Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My administrative assistants

I sorted my file cabinet yesterday. Not one of my favorite jobs but I try not to procrastinate about it since it really piles up!
Vivian was trying to be helpful by picking up a folder and dumping half its contents on the floor...where I was tossing my scrap papers.
So then I gave both girls the job of shredding old paperwork. Shiloh always likes that and it keeps little hands busy. This was Vivian first time helping and she was just thrilled when we started ripping up papers.
She was actually allowed to rip paper! Does life get any better than this? ;-)
Well, she also dumped the hole punch on the floor (yay! confetti!) and she thought that was pretty great too...Mommy not so much.

I just need to remember that doing the same job, at the CPA office I worked at, was soo boring. Now it's hectic, crazy...but anything but boring! Just trying to keep my stapler out of tiny hands was practically a full-time job! ;-)

Vivian has discovered our bathroom scale and she is fascinated with standing on it and watching it light up.
She's also pretty interested in the fact that Shiloh uses the potty. I've put her on it several times now herself and she's not nervous about it any more. She was all giggles today and acting like she thought she was a big girl when I put her on. :)
I'm not really expecting her to do anything, but hopeful. I just think I should take advantage of her natural curiosity, and see where it goes.

Vivian has also started eating more solids now...finally!
I gave her meat, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn for dinner and she loved the corn! She ate some potatoes too but wouldn't touch the meat.
She's been eating some mashed fresh banana with her cereal in the morning and doing pretty well with that. She also likes grapes without the skin, but those are a pain to peel!
She often lets me start feeding her, then wants to feed herself. Pasta is a big hit with her too...but sandwiches haven't gone over too well, even grilled cheese.
We will have to see how she likes Shiloh's birthday cake, next week. :)

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