Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Attack of the poo monster

I've been spending these past few days....yes, days getting the girls' winter clothes out. It's been pretty cold and Vivi didn't have many warm things in her drawers so it needed to be done soon.
Some of the difficulty was in the range of sizes that the girls are wearing.
Shiloh is three and wearing some 24mos. 2T & 3T....but some items in those sizes are too small and some are too big.
Vivian is in 12mos. and 18mos clothing...but some clothes are 18-24mos. which is bridging into Shiloh's size group.

Some of the other difficulty was the fact that Vivian kept grabbing random pieces of clothing, draping them over her head and wandering away....while Shiloh tried to put on any frilly dress or fancy shoe she found, even if it was something that Vivian had just outgrown!
And forget about making a pile of clothing...that lasts about two seconds.

It's been such a big task that I decided to keep out all of the clothing for the season no matter the size, when Shi outgrows something it goes right in Vivian's dresser anyways...and honestly the clothes get terribly confused in all the spinning of the washing machine and don't always find their ways back to the proper spot.
Shi is also confused and keeps saying "No, that's Shiloh's" when I'm moving things to Vivi's drawers. At least she's fine when I tell her she outgrew them.

Both girls took their naps at the same time today which was nice. I couldn't do more work on the clothes sorting at that time though because Shi was sleeping in her room.
So I scrubbed the bathtub instead. Lots of scrubbing.
Then Vivi woke up so I got her back to sleep and then scrubbed some more.

Tonight I gave the girls their bath in the nice clean tub.
Vivi's Dr. appt, is in the morning so we want her nice and she had clam chowder earlier today and the perfume of it was lingering on her. ;-)
I let the girls play and splash with their toys a bit in the tub while I folded bath towels next to them.
Then Shi says "Mama look!"
There is a very small bm in the tub.
Never before has one of my children had a bm in the tub.
"What happened?" I asked
Vivian's face crumples.
Okay, so we know Who...
I grab a cup to scoop it out, and it is like magnetically attracted to Shiloh who is freaking out. She's squirming and squealing to get away and it is FOLLOWING her. Shi is also trying to *save* her sister from attack of the poo monster by grabbing her foot and trying to pull her.
I was laughing so hard at her reaction, that I could barely focus on my super hero task of removing the poo.

I feel so bad though because Vivian kept saying "Mama, Mama, Mama" just before that, while her Mommy was just beaming that her daughter is now consistently saying "Mama" and saying "Hi Vivian" back, when obviously she was trying to tell me she had to poop. :(

Though in my defense, now she's been saying "Mama" all night, and not because she's had to poop...oh wait!, excuse me, I have a diaper to check!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As easy as (pumpkin) pie

What does it take to grow a nice pumpkin?
A really nice pumpkin.
Plenty of sun, some water, talking to them maybe?
Dare I say some Miracle Gro couldn't hurt...
These gorgeous orange beauties were given to my girls by my Mom's boss....who grew them.
He has the special touch!
Just looking at them makes me feel like Fall.
Makes me want some apple cider and donuts, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, to walk through some crunchy, aromatic, fallen leaves....and cuddle under fleece blankets with a good book.

This one is Shiloh's....she claimed it. :)

This one is Vivian's...she tries to carry it around the house.

What is not conducive to growing gorgeous, happy, orange, pumpkins?
What might cause them to turn into the troll of the pumpkin patch?
Abandoning them as you travel during their crucial growing period, not supplying them with ample water and sunlight, allowing your yard to be overtaken by squirrels with a gang mentality?
Most certainly.
My pumpkin has a grudge.
My pumpkin does not bring me warm feelings of Fall.

Not too bad, you might say....the little pecked marks make it look like it has a little face (albeit minus one eye).
Dare you turn your back to it??


Looks like rather like a Picasso. See the nose, and one little eye and....oh the horror!
It's always watching you....Always Watching!!!

Well, Happy dreams. ;-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

I almost forgot about "Not Me Monday"!
Vivi is asleep so maybe I can write this quickly....
First of all, I always play nice girly games with my daughters.
Dressing up like Princesses, or playing dollhouse, or playing house.

