Friday, September 04, 2009

Home is fun...but not a Fun House!

Shiloh has been eating non-stop today.
Growth spurt maybe, or just making up for lost meals when we were overseas?
She's already had 2 pancakes, 10 strawberries, 2 glasses of milk, and at least 2 small bowls of cereal this morning!
I need to try to measure both girls' heights and see how much they actually have grown taller.
I might check myself know, just in case. ;-)

Shiloh has been such a big girl since we came home. She is fully potty-trained night and day and now going to the bathroom completely on her own! I'm so proud of her! :)
She's just so tiny that I think I need a little step ladder of some type so she can wash her hands also.
She's also climbing in and out of her booster seat and trying to put her bib on herself, she can even climb onto our barstools (which makes me nervous)...and climb up the stairs by herself (which makes me even more nervous) I do have the stairs gated off due to Vivian so when she does climb the stairs I am right behind her.

Vivian has been a handful, comes with the age I think.
Her appetite comes and goes, and when it goes she's learned to...not spit out her food, but BLOW out her food!
Cereal and Applesauce in my hair is a great way to start off the morning. lol.
She is such a character which such an expressive face, you just want to eat her up! :) She's a bit of ham, with her cheesy grin for everything and holding her hands up in the air saying "uh oh" constantly. :)
I think it is getting ridiculous though when I hear myself following her around from trouble to trouble.

"No Vivi, don't peel the label off the oil container"
"Put the cereal back"
"Why is there cardboard shredded in the living room and where did it come from?"
"Crayons are not edible"
"Put Sir Poops-a-lot (our fish....aptly named by my sister) down!" (she picked up his tank)
"Ack! Don't eat your shoes!!!"
"Hands out of Shiloh's Potty!!!!"
"The treadmill is just for Mommy to walk on"
"I know you love your sister, but don't smack her in the nice"
"Uh oh is right!"
"Mommy saying "No" is not funny"
"What is blue in your mouth??"

I think it's mostly that we have been away from home for soo long that she hasn't learned the rules of the house or forgotten them. I guess it's like going to an amusement park and finding out you are suddenly tall enough to go on all the rides, not just the merry-go-round.

I feel like Scrooge though because I'm constantly saying "No" and she just runs right to some other trouble.
I just need to spend some time child-proofing for her new reach and abilities before I go crazy lose my voice. ;-)

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