot of things are less child-proof than I would like...or am accustomed too.
Like how the tile floor of the bathroom is constantly wet because the whole bathroom is the shower also.
Shi has already fallen twice, and I've caught her countless times slipping in there.
I haven't washed both girls at the same time because there is no dry place to set one child.

Vivi has started fussing at every bath now...which usually is given twice a day here to help cool them down. I'm hoping she'll be fine either soon here or at least back at home with bathing again.
They also keep several buckets of water full in the bathroom...even though there are 3-4 toddlers aged 2 and under running around the house.
My girls won't go into the dark bathroom alone but it still makes me wary.

There's a cool breeze now, so I'm off to enjoy it. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Corn country?

When we were at the Chalet, they also had a main swimming pool that was above the entrance to the nearby mall, so you could look up into the pool.
I never saw anyone swimming, but I guess Shiloh did when she was walking with DH.
She said "look Dada, Fish! Fish!!" lol.

Today DH and I took our two girls and my SIL took her daughter to a nearby mall. (There are quite a lot of malls in Singapore).
We rode the MRT, which is an elevated Durian allowed, but for some reason that's all the train stations reek of!
We took the girls to the library which is located right inside the mall. I do love that. :)
It really was a nice ample library, and they have computerized check-outs that you do yourself.
They have ATM type machines for tons of things here in Singapore, from getting your train ticket to checking out your library books.

Vivi is getting quite heavy to lug all over the place. She still walking here and there, but there are very slick and hard tiles here and it makes us pretty nervous.
I was surprised to find certain foods at the grocery stores here. Such as the baby crackers "Mum Mums" in the US. Here they have the same exact box and picture but instead of Mum Mums, it says "Baby Crackers". :)
Looking for some mini Ritz's for Shiloh to snack on. With the jet lag she's up super-early here and hungry for breakfast.
DH's brother knew what I was talking about but they aren't just at the regular grocery store.
I'm always surprised at how much "American" television and books are here. I was watching "America's funniest home videos" earlier and also "Rachael Ray" was on. They also have ads for "Singapore Idol"...their spin-off of American Idol.

There are even hawker (food) stations here that just call themselves "Western Food". I have seen the advertised food and avoid those places. lol.
They just jumble some food together. Like a plate might have spaghetti, fried chicken, and corn on it....and it doesn't look like home at all, either.
Everything has corn with it, on it, or in it here. Soo popular.
Not nearly as good as the Butter and Sugar corn back home, it tastes rather old to me. :(
But you can even order a sundae cup of corn at McDonalds and creamed corn tops your icee. People even walk down the street snacking on cups of cooked corn...they way they might snack on popcorn in the US.

Shiloh has been resistant to trying the new foods....and I find I have to try them first anyways since she's often being offered something too hot or spicy (even by DH ugh).
But she loves to pretend to be a cat and that has been the secret key...and saving grace here. Asking "kitty Shiloh" to try a new food is most often successful versus anything else we've tried.

DH and his brothers have gone to pick-up FIL from the hospital right now. It's nearly 9pm on Friday night. He has finished his three days of chemo.
I don't know any more past that until I talk to DH tonight or tomorrow, to see what the next step is or if there even is a next step.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Singapore - 2

We spent a few days at a chalet celebrating our niece's birthday.
It was basically a large hotel room with a patio, we had an adjoining room to DH's brother and family.
Tuesday night was the party, but it was so late (10pm) and with our jet lag, we slept through the cake part.
Wednesday we took all the girls to a water park. Shiloh loved it!
Vivian fell asleep soon after I put the life vest on her.
I still took her on a little rafting ride. You just sit in an inner tube and float along their little river.
Some parts, the water was flowing soo slowly it was dull. One part dripped water and as much as I tried to cover Vivi's face that about woke her.
We also rode an inner tube on one of those wave machine areas. Just makes lots of waves to ride on.
Vivi woke up during that because she peed on me and didn't have a diaper on.
The water park was kind of weird in that regard, they didn't allow babies to have any diapers on and no mention of swimpants....I'm not even sure they have swimpants available here.
Anyways, Vivi fussed a little but not too badly.
In the end, we had two little kids fussing to leave and Shiloh fussing to stay! You can't win. ;-)

Today we took the kids to a children's play gym. I found for the most part all our children were a bit too young to really enjoy these ventures.
Shiloh is the oldest so she enjoyed everything the most.