I would never play with them that a large pack of oddly sized lions, tigers...oh yes, and a hyena were eating a turkey from their kitchen set, and I would certainly never note that their feast looked suspiciously like "Big Bird" from Sesame Street.

No, I'd never do that....Not me!

Oops, how do you erase pictures from this thing?!?!

I also don't lose track of time, more often than I know what time it is....yeah, I wrote that right...I think.
I certainly don't make a big game of couponing so that my girls are begging for the little scraps of paper and carrying them like treasures through the, no, no, Not me!
I didn't tell a receptionist on the phone this morning that I would put her on hold...then realize that I didn't have a way to put her on hold so I just held my hand over the buttons of the cellphone (which I then later discovered is NO where near the microphone) and pretend that she couldn't hear my kids clamoring around and she had listened to nice dinner music while she waited.
Not me!


Vivian is teething molars so it hasn't been easy to get to the computer least not without her attached to me in some way or napping.
She's happy at the moment, the Motrin has kicked in and she's found a toy that she can gnaw on that actually reaches the molars well.
She has a lovely teething rash, and both bottom molars feel about the same size bumps so it seems they're trying to come at the same time.
One of the molars did cut through a tiny bit about 2 months ago, and now the gum has swollen over it again.
Poor baby.

Hmm...guess who's now clinging to my leg and whining?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My yarn yarn

I pulled out all my knitting supplies the other day.
I haven't done any knitting in such a long time.
I pored over all my patterns before selecting one that I have used several times in the past with success...after not picking up my needles for so long, I'm not daring enough to try something newer or more complicated to start.
Then on to my yarn bag, all the colors and textures and the projects that pop into mind when I see a certain skein.
This rosy color would make a beautiful girl's hat...or two. All these little leftovers of skeins, I really should make a crazy blanket and use them up.

So I finally select a few complementing colors for my project, then the proper size needles....double-pointed? circular? Ooh, I have this size in pink and many choices!
I gather all my supplies together, organized, and ready in my portable knitting bag. I can do my project anywhere now!
I am so excited...a new project! ...Making something!

Why, oh why did I ever wait so long??
I wait until after breakfast to sit down at the table with a nice cup of coffee and pick up my needles.
Instantly, Shiloh abandons the toy animals she was preoccupied with and Vivi suddenly materializes at my knee.
"Mama is knitting" I if that will satisfy their curiosity and they will return to their toys.
I start to cast on the first stitches.
Vivi dives into the knitting bag, inspects the colors of yarn, and giggles when my knitting tugs the loops of yarn from her fingers.
Shiloh picks up the knitting needle that I am not using at the moment, and taps the salt shaker that is on the table, then the plant leaves and beams in joy at this new found toy.
There is sudden clarity as I pick up the scattered skeins and put them back in the bag and retrieve my needle before Shi topples the shaker.
Oh yes, I remember now why my yarn and needles have been in storage for so long.
Little helping fingers...many helping fingers, seems like they grow more! ;-)

The other night Shi bumped her head, not too hard but I asked if she was okay and she said yes.
Then I teased her and asked if she saw stars. She shook her head...
" stars. I see hearts!"

There was a small toy chair that the girls played with in Singapore a lot.
Vivi was quite obsessed with it. It would make these different squealing noises when she sat on it or got up from it.
Now the girls have started pretending our front step is that chair and they stand up or sit down and imitate the sounds that the chair made and laugh hysterically at each other.
I've got to try to catch it on video, but they start hamming too much when they see the camera! lol

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

I hope you are enjoying the last day of Summer, Autumn starts tomorrow!
I'm trying to get back on the "Not Me Monday" here goes.

When DH snored the entire night through, I did "not" cover his head with the comforter...then uncover him again because I was worried about suffocating him...then cover him back up because I wanted to sleep more than I cared at that moment.
No, I would never do that....I am a sweet loving wife! Always!

And I certainly don't feed the fish before I feed my own children in the morning...

When I read a little conversation on an online Farming game between two people, one who had lost their sickle and one who didn't know what-in-the-world a "sickle" was....I did not laugh until I had a stomach ache. Not me!, and I'm not laughing now recalling it either.

