Monday, August 31, 2009

We're Home!!!!

We arrived home safely, late Saturday!
Thank you for all your prayers for my family. :-)
My Dad drove us home from the airport which was so nice especially since it was storming very badly and I was pretty bleary from the time differences.
My sister and Mom met us at our house and Mom had food made and even stocked our cupboards. :) I love you guys!
The girls and I polished off the coffee cake Mom made this morning. yum!

Our flights went smoothly without significant delays.
Both girls did well, Shiloh's belly was hurting her so she didn't eat or drink much at all.
They both slept through most of the first flight since it was a red-eye, and both of them slept completely through the last small commuter flight. :)
I guess they became old pros at flying.
We had better seats this time throughout our travels, which did help things go smoother...also barely any turbulence! yay!
I walked Vivian around the plane a bit but it's not as easy as the flight attendants make it look!
When we had bad turbulence on our flight *to* Singapore, there was an attendant serving and balancing a tray full of drinks in one hand so was impressive.

The flights were much colder, everyone was huddled under blankets. I had Vivi wearing babylegs and that made diaper changes so much easier.
I could change her while she was standing up so I didn't have to wait for the few plane bathrooms with a changing shelf...
It really is just a board that folds down for you to lay your child on...who will instantly freak out, btw. Laying on a board, hovering over a plane toilet, as the room (it really is a stretch to call it a "room" because there is none!) rocks and bumps...couldn't blame her there!
Also we had a layover in Germany and they didn't have a single restroom with a changing table....I tried three rooms including handicapped!
So babylegs while traveling was a definite plus. :)

We're still battling jet lag. I kept the girls downstairs sleeping on the couch most of last night so they wouldn't disturb DH who is back to work this morning...and hopefully well-rested!
Sunday morning I was up around 3am with Vivian, so I unpacked and cleaned then made pancakes at 3:30. ;-)
Shiloh ate three pancakes when she woke up and asked for more, though I didn't let her...seemed like a lot to go from eating nothing to stuffing herself!
Hopefully it means she's back on track eating-wise.

Both girls weigh the same as when we left, though they are both definitely taller. Vivi's growth is noticeable because she could walk under our dining table easily when we left and now bumps her head on it!
I am eating too. I didn't realize how much weight I had lost really, but my scale here is reading 102. eek.

I think we're all unpacked, just been busy cleaning, sorting the mail, emptying the ice maker....odds and ends that need to be taken care off.
We had a nice zucchini in the back yard so I need to dig out a recipe for it...oh, the possibilities! ;-)
We're all just so happy to be back home.
DH was out mowing and trimming the yard, and dealing with some bees that wanted to move in around the house.
The girls have just been having a blast with all their toys, which are like new to them now Vivi is older and walking better and able to enjoy different toys than before.
She is also trying the door knobs and wanting to stand ON some of her toys too.
So daring now!
My first clue should've been that her favorite word is "uh oh" ;-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

USA bound

Counting down just hours now until our flight!
Then approx. 29 hours...well, add a few more hours for actually driving home from the airport and delays, and we'll be back home! yay!

Yesterday was good. No one was sick! double yay!
Vivi nursed normally last night and did okay...finally got her milk pot belly back, I missed that!
I was hesitant about nursing her that much but Vivi was quite determined if she had to strip search me she *was* going to get the milk!

Shi has been eating small, small amounts and mostly drinking pedialyte and water.

Just last minute packing is left now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Packing up

Not sure when my laptop will be packed up.
DH is out of the house at the moment, so it could be when he comes back...or maybe tomorrow but I thought I should get my emails and posts out while I can!

Both girls were sick a little bit last night, a few hours after they fell asleep.
We were just so bummed out about that. :(
Shiloh had gone more than 24hrs without getting sick and we were so hoping she was over it.
This morning, I gave them both some meds and the version of Pedialyte drink that the Dr. gave us. Shiloh really liked the drink and keeps asking for more...but once again we're taking things slow.
Ugh. It's just so frustrating.

The girls have had so much fun with a deck of cards from the airline that DH requested on our flight. There are way, way, less cards than a standard deck now, and Vivi chewed off the corner of the 10 of spades, and the remaining cards look like they've gone through the laundry...but the girls love them!
Vivi wants to eat the cards mostly, which is a pretty cool magic trick but I don't think she has it down correctly yet. ;-)

I have a lot to do to get ready for our flight so I better get to it. :)

Flu, Flu, go away...

