Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

I hope you are enjoying the last day of Summer, Autumn starts tomorrow!
I'm trying to get back on the "Not Me Monday" here goes.

When DH snored the entire night through, I did "not" cover his head with the comforter...then uncover him again because I was worried about suffocating him...then cover him back up because I wanted to sleep more than I cared at that moment.
No, I would never do that....I am a sweet loving wife! Always!

And I certainly don't feed the fish before I feed my own children in the morning...

When I read a little conversation on an online Farming game between two people, one who had lost their sickle and one who didn't know what-in-the-world a "sickle" was....I did not laugh until I had a stomach ache. Not me!, and I'm not laughing now recalling it either.

Discovering the hole in my jeans the other day, I did not just toss the jeans into my closet because I couldn't decide if I should toss them, save them for a time when I need junk clothes, or cut them into shorts....No, Not Me!
I am very organized and decisive!

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