Discovering the hole in my jeans the other day, I did not just toss the jeans into my closet because I couldn't decide if I should toss them, save them for a time when I need junk clothes, or cut them into shorts....No, Not Me!
I am very organized and decisive!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today Vivian brought me the wipes container and laid down on the floor next to it, wanting me to change her diaper!
Since she's just turned 15 months old, I'm impressed.
She hates messy diapers and often fusses until I change her, so this is just the next step in helping me change her.
I think I really need to be putting her on the potty more often, I tend to think it's more of a pain to pull her diaper off for nothing but I need to keep the long-term goal in mind.

We are supposed to get a frost tonight. I dressed the girls warm before bed since they both toss and turn everywhere so blankets rarely stay in place.
Took my plants out of the windows too, my African violets love the windows except when it's colder.

I made some fried potatoes with onions for dinner. I didn't have a dinner plan, the potatoes just sounded good to me, then once I smelled the aroma of those cooking I knew I wanted some eggs and toast with them.
Breakfast for dinner. :)

Shiloh got a new Strawberry Shortcake DVD for her birthday from her Mimi and Oompa and today when she watched it, Vivi was bouncing along to the music and singing "bababa" trying to sing the "Straw-buh-buh-buh-berry" parts of the tune.
It was so cute.
I think we have another Strawberry Shortcake Fan. ;-)
Oh yeah, and guess what I'm humming all day??

Friday, September 18, 2009

And today we played...

I think "Happy Birthday" is Shiloh's new favorite song. :)
We've sung it so many times over this week or so, and now that she's received a play birthday cake that she adores, I think we'll be singing it for quite awhile.
Shiloh has spent the day dressed in a new Princess gown and crown, cooking with her pretend food....mirrors real life doesn't it?
I rarely cook without my tiara myself. ;-)
She also has been playing with her toy animal set all over the house. I'm finding giraffes in my candles, elephants in the windows, and tigers between the sofa cushions.
It's a zoo here! lol

Shiloh and I were playing with some of the animals earlier today. I had the tiger and she had a giraffe.
Tiger: I am hungry, I want to eat you!
Giraffe: Here have juice!
Shiloh puts a toy baby bottle in the tiger's mouth.
Tiger: I am still hungry, I want to eat you!
Giraffe: Have a tree!
Shiloh puts a toy tree in front of the tiger....then a forest of trees.
Tiger: I am still hungry
Shiloh (herself): You want some chawchet (chocolate) toast??

Lol, then I was laughing too hard to play.

We played "hide 'n seek" briefly. Doesn't really work now that Shiloh has figured out to look where Vivi is looking....and Vivi giggles hysterically the whole time so there's no way to really "hide". lol.
I found I actually wore a hole in the knee of my jeans. I don't think I've done that since I was a child so it must be all the crawling around I do.
So pretending to be Shiloh's horse for 1/2 an hour probably qualifies as my exercise for the day, right?
Poor horses.

It felt a bit like I was in a Disney movie today though...
I went to get my laundry off the back deck where it was drying and a chickadee was hopping on the clothes rack and he didn't want to get off.
I was soo close I could almost touch him. Felt like Snow White and I was supposed to break into song or something...start looking around for a dwarf or a fairy or toad wearing a tutu or something.

Then when I wanted to take my shower, I put the girls in Shiloh's room and they both climbed onto Shi's bed and started looking at books! (Shiloh received a bunch of books yesterday)
I had to keep checking on them because they were so quiet, and they were both happy and quiet for a long time....just looking at books!
It was amazing, and hopefully the start of something good. All the women in my family have a great love of books and I hope it passes to the next generation. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Party prepping

I had a busy day, preparing for Shiloh's birthday party.
Even though it won't be a big party, it still takes a bit of work.
I decided to make her an apple pie in addition to the traditional cake and ice cream for her party.
She's been asking daily for apple pie..."peese apple pie?"
The girls woke me up early this morning, so I got crackin' on the pie.
Shiloh is able to climb onto our island barstools now (though she has a little trouble getting back down) so she climbed up and was watching me and asking questions....or rather the same question over and over.
"you makin' apple pie?" ;-)
Me: "yes, this is how you make apple pie"
Shiloh nodded knowingly.
A few seconds later...."you makin' apple pie?"
She wanted to be really sure!