It's late Wednesday...actually the wee hours of Thursday morning.
Shiloh did really well today, she only ran a slight fever this morning which Motrin took care of.
She ate...albeit small amounts and drank and kept everything down. Yay!

Vivi did vomit a little today, and had a bit of diarrhea. It does seem that she caught the worst case and her stomach is going to need more time to heal and recover. :(

We did take the girls out for a bit this evening, to see DH's uncle one last time.
I wasn't happy taking the girls out, but I understood...
They did pretty well.
Shiloh ate a tiny bit at dinner and MIL, DH and I took turns walking Vivi around and keeping her entertained.
Normally she'd be able to nibble on rice and tidbits, but since she's still getting sick, she's only allowed (and really all she wants) small amounts of milk and water....I did let her have some Gerber puffs to keep her happy and she kept those down fine.

Some of the malls here put the US to shame though with their nursing rooms.
Most of them have one and they range from a room with a changing table, sink, outlet (for pumping moms) and chair or really comfortable plush chairs and bottle or baby food warmers, hot and cold water dispensers too.
Though the only other mother I have ever seen using a nursing room was another American, usually they are open and available for me.
Except tonight we were waiting with the baby outside a nursing room to find out it inside were two women using the bottle warmer to heat their lunches!

DH is packing luggage now. I packed a bunch on Monday...then had to unpack the medicine and some other things when the girls got sick.
So tomorrow is repacking day, letting the girls relax and recover, and just getting things ready.
I have to do another inspection of the room too, little fingers lose...excuse me *put* things in the oddest places. ;-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New day

It's 12:30pm on Wednesday here.
The last time anyone was sick was 8-9pm last more than 15 hours ago!
Typing one-handed now since Vivi just fell asleep but won't let me lay her down yet.
Vivi has been sick only twice since her Dr's appt. yay!

Both girls slept really well last night which was such a blessing, Vivi nursed twice but only for a minute or two then right back asleep. Shiloh slept soundly.
So I woke up a couple hours before everyone else, looking like Dolly Parton and in pain!
Shiloh woke up with a low fever but hungry, so she had some Motrin, drank some water and kept that down so we let her have some bread.
She didn't eat a lot but she said it was "dee-wishish" a least a dozen times! ;-)
I gave both girls a cool bath after breakfast, and they both have stayed cool.
Vivi has been a little fussy but she's passing gas so I think that is the main cause, I gave her some infant gas drops that I brought.
She drank a little water but doesn't want anything else besides her milk.

DH is out now getting a note from the Doctor saying that the girls have just a stomach flu, in case we need it for our flight.
He also said he'd bring me donuts. :-D There is a little bakery near the clinic that makes fresh sugar donuts, makes my mouth water thinking of them.
I've lost a little more weight being here, so bring on the donuts! (...and no Flu please!)
DH also brought me egg tarts the other day that were just sumptuous, if I knew where he got them I'd have him get those too. ;-)
They are like a mini custard pie with a buttery phyllo crust. So yummy!
Lol, I haven't had my lunch yet...if you couldn't tell!

Shiloh is watching a "Baby Einstein" movie and every picture that comes up she says she wants to eat it. "i wanna eat lion...i wanna eat duck"
But she says she's not hungry yet...soon, I think. ;-)

The Flu...continued (and continued)

*updated again at bottom.

Last night was rough.
I think there was one period of about two hours where Vivi slept solidly.
In about 17 hours she vomited 11 times...and had diarrhea twice.
Lots of outfit changes, though I covered things pretty well with towels so that saved the laundry a bit.
But she kept leaning into me each time she vomited, so...right down the cleavage it went and we both had several baths.
This morning she started to feel warm off and on, I could get her cooled down nicely with a bath but soon she'd warm right up again.

Normally, I'm not one to run to the Doctors for everything, but with our flight coming so quickly, plus the fact that she had vomited *that* much...and this morning couldn't even keep water down....
We took a taxi to a local pediatric clinic, arriving about 1/2hr. before they closed for lunch.
I didn't care for the Dr. or his staff, too rough for my taste, more a hold-your-child-down-so-I-can-do-my-job attitude. :[
But he diagnosed Vivi with a very bad case of stomach flu...he said the medicines he was giving her should stop it but if it doesn't we'd probably need to take her to the hospital for IV fluids!
Praying so hard that it's stopped now...

