Monday, August 31, 2009

We're Home!!!!

We arrived home safely, late Saturday!
Thank you for all your prayers for my family. :-)
My Dad drove us home from the airport which was so nice especially since it was storming very badly and I was pretty bleary from the time differences.
My sister and Mom met us at our house and Mom had food made and even stocked our cupboards. :) I love you guys!
The girls and I polished off the coffee cake Mom made this morning. yum!

Our flights went smoothly without significant delays.
Both girls did well, Shiloh's belly was hurting her so she didn't eat or drink much at all.
They both slept through most of the first flight since it was a red-eye, and both of them slept completely through the last small commuter flight. :)
I guess they became old pros at flying.
We had better seats this time throughout our travels, which did help things go smoother...also barely any turbulence! yay!
I walked Vivian around the plane a bit but it's not as easy as the flight attendants make it look!
When we had bad turbulence on our flight *to* Singapore, there was an attendant serving and balancing a tray full of drinks in one hand so was impressive.

The flights were much colder, everyone was huddled under blankets. I had Vivi wearing babylegs and that made diaper changes so much easier.
I could change her while she was standing up so I didn't have to wait for the few plane bathrooms with a changing shelf...
It really is just a board that folds down for you to lay your child on...who will instantly freak out, btw. Laying on a board, hovering over a plane toilet, as the room (it really is a stretch to call it a "room" because there is none!) rocks and bumps...couldn't blame her there!
Also we had a layover in Germany and they didn't have a single restroom with a changing table....I tried three rooms including handicapped!
So babylegs while traveling was a definite plus. :)

We're still battling jet lag. I kept the girls downstairs sleeping on the couch most of last night so they wouldn't disturb DH who is back to work this morning...and hopefully well-rested!
Sunday morning I was up around 3am with Vivian, so I unpacked and cleaned then made pancakes at 3:30. ;-)
Shiloh ate three pancakes when she woke up and asked for more, though I didn't let her...seemed like a lot to go from eating nothing to stuffing herself!
Hopefully it means she's back on track eating-wise.

Both girls weigh the same as when we left, though they are both definitely taller. Vivi's growth is noticeable because she could walk under our dining table easily when we left and now bumps her head on it!
I am eating too. I didn't realize how much weight I had lost really, but my scale here is reading 102. eek.

I think we're all unpacked, just been busy cleaning, sorting the mail, emptying the ice maker....odds and ends that need to be taken care off.
We had a nice zucchini in the back yard so I need to dig out a recipe for it...oh, the possibilities! ;-)
We're all just so happy to be back home.
DH was out mowing and trimming the yard, and dealing with some bees that wanted to move in around the house.
The girls have just been having a blast with all their toys, which are like new to them now Vivi is older and walking better and able to enjoy different toys than before.
She is also trying the door knobs and wanting to stand ON some of her toys too.
So daring now!
My first clue should've been that her favorite word is "uh oh" ;-)

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Sarah said...

Glad to hear you made it home safe!