I put some decorations up, I didn't realize how "up" until Vivi fell over trying to look at them. Lol.
Put away laundry and Vivi grabs whatever she finds and drapes it on herself....a dress flung over this shoulder and a onesie on her head. Such style!

I wrapped Shi's presents and now she's asked me a couple times "now I open presents?"
It's fun with her being old enough to anticipate and enjoy the party more. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Today is my sweet Shiloh's 3rd birthday!
Hard to believe three years have gone by though, wow!
We celebrated pretty low-key today, she'll have a party later.
I put a candle in a slice of apple pie for her and we sang. :)

I probably should make an apple pie for her birthday, she likes it and just eats the frosting of cake anyway...but it's not quite so decorative or in birthday tradition.
After her nap today, I drove the girls to McDonalds' and picked up a couple hot fudge sundaes. I just went through the drive-thru though since it was after school and the traffic and people everywhere was just too crazy....also I have washcloths at home, much better than just napkins for sundae-eating toddlers.
Vivi and I shared one sundae and I gave the other to Shiloh....her first!
She barely made a dent actually, she was rather confused that I would serve her vanilla ice cream at first.
I am a chocolate person through and through, rarely would something so purely pale be put in front us and Shiloh knows it! ;-D
She asked "where chawket?"
So I showed her the fudge topping and that was a mystery to be poked at and tasted gingerly.
By then the sundae was melting pretty good so she started to drink it instead and Shiloh thought that was pretty amusing that she could drink ice cream. lol.

Shiloh painted a fall colored picture today. She picks out the colors herself, I let her pick out four colors and today she picked red, orange, brown, and white.
Though the white didn't show up much on white paper but it made a pretty Autumn painting.
I also let her pick which brush she'd like to paint with since I have about 5 different style ones.
She loves that, but I'm having a little trouble keeping Vivi's curious fingers out of everything since she's gotten taller.
I probably need to let Vivi paint with/eat some pudding at the same time or something.

Shiloh is starting to sound like Melman from "Madagascar"...maybe we've watched the movie(s) too much.
"I can't...I can't....I can't get it. I can't do it! I can't do it!! Need halp!" She says "help" as "halp" but it seriously sounds just like Melman, and she says this about a dozen times a day.
Might be part of her alternating from "big girl" to "baby" depending on the situation and her mood.
Sometimes she wants to use the potty on her own, next day she wants me with her each time.
She might eat all her meals on her own, or begs me to feed her like I feed Vivian.
It's all part of the growing process.
Sudden Independence can be scary for kids, I remember that from my childhood....and now I'm on the parent side.
This side is scary too.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's pretend it's naptime...

I'm hoping for some sleep tonight, that would be nice.
Last night was rough Vivian wanted to nurse and fuss all night long.
She was cranky most of today and refused to eat much in the way of food, so I'm pretty sure it's her molar bothering her again.
I gave her Motrin and as soon it wore off she was fussing again. She's sleeping on the couch now, since she wouldn't sleep in her crib.
Amazing that she can tell the difference somehow about where I put her after she's already fallen asleep.
When she's sleeping she tends to randomly and suddenly sit up and look around. If she can see when she's on the couch, then she often lays back down and falls asleep.
If she wakes in her crib though...she starts screaming and crying.
She is the age though that Shiloh was when we moved her to a toddler bed, but she just seems more "baby" to me.
Plus she sometimes stands up while she's still mostly asleep and that would make me nervous if she was in a toddler bed, so I plan to stick with the crib for awhile yet.
She naps there okay and her stuffed animals seem to like it. ;)

Shiloh is also having some difficulty in the sleep dept.
She's doing well sleeping through the night and usually not waking until morning...even though I'm not using Pull-ups as backup any longer.
But for some reason she's refusing to sleep in her bed, asking for a blanket on the floor (carpeted) instead.
Since she's doing so well sleeping (and actually sleeping more hours than she EVER has), I haven't worried about it too much, and she takes her naps in her bed fine.