He gave her a suppository there, and we're starting on very small amounts of water.
So far, she's holding those down so I'm praying she continues.
She wants to nurse soo badly!
Thankfully, she took her nap in the stroller since she tends to want to nurse the most when she's tired.
The Dr. also gave us some probiotics for Shiloh and us (if we wanted) to help protect us from catching the Flu too.
Also some anti-diarrheal meds and some version of Pediapop, yeah...the appt. was $$$.

Her appt. was around 12:30, we started giving her sips of water around 2pm and it's 3:30pm now...she hasn't vomited since around 11am.

* Nursed Vivian for a couple minutes, then made her wait a few more minutes before I let her nurse again. Then wait another 10 min. before I let her nurse to sleep. She wasn't happy with me (understatement!) but now she's napping in my arms as I type...with a belly of milk.
She did have another small bout of diarrhea, but the Dr said that might last for awhile.

Now the bad news....Shiloh has just joined the sick crowd. :(
At least we have Vivi's meds to share and Shi is in good spirits.
She doesn't eat well here anyways so hopefully her belly will get a good rest and that will be it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Flu

The household has recently had an outbreak of stomach flu.
Three of the relatives here have caught it, DH had it last week.
Vivian has thrown up 4x already. :(

Bah! It's 11pm here, she's tired and wants to nurse...
Then wakes to vomit.
Poor baby.

Friday, August 21, 2009 it begins.

You remember my post about my foot massage and mentioning they had a fish massage as well?

The other day we were at a Mall...I think I mentioned before, everything is in a Mall here (banks, libraries, grocery stores) so going to one daily is quite common....there are Malls everywhere!
Anyways, this mall had a place where you could try out the fish massage. Just a sample, I think it was $10 for 15 minutes and so on.
I still wasn't crazy about the idea even though they were trying to talk me into it.
So DH and my Sister-in-Law were the ones to test it out....after DH's youngest brother quipped that DH should stick his face in the tank instead of his feet.

Gotta love younger brothers! ;-D

So they tried it out and I held Shiloh up so she could watch the many small fish eat her Dada's feet.
Nearly all the fish in the tank swarmed on his feet, SIL had just maybe a dozen on hers.
He said it tickles a lot in the beginning, then starts to feel more numb and doesn't bother as much.
His toes were actually baby pink when he came out, though a larger fish actually bit him hard enough that it hurt and he yelped.
When he got out that spot was actually bleeding!
Yep, so glad I didn't do that.
Pay money to have a fish bite me???

Last time I was here, there was a place where you pay $10 to hold a huge snake and you could take pictures.
Hahaha, they'd have to pay ME more than $10 to hold the snake! ;-)

We have a last few visits this weekend to say goodbye to some of DH's extended family.
Packing and repacking luggage and deciding what's coming with us and what's not making the cut.
Picking out traveling outfits, snacks for the girls etc.
Keep us in your prayers, it's not fun flying with such small children for such a long time.
Needing a good dose of prayer power and patience. ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1, 2, 3...hut!

Counting down the days til we get home now!
Somewhere around now was when we were hoping to come home.
But flights aren't as available as they used to be due to the economy, and the flights that are flying are super booked. They are literally packing everyone in like sardines in a can!
There's no standby for a family of four either!

We went to a mall the other day and Vivi walked quite a bit while holding our hands. I'm hoping we'll be able to wear her out walking in the airports like that....and hoping she won't want to walk while we're on the plane.

Praying we don't have as much turbulence as we did on the flight over so we can walk her around the plane a bit and they don't have to be constantly belted.
....and that we have a safe flight.
....and that Vivian doesn't feel the need to practice her screaming skills.
....or poop on her Daddy again.
....and that we won't have to lug our suitcases and two small children through too many airports.
Terminals that require trains or shuttles to get in and out aren't cool.
There are many more things I can think of but they can be easily overshadowed by the glee of going home.

I am a I love my home and routine.
I miss a lot of simple things like giving the girls their shared bath in the tub....maybe I won't even mind scrubbing that tub, well for awhile anyways. ;-)
I miss baking and even driving, though I've had plenty of offers to teach me and let me drive their cars by DH's brothers.
But it is driving not only on the opposite side of the car, but on the opposite side of the road.
Even if I got it down safely here, then I'd have to transfer back safely at home and it's just not something that appeals to me.
Not to mention the whole kilometers vs. miles, or the fact that driving 68-74 mph is common here, or that you're often cut off and motorcycles are allowed to drive *between* cars in lanes!
Yes, you see...not for me.

