Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My yarn yarn

I pulled out all my knitting supplies the other day.
I haven't done any knitting in such a long time.
I pored over all my patterns before selecting one that I have used several times in the past with success...after not picking up my needles for so long, I'm not daring enough to try something newer or more complicated to start.
Then on to my yarn bag, all the colors and textures and the projects that pop into mind when I see a certain skein.
This rosy color would make a beautiful girl's hat...or two. All these little leftovers of skeins, I really should make a crazy blanket and use them up.

So I finally select a few complementing colors for my project, then the proper size needles....double-pointed? circular? Ooh, I have this size in pink and many choices!
I gather all my supplies together, organized, and ready in my portable knitting bag. I can do my project anywhere now!
I am so excited...a new project! ...Making something!

Why, oh why did I ever wait so long??
I wait until after breakfast to sit down at the table with a nice cup of coffee and pick up my needles.
Instantly, Shiloh abandons the toy animals she was preoccupied with and Vivi suddenly materializes at my knee.
"Mama is knitting" I if that will satisfy their curiosity and they will return to their toys.
I start to cast on the first stitches.
Vivi dives into the knitting bag, inspects the colors of yarn, and giggles when my knitting tugs the loops of yarn from her fingers.
Shiloh picks up the knitting needle that I am not using at the moment, and taps the salt shaker that is on the table, then the plant leaves and beams in joy at this new found toy.
There is sudden clarity as I pick up the scattered skeins and put them back in the bag and retrieve my needle before Shi topples the shaker.
Oh yes, I remember now why my yarn and needles have been in storage for so long.
Little helping fingers...many helping fingers, seems like they grow more! ;-)

The other night Shi bumped her head, not too hard but I asked if she was okay and she said yes.
Then I teased her and asked if she saw stars. She shook her head...
" stars. I see hearts!"

There was a small toy chair that the girls played with in Singapore a lot.
Vivi was quite obsessed with it. It would make these different squealing noises when she sat on it or got up from it.
Now the girls have started pretending our front step is that chair and they stand up or sit down and imitate the sounds that the chair made and laugh hysterically at each other.
I've got to try to catch it on video, but they start hamming too much when they see the camera! lol

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