Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

I almost forgot about "Not Me Monday"!
Vivi is asleep so maybe I can write this quickly....
First of all, I always play nice girly games with my daughters.
Dressing up like Princesses, or playing dollhouse, or playing house.

I would never play with them that a large pack of oddly sized lions, tigers...oh yes, and a hyena were eating a turkey from their kitchen set, and I would certainly never note that their feast looked suspiciously like "Big Bird" from Sesame Street.

No, I'd never do that....Not me!

Oops, how do you erase pictures from this thing?!?!

I also don't lose track of time, more often than I know what time it is....yeah, I wrote that right...I think.
I certainly don't make a big game of couponing so that my girls are begging for the little scraps of paper and carrying them like treasures through the, no, no, Not me!
I didn't tell a receptionist on the phone this morning that I would put her on hold...then realize that I didn't have a way to put her on hold so I just held my hand over the buttons of the cellphone (which I then later discovered is NO where near the microphone) and pretend that she couldn't hear my kids clamoring around and she had listened to nice dinner music while she waited.
Not me!

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Candi said...

Aw, couponing isn't so bad! :) Saving green for the family is surely an admirable trait to have! I think that's pretty cute about your kids.