The girls are enjoying their time with their Grandma here though. Shiloh finally got over some of her confusion about having another Grandma and the fact that they call Grandma, "Mama" here. Yeah, that was a doozy for her.
I'm not sure if she'll remember much of this trip or not. When I was three and visited Florida the only thing I really remembered was the prickly grass. ;-)

Vivi is dropping things...and throwing them like a linebacker (she's ready for peewee Football!), and saying "uh oh". That and "hello" are her main words...oh, and "dada".
She also likes to beat people over the head as a sign of affection.
She's a bruiser!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The footstool of luxury

I never expected to be where I was this morning...
Getting a foot massage!

MIL and DH arranged it so that I went along with her and her friend to get the massage at the local mall.
I guess they are pretty common here and considered good for blood circulation so some people like to get them regularly.
While we were there a family with an approx. 10yr old girl came in for their foot massages and she was just texting on her phone the whole time like it was no big deal at all.
But it was quite a luxury in my eyes! :)

They had a little cabinet to put your shoes in, then you sit down in front of a couple of basins and wash and dry your feet.
Then are led to a black leather chair that reclines, if you like. Put your feet up on a towel-covered foot stool, and the masseuse covers your legs with another towel.
Then he wraps up one foot with a towel...just the same way you'd wrap your head after washing your hair. I know it was a simple part but that fascinated me...seeing my foot wrapped like a little head. lol.
They used a cream from tins instead oils like I expected, they had a television on to watch...probably more interesting if I understood Mandarin. ;-)
They also would bring you little cups of tepid water, I guess since I was told not to drink too hot or too cold water or bathe for two hours after the massage.

The masseuse told me I am dehydrated, on my feet a lot, and have a lot of tension in my right shoulder.
Not a shocker from a breastfeeding, mother of two, who uses my right arm mostly to carry my very solid 1yr. old. lol.
But neat that he figured that out from my feet?

They also have the fish foot massage available. That might freak me out a nibbling on my toes.
I've experienced that up at the river and it wasn't *exactly* relaxing. ;-)

I was a little nervous about the massage since Shiloh just dropped a thick remote control on my foot and the entire top is purple-bruised and tender but they noted it and didn't fuss with that area too much.
All in all it was a very nice, extravagant-feeling experience. :)

DH then brought both girls and met us at the Mall for brunch, so it was such a nice morning.
MIL's friend was also very sweet and bought some snacks for the girls and gave them to me...a package of Kit-Kats and some yogurt (excuse me, yoghurt!) granola bars. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snack Food Review

Snack food/Junk food is often a little different here in Singapore.
For can get your McDonalds french fries with seaweed sprinkles on top. They come with a little packet called a "Seaweed shaker".
DH isn't crazy about it, he says it's just MSG. Personally, I just prefer ketchup on my fries. :)

This next snack "Yan Yan", the girls and I like a lot. Long cookie sticks with chocolate frosting to dip them in. They have writing on the cookies as pictured here, but I rarely read them...too busy eating, and some of the words don't make any sense anyways. :) They also come with strawberry dip but I haven't and don't plan to try that. The cookies leave your fingers a bit oily though, I don't know why but that's kind of a pain.

These are "Ovalteenies". Small hard chocolate pellets...that taste like Ovaltine.
Shi likes these, and yay for something chocolatey that isn't messy too! (or melty in the heat here)

"Hello Panda" I know we can get this back home in Asian stores.
Personally, I'm not crazy about them but the girls like them. These can be messy though with the filling.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chopsticks...and I'm not talking about the song.

The girls were snacking on multi-colored wafer cookies this morning.
DH sais he enjoyed these as a child as well.
They are not the wafer cookies from back home, though I have seen those here also.
These are a single layer wafer, round, and as big as your hand. They come in pink, green, and yellow colors. Lime and Durian flavors, and I'm not sure the flavor of the pink...something fruity.
The girls enjoy them, though Vivi makes a gummy mess at times. ;-)

I was complemented on the fact that I hold my chopsticks correctly.
That's something...especially from people who use chopsticks on a daily basis. :)
Thanks to my Mom and Grama for teaching me properly! ...and not even knowing it was going to be an important skill in my future, but God did!
There are times where there is no other option, so knowing how to use chopsticks is imperative...and also the whole etiquette that goes along with it, like not spearing your rice, also my own personal one is to try not to poke my 2yr old in the face with the back of the chopsticks when she's hovering around me while I'm trying to eat. ;-)

It usually takes me a little longer though, so if I'm in a rush to eat because of the girls I tend to opt for a fork if they're available.
Shiloh likes when I feed her with "sticks". lol.