We saw a black iguana walking past our window at the chalet this morning. Yep.
I want my socks and shoes!! These simple sandals everyone insists on do not seem like adequate protection to me.

I took Shiloh to the restroom late at night at the chalet, opened the door back up and there was a huge cockroach! At least 3-4" long, right smack in the middle of the doorway.
So then both Shiloh and I were standing on the toilet seat and I was hoping it would hold us, until the cockroach scurried away from the door.
Quite a picture I'm sure.
Then we made a mad dash for our bed, and got DH to go kill it for me.
I was going to call him from my toilet perch but he had Vivian on the bed and couldn't leave her like that so he'd have to put her down on the floor...where the cockroaches were.
So I waited. Did I mention we were barefoot since our shoes we're left by the door in common Asian fashion?
I want my socks and shoes!! Some nice cleated boots that go to my knee were sounding heavenly at that point.

Vivi is getting tooth #9 and it's a rough one. I remember this tooth being hard with Shiloh as well.
Shiloh has either a cold or an allergy going on.
Since it has gone from a runny nose to a rough cough, I'm thinking it might be just a cold.
I'm so thankful I brought an arsenal of medicines with me, I don't have cold meds but Benadryl and Tylenol/Motrin can give her a little relief.
Shi just wants comfort food too, like chocolate milk which doesn't help her cough at all.
Ugh, I just feel so bad for my babies...and it's just too hot and sticky which makes anyone feel crabby on top of being so far from home, when you don't feel well. :(

FIL was apprised of his condition (cancer) by his sons on Sunday. He accepted his diagnosis well and said he is okay with it because his sons are all doing well and have families so he doesn't feel he has to worry about them.
He decided to start the chemotherapy, so that began on Wednesday and he'll spend at least three days in the hospital receiving the treatments.
I think his pain was a factor in his decision also. They had only given him OTC pain meds for home but if he receives chemo, he can get Morphine for his pain.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Six years

Today, well July 19th. The time difference in Singapore vs. the USA is throwing me off a bit.
Here it is the afternoon on the 19th, which should make it the wee morning hours back at home.
Anyways, the 19th is my and DH's 6th Anniversary. :)
Never expected to be celebrating it here.

Vivi is battling heat rash so's even on her face. We've abandoned clothes on her except for outings, and we're using a lot of prickly heat powder that they have available here.
We went from 70 degree temps at home, to high 90's with tropical humidity.
Oh, and the heat rash seems to trigger her ezcema flare ups too.
My poor baby. :(
Shiloh is quite afraid of my FIL. I think it is mostly his appearance...his eyebrows make him look like he is frowning, but he also grabbed her arm and pulled her to him when we first arrived and I think the combo wasn't good.

We did go to the market a bit, it smells Durian and tons of tropical fruits in varying degrees of spoiling.
Trying to keep the girls hydrated but Shi isn't liking the typical soy drinks here. I'm not a fan myself either.
Thankfully we do have chocolate milk or milk product of some type and orange juice. DH bought her some Nutella so she had some on bread for her breakfast.
Little bits of home. :)

The girls are so happy to be shut into one tiny bedroom because it has AC!
They just hug and kiss, and wrestle each other...totally revitalizes them.
Then I have two hyper kids in one tiny room, lol.
They also are getting along well with their cousin, playing as well as kids of this age do.

DH's brother has some nice strollers he's let use. I pushed Vivi to market in a MacLaren...and that rolls so nice. :)
They walk a lot here though so it's probably worth it to have a higher end model of stroller.
I have a huge blister on my foot already. Walking everywhere in sandals when I'm a socks and sneakers girl at home.
I put some healing diaper cream that they had here.
Man, that stung like crazy!!!!
I seriously, seriously hope that the diaper cream I use on Vivi doesn't hurt her that badly because that was awful. :(

Friday, July 17, 2009

Singapore -1

We have arrived. It is hot.

All of our flights were delayed.
Our first little commuter flight, Shiloh was more interested in the yogurt melts from Grama than anything to do with the plane.
People were very helpful and nice though. Directing us to the front of the boarding lines when we didn't know we were allowed to board first because we had children.
Had a couple people let me cut in front of them at restroom lines when they saw I had Shiloh with me.
One little Asian boy tried to shove in front of her once though, and I was going to let it go then decided he was 8 and he could wait. So I told him that Shiloh was first and he had to wait...and he listened.
They even let us cut in line, in the Singapore passport line...but that was because Vivian was sobbing hysterically. She was hot and tired and had just had enough. :(

A not soo highlight. I was nursing Vivian non-stop on the fortunately I didn't have to use the restroom much myself.
The very first time I did though, Shiloh was asleep in her plane seat and I handed a sleeping Vivian to DH...waited a few seconds to make sure she was still sleeping and went to the bathroom.
Came back to find Shiloh sobbing on the floor, Vivian crying and she had a poopy mess that got on both herself and DH.
Moms cannot leave...ever, it affects the universe too much.

