Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Attack of the poo monster

I've been spending these past few days....yes, days getting the girls' winter clothes out. It's been pretty cold and Vivi didn't have many warm things in her drawers so it needed to be done soon.
Some of the difficulty was in the range of sizes that the girls are wearing.
Shiloh is three and wearing some 24mos. 2T & 3T....but some items in those sizes are too small and some are too big.
Vivian is in 12mos. and 18mos clothing...but some clothes are 18-24mos. which is bridging into Shiloh's size group.

Some of the other difficulty was the fact that Vivian kept grabbing random pieces of clothing, draping them over her head and wandering away....while Shiloh tried to put on any frilly dress or fancy shoe she found, even if it was something that Vivian had just outgrown!
And forget about making a pile of clothing...that lasts about two seconds.

It's been such a big task that I decided to keep out all of the clothing for the season no matter the size, when Shi outgrows something it goes right in Vivian's dresser anyways...and honestly the clothes get terribly confused in all the spinning of the washing machine and don't always find their ways back to the proper spot.
Shi is also confused and keeps saying "No, that's Shiloh's" when I'm moving things to Vivi's drawers. At least she's fine when I tell her she outgrew them.

Both girls took their naps at the same time today which was nice. I couldn't do more work on the clothes sorting at that time though because Shi was sleeping in her room.
So I scrubbed the bathtub instead. Lots of scrubbing.
Then Vivi woke up so I got her back to sleep and then scrubbed some more.

Tonight I gave the girls their bath in the nice clean tub.
Vivi's Dr. appt, is in the morning so we want her nice and she had clam chowder earlier today and the perfume of it was lingering on her. ;-)
I let the girls play and splash with their toys a bit in the tub while I folded bath towels next to them.
Then Shi says "Mama look!"
There is a very small bm in the tub.
Never before has one of my children had a bm in the tub.
"What happened?" I asked
Vivian's face crumples.
Okay, so we know Who...
I grab a cup to scoop it out, and it is like magnetically attracted to Shiloh who is freaking out. She's squirming and squealing to get away and it is FOLLOWING her. Shi is also trying to *save* her sister from attack of the poo monster by grabbing her foot and trying to pull her.
I was laughing so hard at her reaction, that I could barely focus on my super hero task of removing the poo.

I feel so bad though because Vivian kept saying "Mama, Mama, Mama" just before that, while her Mommy was just beaming that her daughter is now consistently saying "Mama" and saying "Hi Vivian" back, when obviously she was trying to tell me she had to poop. :(

Though in my defense, now she's been saying "Mama" all night, and not because she's had to poop...oh wait!, excuse me, I have a diaper to check!

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