Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Today is my sweet Shiloh's 3rd birthday!
Hard to believe three years have gone by though, wow!
We celebrated pretty low-key today, she'll have a party later.
I put a candle in a slice of apple pie for her and we sang. :)

I probably should make an apple pie for her birthday, she likes it and just eats the frosting of cake anyway...but it's not quite so decorative or in birthday tradition.
After her nap today, I drove the girls to McDonalds' and picked up a couple hot fudge sundaes. I just went through the drive-thru though since it was after school and the traffic and people everywhere was just too crazy....also I have washcloths at home, much better than just napkins for sundae-eating toddlers.
Vivi and I shared one sundae and I gave the other to Shiloh....her first!
She barely made a dent actually, she was rather confused that I would serve her vanilla ice cream at first.
I am a chocolate person through and through, rarely would something so purely pale be put in front us and Shiloh knows it! ;-D
She asked "where chawket?"
So I showed her the fudge topping and that was a mystery to be poked at and tasted gingerly.
By then the sundae was melting pretty good so she started to drink it instead and Shiloh thought that was pretty amusing that she could drink ice cream. lol.

Shiloh painted a fall colored picture today. She picks out the colors herself, I let her pick out four colors and today she picked red, orange, brown, and white.
Though the white didn't show up much on white paper but it made a pretty Autumn painting.
I also let her pick which brush she'd like to paint with since I have about 5 different style ones.
She loves that, but I'm having a little trouble keeping Vivi's curious fingers out of everything since she's gotten taller.
I probably need to let Vivi paint with/eat some pudding at the same time or something.

Shiloh is starting to sound like Melman from "Madagascar"...maybe we've watched the movie(s) too much.
"I can't...I can't....I can't get it. I can't do it! I can't do it!! Need halp!" She says "help" as "halp" but it seriously sounds just like Melman, and she says this about a dozen times a day.
Might be part of her alternating from "big girl" to "baby" depending on the situation and her mood.
Sometimes she wants to use the potty on her own, next day she wants me with her each time.
She might eat all her meals on her own, or begs me to feed her like I feed Vivian.
It's all part of the growing process.
Sudden Independence can be scary for kids, I remember that from my childhood....and now I'm on the parent side.
This side is scary too.

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