Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's pretend it's naptime...

I'm hoping for some sleep tonight, that would be nice.
Last night was rough Vivian wanted to nurse and fuss all night long.
She was cranky most of today and refused to eat much in the way of food, so I'm pretty sure it's her molar bothering her again.
I gave her Motrin and as soon it wore off she was fussing again. She's sleeping on the couch now, since she wouldn't sleep in her crib.
Amazing that she can tell the difference somehow about where I put her after she's already fallen asleep.
When she's sleeping she tends to randomly and suddenly sit up and look around. If she can see when she's on the couch, then she often lays back down and falls asleep.
If she wakes in her crib though...she starts screaming and crying.
She is the age though that Shiloh was when we moved her to a toddler bed, but she just seems more "baby" to me.
Plus she sometimes stands up while she's still mostly asleep and that would make me nervous if she was in a toddler bed, so I plan to stick with the crib for awhile yet.
She naps there okay and her stuffed animals seem to like it. ;)

Shiloh is also having some difficulty in the sleep dept.
She's doing well sleeping through the night and usually not waking until morning...even though I'm not using Pull-ups as backup any longer.
But for some reason she's refusing to sleep in her bed, asking for a blanket on the floor (carpeted) instead.
Since she's doing so well sleeping (and actually sleeping more hours than she EVER has), I haven't worried about it too much, and she takes her naps in her bed fine.

Naptime goes well here...for some reason bedtime has gone a little haywire.

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