We had honeydew bubble tea last night, which was really good. They also had flavors like coffee and chocolate. The coffee might be good but I'm not sure about chocolate...mostly because I find a lot of "chocolate flavoring" products just don't cut it.

FIL is going for his last day of chemo today, at least while we are still here. DH and his youngest brother went with him.
So the girls and I have been home watching a lot of movies. His brother loaned us the complete set of Baby Einstein so Shiloh and I are working on learning our sign language.
Shi surprises me on how well she does, when Vivi sees us signing, she claps...that's her sign. ;-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Geckos use Geico...right?

Saw the gecko, ahem, "house lizard" the other night.
I was just falling asleep and I blinked and saw him scurrying across the bedroom wall.
Wow, those things are fast.
I jumped a foot...which is impressive considering I was laying down at the time. ;-)
DH and Shiloh also saw the lizard which ran behind the curtains.
Shi kept saying "there it is, go get it! where go? go get it!"
She said that long after we laid back down.

Yep, she has her Mama's dislike of insects, rodents, and reptiles in the house.
But we got her settled back down, then the gecko starts chirping!
They are loud and it's rather hard to describe their chirp, I guess it could be confused with a bird until you start thinking about it more.
Anyways DH opened the window for awhile hoping the lizard would leave, he left it open for about 20 minutes and we didn't hear any more noise.
Thankfully it was a quiet peaceful night, without more lizardly interruptions.

Tonight, while Shiloh was eating a late dinner I spied a very small gecko on the ceiling.
I used it to my advantage though and got Shiloh to eat her food better and faster by telling her the gecko wanted her chicken! ;-)
Then she said "he going! where going?"
Me: "I don't know...where do you think he's going?"
Shiloh: "he going shopping"
Me: "Ohh, what is he shopping for?"
Shiloh: "A car"
Me (not batting at eye at the thought of a gecko buying a car...after all they sell car insurance...right?" ;-): "Ahh, what color car?"
Shiloh: "A blue car"
Me: "Of course"

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dinner out

Tomorrow is National Day here, which is like the 4th of July in the US.
It's also FIL's 68th birthday.
Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.
It was a really fancy dinner so I was quite nervous about how the girls would do and behave there.
They did soo good! DH and I were so proud. :)
It was quite a late dinner, starting at 7pm. so Vivian was getting tired and required a bit more entertaining.
But funny enough, the more tired she got...the more hammy she became and was giving everyone her super cheesy grin and then watching for their reaction.
Of course, they laughed so she clapped and hammed up even more. lol.
She also enjoyed the rice and rice crackers they served.

Shiloh enjoyed the fish tanks that they had there, and she sat and ate really well!
Just today for lunch she sat and shared my lunch of noodles and ate great, and she did the same for dinner. yay!
Thankfully, they ordered a noodle dish for her since I was a bit nervous about her suddenly being exposed to various seafood and shellfish.
She also loved the watermelon and pineapple served at the end of the meal.

We were able to take some really nice family photos too which were very important to my DH, so I'm thankful for that.
FIL will likely be having more chemo treatments this upcoming week, I believe.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Bubble everything!

Gotta love Google.
I was a little concerned this morning when I was playing with Vivian and noticed a piece of skin from her lip is stretched out between her front teeth and apparently attached behind them.
Doesn't seem to bother her, I tried to move it with my finger since it didn't look attached...but I guess it is.
So I googled it and it seems to be pretty common in babies her age.
I'll bring it up to the Pediatrician when we get back home.
Hopefully it will resolve itself and not require any procedure now or in the future.
The gap between her teeth is no more than Shiloh had with only four teeth there, so I'm hopeful when the other teeth come in, it will turn out to be nothing.
Here's a link with a photo since I might not be describing it well.

Always learning something new with children, right?

FIL was going out the other day and Vivian was watching him so we were all trying to get her to wave goodbye to him.
She usually is pretty eager to wave, but this time...not so much.
So Shiloh ran over to her and grabbed Vivi's arm and started waving it. :-D Such a "big sister" already!
We went out with DH's youngest brother today. He bought each of the girls a stuffed animal which was so sweet.
We also enjoyed some bubble tea....though later I found a sticky "bubble" stuck to Shiloh's arm. lol.
This is a pic I found of bubble tea, these look a little prettier though. ;-)
They are served with a large straw so the black "bubbles" can be sucked up through it.