Naptime goes well here...for some reason bedtime has gone a little haywire.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pardon my zucchini

Remember when I mentioned the zucchini was taking over our yard while we were away?

Yep. The flowers close up at night and open huge and bright yellow in the morning. So pretty. We now have more flowers than pictured here, I really better start researching more zucchini recipes! I have a feeling our neighbor on the other side of the fence has been dealing with some trespassing vines too, but looks like he's kept it mowed and trimmed away.

Vivian is confused.The neighbor is working on his front porch, replacing steps, and recarpeting, so there is a lot of hammering going on.Vivi keeps walking through the house saying "hello?....hello?"She thinks someone is at the door, she's said it about a dozen times now....seems like she can't figure out why I won't open the door, she keeps looking at me then at the door.
"C'mon Mom...I've said Hello, let them in already!"

We took Shiloh to the toy department because we were shopping for her birthday gifts and every time she found two toys that she was interested in she'd pull my hand over and said "Come on Mom, lets play"
So cute.

Vivi has been pretty good about keeping a small ponytail in her hair. I'm pretty sure it's only because she has an older sister who wears hairbows and barrettes daily.
When I have caught her tugging at it, I just told her it looked pretty like Shiloh's and showed her Shiloh's hair and she gave me a cheesy grin and left it alone.
So far, so good anyways.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My administrative assistants

I sorted my file cabinet yesterday. Not one of my favorite jobs but I try not to procrastinate about it since it really piles up!
Vivian was trying to be helpful by picking up a folder and dumping half its contents on the floor...where I was tossing my scrap papers.
So then I gave both girls the job of shredding old paperwork. Shiloh always likes that and it keeps little hands busy. This was Vivian first time helping and she was just thrilled when we started ripping up papers.
She was actually allowed to rip paper! Does life get any better than this? ;-)
Well, she also dumped the hole punch on the floor (yay! confetti!) and she thought that was pretty great too...Mommy not so much.

I just need to remember that doing the same job, at the CPA office I worked at, was soo boring. Now it's hectic, crazy...but anything but boring! Just trying to keep my stapler out of tiny hands was practically a full-time job! ;-)

Vivian has discovered our bathroom scale and she is fascinated with standing on it and watching it light up.
She's also pretty interested in the fact that Shiloh uses the potty. I've put her on it several times now herself and she's not nervous about it any more. She was all giggles today and acting like she thought she was a big girl when I put her on. :)
I'm not really expecting her to do anything, but hopeful. I just think I should take advantage of her natural curiosity, and see where it goes.

Vivian has also started eating more solids now...finally!
I gave her meat, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn for dinner and she loved the corn! She ate some potatoes too but wouldn't touch the meat.
She's been eating some mashed fresh banana with her cereal in the morning and doing pretty well with that. She also likes grapes without the skin, but those are a pain to peel!
She often lets me start feeding her, then wants to feed herself. Pasta is a big hit with her too...but sandwiches haven't gone over too well, even grilled cheese.
We will have to see how she likes Shiloh's birthday cake, next week. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pat it, Roll it, Put it in a pan...

They are usually fun, sometimes difficult to find good ones and it can be frustrating wasting ingredients on bad ones.
Some make you really wonder about the creator know what I mean. "Hmm...the stuffing goes where?" " 5 of the recipe? ...maybe it should be called a re-starter instead?" ;)

I've gotten my recipes from a jumble of places and people. I even have a recipe for cookies called "Jumbles". lol
I have a nice recipe for a lemon sauce that I made once, just because I had lemons and it sounded good....then I didn't know what to put the sauce on.
Well, it also turned out to make a decent amount of sauce and I was the only one eating it since this was before the girls came along. So...I tried the sauce on everything from pancakes to chicken.
It was good, but then I was so tired of lemon sauce that I don't think I've touched the recipe since. ;-) Now I'm not sure if I could get Shi to put down her favorite condiment of ketchup for lemon sauce...

