Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New day

It's 12:30pm on Wednesday here.
The last time anyone was sick was 8-9pm last night....so more than 15 hours ago!
Typing one-handed now since Vivi just fell asleep but won't let me lay her down yet.
Vivi has been sick only twice since her Dr's appt. yay!

Both girls slept really well last night which was such a blessing, Vivi nursed twice but only for a minute or two then right back asleep. Shiloh slept soundly.
So I woke up a couple hours before everyone else, looking like Dolly Parton and in pain!
Shiloh woke up with a low fever but hungry, so she had some Motrin, drank some water and kept that down so we let her have some bread.
She didn't eat a lot but she said it was "dee-wishish" a least a dozen times! ;-)
I gave both girls a cool bath after breakfast, and they both have stayed cool.
Vivi has been a little fussy but she's passing gas so I think that is the main cause, I gave her some infant gas drops that I brought.
She drank a little water but doesn't want anything else besides her milk.

DH is out now getting a note from the Doctor saying that the girls have just a stomach flu, in case we need it for our flight.
He also said he'd bring me donuts. :-D There is a little bakery near the clinic that makes fresh sugar donuts, makes my mouth water thinking of them.
I've lost a little more weight being here, so bring on the donuts! (...and no Flu please!)
DH also brought me egg tarts the other day that were just sumptuous, if I knew where he got them I'd have him get those too. ;-)
They are like a mini custard pie with a buttery phyllo crust. So yummy!
Lol, I haven't had my lunch yet...if you couldn't tell!

Shiloh is watching a "Baby Einstein" movie and every picture that comes up she says she wants to eat it. "i wanna eat lion...i wanna eat duck"
But she says she's not hungry yet...soon, I think. ;-)

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