Friday, September 18, 2009

And today we played...

I think "Happy Birthday" is Shiloh's new favorite song. :)
We've sung it so many times over this week or so, and now that she's received a play birthday cake that she adores, I think we'll be singing it for quite awhile.
Shiloh has spent the day dressed in a new Princess gown and crown, cooking with her pretend food....mirrors real life doesn't it?
I rarely cook without my tiara myself. ;-)
She also has been playing with her toy animal set all over the house. I'm finding giraffes in my candles, elephants in the windows, and tigers between the sofa cushions.
It's a zoo here! lol

Shiloh and I were playing with some of the animals earlier today. I had the tiger and she had a giraffe.
Tiger: I am hungry, I want to eat you!
Giraffe: Here have juice!
Shiloh puts a toy baby bottle in the tiger's mouth.
Tiger: I am still hungry, I want to eat you!
Giraffe: Have a tree!
Shiloh puts a toy tree in front of the tiger....then a forest of trees.
Tiger: I am still hungry
Shiloh (herself): You want some chawchet (chocolate) toast??

Lol, then I was laughing too hard to play.

We played "hide 'n seek" briefly. Doesn't really work now that Shiloh has figured out to look where Vivi is looking....and Vivi giggles hysterically the whole time so there's no way to really "hide". lol.
I found I actually wore a hole in the knee of my jeans. I don't think I've done that since I was a child so it must be all the crawling around I do.
So pretending to be Shiloh's horse for 1/2 an hour probably qualifies as my exercise for the day, right?
Poor horses.

It felt a bit like I was in a Disney movie today though...
I went to get my laundry off the back deck where it was drying and a chickadee was hopping on the clothes rack and he didn't want to get off.
I was soo close I could almost touch him. Felt like Snow White and I was supposed to break into song or something...start looking around for a dwarf or a fairy or toad wearing a tutu or something.

Then when I wanted to take my shower, I put the girls in Shiloh's room and they both climbed onto Shi's bed and started looking at books! (Shiloh received a bunch of books yesterday)
I had to keep checking on them because they were so quiet, and they were both happy and quiet for a long time....just looking at books!
It was amazing, and hopefully the start of something good. All the women in my family have a great love of books and I hope it passes to the next generation. :)

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