Pumpkin Casserole is a recipe I found when I was a newlywed and I love it. It reminds me of pumpkin pie without the crust.
I have changed it a little and I'll share my version here, the original can be found on Allrecipes

"Pumpkin Casserole"

2c. pumpkin puree
1c. evaporated milk
2/4c. brown sugar
1/4c. white sugar
1/2c. flour
3/4 tsp. baking powder
1/4tsp. salt
2 eggs
1tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. butter (very soft or melted)
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4tsp. nutmeg

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Mix and spoon into 13x9" pan/casserole dish
  • Bake for 1 hour

Pretty simple and easy, which is perfect for me these days. I just realized that I like it a little overbaked...but I think that's just because that is what would happen when I first started making it in my temperamental 1940's oven I had then! ;) Man, that thing was a pain. I had to rotate my cakes just to get them to bake evenly...and the oven was crooked too so all the baked goods had a decided slant to them. lol.

Another recipe that is a bit different, but I love, is grape pie.

"Ruby Grape Pie"

4c. halved, seedless, red grapes (approx. 2lbs)

2/3c. sugar

1/2tsp. cinnamon

3TBSP. cornstarch

2TBSP. Lemon juice

1TBSP. Grated Lemon peel

Pastry - Double crust

2TBSP. Butter or Margarine

In a saucepan combine grapes, sugar, and cinnamon, toss to coat. Let stand 15min. Combine starch, juice, and peel. Stir into grape mixture.

Bring to a boil, cook and stir for 2min or until thickened. Line a 9" pie plate with bottom crust. Add filling and dot with butter. Top with top crust, trim, seal, and flute edges. Cut vent slits in top. Cover edges loosely with foil. Bake at 425 degrees for 20 min. Reduce oven to 350 degrees, remove foil and back 30-35min til crust is light brown. Cool on rack.

I really do love this recipe. It's more tangy than an apple pie, but sweeter than mincemeat. I buy pounds of grapes when they go on sale and do the prep work of halving them and measuring out the amount I need, then I freeze that amount in a freezer bag and it's ready when I am. It also saves a lot of foil when making pies to invest in a crust protector, I love mine that my Mom and I found at a craft show. I had a hard time finding them otherwise, though they are searchable online.

Happy Baking! :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Re, Re, Re, Re, Re, Re, Re...

Seems like we've been rearranging, redecorating, redoing, re-training, "Re"- everything since we got back.

We had to rearrange by finding a new place for Vivian's highchair so she can experience foods without my worrying about the carpeting.
Then I changed curtains around...just because.
I (had DH) put back up the hummingbird feeder and they've already started coming to it. :)
DH also finally put up a shelf that he bought about 6 months ago, that was his own plan though.

I waded through my zucchini and pumpkin plants today. They really took over the backyard!
I have one green pumpkin, and several gigantic zucchini blossoms that Shiloh kept calling me over to smell. ;-)
My roses still need a lot of tending, deheading and debugging to tackle...that's on my To Do list.

This morning I went through my cupboard and pantry shelves (with my extra helpers, of course!) so I could see what needs to go on my shopping list and what is expiring soon.
I had to put away several recipes today because I was missing or didn't have enough of the required ingredients.
I hate that, when your mouth is already watering for something and you can't have it!
Settled on baking a pumpkin casserole instead, which is in the oven as I type this. Smells good too! :)

I think I've decided to dive right into Fall instead of dragging my feet and clinging to the last scraps of Summer as usual. DH doesn't feel like pulling out the girls pool for a few random 80 degrees days, and I think he feels the same way about the grill.
Today is actually 72+ degrees and Shiloh has been wearing a hoodie all day...though I think it has more to do with the fact that it has Princesses on it and less to do with the temperature.
But I think we enjoyed enough of Summer's extreme tropical days and heat on our trip....bring on the pumpkins and apples, cinnamon spice candles and herbal tea! :)

I'm also back to square one with the girls on a lot of things. I've gotten Shiloh back on her nap and bedtime schedule, naps are going pretty smoothly but she's worse at bedtime. I think each day gets a little better though. Now getting the kids to stay in their beds and out of our bed is another story. It was a work-in-progress before we left, and now I'm back to the beginning with that.....and with getting Vivian to tolerate her carseat too. :(

But at least they jumped right back into the bathtub without any fears, and Shiloh is eating non-stop...and Vivi is trying a lot more foods also. Vivian makes quite a mess but I'm certain at least some of it gets to its goal! ;-)

We were playing with the kitchen island today. We've moved it (it's on lockable wheels) and now Shiloh thinks it is perfect for playing pretend. She folds her arms on the shelf and smiles sweetly at me. "Come here! come here! Hello, may I help you?" she asks me (not sure where she got the line from? lol) "You want some coffee?"