My children are just 1 and 2, so they were not perfect quiet angels on the plane, but all the other passengers mostly seemed to gush over the girls so that was nice.

We shared our row with a young Asian man, I felt sorry for him the minute he sat down nex to us. 8hr flight...1hr break...then another 12hr. flight.
But he really tried to be helpful and kept asking what he could do and made faces at Vivian (which once she warmed up, she was receptive too and didn't just pout at)....and fetched many flung toys.
He even flagged down a flight attendant so I could get my meal once. We had a lot of turbulence so they would only let DH "or" myself eat at a time, while the other had to hold her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gonna be a hunchback

Trying to learn to write my blog bear with me and the typos etc. that might occur.

We have less than 24hrs. before we have to leave the house.
DH is getting out of work early and we're running quickly to Wal-Mart.
I don't have the fuss-pot-airplane-security-required quart-sized plastic bags for the kids medicine that I want to bring on the plane.
I have about every other size bag though, but I don't need to risk stickler security personnel.
We also have a few more things to pick-up and then drop off the contents of our refrigerator to my sister.

Girls are napping at the moment.

I finished packing the girls carry-on bag...I might become a hunchback though carrying that and Vivian through the airport.
Hope I don't have to walk far.
Double-checked everything and I really need it all and more...
I'm soo thankful Shiloh loves to draw and color.
Vivian is kind of a wild card since she just learned to walk, but she loves to nap on my lap and takes long naps that way when she can so hopefully that will happen on the plane too.

Father-in-law is not doing all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're leaving on a jet plane...

Cuteness First:
I made Shiloh a grilled cheese sandwich the other day and she hasn't had one in awhile so she was making a big ado over it.
"Oh tink you Mommy, it's iwishish!" iwishish, meaning delicious is her new word.
It's soo cute, everything is "iwishish" :)

Vivian is taking a few more steps here and there.
She also loves the smacking sound of kisses, so she goes around making that sound....which is much, much, much better and cuter than when she likes the sound of her voice screaming.
Vivi is also giving open mouth drooly baby kisses, just gotta love those! :)

***Have to update here. At roughly 9pm tonight (Mon.)
Vivi just started walking...everywhere! She can even push herself to standing from sitting, she doesn't need to pull up on anything!
Just bam! and she started walking!
Vivi and Shiloh are soooo excited, they were laughing hysterically. I'm not sure who is more thrilled at this development. ;-)

Now our shocker news..........

Due to my Father-in-Law's rapidly declining health we're making an emergency trip to Singapore....this week.
Mild (ha!) panic on our part as this just came into effect on Sunday.
DH spent all day and part of the next talking to travel agents while I've been packing and trying to get things set at home.

Thankfully, the girls' Pediatrician was just excellent when I called them Monday morning with my dilemma.
They got me right in so Vivi could get her MMR and varicella vaccines and let me know they were so happy I had called because there is a chicken pox outbreak going on now.
Then they gave a print-out of both girls' vaccine history for our trip.
I kept Vivian on alternating Motrin/Tylenol for the rest of Monday and she did great. :)
She did recognize the nurse though since she just had her 1yr. appt. and she wasn't too happy to see her and the needles!
Poor baby.

Vivi is gleefully unpacking just as quickly as I put things in the suitcases.
Shiloh is a bit nervous, knowing something is going on.
I told her we were taking a trip and she simply said "no".
The Princess has spoken. ;-)

Please keep us and DH's family in your prayers.

I could list my concerns and worries but it would take too long.
I'll try to keep my blog going depending on my Internet access capabilities.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Some kids have loveys, she has...foot.

This week has seemed so busy...and tiring.
Shiloh has been doing excellent with staying dry during the night, except that in order to stay dry, she's been waking me once during the night to use the potty.
This alone wouldn't be bad, but coupled with my efforts to keep Vivian sleeping in her crib, which can mean I'm putting her down repeatedly...and I'm really dragging some days.
At least I am able to fall back asleep quickly after my frequent wakings, but still waking roughly 6 times in 6 hours takes a toll.

