Sunday, August 16, 2009

The footstool of luxury

I never expected to be where I was this morning...
Getting a foot massage!

MIL and DH arranged it so that I went along with her and her friend to get the massage at the local mall.
I guess they are pretty common here and considered good for blood circulation so some people like to get them regularly.
While we were there a family with an approx. 10yr old girl came in for their foot massages and she was just texting on her phone the whole time like it was no big deal at all.
But it was quite a luxury in my eyes! :)

They had a little cabinet to put your shoes in, then you sit down in front of a couple of basins and wash and dry your feet.
Then are led to a black leather chair that reclines, if you like. Put your feet up on a towel-covered foot stool, and the masseuse covers your legs with another towel.
Then he wraps up one foot with a towel...just the same way you'd wrap your head after washing your hair. I know it was a simple part but that fascinated me...seeing my foot wrapped like a little head. lol.
They used a cream from tins instead oils like I expected, they had a television on to watch...probably more interesting if I understood Mandarin. ;-)
They also would bring you little cups of tepid water, I guess since I was told not to drink too hot or too cold water or bathe for two hours after the massage.

The masseuse told me I am dehydrated, on my feet a lot, and have a lot of tension in my right shoulder.
Not a shocker from a breastfeeding, mother of two, who uses my right arm mostly to carry my very solid 1yr. old. lol.
But neat that he figured that out from my feet?

They also have the fish foot massage available. That might freak me out a nibbling on my toes.
I've experienced that up at the river and it wasn't *exactly* relaxing. ;-)

I was a little nervous about the massage since Shiloh just dropped a thick remote control on my foot and the entire top is purple-bruised and tender but they noted it and didn't fuss with that area too much.
All in all it was a very nice, extravagant-feeling experience. :)

DH then brought both girls and met us at the Mall for brunch, so it was such a nice morning.
MIL's friend was also very sweet and bought some snacks for the girls and gave them to me...a package of Kit-Kats and some yogurt (excuse me, yoghurt!) granola bars. :)

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