We bought Vivi some soft-sole walking shoes. I think they're pretty cute, and they came with matching socks too! They're called "Bubblegummers" :)
I got them in size 4 so she has some growing room and also bypassed the vast amount of sandals here so she'd have shoes she can wear as long as they fit and not based on the weather....especially since the Fall season back home can be pretty unpredictable weather-wise! ;-)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

No pool but Pizza

We haven't done too much the past few days.
On Monday we were supposed to take the girls swimming, but due to the H1N1 outbreaks here, they are making all of the local pools close on Mondays for a thorough cleaning.
We ended up driving to two different pools that were both closed, then returning home for Pizza Hut pizza.
The pools are more like water parks actually so we may end up heading back to one sometime.
Wow, you can order a wide variety of pizza here....nearly all with the topping of pineapple, which actually isn't that bad.
Shiloh ate most of one slice, plus the meat from two chicken wings. :)

Yesterday, we dealt with the problem of Vivi's constipation.
After downing an entire jar of baby apples and prunes, she still hadn't gone and was getting just miserable.
We finally went with an constipation "aid" and I spent much of yesterday changing her diapers....definitely not a pool day! ;-)
She seems to feel much better, and I know I do with one less concern on my mind.

She wants to walk all the time now, so I'm hoping to find her some soft-soled walking shoes today if we go out shopping.
Vivi's napping now, and it's pouring rain so we'll see how the afternoon goes.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fish and Goats

We had a busy morning today, as soon as we woke and I got the girls ready we were off with BIL.
I was just told that we were going shopping so I and the girls were wearing light (and cool) dresses and skirts.

We ended up at a fishery/fish market.
Interesting. Smelly.
Holding tanks of bass, giant catfish, eels, large toads...or maybe some type of frog, and numerous other fish.
There were a couple tanks with plexiglass barriers. DH and I were cautiously peering in and you could just see the water swirling from something moving in the tank, but it was too murky to make out anything in there. dah-da-dum (cue Jaws theme music here) ;-)

From there we went to a goat farm.
People lined up and taking pictures of goats being milked.
I think that is hysterical. Just thought of that type of photo being in an album. lol.
Then we walked and looked...and smelled the goats.
Hot goats on a muggy day. Mmmm.
They had fresh goat milk and goat dishes there also. But since I already know I don't like goat's milk, we skipped out on those delicacies.

Then on to a herb/vegetable/fruit farm.
We had lunch there, we were able to get Shiloh to eat 1/2 slice of bread with grilled cheese on something anyways.
Vivi was cranky because it was just sooo hot, and she has to be held close to an equally hot person.
There was a boy playing basketball though, and I was soo thankful for him as watching him kept her entertained enough that I was able to eat. :)
We walked a bit through the farm, not too much since it was quite large and just too hot out. We saw banana trees and mangos and dragonfruit growing, I was surprised that Shiloh was content with walking around there and actually loved all the colorful plants. :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Two weeks in

We have now been in Singapore for two weeks, and it has been more than that since we left our house.
Generally, two weeks is my personal limit for being away from home, before I start to miss and long for my own house, home, routine.
So I'm just not going to think about it now...I'll think about it tomorrow.

Vivi is walking a lot more now. I think the hard tile flooring here encourages her to walk since it has to be rough on the knees.
She has to have the AC on in order to nap or sleep at all...but otherwise seems to be doing pretty well.
She hasn't had a bm in many days though so I bought her some Apple/Prune baby food ($2 for a small jar) and got her to eat about half a jar today.
Hopefully that will do something!

Shiloh has figured out how to turn and open the bedroom doors here, so we'll have to see if she can do it at home also.
I do have some knob locks at home so we're somewhat prepared. ;-)

We're having an awful time getting Shiloh to eat anything here. Some days are better than others.
Vivi also has good and bad days, but she'll always nurse no matter how much other foods she eats or does not eat.
Shiloh seems content to get her sustenance in liquid least she's getting her fluids, but we'd like her to eat too!
Even what we do get her to eat, the amount has been not nearly what she would consume at home.
I'm guessing the hot weather here is probably a main factor...but she's not that big to begin with!
So that's my Mommy concern of the moment. I saw some Ovaltine at the store so I might pick that up unless she really starts eating more least to get some more nutrition into her!

FIL seems much the same, though I believe he's getting headaches now as I often see him with cloths to his head.