DH hooked up my old VCR so Shiloh could watch some VHS's that Mom gave me.
One is a "Dapa Hoecake" (Strawberry Shortcake) video which Shi loves of course.
Another is "Eye-eena" (Angelina ballerina)...which Shiloh also likes and now her dances include dancing like a ballerina.
She puts her hands over her head and spins around in circles. ;-)
She now tells me that she's a "pincess eye-eena" (princess ballerina).

Vivi's new thing (that she's doing constantly) is sitting and holding her foot and sometimes idly playing with her toes too.

When she's upset it's seems like it doubles as a self-comforting thing.

It reminds me of when I watched the ultrasound of her when I was pregnant and she had one hand tugging her hair and the other holding her foot (same foot btw!)
At first I thought she had hurt her foot, but she's cruising fine on it so it seems she's just taken with it.

She's taking a few more steps here and there, but it's really on her own terms.
She actually hid her shoes in a pile of her Shiloh's clothes the other day....hmm, maybe Mom will get the hint that I prefer to carried like a royal sultan than dirty my baby toes? ...after all she has a best friend in her foot, can't just go tromping on him!
On a positive note, I have actual visible biceps from carrying her everywhere!

Our gardening is starting to pay off. One rose bush is in full bloom, with the other close behind.
We have a cherry tomato sitting our greenhouse/front porch and that's starting to look like a tree!!
Time to pull back on the Miracle Gro! At least it seems to be protected from the tomato blight that is going around, though I really wish it was a Beefsteak tomato bush instead.
The only problem with the tomato in the front porch is that is stinks badly if you touch it at all. Just a really strong (stink bug) odor.
We also have pumpkin and zucchini blossoming. So as long as we can keep Shi from picking the "flowers" we might have a nice little harvest. :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Little weekend recap

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. :)

The neighbor's tall pines blocked most of my view of the local fireworks, which were pretty far away anyways.
I could hear them a bit and saw a few flashes of blue above the pines but that was about it.
At least they didn't wake the girls at all.
So instead I watched a bit of the "Macy's" fireworks on television...not the entire thing though, that's a whole lot of flashing lights.

Yesterday morning, DH mowed and filled up the kiddie pool with fresh water.
I brought the girls out and we blew bubbles and Shiloh rode her bike a bit...she's starting to get the hang of pedaling now.
Then we did some drawings on the driveway with chalk, we had a bit of a hard time finding a good writing surface on the driveway so we had to keep trying different spots.
Our garage floor is pretty now.... ;-)

After naps, I took the girls out to splash in the pool.
Vivian's latest thing is to turn herself in circles when she's sitting down, she kept doing this in the pool too.
Every time a fish toy floated by she'd try to kick it on her know, since she's so steady.
I almost can't believe she's the same baby that was so terrified of water a few months ago!
Now, she'll slip and get water in her face, but a second later she's back at the same spot trying the same stunt.

Just a tip: Disposable swimpants might look an awful lot like Pull-ups...with their seamed open and close sides, especially if you were say, super sleep-deprived.
BUT if you go to pull on the seam to open the swimpants, they will not close again. Nope, you will just be left with mangled swimpants.
Just so you know. Not saying I did that or anything, or something, you know...

I managed to watch more fireworks by webcam last night, so that was nice way to finish off the holiday. :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day!

Pretty much a normal weekend for us. There is an American flag on my T-shirt though, and I've been looking up web cams to watch some fireworks tonight.
Yeah, Vivian is scared of the noise of the ice cream actually going some place to watch live fireworks is definitely out!
We might be able to see the local fireworks from our house, though. It's very, very, windy here so I'm not even sure if there will be any or not.
Since this is our first 4th of July in our new house, I don't know what our view will be from here, but I'm hoping it's better than our old house since we're on a bit of a hill.

Shi was awake pretty early this morning, I think mostly due to the wind blowing around and all the noise that makes.
But anyways it really makes me hope that their sleep tonight isn't disturbed by the revelry of the holiday.

I vacuumed today.
Well, the mess started when I gave Shiloh a small bowl of animal crackers.
Vivi got one, took a bite, then crawled all over the kitchen and black carpets with it still in her hands...she left quite a Hansel & Gretel trail!
I wouldn't even think that much mess was possible from one tiny cracker.
At least it made it easier to follow after her with the vacuum.

