Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pardon my zucchini

Remember when I mentioned the zucchini was taking over our yard while we were away?

Yep. The flowers close up at night and open huge and bright yellow in the morning. So pretty. We now have more flowers than pictured here, I really better start researching more zucchini recipes! I have a feeling our neighbor on the other side of the fence has been dealing with some trespassing vines too, but looks like he's kept it mowed and trimmed away.

Vivian is confused.The neighbor is working on his front porch, replacing steps, and recarpeting, so there is a lot of hammering going on.Vivi keeps walking through the house saying "hello?....hello?"She thinks someone is at the door, she's said it about a dozen times now....seems like she can't figure out why I won't open the door, she keeps looking at me then at the door.
"C'mon Mom...I've said Hello, let them in already!"

We took Shiloh to the toy department because we were shopping for her birthday gifts and every time she found two toys that she was interested in she'd pull my hand over and said "Come on Mom, lets play"
So cute.

Vivi has been pretty good about keeping a small ponytail in her hair. I'm pretty sure it's only because she has an older sister who wears hairbows and barrettes daily.
When I have caught her tugging at it, I just told her it looked pretty like Shiloh's and showed her Shiloh's hair and she gave me a cheesy grin and left it alone.
So far, so good anyways.

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