Sunday, September 06, 2009

Re, Re, Re, Re, Re, Re, Re...

Seems like we've been rearranging, redecorating, redoing, re-training, "Re"- everything since we got back.

We had to rearrange by finding a new place for Vivian's highchair so she can experience foods without my worrying about the carpeting.
Then I changed curtains around...just because.
I (had DH) put back up the hummingbird feeder and they've already started coming to it. :)
DH also finally put up a shelf that he bought about 6 months ago, that was his own plan though.

I waded through my zucchini and pumpkin plants today. They really took over the backyard!
I have one green pumpkin, and several gigantic zucchini blossoms that Shiloh kept calling me over to smell. ;-)
My roses still need a lot of tending, deheading and debugging to tackle...that's on my To Do list.

This morning I went through my cupboard and pantry shelves (with my extra helpers, of course!) so I could see what needs to go on my shopping list and what is expiring soon.
I had to put away several recipes today because I was missing or didn't have enough of the required ingredients.
I hate that, when your mouth is already watering for something and you can't have it!
Settled on baking a pumpkin casserole instead, which is in the oven as I type this. Smells good too! :)

I think I've decided to dive right into Fall instead of dragging my feet and clinging to the last scraps of Summer as usual. DH doesn't feel like pulling out the girls pool for a few random 80 degrees days, and I think he feels the same way about the grill.
Today is actually 72+ degrees and Shiloh has been wearing a hoodie all day...though I think it has more to do with the fact that it has Princesses on it and less to do with the temperature.
But I think we enjoyed enough of Summer's extreme tropical days and heat on our trip....bring on the pumpkins and apples, cinnamon spice candles and herbal tea! :)

I'm also back to square one with the girls on a lot of things. I've gotten Shiloh back on her nap and bedtime schedule, naps are going pretty smoothly but she's worse at bedtime. I think each day gets a little better though. Now getting the kids to stay in their beds and out of our bed is another story. It was a work-in-progress before we left, and now I'm back to the beginning with that.....and with getting Vivian to tolerate her carseat too. :(

But at least they jumped right back into the bathtub without any fears, and Shiloh is eating non-stop...and Vivi is trying a lot more foods also. Vivian makes quite a mess but I'm certain at least some of it gets to its goal! ;-)

We were playing with the kitchen island today. We've moved it (it's on lockable wheels) and now Shiloh thinks it is perfect for playing pretend. She folds her arms on the shelf and smiles sweetly at me. "Come here! come here! Hello, may I help you?" she asks me (not sure where she got the line from? lol) "You want some coffee?"

Me: "I'd like some coffee please, no cream but some sugar"

Shiloh: "coffee, cream, go!" she hands me an imaginary cup of joe. I sip it as Vivian watches me, totally mystified and fascinated.

Shiloh: "want some candy? here go, try candy!" she shoves her fingers at my mouth, pretending to feed me. "good? is it good?" she asks.

Me: "Mmm...yes, very good"

Shiloh beams and folds her arms happily "you want, you want some cookie?" she asks. Before I can reply, she again pretend-feeds me, this time Vivian joins in touching my lips with her fingers. "thank you...very good"

Vivian: "ha hah!"

Then I start cracking up too much, Vivi is just so proud to have figured out this new game. It's soo cute. :)

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