Vivi also ate a decent amount of yogurt today, the most I think she's ever eaten of anything! So I'm happy about that.
She only ate one macaroni of her entire lunch, a few veggies she swallowed, a few I had to scoop out of her mouth.
But she followed that with several spoonfuls of applesauce so it's still a bit hit and miss at times.

I was giving Vivi one of her iron doses before bed tonight and Shiloh saw me and wanted "med-sin" too.
She said "i sick. i need med-sin" then coughed dramatically.
I told this tasted very yucky and she wouldn't want it.
"i sick. i need med-sin"
*cough *cough
"too much canee (candy) made me sick *cough *cough
i need med-sin" ;-D

Just FYI: Shi did not have any candy today actually, there is a "Yo Gabba Gabba" song that says "too much candy will make you sick" and Shiloh remembers that...and quotes it often. ;-)
Not the worst song for her to remember, I must say. lol.

Friday, July 03, 2009

She knows nose

Shiloh wanted....I mean she actually asked to go to bed tonight.

I am speechless.
Is that really my child? What planet is this again?
She said "Mama, naptime"
It was still at least 30 minutes to her bedtime, but she went down happy and without a peep.
Took her normal 2hr nap earlier too.
I'm mystified but it is good. :)

We did play a lot today, trying to teach Shiloh to play "Hide 'N Seek" but when she's counting I only have about 3 seconds to find a spot to hide because she has no patience and is giggling too hard to count all the way to 10.
"1-2-10! Mama! where are you? where go Mama?"
Vivian is like a hunting dog, she follows me and peeks at me in my hiding spot, then she laughs and claps her hands.
If Shiloh paid more attention to her sister, she'd find me right away, but she's so caught up in the game she practically trips over her instead.
After about 15 seconds, Shiloh will start to get nervous about not finding me so we have many short games.
I tried hiding "with" Vivian, but she giggled hysterically the whole time we were hiding so that didn't really work.

Vivi had a good Dr's appt. yesterday.
She only received two vaccines and didn't have any reaction, so that's always good.
She was giggling and babbling away at me while we waited.
Vivi only cried at the actual vaccines and then gave the nurse such evil looks!
She wouldn't let the nurse out of her sight until she left the room, then she tried to pull off the bandaids on her thighs....didn't want anything associated with the nurse and the shots!

This morning, I asked Vivi where her nose was and she pointed right to it, then shoved a finger in, then tried to put her finger in my nose.

How proud am I to actually teach her that! ;-D
She didn't even respond to my following questions "where her ears/eyes/hair was" she was too busy enjoying the fact that she had a nose. ;-)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Did you say Clown or Crown?

Today Shiloh dressed me like a "Princess"...that's what she told me.
She put a purple tutu on my head, then snickered and told me I was beautiful.....then both girls broke into hysterics.

They kept patting the tulle over my face.
Hmm, hard to believe "beauty" is what amused them so much, isn't it?
"So I look beautiful, hmm?" I asked
"heeheeheehee, yes" is not exactly the ideal response. ;-)

Then I taught Shi the "princess wave", so funny but I'll have to see if she remembers it tomorrow.

I now have decorated my laundry room with three of Shiloh's paintings. Now every time Shi walks by them she comments on the "Ohhh, beautiful pay-trees" :-D

We were watching a show tonight and when the audience applauded, Vivi was standing and she let go and clapped her hands at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She can do it, but she just wants to do everything at her own pace.
If she feels like it, she'll stand a take a step or two....and not a moment before that.

Both girls and I were crawling all over the house today, just chasing each other and then Vivi crawled onto the kitchen hardwood floors and man that killed my knees about two seconds on it.
Shiloh was right behind me and she went "Oh, ouch!" and stood up. lol.
Meanwhile Vivi is zipping around on her calloused knees....even her toes are calloused from her speed-crawling around the house trying to keep up with Shiloh!
But boy, she has baby-soft, kissable feet. :)

Vivian's 1yr appt. is tomorrow.
I'm a little worried about how she'll handle the vaccines, especially with a holiday weekend looming.
For Shiloh, the 1yr. vaccines were the only ones she ever had a reaction to. She developed a fever and was pretty lethargic with it.
Vivi has already developed a fever with one of her earlier vaccines so I'm trying to be prepared and I think I'll try to stave off a reaction by giving her Tylenol regularly tomorrow.