Me: "I'd like some coffee please, no cream but some sugar"

Shiloh: "coffee, cream, go!" she hands me an imaginary cup of joe. I sip it as Vivian watches me, totally mystified and fascinated.

Shiloh: "want some candy? here go, try candy!" she shoves her fingers at my mouth, pretending to feed me. "good? is it good?" she asks.

Me: "Mmm...yes, very good"

Shiloh beams and folds her arms happily "you want, you want some cookie?" she asks. Before I can reply, she again pretend-feeds me, this time Vivian joins in touching my lips with her fingers. "thank you...very good"

Vivian: "ha hah!"

Then I start cracking up too much, Vivi is just so proud to have figured out this new game. It's soo cute. :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Home is fun...but not a Fun House!

Shiloh has been eating non-stop today.
Growth spurt maybe, or just making up for lost meals when we were overseas?
She's already had 2 pancakes, 10 strawberries, 2 glasses of milk, and at least 2 small bowls of cereal this morning!
I need to try to measure both girls' heights and see how much they actually have grown taller.
I might check myself know, just in case. ;-)

Shiloh has been such a big girl since we came home. She is fully potty-trained night and day and now going to the bathroom completely on her own! I'm so proud of her! :)
She's just so tiny that I think I need a little step ladder of some type so she can wash her hands also.
She's also climbing in and out of her booster seat and trying to put her bib on herself, she can even climb onto our barstools (which makes me nervous)...and climb up the stairs by herself (which makes me even more nervous) I do have the stairs gated off due to Vivian so when she does climb the stairs I am right behind her.

Vivian has been a handful, comes with the age I think.
Her appetite comes and goes, and when it goes she's learned to...not spit out her food, but BLOW out her food!
Cereal and Applesauce in my hair is a great way to start off the morning. lol.
She is such a character which such an expressive face, you just want to eat her up! :) She's a bit of ham, with her cheesy grin for everything and holding her hands up in the air saying "uh oh" constantly. :)
I think it is getting ridiculous though when I hear myself following her around from trouble to trouble.

"No Vivi, don't peel the label off the oil container"
"Put the cereal back"
"Why is there cardboard shredded in the living room and where did it come from?"
"Crayons are not edible"
"Put Sir Poops-a-lot (our fish....aptly named by my sister) down!" (she picked up his tank)
"Ack! Don't eat your shoes!!!"
"Hands out of Shiloh's Potty!!!!"
"The treadmill is just for Mommy to walk on"
"I know you love your sister, but don't smack her in the nice"
"Uh oh is right!"
"Mommy saying "No" is not funny"
"What is blue in your mouth??"

I think it's mostly that we have been away from home for soo long that she hasn't learned the rules of the house or forgotten them. I guess it's like going to an amusement park and finding out you are suddenly tall enough to go on all the rides, not just the merry-go-round.

I feel like Scrooge though because I'm constantly saying "No" and she just runs right to some other trouble.
I just need to spend some time child-proofing for her new reach and abilities before I go crazy lose my voice. ;-)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sharing the experience

Some photos of our trip.
Singapore is definitely an experience.
You can go from Chinatown... a high end Mall in just minutes.

Definitely an experience...when your food is looking at you (sort of)

The girls playing in a nursing room at a Mall. Vivi had just been fed (see how happy she is?) :)

They were still recovering from the stomach flu they suffered, Vivi had actually gotten sick earlier in the day though you'd never know from her happy face. :)

On one of the flights home...Oreos make traveling so much nicer.
Shi always has to split her Oreos and eat the cream filling first. :)

Vivian and Mommy flying home. Tired. Wearing Seabands...and Babylegs.

There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.